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Related '96-'00 Honda Civic Technical Service Bulletins

TSB00-006 Clunk or squeak from rear suspension:

click to view service bulliten 00-006 page 1

click to view service bulliten 00-006 page 2

TSB01-082 Gears grind when shifting:

click to view service bulliten 01-082

Update: Looks like the links below are dead. Luckliy, I have the tsb pdfs downloaded, and will have them posted on the web as soon as I can find some more space for them. In the meantime, if any of the tsbs below are of immediate interest to you, post on the Wheels Forums and I will respond with them ASAP.

The following is a list of Honda Technical Service Bulletins that relate to 1996-2000 Civic coupes: Gears grind when shifting - the gears grind when shifting from 2nd to 3rd or 4th to 5th Civic rear main oil leaks - the engine leaks oil between the block and the transmission Noise from rear shelf - when driving over rough roads, a rattling or buzzing noise coming from one or both corners of the rear shelf, or from the high-mount brake light Sqeal from moonroof seal - the moonroof squeaks when the sunshade is open, the moonroof glass is closed and the vehicle is moving Rattle or squeak from the quarter glass - one or both quarter glass windows rattle or squeak while driving Clunk or squeak from rear suspension - a clunk or squeak from the rear suspension when going over rough or bumpy roads Rattle from the hood - a rattle from the front of the vehicle when driving over rough roads or small bumps Various TSBs covered