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Pamela Lee: As Barb Wire

Mike Myers as Austin Powers

Shannon Tweed

Keanu Reeves as Neo

Canadians are taking over Hollywood! Just look at some of the names on this list and you will have to agree that Canadians are generating a lot of ratings and box office bucks. They're everywhere! On TV they're in sitcoms, dramas, mini series', soap opera's and TV movies. On the big screen they rule comedies and kick ass in action and science fiction. The names on the left are many of  the Canadian actors that have been involved in SF. So where in gods country do they all come from?  Just click on one of the names and find out. Who knows, they may be from your home town.  

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  Enid-Raye Adams
Dan Aykroyd

Cameron Bancroft
Nigel Bennett

Tom Braidwood
John Candy
Jim Carrey
Kim Cattrall
Rae Dawn Chong
Tommy Chong
John Colicos
Kim Coates

Matt Craven
Hume Cronyn
Nicole De boer
James Doohan
Brian Downey
  Ellen Dubin
Michael J. Fox
Matt Frewer
Lorne Greene

  Dean Haglund
Phil Hartman 
  Bruce Harwood
Jayne Heitmeyer

Natasha Henstridge
  Lisa Howard
Michael Ironside
  Andrew Jackson
Ingrid Kavelaars
  Peter Kent
Margot Kidder
Pamela Lee
Eugene Levy
Howie Mandell
Michael McManus
Rick Moranis
Barry Morse
Carrie-Anne Moss
Mike Myers
John Neville
Catherine O'Hara

Leslie Nielsen
Alonso Oyarzun
Leni Parker
Barry Pepper

Walter Pidgeon
Roddy Piper
Christopher Plummer
Keanu Reeves

Stellina Rusich

Ron Selmour

Anita La Selva
William Shatner
Martin Short
Marc Singer
Sebastian Spence

Donald Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland
Dave Thomas
Tracy Tweed

Shannon Tweed
Maurice Dean Wint

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