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So, the TV & Papers chase "Big Names" instead of reporting on Government abuses that happen to ALL of us?CALL THEM UP AND LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! So, they don't care if Social Security is headed towards bankruptcy and insolvency in the year 2029? (That's right: the inability to pay checks on all claims.) That's right: Call them up ...

The Tampa Tribune - Local (850) 222-8382; Toll Free (800) 282-5588
Orlando Sentinel - Local (850) 222-5564
Tallahassee Democrat - Local (FAX): (850) 599-2295
Tallahassee Democrat - Local (Newsroom): (850) 599-2151
Miami Herald - Local (850) 222-3095 and CELL PHONE (news deadlines/emergencies) (850) 545-7925
The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel - Local (850) 224-6214
The Saint Petersburg Times - Local (850) 224-7263 Toll Free (800) 8888-7012 or (800) 333-7505
The Capitol Outlook - Local (850) 681-1852 and FAX (850)681-1093
The Florida Flambeau The Flambeau needs your help! It stopped publication on Monday, 12 January 1998 due to financial debts of around $150,000.00. They have only raised about $700.00 so far. Please, help our best (only?) responsible form of media in Tallahassee. Liberal, yes, but fair and very compassionate. Click on name for details. - Local (850) 681-6695, ext. #1 or (850) 681-6692
The Tallahassean - Local (850) 224-3805 or (850) 224-3806 and FAX (850) 561-6651
The Tallahassee News - Local (850) 386-2310 or (850) 422-2120
The Lakeland Ledger - Local (NY Times Regional News Group) (850) 224-5210 and (850) 681-9211 for Regional; (850) 224-8411 for Florida; TOLL FREE (800) 282-3200

TV Stations & Radio
CNN-TV & Cable BAY NEWS 09 Tampa Bay Area TOLL FREE (888) 437-1239 ** Area Code (888) is toll free like (800) **
WANM-AM 1070 CNN Radio Tallahassee (850) 222-1070 or (control room) (850) 878-0166
WCTV TV-06 CBS Tallahassee (850) 893-6666 or (850) 893-6313 or (850) 893-2084
WFLA TV-08 NBC Tampa Bay (800) 824-1695 and (800) 348-WFLA for news -- also (800) 338-0808 for "8 on your side" for "consumer" problems
WFSU-FM 88.9 Public Radio Tallahassee (850) 487-3086 or (control room) (850) 487-3305
WFTS TV-28 ABC Tampa Bay (800) 234-WFTS and possibly also (800) 920-2828
WTALK AM 1450/WJPH FM 105.7 "TALK Radio" Tallahassee (AM) & Monticello (FM) (850) 671-1450
WTLH TV-49 FOX Tallahassee *No News Room Yet!!!* (850) 942-4900
WTOG TV-44 UPN Saint Petersburg (800) 225-9864
WTSP TV-10 CBS Saint Petersburg (800) EYE-ON-10
WTVT TV-13 FOX Tampa Bay (800) 334-9888
WTWC TV-40 NBC Tallahassee (850) 668-2656 or (850) 893-9892 or (850) 893-4140
WTXL TV-27 ABC Tallahassee (850) 894-6397 or (850) 893-1313 or (850) 894-3127 or a FAX #: (850) 668-1460
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The Tampa Tribune
202 Oops... I forget the Address Tampa, FL

The Tribune, the major paper where the story originated in nearby Plant City, is probably an above average paper. But, "average" is pretty low, and that seems to have been a factor in their problems.

Publisher & President, REID ASHE, however, I am told, really cares about people; and, he replied to my request for coverage. He said in his letter that he forwarded my documentation to BOTH the Editorial AND the NEWSROOM departments. Let's see if they can get some mileage out of it. He is also reportedly looking into not only my story but also the aberrant behavior of some of their so-called qualified employees - BUT not all of these employees are all bad; I think that some are "bad" and others just need a nudge from their bosses... details later as this site is under construction ... Click on to e-mail a letter to the editor asking if The Tampa Tribune could do a story on my situation and other worthy events. When you do, be sure to include your name, daytime phone number, address, and e-mail, etc., so they can verify that you really sent it, please.

