The distinguished CitroŽn CX 2.5 GTi

The CX (particularly in GTi form) was (and still is) the most marvelously comfortable, fast, marshmallow of a sophisticated car there has ever been made.  Surely the last of the great Citroens - Look how right they got it back in 1974.  Soft springs & firm damping (Colin Chapman of Lotus also discovered that was the best way to make a car handle). Super fast DIRAVI steering (The new top spec Ford Mondeo has the same 2.5 turns lock to lock to give easy handling - 27 years late but who's counting). Interiors which even by today's gizmo laden standards look, are, very plush. Superb high speed stability - a virtue of the weight distribution andd aerodynamics of the CX - No other car in the world has bettered it since. Self levelling suspension which supplements the ride quality and stability (still only the province of top range Mercs and Audis and of course, Rolls Royce who use the Citroen system). The list goes on and on.  My advice is to get one now before their true classic status is recognised and they rocket in value.

I have the
CX 2.5 GTi Auto and am now looking for a CX 2.5 Prestige Turbo 2. Forget the horror stories.  They are mechanically tough and the rust bug was cured by the early eighties.  They take a little time to learn to drive smoothly, but that's part of the fun. Passengers usually adore them. If you've never been in a CX, try to take a ride in one - If possible a long ride.

There's no half way house - you'll either hate them or love them but I have a warning.  If you're even slightly susceptible then seduction is a game the CX will win hands down. You'll crave for one after the test ride and



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