Another difference that can take a little getting used to is the variety of poses - or rather the lack of sufficient numbers of figures in one pose in any given pack.

HaT8017 Roman Princeps Because the plastic figures come on spruces with about seven different poses per spruce, it can be next to impossible to have your regular troops in the same pose, like the average metal regular army. This can be one of the attractions for plastic armies, depending on how you look at it - you can make your plastic regular army much more animated than would normally be the case for a metal one.

Of course, this doesn't apply to irregular troops. For example, for my Orc hordes I am able to use all 7 poses from one spruce on each base, to create a very effective 'unorganised mob' look, quite appropriate for a horde element!

Revell Romans An alternative approach is simply to purchase more packs than you absolutely need, so as to get hold of decent numbers of the figures in the same, or similar poses. For example, I have got a proportionally large number of Revel legionaries in just two poses, as they were the only two poses that looked like Early Imperials in the packs. However, this approach somewhat erodes the primary reason for fighting in plastic - the cost! In my own defence, I was given a couple of packs of Revell Romans, so this approach didn't cost me anything extra!

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