For the record, the following people have done the following research or lack thereof: As the Register article indicates, CHERYL SCHMIDT thought that a fight at the local high school was important but my story wasn't. Next, I spoke with STEVE KAYLOR, who was not rude as was CHERYL, but he still wasn't able to accomplish any progress on my behalf. How many other newsworthy events have fallen through the cracks at the Tribune? A few years later or so, I re-sent the documentation to SALLY KESTIN who indicated that she would call me if they wanted assistance. They have not. Even later and quite recently, I sent in the Register piece that I wrote (my lead editorial "I am legally crazy."). NANCY GORDON of the editorial department refused our OP-ED piece. When pressed, she claimed that she was looking for CAL THOMAS-TYPE pieces. If this is not, folks, then what is? At my mention of speaking to her boss or giving her bad (but true) press, she dared me to go for it! I did. (Both.) Folks, she must not think it a big deal to be classed "crazy" by some bean counter trying to stave off an office shutdown or lay off! Also, when I called the Tribune one time, I spoke with LEE BARNES. When I mentioned that CHERYL had considered my case and did not think it a big deal, LEE asserted that he trusted his colleague's judgement WITHOUT EVEN HEARING ANY FACTS FROM ME!!! WHAT is THIS?!? Another psychic I see? I do not know LEE'S relationship with CHERYL, but it should not interfere with his work! Oh, don't forget to drop them an e-mail with all the contact data listed above. Thanks.

The Orlando Sentinel
Not much is known about this paper. This site still under construction.....

The Tallahassee Democrat
The Democrat's Executive News Director, Lorraine Branham, has indicated to me in a phone conversation that the Democrat will shortly run my letter to the editor outlining this alleged & documented fraud. My analysis: "Generosity": I.e., if they run such letter, then I will feel that they have done their part; and, **no matter what you think**, I feel that their lack of concern outlined below should be overlooked!! History tells us that generosity is the best policy (which includes honesty & wisdom). History, however, records in the chronicles below events concerning the Democrat. Have a nice day.

They have done so many things that you might get a headache if you try to read all this (Caveat Disclaimer), but if you want to know:

In summary, most of the newspaper delivery, personal interaction, and (of course) coverage has been poor; but, not all is bad -- and there is potential to straighten out: nature always tries to heal the injury. DON'T FIGHT THE NATURAL PROCESS, PLEASE, DEMOCRAT STAFF!!!!!!!

Editor, RON MORRIS, asked how I could prove I wasn't disabled! What?!? I believe the burden of proof is to prove I am disabled! The evidence is pretty obvious that I am NOT! disabled unless you're slow... You know: "Innocent until proven guilty?" Of course, the "other 'Ron'," RON HARTUNG, their local columnist, refused to send a photographer when I was picketing Social Security's Tallahassee Office (as the Register article mentioned). He claimed that people seeing it would get curious and ask for a story, thus making work for them. He was SERIOUS when he said that. He really said that, no kidding! BILL BERLOW, another editor, simply said something like "I don't think so" to my request for press coverage. What? Is this guy psychic or something? I hadn't even told him any major details. Next!

BOB SHAW, The Democrat's Managing Editor, gave the most interesting (and most in quantity, too) "excuses." Excuse 1: It's just not a major waste of money/major story. My reply: You mean the $$$ 1 BILLION $$$ Dollars, referred to in the Herald article are little? O.K., Bob, how many MILLIONS in a BILLION ??? His reply: (He got it right!) a "billion" is ONE THOUSAND millions. Excuse 2: He says that I should just "find" a whole bunch of other people trying to get off disability & then we might have a story. My reply: Yeah, right. I hate to admit it, but most folk AREN'T HONEST !!! Sorry, if that offends you. "Truth Rules" Excuse 3: His reply: O.K., if they pay me a check, then he will take a picture of me, he will take a picture of the check, and he will be on Social Security "like white on rice." My reply: O.K., I'll do better than that: they gave checks to some member of my family to "spend for my 'needs'" while I was living on my own. BOB'S Reply: It didn't seem important. My Final Analysis: I guess he means to say that his readership is so dumb or slow that they will only get it if they see a photo. Can't read words, there chumpo??? FORREST GUMP LIVES !!! (He is the only reader of The Democrat.)

