JULY 11, 2006

Added links on the Welcome Page to two new Alexeyev web-pages I have found plus an update to the Links Page.

MAY 15, 2004

Added two new photos to the 1972 - 73 gallery, two new photos to the 1974-76 and one new photo to the Odds & Ends collection.

JANUARY 18, 2004

Added links on the Welcome Page to two new Alexeyev web-pages I have found.

AUGUST 28, 2003

Added a new link to a very nice Serge Reding tribute page.

JULY 22, 2003

Two pics added to the Odds & Ends collection in Vasily's gallery.

JULY 18, 2003

Two dead links deleted, one existing link updated and a new one added.

JUNE 18, 2000:

Added the Odds & Ends collection to Vasily's gallery featuring 6 new photos which I can't definitively place in the time line of his career.

JANUARY 28, 2000:

Added a new Alexeyev gallery featuring pictures from the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

JANUARY 26, 2000:

Added a new sub-gallery to the Gallery of Other Strength Athletes honoring Texas strongman Joe Bednarski who sky-rocketed to fame in the 70s and 80s as Polish Power Ivan Putski.

AUGUST 14, 1999:

Two new links have been added.

MARCH 21, 1999:

I have given the site a minor face lift.

MARCH 20, 1999:

I have added a new shot of Vasily at the bottom of his 1970 - 71 gallery. Also I moved his old "cover shot" from the menu page of his gallery to the 1972 - 73 gallery and replaced it with a newly acquired shot of him during his tenure as head coach of the Russian team. These were donated by a Russian gallery patron, Gleb Danilevski. Many thanks, Gleb.

The Serge Reding Gallery is now split into two "wings" - 1965 - 71 and 1971 - 74. The latter contains a new picture (also donated by Bill McKeon) of Reding with American lifter Phil Gripaldi taken at the Belleville Barbell Club.

Two new lifters have been added to the Various Lifters gallery - Sultan Rakmanov and Andrei Chemerkin. The shots of Rak were donated by the same generous fellow who provided the vast majority of the November '97 update. Stay tuned as I am talking with him now about some pics for an update of the Strength Athletes gallery.

MARCH 19, 1999:

I have added The McKeon Collection to Alexeyev's gallery. Bill McKeon is a former competitive lifter who managed to snap some shots of Alexeyev while expediting at the 78 World Championships in Gettysburg.

NOVEMBER 14, 1998:

I have fixed the pop-up ads by installing the GeoGuide. I encourage any other gallery patrons with Geocities homepages to do the same. DAMN! Those things are annoying!

NOVEMBER 27, 1997:

First of all, the site has become so large that I've redesigned it to shorten the loading times.

I have added a picture of Alexeyev's famous 500 lb jerk to his 1970-71 gallery. Also, having acquired a new picture of his 562 lb lift from the 1976 games in Montreal, seven from the 1977 championships in Stuttgart and two from the 1978 championships in Gettysburg, I have broken the old 1974-78 gallery into two new ones; the 1974-76 and 1977-78 galleries.

Another recent acquisition I'm excited about is a collection of 56 previously unpublished photos of the superheavyweight competition from the 1972 Olympics in Munich. About 40 of them are Vasily Alexeyev, from which I've selected 16 for display in the newest addition to his gallery,
The Munich Photo Album. Others included in the collection are Ken Patera and Gerd Bonk.

The SERGE REDING Gallery contains 5 new pictures.

Two new pictures of Grant Pitts as well as powerlifters Jeff Maddy, Don Reinhoudt and Bill Kazmeir have been added to The Gallery of Strength Athletes.

Two new articles from a now defunct publication named Bodypower have been added to
The Library. One details the emergence of the superheavies and the other is an excellent retrospective of Alexeyev's career.


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