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Welcome to the April 2000 Online Edition of the Mountain View Mirror...the monthly newsletter of the Mountain View Girl Scout Neighborhood 2-4. Here are the topics you can find more information about in this document:
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Neighborhood News


The next bridging representative meeting will be held on Monday, April 24 at Fire Station #83 (213 NE 120th Street) from 6:30 - 7:45 p.m. We will be finalizing the decorating and program ideas for this year's bridging ceremony, which is set for Tuesday, June 6 at Wy'East Middle School. The rehearsal for the bridging ceremony is slated for Tuesday, May 30 at Wy’East Middle School. At the last representative meeting the girls voted on the theme for this year's ceremony, which will be centered around fairy tales. Each representative needs to bring their troops' ideas for decorations and songs that correspond to this theme. Just a reminder to troop leaders -- remember to supply a permission slip for your troop representative to bring to these bridging meetings. Please call Gail B or Suzanne B if you have any questions.

Why Am I a Girl Scout Leader?

I'm not a Girl Scout Leader for the easy hours,
high pay, parents' gratitude, power or prestige.

I'm a Leader because I want the world
for your Daughter and mine.

A world she can share and help shape:
A world of love and laughter
where she can show compassion.

I want to help her learn to finish anything she starts
and do it well and to guide her to know
her worth with deeper understanding of herself.

I want to help shape women who have strength of character
and are sensitive to the needs of others.

I want them to be the best they can be-
whether as career women
or as homemakers, wives and mothers
who are the hearts of the family.

In giving of my time and myself I reap rewards
far beyond what I give.
I receive a better world for my children
and future generations.

I'm a Girl Scout Leader because I care!
~ Author Unknown

Saturday, April 22, 2000 is National Girl Scout Leaders Day.

Free Starter Kits for Girl Scout Leaders and Teachers

For a limited time, you can obtain free embroidery and craft starter kits for your Girl Scout Troop, class or after-school club!

Our "Stitch In No Time" Kit contains everything you need to get your group started with their first embroidery project. Each kit contains twelve floral design embroidery transfers, basic embroidery instructions, a needle and enough DMC Floss to stitch one design. These kits are ideal for groups making gifts or items to donate, like napkins, pillowcases and towels.

Our "Christmas at Home" kit gets your group an early start on holiday crafting, and lets you plan activities for later in the year. Each kit contains instructions for making a variety of different holiday ornaments and gift toppers, from our Nutcracker and Santa, to Christmas trees, angels and more! The kit also includes enough Floss to complete the Nutcracker.

To receive kits for your group, please send us an e-mail (write the words "Group Kits" in the subject line of your message) with your name and complete address. If you are a teacher, please provide us with your school name and your position there. If you are a Girl Scout troop leader, please provide us with your Council name and troop number. Please indicate the number of kits you will need for your group.

Simply e-mail your request to

Daisy, Brownie and other Changes?
(All of this information is hearsay…Please do NOT quote me if it turns out to be inaccurate!)

Daisy - The new Daisy T-shirt has large bright flowers on the front, instead of the band across the chest. The long sleeve shirt also had a large Daisy on the sleeve. And the leggings have little daisies and ... another pattern that I forgot.

Daisy Girl Scouts will earn official Daisy Petal insignia based on understanding the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Brownies - There are new brown cable knee socks. The new Jumper uses the same flower material, with the open skirt on bottom. The new Cargo Pants have on the right leg, where you hand hits above the knee is the large pocket with the snapped flap. The new shirts are mock turtlenecks with the Brownie symbol embroidered in brown, off center above the left collarbone. New cardigan, still in Brown, but in a puffed quilt pattern, with a narrow blue strip just inside of the ribbing.

The new Brownie handbook will be spiral bound, shrink-wrapped and standard sized. A set, including Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts, is available and will cost $2 less than buying them separately.

Try-Its: There are 12 new ones, 8 have been renamed and there are minor changes in content to most of the Try-Its.

A revised Safety-Wise is due in June. There are 3 earned pins included in the new Safety-Wise. They are Safety Award Pins and there is one pin each for the Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes and Seniors (combined).

GirlsSport Basic books are due out in May.

A Girl Scout Leader is …

Someone who ...

Volunteers don't get paid---not because they are worthless but because they are priceless!

Program Ideas
(Becky's Guiding Resource Centre)
(The Eight Basic Outdoor Skills)

Campsite Courtesy

When you are camping, your campsite becomes your "home away from home". Since that is true, the following are some guidelines in order to respect that home:

  1. Teach girls respect for other people's campsites by not walking through them.
  2. Have girls ask permission or "knock" when entering another campsite.
  3. Respect quiet hours. Many public places have set quiet hours. If you are at a facility that does not, set your own quiet hours and then abide by them. Remember that adults need to abide by the quiet hours as well as the girls.
  4. Make sure that girls know not to wash hands, dishes, etc. at the water spigots or lavatories. Instead, make sure there is an appropriate place provided for this at your campsite.
  5. Take care not to create mud puddles at spigots by have girls use water bottles or cups rather than using spigots to get drinks. Providing a water dispenser at your campsite helps alleviate this situation.
  6. Respect your neighbor's wish to enjoy the out-of-doors and leave your radios at home. Instead, listen to the birds singing! Likewise, loud and boisterous behavior is inappropriate.
  7. Use bathrooms for intended use only, not for changing clothes, etc.
  8. Respect others in your cabin/tent by picking up your belongings.
  9. Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

Buddy System

Always use the buddy system when in the outdoors. This is used when someone wants to leave the group (say, to go to the bathroom, etc.). That person must take another person, her "buddy" along with her. The two are to remain together until they return to the group. A triple buddy system may also be used. This is when three leave together. This is also known as a "truddy". All three must remain together until they join with the group again. Good outdoor manners says that a buddy does not leave with the other person(s).