LORRAINE BRANHAM, the News (and possibly Executive) Vice President, must not have thought I was important: she didn't return my phone calls. JAMES ABRAHAM, who works in editorials, claimed he would run an Op-Ed Special to the Democrat that I submitted the Democrat this past Summer (circa June/July of 1997) to expose this fraud, but has not yet. In his defense, I will say, he tells me he had an unplanned accident and lost part of at least one of his fingers & has fallen behind in his work. He promised that my guest column would run, but has recently (it's now Christmas time, 1997) complained that he couldn't "massage" my Op-Ed Submission to fit some unspecified guidelines of the Democrat. My submission, by the way, was the "I am legally crazy." piece I wrote for the Register. He sounded trustable, but after I sent a letter to the editor outlining this problem, he claimed he couldn't "massage" my letter to work. His criticism was the fact I identified Social Security by name. Huh? Did I miss something? He had asked me to go to the trouble of supplying him with thick and lengthy documentation to verify my allegations -- and he STILL would not run either my Op-Ed piece or the letter (he was the one to make that decision, he tells me). I'm glad he was honorable enough to admit he himself made the decision, but his decision was rude too their readers, and the excuse he gave me was stupid. Can you imagine a paper running nebulous stories, editorial columns, and letters to the editor without mentioning the agency being discussed??? KAY SEMION of their editorial staff claimed that my letter to the editor must first be investigated to make sure it is true. That is kind of her to want the facts, but do you really believe papers routinely verify letters (even a few)??? Yeah, right! Yet, after I supplied the documentation to JAMES ABRAHAM (even more than is on this web site) for the Op-Ed piece, KAY and JAMES STILL wouldn't run my letter. If I get it loaded into my page, you may click on it; but, until then, just know that it made the point about the Federal workers' office shutting down and their sly response: they started putting healthy people on the "crazy check" rolls whether they wanted it or not!! (Most did want it!)

ANDREA BRUNAIS, in editorials also, has invited my Congressman to write a guest editorial. Rep. F. Allen Boyd (D-FL) has not taken her offer. He says that he feels it inappropriate to pursue the press. They are not contacting him either !!!

On another note, CHRISTEN SVENGIN, who reports on higher education, asked me to call he back when the First DCA ruled on an a grade appeal dispute between me and FSU (no money being sought -- only a grade change). When I got a ruling and contacted her, she denied ever asking me to call her back. "The Brushoff," as it is known, was probably what happened here: that is, she was probably afraid to write against a potential source of educational stories (FSU). She is a liar, thus she is unqualified to report, but I doubt her superiors care if she lies to many other people. By the way, the FSU appeals committees said that I agreed with the grade calculations made by the teacher, and they ignored clear evidence that I was given a grade I didn't earn. I mean, do you really think I would've appealed if I'd agreed with the teacher's calculations ??? This is very minor compared to other things like my Social Security abuse, but I figured I'd throw it in. By the way, BILL BERLOW, her boss, didn't even feel he needed to hear my side of the story to make a decision. Still "psychic" I see, there BILL.

I know you're mad, so go ahead and vent your "concern" politely: click on to e-mail a letter to the editor. You know: growl at them; that's what they want to hear. When you do, be sure to include your name, address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address for verification purposes. Or, click on to "tell" the tallahassee democrat online why I just put their name in lower case! Oh, don't forget that identification information here either. UPDATE: While inquiring about a "critical" letter to the Editor, I was connected with VP LORRAINE BRANHAM, to whom I shared my experience with BERLOW and SVENGIN. She informed me that she was told that they shouldn't do a story on me. She suggested that perhaps SVENGIN had been told by her editor that they weren't interested in the academic appeal issue. Wrong on two counts, LORRAINE: (1) You are not psychic and shouldn't judge an issue you have only heard about from a fake psychic. (2) Any order that her editor may have told SVENGIN does not justify her dishonorable deceit towards me (read: "liar"). (SVENGIN did not forget her request for me to call her back; she lied about it.)

