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Charles de Lint
Memory and Dream Someplace to be Flying: Charles De Lint Trader Moonlight and Vines Jack of Kinrowan: Includes Aurora winner Jack the Giant Killer
Charles de Lint was born in the Netherlands and came to Canada with his family at the age of 4 months. He is mainly a fantasy writer but has been known to cross over to Science Fiction and Horror on occasion. He has also published poetry, columns and reviews. Charles pioneered a sub-genre called Urban Fantasy. He has over fifty (yes I said FIFTY) published books.

Charles has a very lengthy list of awards and honours. Here's just a few; He won a Prix Aurora Award for Jack, The Giant Killer and a HOMer award for The Little Country. He has been a World Fantasy Award finalist sixteen times for various novels, short stories and collections. His collection Moonlight and Vines won the 1999 World Fantasy Award and his novel The Onion Girl was a finalist for a 2002 World Fantasy Award in the best novel category (just two name two). 

His most recent publications are Spirits in the Wires and the recently re-released Samuel M. Key novel, I'll be Watching You.

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Spirits in the Wires


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