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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is Penny Thornton's version from the web site. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.

COSMIC UPDATE: 1st July 2001

PRINCE WILLIAM: June 21st 1982: 21 02 BST  London, England
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Cancer Man

At the time of William’s birth the sun had just entered the sign of Cancer. The moon was also in Cancer – in fact he was born at new moon so the sun and moon are conjunct. This is one of the factors that shows the overriding importance of his mother in his life and even if Diana herself had not been a sun Cancer William’s moon in this sign reveals his experience of mother and mothering to be strongly Cancerian. In other words, William found his mother loving, protective, caring and nurturing. And on a less laudable note he ran the danger of becoming smothered by her and will almost certainly seek to replace her in the women he falls in love with and marries.

William was always a shy boy but now in early adulthood that shyness has become an attractive diffidence. He speaks confidently in public and has an ease of manner with people of all ages and from all backgrounds – very much in the style of his mother.

This innate charm is a highly Libran characteristic, a quality reflected by the sun and moon’s position in Libra’s house and also by his Mars in Libra. And it should be remembered that Diana had Libra rising.

Since the sun and moon are found in the seventh house of love and relationships William’s life will tend to be defined by the people he becomes close to and admires. To a certain extent this suggests he will be overly influenced by other people This feature also suggests he will be a man of the people, the people’s Prince, perhaps.

Moon square Mars

The moon has an awkward relationship with assertive Mars. At best this combination shows that he is not afraid to express his feelings and to take the initiative in a romantic relationship. But at worst it reveals a lack of emotional control and a tendency towards those verbal tomahawks that Diana was so capable of aiming at others.

His judgement could be faulty and, if he is to drive cars, fly planes, and mess about with boats he will need to match his love of speed with great skill – and good judgement.

Sun and moon trine Jupiter

This is one of the most favourable aspects in the horoscope. William will find success easy to achieve. He is a natural ‘star’ and will put his acting skills to good use in any career he chooses. He is generous, philanthropic, a lover of knowledge, a culture vulture and an avid traveller. He is one of life’s givers; not a taker.

Jupiter conjunct the Mid-heaven in Scorpio

That Jupiter is at this all-powerful point of the horoscope adds to the importance and grace of the sun-Jupiter trine. This is certainly an indication of his playing a leading role in life and were the Royal Family to be in as strong a position as it was at the turn of the 20th Century, we would be looking forward to a great and glorious reign. As it is, the down-grading of the monarchy may well interfere with his heritage. Nevertheless, he will have status and a phenomenal following.

That the Mid-heaven is in Scorpio links him to both the Queen and Prince Charles. Her Majesty also has a Scorpio Mid-heaven while Charles is a sun Scorpio.

Family themes are always present in a chart and if you are interested in following this line of enquiry you will find that between 20 and 25 of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) appears in all the Royal Family’s charts – see Cosmic Update 25th June. And while William’s Mid-heaven is at 2 degrees Scorpio, he has his Venus at 25 Taurus – more about this later.

Mercury in Gemini opposing Uranus

Communicative Mercury is very much at home in Gemini. William is clearly an intelligent young man and extremely articulate. Combined with his angular Cancerian moon he may well write a book or two and pen the odd poem. He is not too cautiously Cancerian to steer away from new technology or brave new worlds. He should be innovative and an independent thinker.

Uranus is an unpredictable influence. Linked to Mercury this is yet another indication of a slight instability and a tendency to rush to judgement. He could make controversial remarks - perhaps this is where his Grandfather, Philip’s, genes will emerge!

Diana, of course, had Uranus in a tight ‘T’square configuration while father, Charles, has a Jupiter-Uranus opposition so he will have inherited from both of them a rebellious streak.

Neptune rising in Sagittarius

Sagittarius rising people are outgoing and fun loving. But when Neptune ‘sits’ on the Ascendant a great deal of the natural bonhomie (or shall we call it laddish-ness of Sagittarius) is diffused. William’s great, great, great grandfather, George V, had Neptune on his Ascendant so this is not only a throw-back to an earlier generation but it does suggest William could develop a real love of the sea. (George V was known as the Sailor King, by the way.) Other features of a rising Neptune include a love of photography, a spiritual leaning and a desire to help, heal and save. (Now where did those qualities come from I wonder!)

The down side to rising Neptune is a lack of direction and a tendency to be easily deceived – and vice versa, to deceive others. It is difficult to associate any devious behaviour with the William we have come to know and love, but it should be noted.

A rising Neptune can also indicate a propensity towards addictions of one sort or another. Another feature that seems inconceivable at this time but should nonetheless be noted.

And while we’re still in Neptune country, the presence of this planet on such a key point of the chart gives rise to a sacrificial lamb theme. Something else we shall have to note for the future.

Sun opposition Neptune

Sun-Neptune connections sometimes indicate the loss of relationship with the father. This can happen because the father dies, leaves the family or is simply an absent-father. In William’s case he lost his mother (of course, by association, the moon – the symbol of mother – is also opposed to Neptune) but it is true to say that William’s relationship with his father suffered because of the state of his parents’ marriage. And only in these last four years since Diana’s death has he been able to forge the close relationship he needed with Charles.