DELIVERY PROBLEMS: As a student in FSU's Rogers Hall, the dorm for Grad or over 23 students, I notice the Democrat no longer delivers inside. Unless someone gets the paper on a rainy day, it gets wet. UPDATE: Someone must have seen this criticism -- for whatever the reason, they now are wrapping the newspapers in plastic on rainy days! Good job, but why don't they have a hall key? Less trustable than a college student? Of the approximately 192 or so students in my dorm, only two papers are currently delivered. That's not very good business, there, Democrat. Perhaps, you could start by reporting on TODAY'S news, not, old dry "safe" stuff. It's a common complaint that all they ever cover is stuff like what happens at the Shopping Malls, Scandals, the TPD Crime Blotter, and stuff like sports and politics. You know: "safe" stuff that wouldn't ever offend a person. Who cares about the reader? He or she doesn't need to know the cutting edge news. They should just stay in the dark and remain ignorant of the community news. Right? (Sarcasm.) Actually, most readers are apathetic and do not care to complain about poor service until it affects them. (Truth.) Also, another student who used to deliver papers for the Democrat is a trusted friend who always helps me when I need something. When she said that the papers weren't delivered for a few weeks to her, she claims she not only didn't get paid but also that she was charged. I do not believe she is a thief. I think the Democrat owes her a paycheck for her work. Another thing: the Democrat took out all racks around my hall forcing us to go across the street for a paper -- but, this is not a "great" problem like those mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, at least several students who had subscribed to the Democrat have mentioned delivery problems, e.g., the lack of delivery -- what kind of paper is this ? This is in addition to all of the above stuff. I told you that you might get a headache! On a brighter note, the Democrat did a good job honoring Veterans Day and covering so-called "big" issues and "big" personalities; but, I think all people should get fair coverage. It looks like the only thing we will remember about this paper is the FRONT PAGE coverage it gave to President Clinton for adopting a dog. I guess they think a dog deserves more attention than the citizens of Tallahassee, eh?

INTERESTING UPDATE: The Democrat recently published a letter to the editor from me about concerns over the State's refusal to give students a second chance to regain the "Merit Scholarship" it awards to the top 10% of High School students (for college tuition) -- if they lose it & then bring their grades back up. It's only fair to give them the credit where due. I saved the "best for last." Hang in there, Democrat.

The Miami Herald
The Miami Herald, as my Links Page & corresponding clickable article icon indicate, wrote an article on 12 April 1994 titled "Welfare Errors Total $1 Billion; Florida's Rate Highest in Nation." That's good, but they have not done a story on my situation, which would cause public awareness, a STRONG preventative to later abuse.

Not much more is known about this paper ...Yet, you can drop them a line, yeah, a letter to the editor by clicking on and including name, address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address info for verification. You can also click on to send to some sort of action line; be sure to include name info, etc. if you mail here too. Thanks.

The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
Not much is known about this paper. This site is still under construction.

The Saint Pete Times
The Florida Flambeau, a paper serving FSU, FAMU, and TCC, as well as Tallahassee at large, informed us that The Saint Pete Times and the investigative program 60 Minutes exposed the Rosewood Massacre of the Middle Class Black town of Rosewood, Florida. A low income White town got jumpy after a false rumor surfaced over a White woman's allegations of sexual assault or something by some Black man. See where false rumors and impatience get you?

You can e-mail The Saint Petersburg Times a letter to the editor by clicking on , and you should include your name, address, a daytime phone contact, and your e-mail address for verification of identity. Please, ask them if they could do a story on my situation and other worthy events. Thanks.

