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Lloyd Penney

Lloyd's Web Presence

Photo by Rick Mili

Lloyd has compiled a Canadian convention list entitled Lloyds CanCon List. which he updates on a regular basis.

Lloyd Penney was born in Toronto, and remembers the first run of ST, and he knows that dates him terribly. His parents watched the show with him, but his mother, through the local public library, introduced him to the science fiction anthologies of short stories. After finding a few books with mention of it, he found the fun and insanity of fandom in 1977 through a Star Trek club in Victoria, British Columbia. He moved back to Toronto to attend university, and instead of studying, soon found the local fans and their activities. After graduating, he joined the Ad Astra committee in 1982 to give convention work a try, and run the dealers' room. He was the dealer's room chief for the next 11 years. He was also the chairman of Ad Astra 13 and 14, and chairman emeritus for Ad Astra 15, 16 and 17. Lloyd took on miscellanous positions for Ad Astras 18 and 2000, and he and Yvonne were the FanGoHs at Ad Astra 2000 this past February. He and his wife Yvonne have been on the committee for various other cons in Toronto and Ottawa, plus several Worldcons. And no, they never seem to stop. It's a habit... They have recently returned from Chicago where the Toronto in 2003 Worldcon bid, of which they were members, won the right to host the 61st Worldcon, Torcon 3.

At the 1994 Worldcon in Winnipeg, Lloyd won the 1994 Aurora Award for Fan Achievement (Organizational) for his work chairing Ad Astra 13 the previous year. While still working on a few local cons, Lloyd's major interest is in SF fanzines, in both reading and writing for them. Both Lloyd and Yvonne won Aurora Awards in the categories of Fan Achievement (Other) and (Organizational) respectively. Lloyd won for fanwriting, otherwise known as writing lots of letters to the above mentioned fanzines, and Yvonne won for the staging of Science Fiction Saturday, a one-day convention the fans in Toronto still talk about. Earlier this year, Lloyd won the 2000 FAAn Award for Best Letterhack (still with the letters to fanzines). 

Lloyd and Yvonne live in Etobicoke in the far west end of Metro Toronto.

Bio Courtesy of Lloyd Penney

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