Chip and his brother, October, 2003

December 21,2001

Chip is doing great and we all love him so dearly and I believe he loves us dearly as well. He is so much a part of our family now. He went in for another round of puppy shots Friday and weighed 32.5 lbs! He is so long and lanky but still so adorable. (The vet said he is definitely not too thin!) People are constantly stopping me to admire him when we are out and want to know all about his breed.

Chip is so responsive to voice. I just can't believe how well he minds as young as he is. He loves to chase J.D. on his bicycle and run after squirrels when we are out walking. He is very friendly to other people and dogs. Yesterday at the park he was playing with a full grown St. Bernard named Pounder! He also has made friends with a Lab/Border Collie Mix named Oreo, and my brother's girlfriend's Golden Retriever, Molly!

As for his training he knows sit, down, stay, watch, wait, come, shake, breakfast, walkies, etc! He does break stay occassionally but I think for his age he will stay a remarkable amount of time and we are not concerned at this point. He does love to jump up and we are having to work on petting him once all four paws are on the floor. He looks so cute when he is hopping around it is hard not to pet him!

He wants a cow for Christmas but I don't think we will be able to comply so I guess he will just have to settle for some new toys/treats and maybe a pillow bed! But don't worry he's not spolied! Ha! Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas!

May 10, 2004
Note from breeder:
Chip is now living with my grandparents in Arkansas. He and his boy developed an intense sibling rivalry. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times... The typical 5-year-old boy began antagonizing Chip. (That's what brothers do!) This relationship ended when the boy and Chip were in the backseat together and the boy got nipped on the arm, breaking the skin. It was the owner's decision to find a new home for Chip at that point. He has had no other aggression issues.
Chip is the kind of dog that my grandparents always wanted. They have had him a week and find him to be a loving, intelligent boy.
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