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But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure;
And seek not the depth of your knowledge with staff or sounding line.
For self is a sea boundless and measureless.
Say not, "I have found the truth," but
rather, "I have found a truth."
Say not, "I have found the path of the soul."
Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path."
for the soul walks upon all paths.
~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

The Wheel of Time turns and eras of knowledge come, dwindle, vanish, and come again... Within the last few decades the Witchcraft has undergone a social renaissance, again becoming known as it once had been among the "common folk" of the Old World. The art of Witchcraft has again come to Dawning!

This site is dedicated to the education of the populous on the ways of the Craft and Paganism; to diminishing prejudice based on dissimilar beliefs; to exercising the First Amendment... but most of all, to bringing the knowledge of many centuries into light for those who have yet to be exposed to the subjects society deems "unwholesome," who are shielded from alternate truths, who have yet to become Seekers of Truths and not Acceptors of a truth.

To Expand Our Horizons

Within these pages you will find information, articles, and essays on a variety of Craft related topics, contributed by a collection of people. Witchcraft Dawning is a sister site to Ashlynn's Grove, a Pagan information resource. While the Grove is a resource center (often on a more advanced level), Witchcraft Dawning works on the less advanced level. Most of the articles here are by newer witches and pagans, and this site will grow with them. Updates are posted Very often so if you wish to keep up with a particular section, please refer to that page, as there will be no "update" graphics.

What is Disney Teaching Your Children?

For years now, Disney has been the world's most profitable children's entertainment corporation. For this very reason, very few parents have taken to the time to actually inspect the messages within the famous animated movies. After recently reviewing some Disney films, I noticed a disturbing trend of political moves and biased agendas.
Here are some of my findings...

Elemental Reflections
An article by Raylene about the spirits of the four Elements. Who is to deny their power, versatility, and presence? And who will appreciate them?
Hexes and Curses?

Journeys of a Catholic Witch
AG's Store Open!

[Angel With Cross and Pentacle -- Link to CWJ Index] A little while ago (around the end of August) I received the following letter, asking something I have never before encountered. Both the questioner and the question are extraordinary in every regard, but I shall let you see why by reading the first correspondence yourself!

Shelle has agreed to allow me to post our correspondences in hopes that they will help others who may be facing a similar situation and benefit from an outside view. All this material is unabridged, but future letters may be trimmed due to information about our separate personal lives that she or I may not wish to share as public knowledge. Until that time, you are welcome to join us in all our Journeys of a Catholic Witch!

Got some suggestions or similar experiences?
Come and see what others have to offer Shelle and those like her in their quest at the JCW Message Board!!! You can Post your own comments Here.

Newly added:
Four New Letters including some remarks on bible passages, divination, and Shelle's Success in Candle Manipulation! Find out her self invented technique.

Well, you all asked for it, so she did it! Ashlynn has officially set up the "Ashlynn's Grove Store"!

Products sold within are One-of-a-kind pagan accessories:
NOTHING is mass-produced!
Everything is Ritually Prepared!
Beautiful craftsmenship on all products
And best of all -- Fair Prices!

On top of all this, all proceeds go to improving the performance capabilities and resource levels of Ashlynn's Grove.

Simply Hyper-Jump HERE to check out all the great opportunities!

[rotating pentacle]
(Rotating Pentacle by Marc Shannon)

Send An Email Greeting Card To A Friend!

With a large variety of personally designed graphics and musical attatchements, you can brighten the day of a friend anywhere on the planet with a simple Greeting Card... selection offers something for Any occassion. Even just because.

Mystery of Death and Afterlife Series

The Death and Afterlife Series is coming to an end, the final essay should be out in by the end of the week. Thanks to all who took the time to lend their thoughts and ideas, as well as experiences, on the subject. I've certainly learned quite a bit about what I feel and, more importantly, WHY I feel it. I hope you have too.

Jump Here to see some of our other findings.

[In Memory Is Life (Princess Diana) -- Link to Series Index]

Witchcraft Lessons! Complete "How To Do's"
[Chalk Board -- Link to Lessons] Take a small peek into our IRC classrooms and the Lessons that are conducted nightly within. Thanks to folks from a wide variety of paths we are able to provide knowledge and techniques for a LARGE range of craft applications. Also included are Articles and Discussions, logged from our IRC channels or provided by others for display on the site.
Other Lesson Sections: Tarot

New Resource Available! Recently Lady Ashlynn and I were asked for information that could be used as a resource for works such as research papers, etc. Taking the idea (and running hard, as usual), Lady Ashlynn has put together a detailed list of those Accused of being "Witches"; includes Names, Dates, Places, and Type of Sentence/Execution. Also added are some links to other web resources with detailed information on some of the specific souls that were exstinguished for the "wickedness" of Witchcraft. [Accused -- Link to Resource List]

An eye for and eye And the whole world goes blind.

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Hitler: Christian or Pagan?
Introduction to the Pagan Movement -- 1970
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Which Witch Is Which?!... Find out here!
Why Real Life Will NEVER Be Like Star Trek
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what's the point of living today,
knowing you are only going to die tomorrow?

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