The Capitol Outlook
ROOSEVELT WILSON, who writes a column in the Democrat, is the Publisher. When I visited his paper, we discussed my potential story, and he came closer than any paper so far to exposing this fraud. His only problem was that I did not have some doctor with a PhD or a lot a titles after his name to declare me "OK," and Social Security did. My two doctors found me in good mental health (one MD and one DC) but their credentials were not judged to be "strong" enough. Good try, but false: One of these doctors knew me for many years; and, both had training to perform the evaluation. Yes, they both were qualified to evaluate me because, as a part of all MD and DC basic education, they are certified and trained in "mental" evaluations, or at least that's what I've always heard. Betcha didn't know that! In fact, the Social Security form they filled out said something like "Physician/Medical Officer," leaving much room for both of them to be qualified to fill it out. Lastly, Social Security's "hired gun," saw me ONCE in my life for about forty-five (45) minutes. I answered all his questions. While my doctors had a vested interest in ruling to favor me (I paid them), so did Social Security's doctor, who I went to as part of the process to apply for the County's low income assistance. Their doctor probably got paid a LOT more than my doctors, thus he had a conflict of interest to rule against me more than my doctors would've in ruling for me.

The conclusion of the matter is this: MR. WILSON is a good journalist and he cares about people, but he is not living up to his abilities in reporting the news. He is being "too careful." On a brighter note, his paper is the one of the first papers that revealed that US Army Sergeant Major Gene McKinney, who was kicked out of the army, was accused by a woman who he had just fired. SHE had a conflict of interest. She was MAD. McKinney, the Army's top enlisted man, as you may recall, actually served on an Army panel to study sexual harassment in the service. She did not accuse him until after he was appointed to it. This news coverage is good, but less well known citizens such as me should get coverage too.

The Florida Flambeau
A former editor-in-chief of the Florida Flambeau once told me in a phone conversation that I had done my part by providing the Flambeau with the documentation of this frightening fraud. It's now up to the Flambeau to do their part.

The Flambeau is only about 8 to 12 pages running five (5) days but not during school breaks; yet, this paper is a very reliable source of quick, accurate community information. The "slants" are liberal to some extent with a focus on the college scene in Tallahassee, but not limited to it. Although the Capitol Outlook was the most responsible and proactive paper with reliable, conservative roots, the Flam edges the Outlook for first place in reporting, mainly due to a larger size and comparable fairness in reporting. The larger Democrat is strong, but settles for fourth, behind The Tallahassean. Why don't you drop the Flam a line by clicking on

The Flambeau stands up for the Quincy, Florida migrant farm workers fired for trying to unionize! (Illegal!) They support compassion for minorities, poor, homeless, and everybody. Their editorials both praise President Clinton for good things (like the economy) and Criticize him for goofy things (like not being innovative enough with the environment). Same with Gov. Lawton Chiles of Florida. Don't let the flame go out. Click on for details, if they're even still online! Thank you.

The Tallahassean
SYLVIA JORDAN is the publisher, and ED THOMAS is the editor. This small paper is an independent conservative voice similar to the Capitol Outlook. I have given paperwork documenting the Social Security fraud I describe to The Tallahassean, but for some reason, they have not done a story. Still, I consider it a good paper. I guess the news media will not feel the same about me unless I become real famous or rich or something. Come on Tallahassean, you can report on these issues. I know you can.

UPDATE: I have spoken with Ms. Jordan by phone recently, and I report that she seems interested in reporting on the news. Good: The Register could use all the help it gets; and, of course, I need media attention to ensure the guilty do not go scot free for their crimes (both theft of our tax dollars and the slander/libel!).

The Tallahassee News
The 'net lists MICHAEL E. ABRAMS as the editor. He must be pretty busy to not have updated his web page from the old (904) area code to the new (850) area code for Tallahassee after I e-mailed him about it in a letter to the editor. I sent it a while back. You can visit by clicking on You can e-mail a letter to the editor by clicking on Remember to include name, address, daytime phone, number, & e-mail. Not much is known about the News, but the little I hear & see indicated it isn't afraid to give you the factual news.

