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Don Bassie is me! I was born in Newmarket Ontario in the same hospital as Jim Carrey (about 3 months after him) and now live in Orillia (across town from Julie Czerneda). I am married and have 5 kids that range in age from 19 to 26. 

My first taste of Science Fiction was in high school. I had to read The Chrysalids by John Wyndam for an English assignment. I think it was the first assigned book that I actually finished.  After that I started actively looking for Science Fiction to read and have been enjoying it ever since. 

About 10 years ago I was trying to find new SF authors to read by making my way through the Hugo and Nebula winners. I found a Nebula winning novel called The Terminal Experiment and was intrigued to find it was written by a Canadian. As luck would have it, Robert J. Sawyer was touring for his new novel called Illegal Alien and was coming to my local Chapters store. To make a long story short. I read the book, met the author and thought "there must be more Canadian Science Fiction." 

At about the same time as the events above, I bought a computer and was spending time online. I decided to try making a web page that featured many of the things I enjoy in the world of SF. It  had a Babylon 5 page, a Michael Whelan page, a general SF page and a Canadian SF page with 8 entries. Two of which were Canadian authors (Rob Sawyer and William Gibson). I later added a Lexx page.

I started getting a little deeper into researching Canadian SF. I went to my local Library and found Northern Dreamers, Northern Suns and a few Tesseracts books. I also spent hours using search engines online looking for anything that had to do with Canadian SF. The more I looked, the more I found. 

This site is the culmination of all my research.  Made In Canada has accumulated over 600,000 hits (combined total) 345 pages, 248 entries, 420,000 words, 1000 images 7700 external links, eight Prix Aurora Award nominations, three of which won Aurora Awards. I have had the great pleasure of personally meeting 75 (so far) of the people with entries in Made In Canada including Isaac Szpindel, Julie Czerneda, Rob Sawyer, Spider and Jeannie Robinson, James Alan Gardner, Peter Watts, Cory Doctorow, Robert Charles Wilson, Edo van Belkom, Dale Sproule, Julian GrantEd Greenwood and Guy Gavriel Kay, just to name a few. Plus I've been in email contact with many of the people listed in MiC. I have also had the honour of meeting C.J. Cherryh, David Brin, Eugene Roddenberry, Connie Willis, David G. Hartwell, Pat York, Anne Bishop and a few other U.S. science fiction personalities. MiC has been featured in Parsec, Realms, and Science Fiction Weekly.

My goal is to make Made In Canada the most comprehensive guide to Canadian SF on the internet. With the help of so many contributors in the SF community, it is definitely getting there!

Please feel free to email Made in Canada with any comments or questions at

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