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This web page is dedicated to documenting Benner genealogy, primarily focusing on Eastern Pennsylvania, but also providing information on Benner families in the United States, and throughout the world.

My goal is document the early Benner families that started in Franconia Township in Montgomery County, and specifically document the ancestry of my great grandfather, Nathaniel Conver Benner who descends from these Benner families in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I hope that this will be beneficial for all of his descendents who have left or remain in Bucks or Montgomery county Pennsylvania.

Benner Ancestry information:

Nathaniel descends from Johannes Benner through: Abraham, Christian, and Tobias Benner. Many Benner families originated from these Franconia Township roots.

Johannes, Sebastian, and Ludwig Benner were the first Benner families from this area. Both Johannes and Sebastian had many boys, however, Ludwig only had girls so the Benner surname (except possibly one boy found in a later census) was not passed on through Ludwig. These families started in the mid 1700's.

Organization of this web page

I have put many pages together such as "nathaniel.html" all with a first name to name the web page. So if you follow the hyperlinks, you should run across my grandfather allen whose web page is at "allen.html". Also below you will find pages with information on the Benner families of Ohio, for example. Those web page are named "ohio.html" etc. Note: They are all primarily lower case and always must have the front part of the URL through 7391/

If anyone has an old picture of a Benner ancestor, please scan it and email it to me to display on this web site. My email address is or you can snail mail them to me at:

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I promise to return the photos as quickly as I can.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Information on other Benner Lines throughout the U.S.

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The following individuals are also doing genealogy research on specific surnames as follows (not sure if addresses are still valid).

As I get more information, I will display as many ancesters and descendents as possible. Please e-mail old photos and information. I will be glad to update this page with your input. I am also researching the line back to Europe along with these other surnames.

Email me at, and I'll do my best to have as complete a Benner Family History website as possible.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully this page will grow into a well documented history of the Benner line as many left by ship from Rotterdam and settled in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Pedigree Chart on Nathaniel Conver BENNER and Amanda HECKLER
Abraham BENNER
Christian Hunsberger BENNER
Barbara Tyson HUNSBERGER
Tobias Hunsberger BENNER
Sarah Sellers HUNSBERGER
Nathaniel Conver BENNER
Abraham Freed CONVER
Mary Ann Buchammer CONVER
Amanda Wisler HECKLER
Jacob Wisler
Margaret M. WISLER
Elizabeth King

1850 census records of Franconia Township show Christian Benner age 58 married to Sarah age 55. Christian's profession is listed as a Farmer. Isaac age 21 is a Carpenter and Tobias age 19 is a Labourer. Mary Benner age 60 and Catharine age 57 are both living in the home as well. I believe these to be Christian's sister although the ages are a few years younger than my records.

1870 census records of Franconia Township show Tobias Benner age 38 as a Farmer with wife Mary age 34. Nathaniel age 13, Catharine age 10, Samuel age 7, and Josiah age 1 are shown as children. Isaac Benner is the next entry (neighbor) who I assume is Tobias's older brother, age 40. His wife is Sarah age 37, and children are listed as Esther 11, Isaac 7, Sarah Ann 4, and William 2.

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