The Lakeland Ledger
BILL BLOCKER was working the Metro Section when I brought to his attention the actions of the local Lakeland Social Security Office's attempt to conceal the fraud committed by the staff of the Plant City Office that shut down. His response was that it was a Red Tape-Type mistake, but nothing more and that this happens all the time. I don't think that their refusal to take me off the roll & their lying to my Congresspersons was an "accident," BILL. I am told that SANDRA DIMSDALE now works in Metro. She hasn't done any coverage, perhaps waiting on "public opinion." The public is waiting on their Editorial Department to run my Op-Ed piece; and, some Editorial employee (whose name I didn't get) told me that they are waiting on the News/Metro Department to make it a news item. It looks, folks, like the typical "catch-22." As for those Tallahassee phone numbers, a Mark Hollis had an answering machine or voice mail message to greet me. I also spoke with a Dara Kam, who indicated she would give me her analysis of the potential newsworthiness of this matter. Yet, for what it's worth, here are some long distance numbers for The Lakeland Ledger, which is owned by The New York Times:
(941) 687-7000 (main number) and (941) 687-7050 (news room). Good luck in talking to these folks. Take note here: they DO NOT (at last check) have paper boxes or Bureaus in Tampa, but the Tampa Tribune DOES have Boxes & Offices in Lakeland, Bartow, Winterhaven, and even here in Tallahassee. Looks like The Ledger could use a little improvement, and perhaps they could start by covering ALL the news, not just the "big name" news.

You can send them a letter to the editor at . Also you can e-mail the Ledger Publisher, Don Whitworth at or Ledger Executive Editor, Louis Michael Perez at .

CNN BAY NEWS 09 TV & Cable
This Tampa Bay Station is on Broadcast TV (Channel 09) and also on some cable channel. It has long distance phone numbers of: (813) 684-2000; (813) 684-6400; and, (813) 684-6200. These relate to Time-Warner offices in Brandon, Florida with which it is affiliated as it is with CNN. They are said to specialize in "news," hence the name, "Bay News 09."

A *"* shout out *"* to Tim, who asked to be mentioned on my page. Yo! (I think he said he was just joking!) Yo, Tim, on the serious tip: if your not the "bad guy" you say you're not then, PLEASE confer with your managers before making any serious "No" decisions. Sunday, and Jim, and I, and the "Good Guys" will all be happier! Word.

I have spoken with TODD and JENNIFER recently. I think that one of them indicated that they have no e-mail address, but they took my Web Site information (both the URL -- the address, that is -- and how to search for it on the web.) URL stand for "Universal Resource Locator," by the way.

Also, CHRISTINA, PAT, and at least one staff member named JIM have spoken with me. As well, I have spoken with and sent e-mail to SUNDAY, the news manager of Bay News 9.

WANM Radio CNN AM-1070
BOB BADGER is the news director. Little is known about this radio station. This site is still under construction.

They were not interested when I originally brought the story to their attention; and, I gave up on them; but, I figured I had nothing to lose & asked their opinion on the subject. Result: MIKE SMITH, news director, told me this Monday, 03 Nov 97 to call back. He sounds like he is concerned with bringing newsworthy events to his Television viewers.

I've discovered some more phone numbers for Channel 06, listed under "CBS." Here they are: (850) 893-6466 ; (850) 893-4291 ; and, (850) 893-6520.

WCTV also has lead investigator, FRANK RENEKE on staff. FRANK confirmed receipt of the thick documentation I sent in a while back. No coverage resulted from that inquiry. UPDATE: MIKE tells me he logged on to our web page and printed out copies. Good job, MIKE. They need to hear from their viewers, few of whom speak to them. Give them a call, please.

Target 8, which claims to investigate Government Fraud is comprised of STEVE ANDREWS, ROSCO "ROCKY" GLISSON, and BRUCE BRESLOW. DAN BRADLEY is news director for WFLA - TV 08 (NBC) in the Tampa Bay area where the problem started. I've spoken with all four gentlemen off and on since around late 1994 when the story broke.

