Book cover If you're new here, then let me state that my goal is to entertain and inform. The pictures in my gallery are mostly of Alexeyev and his Belgian rival Serge Reding. These men are my favorite lifters from the decade of the seventies when I was most keen on the sport and, to me, they still exemplify weightlifting at its finest. Their enormously muscled and rotund physiques put weightlifting on the map here in America and showed us that brute strength could possess both grace and agility.

Strength & Health magazine coverThe sources for many of the pictures are a biography of Alexeyev entitled "The Strongest Man In The World: Vasili Alexeyev" (authored by Dmitry Ivanov and published in this country by Sphinx Press) and several old issues of the magazine "Strength & Health" (published by the York Barbell Co.). If I have somehow violated any existing copyrights then I will gladly remove the offending items if you'll send me a request via email. No threats should be required.

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