Extra power is one thing.  The ability to handle that power safely is something else again.   The Citroen CX GTi excels on both scores.  Bosch L-jectronic fuel injection, combined with a far more advanced aerodynamic shape than that of any other production car creates a very special brand of high-performance motoring.   Indeed, it is at high speeds that the wind-cheating aerodynamic GTi has the effect of making seasoned motoring correspondents slip into superlatives.  For it is unusual and impressive that the aerodynamic design of the GTi even extends to the smooth underside of the car - a feature which means that the car is literally sucked down on the road.   So, instead of bouncing around and feeling as though you are at the point of no return down the runway, you remain totally relaxed and devoid of the usual stresses and strains of high speed driving.  Yet advanced aerodynamics are only part of the story.  There are other highly significant contributory factors such as VariPower steering.  Unlike conventional power steering, VariPower becomes firmer as you increase speed, providing an absolute sense of stability and security.  Furthermore it prevents the wheels from being deflected by stones or irregularities in the road surface.

Front wheel drive and Citroen's unique self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension complete a road-holding capability which is virtually impossible to rival at any price.   This is all very reassuring but still leaves one worry which niggles at the minds of even the most experienced drivers: the possibility of a high-speed blow-out, which is liable to be final, even for the best of drivers.   Reassuringly, Citroen have removed even this fear, with a suspension system which not only allows you to carry on driving in a straight line but even steer round corners until it is quite safe to stop.  All of which goes to prove that the car can handle the power.   Like no other car in the world.


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