Two of these journalists are very strange. The other two are just unconcerned with our failing Social Security trust fund and only somewhat strange.

I initially spoke with Rocky, it seems. He asked for documentation circa early 1995, which I sent. I don't know if he got it. Later, I made a follow-up call. On at least two occasions, Steve asked me if he hadn't already talked with my mother. Each time, I asked her about it; she reports that she hasn't spoken with any media. Period. I believe her. I believe Steve here was trying to use my mother as an excuse to insinuate or hint that his "investigation" was a bad lead to perhaps avoid hard investigation work. His comment to me in a recent conversation that "all Congressmen are 'a**holes'" supports this hypothesis. He told me that he wasn't interested in this story and that my continued "rambling on and on" made me "look" crazy. Perhaps, he is the crazy one: if it took him four (4) years to return an answer, then he has only himself to blame for my "ramblings." If he had done the story in 1995, I wouldn't be "rambling on and on" now. Poor Steve. He has such a hard life. But, he is an interesting character. If he weren't interested, he "shouln't've" beat around the bush -- he should've "just said 'no'." Steve can be reached at

Bruce had given me Rocky's e-mail address, , to send him my web address, which (as you know) contains good documentation. Bruce must not have his own e-mail address. Anyhow, when I called Bruce back to see if he got it, he just hung up on me. Huh?!

So, then, I spoke with Dan Bradley, their news director. He told me that "I don't mean to offend you, but I trust my employees." Well, that might offend someone. After I explained to him that it was unreasonable to make decisions without hearing the facts, he gave me his e-mail address, So, I e-mailed him. Later, I recalled that sometimes e-mail doesn't arrive, so I made a follow-up call. He was harder to locate than Bigfoot! About a week later, he finally replied by e-mail that he was not interested in this story. He added that my communications to WFLA staff and himself could be construed as "harassment." Well, if you don't want me to call, then tell me, homey. Don't wait a week -- that's annoying. His secretary told me that I was driving them crazy and that the e-mail probably did arrive. Unreasonable: I have no way of knowing what Dan is thinking about this -- or whether their e-mail server was working! THEY drove ME crazy making me phone back every day or so for a full week -- or else remain ignorant. The last time I "waited" they forgot about it.

Some would criticize me for 'failing to read between the lines.' Wrong: in some cases I recall, calling back to the higher authorities has resulted in me "winning my appeal."

The conclusion of the matter is this: Bruce and Steve with their aberrant behavior are very strange. Rocky and Dan are only somewhat strange in their lack of care that the system is headed towards near certain failure to pay out on all Social Security claims. Yet, even if *they* don't care, they could at least not wait four years (Steve, Rocky, and Bruce) to let me know. Even a week or so (Dan) is too long in my opinion. What do you think? Other contact e-mails are and

WFSU Public Radio FM-88.9
Records indicate that BEN WILCOX used to be the news director, and JIM CHRISTIE and JACKIE BEAM used to be reporters. WFSU's lead reporter, JASON, who covers the FSU Student Government beat, indicates that he does not know BEN, indicating a possible personnel change.

This ABC station had KEN KALTOFF for an investigative reporter at last check, but for some reason, he is not listed on their home page.

Their sister station, WTXL 27 of Tallahassee is interested in the Tallahassee aspect (the local Social Security office was involved too), but the initial office was in WFTS's coverage area before it closed down. You can drop them a line by clicking on or on You can ask them a question at STEVE MAJORS is listed as their news director currently.

Remember: "28 Investigates" Government Waste and Fraud, or at least that's what this ABC station claims. Investigate this.

WTALK Talk Radio AM-1450/FM-105.7
A good little radio station. You may visit their home page by clicking on and leave a message on their bulletin board, hopefully asking for more coverage (they let me call in a few times) of my situation. You see, they need to try harder due to their limited listenership compared to, say, a TV station or Paper. You can also e-mail them by clicking on , and don't forget that to tell them who you are, name, address, daytime phone contact, and e-mail address. Thanks. NOTES: I believe that Andrew Cox is the current news director - current, that is, as of 11:07 a.m., Monday, 30 June 2003.

