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Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
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Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is a new small press publisher in Calgary Alberta. Their first book was published in 2000 called The Black Chalice by Canadian author, Marie Jakober. It won first place for The Independent Publisher Book Award and was shortlisted for a 2001 Sunburst Award

Edge has since become a much bigger publisher. In August of 2003 at the Torcon Worldcon, Edge announced that they had acquired Tesseract Books. In his press release, publisher Brian Hades said that “The purchase of Tesseract Books Ltd. enables us to continue the production of quality speculative fiction with a ‘Canadian twist’". He promised that the Tesseract imprint would remain "the premiere voice of Canadian speculative fiction". Award winning authors Candace Jane Dorsey and Timothy J. Anderson continue to be involved with the Tesseract imprint as authors and editors.

Watch for the next book from Edge called
KEAEN: For Life, For Love, For Liberty
by New Zealand author Till Noever 
About: KEAEN

Coming April 2004

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