BRUCE KLEMENS CLASSIC WEIGHTLIFTING PHOTOS: My gallery of weightlifting's golden age would surely be sparse if not for the published works of Bruce Klemens. I recently came across his site and immediately set up this link. I strongly encourage you to pay him a visit. - Superheavy

OSSETIANS : Aslanbek Enaldiev.

The WEIGHTLIFTING EXCHANGE : Building Community In The Sport.

The LOST BATTALION HALL Weightlifting Team of New York: The only place to train and learn Olympic lifting in the NYC area.

LIFT UP: Arthur Chidlovski's informative site on the history of weightlifting. Be sure to check out his Clip-O-Rama section.

The official KEN PATERA site!

ANDREI CHEMERKIN - 1996 Olympic Weightlifting Champion:
A page that boasts a comprehensive collection of pictures and information that have appeared on the web surrounding his world record setting win in Atlanta.

The Official LEONID ZHABOTINSKI Website: The great Zhabo's site with lots of interesting info and a nice photo gallery. (dead link)

U.S. Weightlifting Federation

MSU Strength Research Laboratory (dead link)

WPSE: A new site with galleries, links and strength related chat created by Dean Higginbotham

Serge Reding: A page from Tom Goegebuer's site I recently came across. It has three nice photos and some very informative text. Good work Tom.


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