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Fiaam Air Horn Installation

I got my airhorns from Canadian Tire (I need to get sponsored by them!). They are Fiaam brand; I got the blue plastic ones. They also have chrome metal ones for a bit more cash. I don't like chrome very much... If I recall correctly they were about $40 to $50.

My install centred around two factors. One was that I wanted to keep the factory horn 100% intact and untouched. Two was that I wanted everything but the airhorns themselves to be inside the cockpit, away from slush and salt.

One thing about Canadian Tire's Fiaam package - it does not come with any wire, and it does not have very good instructions.

Thus, I took a trip to Radio Shack (sponsorship number two) and picked up a small switch (press for on, release and its off, can't remember what that kind of switch is called - momentary?), some wire, and an in-line fuse. Make sure the switch is small enough to fit in the spot you wish to install it - in my case it was one of the blanks by the e-brake, and the swich needed to be pretty small. The blank is big but the backing on it is pretty small. I also needed some plastic hose identical to the short section supplied in the kit. I was lucky I had some leftover from putting new fuel lines on my motorcycle that fit the bill perfectly. It's available at - you guessed it - Canadian Tire.

Pic: Air Horns Installed I mounted the horns on my strut tower brace with black zip ties (cheap and they don't rust), and fed the hose through the firewall via a grommet just below the battery into the cockpit. At the same time I routed a wire for power from the battery into the cockpit.

Inside, it was just a matter of installing the switch on a blank beside the e-brake, routing wire from it to the supplied relay, and routing wire from the relay to the battery, compressor and a ground in the passenger side footwell. Plug the hose into the compressor, do a little soldering of the wires, mount the compressor and the relay securely behind the centre console, and voila - done.

The instructions say to find out if your horn is grounded or not, and tap into the steering wheel horn switch(es). Again, I did not want to mess with the stock horn at all, so that was ignored. It also calls for installing the compressor and relay under the hood where they won't get too wet or dirty. I for one could not find a suitable place with enough room, never mind a place that won't get wet or dirty.

If I could do anything different it would be to find a better place for the switch, but I could not figure out one. On the end of the signal or wiper stalk would be extra-kewl, but I could not figure a way without messing where I don't like to mess on what was a brand new car. As it stands I'm pretty good at lifting my hand from the shifter or wheel and giving a good blast at a moment's notice...