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Catherine Girczyc
Parsec: Winter 97/98 On Spec: Winter 1992 On Spec: Summer 1994 Dead Mans Gun Logo
Catherine Donahue Girczyc lives in Vancouver B.C.  She has contributed to Canadian SF in many areas including short fiction, poetry, radio drama, SF plays, screenwriting and critical reviews. Catherine has won two Aurora Awards. The first was in 1991 for the Zine, Neology and the second was in 1995 for her work as host of the radio show, The Ether Patrol.  Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in On Spec and  Parsec.

More recently, Catherine has been involved in the TV industry. Her screenwriting credits include episodes of Cybersix, Billy The Cat, Band on the Run and Sci-Squad Cadet. She has also worked in the story department of Disney's So Weird and in the production department of Dead Mans Gun

"Terra" From Cybersix 

Episode written by Catherine

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