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Bruce Ballon
Call of Cthulhu - Rulebook Call of Cthulhu - Keepers Companion From the Files of Matthews GenTech.  RPG sourcebook for "Silver Age "6 degrees of Annihilation" section in Criminal Intent.  RPG
Dr. Bruce Ballon was born in the great flatness of Manitoba. Growing up in mosquito-haunted Winnipeg, Bruce would scribble and doodle all sorts of sci-fi and horror drawings in all his classes to the dismay of his teachers. He went on to become a psychiatrist and freelance writer. Currently living in Toronto and working as the Head of Youth Addiction Services at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, he is also a consultant to role-playing game companies, especially Chaosium Inc. ( Bruce’s RPG materials have been distributed worldwide in over 10 countries. He has active membership in the Horror Writer’s Association, The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design and SF Canada (and a bunch of medical associations). 

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