Neptune is as much a muse, inspiring the individual to great artistic and philanthropic heights as it is a Harpie, enticing him or her into the darker reaches of human behaviour. So as much as William may follow in the footsteps of his mother, with good works and artistic inclinations, he too could succumb to some irrational behaviours and inadvisable courses of action.

Mars in Libra conjunct Saturn

Here is where a difficult aspect to Saturn really comes in useful. Countering all that Neptunian chaos is a solid, self-controlling, self-critical, Mars-Saturn conjunction. William is clearly capable of hard work and focusing his energies. And while he will experience some frustration of his needs and ambitions, this combination will either keep him on the straight and narrow or pull him out of the abyss, should he fall in!

Venus in Taurus, quincunx Neptune and Pluto

Venus in Taurus is yet another feature William shares with Diana. In fact his Venus is only one degree away from his mother’s. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus so, like Mercury, Venus is very much at home in his chart. Aside from giving William great sensitivity and sensuousness, this placing will help him acquire a taste for the good life: fine wine, haute cuisine, the best clothes, the most beautiful surroundings – and thankfully he has the funds to feed his luxurious inclinations.

That Venus is 150 degrees away from both Neptune and Pluto creates a Finger of Fate configuration. Certainly the theme of sacrifice is inlaid in this alignment, whether this means William will have to give up something or somebody that he loves or whether the loss of his mother has carved a far deeper signature on his life than we can know at this point.

I hope these strong images of his mother in his chart will not mean William shares a similar destiny. Perhaps instead William will fulfil in his life the promise his mother was unable to do.

Which brings us to his birthday this year.

In a Solar Return chart, cast for the moment the sun returns to its position at birth, the house position of the sun and its angles are all-important. As the year progresses, the sun connects with all points and planets in the chart, thereby telling the story of the year.


Thus to have a total solar eclipse in your solar return chart is significant to say the least.

A solar eclipse takes place at new moon and new moons augur new beginnings, which is a positive theme. But somehow an eclipse makes those new beginnings emerge out of challenging situations – one might say out of a fateful incident. So from the outset it looks as though William will have a tough and eventful year.

You only have to be present at a total solar eclipse to understand why the ancients believed it to be such an omen of doom. The moment the disc of the sun is superimposed by the moon, your surroundings are plunged into darkness, the birds stop signing, the air grows cold and an eerie rushing wind is felt.

And while modern astrologers steer away from doom and gloom predictions, I always say: eclipses should be treated with respect.

William, of course was born at new moon so with this repetition in the solar chart it seems a destined point has arrived.

Sun in 10th house

That the sun is in the area of life direction indicates that the events of 2001/2002 will shape his future. Since William is going to university, he will be surrounded by new influences, experience new pressures and he will be mixing with young adults from all walks of life, not just the elite of Eton. And this will almost certainly redefine his priorities.

But the sun is not alone in this area. Mercury (the chart ruler) is there, so too is the moon, Jupiter and, most important of all Saturn, which is closely conjunct the mid-heaven itself and opposing an angular Pluto.

Jupiter at 25 Gemini is also opposing Neptune in his birth chart, thereby bringing out all the aforementioned potential of Neptune either to inspire him to great heights or to lead him into some dark tunnels.

The significance of Saturn

I’m going to stick with Saturn for the moment because I think this is the planet to watch in this solar return chart.

Not only does Saturn emerge as the most significant planet in the solar return – it is angular, the most elevated planet and it is conjunct Mercury in William’s natal chart – but the lunar eclipse, some fourteen days after his birthday, will square Saturn in his natal chart.

Saturn has many themes, one of them to do with time. Chickens coming home to roost is a particularly strong theme with the second Saturn return and you always have a maturing experience when Saturn is on your case. (Take a look at The Science Bit on the web site for more information on this planet.)

That Saturn opposes Pluto in the solar return, adds to the already strong sense that this is a hard and somewhat painful year for William.

I will be making some more specific interpretations about this shortly but before I do, there are two other points to factor in.

1)       As the sun moves round the chart, when it reaches the first square to Saturn (29/30th August) the opposition to Saturn (28th/29th November) the second square to Saturn (25th/26th February and the conjunction to Saturn (May 28th/29th) will be times when the potential of this planet will be released. Thus these are the times when key events are likely to take place. (Interesting too that there is a lunar eclipse on the 26th May next year at 5 degrees Gemini – right on the mid-heaven of the solar return chart.)

2)       For much of the year transiting Uranus will be squaring William’s natal Venus, thus bringing out the potential of the natal finger of fate.

What does it all mean?

This is where only the brave astrologer sticks her neck out – and faces ridicule when none of it pans out or cynicism when it does!

William may well fall in love – and with someone who is not wholly acceptable to the Royal Family.

He may drop out of university.

He may find himself at odds with authority.

He may suffer an accident.

He may take on a much more serious role within the Royal Family. 

If you look at the dates when Saturn will be activated in the solar return, you will see that the first falls around the time of the anniversary of Diana’s death, so this is likely to be a sad and painful time for him. But the remaining dates have no such fixed agenda so we will have to wait and see.

My instincts tell me that there will be much discussion within the Royal Family and behind closed doors about William’s future. I have long believed that he will take on the mantle of the monarchy when the Queen dies and events during the next twelve months may take us ever nearer that eventuality.  

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