Alexeyev at Stuttgart championships

His name is Vasily Alexeyev and he is undoubtedly the most famous athlete the sport of weightlifting has produced. From 1970 through 1977 he was undefeated in every major international competition and claimed 22 titles, including eight consecutive world championships and two Olympic gold medals. An irresistable force who routinely hoisted seemingly immovable objects overhead, he dominated the sport with an astonishing count of 80 world records in his career (seven of them set in one night!). He is still heralded as its most prolific champion and, while nearly all of his records have now fallen to his successors, no lifter before or since has come close to that remarkable achievement.

Which records does he continue to hold? The two that, as of this writing, he can never be stripped of...236.5 kg (521.5 lbs) in the press and 645 kg (1422.25 lbs) in the three lift total.

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