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Over the last 44 years Canada has enjoyed an amazing growth of Fantastic Literature writers. In 1959 Phyllis Gotleib was Canada's only regularly published SF author. Since then the list has grown to the Authors listed in this guide plus many that I've missed.



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The term "Canadian Fantastic Literature" covers the genres science fiction, fantasy and horror. In Canada it is quite common for science fiction authors to also write fantasy or for fantasy authors to also write horror. It is also common for Canadian mainstream authors to write a fantastic story or two without fear of being labeled a genre author. In fact some of Canada's most distinguished authors, like Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies and Timothy Findlay, have crossed the border to the fantastic on occasion. Because of these facts, I have veered slightly from my Science Fiction theme and have included fantasy and horror authors in this guide.

The Salt Roads

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A quick note for any published fantastic literature authors reading this guide: If you are not listed and would like to be or if you are listed and would like to add to, correct or delete anything I've written, please use Email me at
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Kelley Armstrong
Chris Atack
Margaret Atwood

Alison Baird

  Bruce Ballon
Alan Barclay

  Ken Basarke
Don Bassingthwaite
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Robert Beer

Alain Bergeron

Jo Beverley
Bob Boyczuk

James Cameron
Joel Champetier
Eric Choi
Mary Choo
Lesley Choyce

J. Brian Clarke
John Clute
John Robert Colombo
Michael Coney
Julie E. Czerneda
Robertson Davies
Don DeBrandt
Barbara Delaplace
Charles De Lint

  A .M. Dellamonica
 James De Mille
Gordon R. Dickson
Cory Doctorow
James Doohan
Candas Jane Dorsey
Wayland Drew
Dave Duncan
Steven Erikson
Gemma Files

Timothy Findlay
Pat Forde

Leslie Gadallah
Marcel G. Gagné

James Alan Gardner
Stephen R. George

William Gibson
Catherine Girczyc
Sephera Giron

Phyllis Gotlieb

H.L. Gold

Glenn Grant
Terence M. Green
Ed Greenwood
Robyn Herrington
Nalo Hopkinson
Tanya Huff
Matthew Hughes

Monica Hughes

Marie Jackober
Jan Lars Jensen
K. V. Johansen
Dennis Jones

Welwyn Wilton Katz
Guy Gavriel Kay

Michael Kelly

Eileen Kernaghan

Crawford Kilian
Nancy Kilpatrick

Donald Kingsbury

Claude Lalumiere

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Karin Lowachee
Nicole Luiken

Scott Mackay  
Derwin Mak
Ann Marston
Sally McBride
Donna McMahon  
Beverley J. Meincke
Judith Merril
Jim Munroe
Derryl Murphy
David Nickle
Fiona Patton

Ursula Pflug
Mark Rayner
Spider Robinson
Garfield Reeves Stevens
Judith Reeves Stevens

Esther Rochon

Rhea Rose
Robert Runté
Sean Russell
Geoff Ryman
Robert J. Sawyer

Karl Schroeder

William Shatner

David Shtogryn
Alison Sinclair

Lisa Smedman
Douglas Smith

Jena Snyder

Dale L. Sproule

Sean Stewart
S. M. Stirling
Isaac Szpindel  
Marcie Tentchoff

Dennis Valdron
Edo van Belkom
A. E. Van Vogt
Elisabeth Vonarburg
Peter Watts
Carol Weekes

Karen Wehrstein
Andrew Weiner
Michelle Sagara West
Edward Willett

Robert Charles Wilson

Melissa J. Yuan-Innes

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