The unity of technology and art.

As should be expected of any modern, high performance luxury sedan, the CX embodies such features as front wheel drive, fully independent suspension, ventilated anti-lock disk brakes, variable power steering, monocoque unit body construction, and more.

The superiority of the CX, however, results not from any one single feature, but from its total concept. It is a result of technology designed to attain the highest standards of driving performance, comfort, and safety. This has meant discarding many traditions and popular gimmicks, and designing, instead, an automobile replete with genuinely creative engineering ideas and innovative solutions.

For example, the CX has a hydro pneumatic suspension system that provides a level of riding comfort and security impossible to achieve with steel springs. It has the longest wheelbase of any standard production car in the world, thereby providing interior space unavailable in any other standard-size sedan. Its ergonomic design provides the driver with finger-touch response and promotes a degree of driving enjoyment, safety, and security never before attained.

Even the name "CX" reflects a specific aspect of its superiority. "Cx" is the notation used by engineers to denote the co-efficient of drag: a measure of aerodynamic streamlining. (When the first streamlined CX design came out of the wind tunnel in 1975, the rest of the automotive world had barely begun to think about it.) It is, therefore, a name befitting the automobile which, along with its predecessors from Citroen, pioneered the concept of aerodynamic efficiency.

Equally important, the CX demonstrates convincingly that aerodynamic streamlining can produce a beautifully sculptured, flowing shape.

Modern design, however, requires more than low frontal drag. As important are low cross-wind effects, efficient weight distribution for low center of gravity, minimum overhang beyond wheels, efficient internal volume, structural rigidity, passenger safety, and reliability.

The CX meets each of these criteria brilliantly. It is a car whose design is truly timeless.


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