Not much is known about this FOX station that doesn't have a newsroom.

This Saint Pete TV Station has "News at 10" at last report. SUSAN WILSON was news director at last report. She told me on the phone a while back that she wanted me to have my Congressman phone her, but she did not have the initiative to phone him. Let her know how you feel by clicking on and sending an e-mail.

This CBS station used to be ABC and had investigative reporter JULIE ACKEN, who sent a standard release form to Social Security for the Public Records of my file like a person's doctor or lawyer would. They didn't budge, and WTSP blinked; they lost interest. She went to some other station, and its change to CBS seemed to hurt it. In any case, KAY LONG, who used to work for WTOG UPN-TV 44 in St. Pete, acted real weird in a recent phone conversation saying stuff like "I really don't understand" over and over ... This was real unsettling. I have also spoken with JASON a time or so when I called in to WTSP.

UPDATE: WTSP Vice President, KEVIN BRENNAN, returned a call recently concerning investigation of the unprosecuted abuses & threats the Federal Social Security Office have committed; and, someone accidentally connected me with KAY on the phone. She acted normal this time. Explanation uncertain, but we don't worry over the small points. KEVIN'S return call was from a message I left with STEVE MAULDIN, WTSP President. Let's see if WTSP tries to bring its viewers relevant info on this wayward Hillsborough County Federal Agency. Come on, Channel 10: your viewers want to know what's happening.

Also, I have spoken with JOY, DOTTIE, and BOB, who is an assistant producer. BOB referred me to DAVE KLUGH, a reporter/co-anchor who is serving, apparently as an assistant news producer under KEVIN BRENNAN.

You can drop them a line by clicking on Based what I've found on the 'net, it looks like KEVIN used to work at NBC station WTLV TV-12 in Jacksonville and transferred to CBS station WTSP -- since the web page for channel 10 listed MIKE CAVENDER as the VP instead of KEVIN. I hope the transfer worked out all right for all parties so you all will be able to keep your audience aware of the news. We want to keep up to date. You can also click on to send them e-mail. KEVIN tells me this is the correct address; the other one I think I grabbed off their home page.

Fox 13 has EYEWITNESS NEWS, which can be reached by clicking on

A recent Tribune article indicates that PHIL METLIN has returned to WTVT as the new vice president of news. It says that he was the former news producer at Channel 13 back in the late 1980s. I've heard from a friend that 13 is the main station for News in Tampa Bay. I hope they live up to what all I have read and heard so this fraud can be exposed. I have recently spoken with CYNTHIA at Fox 13 by phone. I also spoke with TODD in a follow-up phone call, and I think I relayed our web address here at the Register. Also, someone mentioned consumer lawyer, ERIC SEIDEL as someone who could possibly investigate this.

Channel 13 used to have CHRIS FORD as their investigator, and he confirmed receipt of documentation about the Social Security fraud a few years or so in the past. He did nothing with it and has since changed jobs. KEITH BUNCE of WTVT has invited me to FAX or mail him my press release. When I get a chance, I hope to. He declined my offer to send 13 e-mail or my offer for channel 13 to visit this, my web page. KEITH prefers to use more conventional communication over the internet, his choice for simplicity. Why don't you give PHIL a call and express interest in my story. Thanks.

LISA HALL is news director of Channel 40's brand new news room, and HEIDI OTWAY is the managing editor. I asked HEIDI to give me some feedback on the potential my situation has for viewer interest. Her reply was that they would call if they were interested. I think they should be interested because of potential for VIEWER interest. Also, it would be good for justice's sake to expose these threats & fraud.

Good T.V. station. They sent a reporter out when I was picketing Social Security, but some other news item bumped me ...still, they are good and concerned reporters thus far.

BRETT BUELL has gone on to some other job and JOEL SILVER has moved up to replace him. JOEL is said to have been the FSU TV director for the Student Government Movie Channel before moving on to WTXL. They want to hear from their viewers -- drop them a line, would you.