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Milwaukee Paper Muses Over Pagan Symbols

CBS to air Anti-Wiccan episode of JAG April 25th

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Pagans Win With Papal Apology

Clark High School Allows Pentagrams Again

First Pagan Internet Conference a Success

Knox News Randomly Links Witchcraft With Murder

Roman Pagan Community Responds To Papal Apology

Whatever happened to the... State of Virginia Not Letting Pagans Marry?

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The Church of Iron Oak says, 'We are Pagans. We are the canaries of religious America. In the event of a national movement to establish Christianity in America, we will be one of the first to be disallowed, poisoned by the fumes of religious intolerance.' Well, that time has been here for a long, long while. It's everywhere you look, underlying legal systems, gender attitudes, public attitudes towards sex and our bodies, determining what's taught in public and private schools... But more, the religious right is still coming into greater and greater power in the United States and all these factors combined means a powerful threat to religions virtually invisible to the public eye. We need to at least achieve visibility so that hatemongers can't easily sway the public mind against us. That's one level on which Fire works, burning away the lies told about alternative religions and making the truth visible. We must also fight against concrete experiences of discrimination, and perhaps most importantly, provide viable options for those who want to be pagan-friendly.

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