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Who Is Isaac Szpindel?
Dr. Isaac Szpindel lives in Toronto, Ontario. He is a two-time Prix Aurora Award-winning screenwriter, author, film producer,  electrical engineer, neurologist, a student of five styles of martial arts, speaks five languages and is an accomplished public speaker. He is affectionately known as "Buckaroo Banzai" by his friends in the SF community. 

Isaac's SF writiReVisions Coverng credits include "By Its Cover", which appears in Tales from the Wonder Zone: Explorer , and "Downcast" (with Eugene Roddenberry), which  appeared in the fifth anniversary edition of Parsec. Isaac's story, "Patterns", was a finalist for the Writer's of the Future Contest. His short story "Porter's Progress" appears in the anthology Space Inc. edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Julie E. Czerneda. ReVisions: edited by Isaac Szpindel and Julie E. Czerneda is a new alternate history SF anthology from DAW Books and includes Isaacs Prix Aurora Award-winning story "When the Morning Stars Sang Together". His story "Engines of Creation" appeared in the Spiritual SF edition of Oceans of the Mind (Ed. Richard Freeborn) in summer 2004 and his story "Ineffable" appeared in the DAW fantasy anthology: In the Shadow of Evil (Edited by John Helfers and Martin Greenberg) in 2005.

Look for Isaacs next story "From Gehenna" in the DAW Anthology, Slipstreams

Film & TV
Isaac is involved extensively in the Canadian film industry. He is the Aurora Award-winning screenwriter for the Rescue Heroes episodes "Underwater Nightmare" (which was the 2002 Aurora Award winner in the professional category Best Work in English:Screen Shot from The Boy Other) and  "Bat's Life" (a 2003 Aurora Award Finalist) presently airing on WB and Teletoon. He has written 6 episodes, and is head-writer/story-editor, for the SF action/adventure series, The boy, which is currently airing worldwide and locally on YTV. He has recently been hired to write an exciting new SF/Fantasy feature-film for an international company and has created a television series currently in development for an Hoverboy (click to watch entire film) Emmy-Award-winning producer and backed by a Major Canadian broadcaster. He is executive producer of the award-winning short-film Hoverboy and is completing several short stories for well known anthologies.  


Look for Isaac's story
"From Gehenna" in the DAW Anthology, 

Coming May 2006

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Isaac Szpindel
Look for Isaac at SF conventions 
where he is a frequent guest and panelist. 

Team Banzai

...Buckaroo Banzai, born to an immigrant mother and a foreign father, thus began life as he was destined  to live it...  going in several directions at once.  A brilliant neurologist and engineer, this restless young man grew quickly dissatisfied with a life devoted solely to medicine and physics.  He roamed the planet studying martial arts and science-fiction writing; finally finding his place amongst a most eccentric group of friends, those smooth-talking science-fiction-writing scientists, Team Banzai.....

The following eccentric, smooth-talking,
 science-fiction-writing scientists have been known to sit in on 
Team Banzai Panels at Ad Astra, Torcon 3 and Toronto Trek.


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