The distinguished heritage of CitroŽn.

The CX comes from the production lines of CitroŽn acknowledged leader in automotive technology, and enjoys a heritage that is virtually unmatched in the industry.

Established in the early part of the century, CitroŽn is one of the world's major automobile manufacturers, and is held in universal esteem for its extensive list of significant automotive innovations.

Among these historic milestones are: front wheel drive (1934), unibody construction (1934), rack and pinion steering (1936), hydraulic suspension (1954), and true power disk brakes (1955).

The influence of CitroŽn's advanced engineering and design is apparent throughout the automotive world. What CitroŽn has introduced as "revolutionary" or "unique" has become the accepted norm 20 years later. More important than these individual triumphs, however, is the fact that the CX represents an amalgam of this technology, refined to a level unmatched by its imitators.

The CX is finished to the highest quality standards by dedicated personnel, who hold steadfast to the traditions of "custom-quality" production. Work on every vehicle starts with a 12-manhour quality inspection procedure. One key to such quality is the dedication of CX technicians. Just as important, however is their system of "process control" - the maintenance of production quality to avoid all defects - an idea slowly being accepted by an industry still worried about fixing defects after they occur. This approach to quality control is taken in every area of CX production: electrical systems, frame components, fuel systems, exhaust components, and finishing details.

At the final stage of production, each completed vehicle is run through a half-day quality assurance program that includes test track performance checks. Each vehicle's history is maintained on production/quality logs. And each CX is delivered to the dealer in perfect condition.

So reliable is the CX, that every car is covered by a comprehensive 5-year / 50,000 mile warranty and a 5-year corrosion warranty.


Hydro pneumatic suspension.

One of the most remarkable design features of the CX is its central hydro pneumatic system (combination gas and hydraulic fluid) for suspension, steering, and braking.

Steel springs, used in other auto suspensions today, date back to the horse and buggy, and move with a limited fixed velocity. While this may have been satisfactory for the buggy, a high speed car traveling on a rough road may have its wheels more off the ground than on it. Through use of hydro pneumatics, the CX resolves this problem by utilizing a sphere of compressed inert nitrogen gas at each wheel for its suspension, allowing the wheels of the CX to remain totally compliant with the road's surface. This is because the compressed gas has more flexibility than steel, and allows the wheels to react more quickly to the road surface.

The result is that for sheer smoothness of ride and road-holding ability, no other auto compares. It literally floats on air! In addition, the hydro pneumatic system of the CX provides for constant ground clearance regardless of the load, adjustable driving height to clear obstructions, automatic jacking for easier tire changing, and far greater durability.



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