There are many Citroen Owners' clubs all around the world, and Malta was still missing out in having such a club.  Hence I decided to do something about it and   CitroŽn Malta Owners' Club (CMOC) officially started to exist.   

Many might ask "Why a club?" or "Why become a member?"  I think that the following points will show all the benefits of joining the club and will also prove that its good value for money.

Upon becoming a member, one will benefit from the following:

  • Keeping in touch with other fellow Citroen Owners

  • Exchanging of ideas

  • Organizing outings and meetings with the cars

  • Your chance to place adverts on this page at a special member rate

  • Buy or sell your car through the club web page

  • Find spares and parts for your car from other members

  • There is a membership one time fee of Lm30.00 (75 euros)

List of members as from 24th February 2003

All you have to do to become a member is to register here.   An email acknowledgement will follow with instructions for the subscription payment.

Please read the following carefully.

 Terms of Service

The one time fee is for administration charges and the up keeping of this web-site.  You will not be asked to pay again at any point and time of your being a member of the CitroŽn Malta Owners' Club. 
Should there be problems with the server where this web page is hosted, then CitroŽn Malta Owners' Club will not take responsibility and shall not be held responsible for any action that the Hosting Server might take. 
This is not a business minded club, hence no financial transactions will be allowed to take place via this web page. 
All pages within this site are the property of CitroŽn Malta Owners' Club and its affiliates. No portion of the materials on these pages may be reprinted or republished in any form without the express written permission of CitroŽn Malta Owners' Club.
CitroŽn Malta Owners' Club will not be held responsible should there be harassment via email should there be email address exchanges between the members themselves.
For more information please contact Martin at




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