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Prince William's House System Charts: [Prince William Horoscope] The pictures below link to Prince William's full Zodiac charts for each of the House Systems tabulated in the House System Planets Table. Clicking on the picture will link to a full-size version of the particular chart. The houses are numbered, so you can see how the information in the House System Planets Table for William was derived.  It is notable that whilst the planets move house between House Systems, William's Aspects between the planets remain exactly the same.  This is because the Aspects are derived against a specific View Point and Zodiac [in this case Geocircumspectus and Tropical] which doesn't change between these sets of charts. 

Geocircumspectus Tropical Charts:


Alcabitius House System

Campanus House System


Equal House System


Koch House System


Meridian House System


Placidus House System


Porphyry House System


Regiomontanus System


Vehlow House System


Prince William's Zodiac Charts:

1:   Zodiac Charts: The Outer Solar System 
2:   Zodiac Charts: The Inner Solar System 
3:   Prince William's Ascendant 
4:  Prince William's Venus and the Fixed Stars 
5:   Prince William's Natal Sky - the Stars and Planets of his Birth 
6:   Prince William's Chart Systems - View Points and Zodiacs 
7:  Prince William's House Systems - Alcabitius through Vehlow 

Prince William's Web Horoscopes:

   Prince William's Horoscopes 

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