A Kaper, simply put, is a job or chore that must be done. In Girl Scouting, this generally involves a "kaper chart" which indicates all of the jobs available and who is responsible for each one. This may be done with patrols or individual girls.

Crab Dogs

Ingredients: hot dog wieners, hamburger buns or dinner rolls, olives (optional).

Directions: Crab Dogs work best over an open fire. Split your wiener on a stick, widthwise (so the long ends of the wiener are dangling to either side of the stick). With a sharp knife, make two cuts into each end of your wiener about 1 inch long. (this is REALLY hard to describe... sorry!) The result should be that on either end of your wiener you have four limp "legs".

Roast the wiener over the fire. As the meat cooks, the "legs" will stiffen up a little and curl. Once cooked, place the wiener in a hamburger bun so the "legs" stick out the sides, and add two olives as "eyes". And presto! You have a Crab Dog!

Thanks to Barb Robinson, who shared this recipe with me from her Guiding Gourmet session at CM'99 Manitoba.



Instructions: Quesadillas are tortilla turnovers. Fill them with cheese, or cheese and chopped up veggies. Roll the tortilla into a cylinder. Cut the cylinder into 2" pieces. Use the Oil to lightly fry the pieces in a fry pan.

Cheese Dreams

Ingredients: bread, slices of cheese, bacon, margarine.

Directions: Cook the bacon and drain off the fat. Butter each piece of bread, and line one face with slices of cheese. Top with pieces of bacon. Place the "dreams" on a cookie rack and broil in an oven for a few minutes, or until cheese has melted and bread is toasty. Serve immediately!

Bags of Gold
This recipe is from the Great Camp Woolsey Cookbook, courtesy of the Ottawa Area Girl Guides.

Wrap 1/2-inch cubes of cheese in biscuit dough. Drop into boiling tomato soup. Cook with the lid on.

Council Quotes

Use a G.R.E.A.T. Guide form to register for “Footprints In Time” Encampment 2000. Friday night September 8 is an optional night only for those choosing to tent camp. This night is designed for Girl Scout troops driving long distances who would have a difficult time arriving early on Saturday morning. No food or program activities will be offered that evening. The event will begin Saturday morning and end on Sunday morning, September 10. As Girl Scout troops register they will receive an interest indicator for sleeping options and program activities so Girl Scouts can choose what they want to do.

If you are registered for Daisy Day at Mountaindale, watch the mail for changes. Construction continues at the Mountaindale Program Center, but we have been told we can use the site by May. However, in the event that we can’t, an alternative site in the same vicinity will be chosen and you will be notified by mail.

Resident Camp Bus Chaperones are needed for the trips to and from Camp Arrowhead this summer. If anyone can help out with this, call Tani at the Girl Scout Office. Help make all aspects of resident camp a success.

Free Fishing Weekend! On June 10 and 11 the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is sponsoring a Free Fishing Weekend. No license needed, so grab a pole and head for the favorite fishin’ hole. Fun activities are planned at many ponds and lakes for that weekend. For more information and a listing of sites, call (503) 872-5263 or check out the website at

All Girl Scouts are invited to join in one of the largest groups appearing in the Jr. Rose Festival Parade – The Girl Scouts! Junior Girl Scouts or older who wish to carry a flag can join the parade. Practice is May 27 from 9:00 a.m. – noon. If the Girl Scouts are younger or don’t want to carry a flag – they can still participate. Any program age level can walk in the parade. They can walk behind the flags, design a float (see Safety-Wise), or design and carry a Girl Scout troop banner.

The Girl Scout Office and Shop will be closed Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day.

The G.R.E.A.T. Guide Preview will be sent to all Girl Scout leaders before the end of the school year. Review the fall activities with the girls to find out what they want to do and excite and encourage them to return next year.

The Annual Meeting is 10:00 a.m., Saturday May 6 at the Lloyd Center Double Tree. The Awards and Recognition Luncheon will follow the Business Meeting and will start at 12:30 p.m. Encourage adults from your Neighborhood to attend the day long event. Registration information can be found on page 72 of the G.R.E.A.T. Guide or call (503) 972-8517. Girl Scout uniform or business attire is appropriate dress for the Annual Meeting.

The Swim party dates for girls reaching the 175+ level are:

  • June 3 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.
  • June 17 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.
  • June 17 8:15 – 10:15 p.m.
    Remind parents that this is a private party for the Girl Scouts that reach this level and one adult family member per girl. There will be no open swimming. No siblings will be allowed in the pool.


    For new Girl Scout leaders and leaders moving to the next program age level there is one last New Leader Essentials and Program Age Level training scheduled for Saturday, May 20 at Cascade College in NE Portland.

    “Connecting with Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts” is also offered on May 20. This workshop offers activities and ideas on helping girls explore the relationship they have with themselves and others, including their Girl Scout leader.

    Service Team Position Training for new members and experienced members to update their knowledge is scheduled for Saturday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 15. Training is available for the following positions: Organizer, Program Consultant, Registrar, Family Giving Coordinator, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. Check the G.R.E.A.T. Guide for specific times and locations or call Marie at the Girl Scout Office.

    Register for training by regular mail, telephone, fax or e-mail, but do register.

    Join other Girl Scouts at Oaks Park for a free afternoon of rides and fun (golf & go-carts sold separately). Anyone showing up in a Girl Scout uniform, pin, or T-shirt, or showing your membership card will receive a free 10-rides bracelet. Sunday May 7, noon – 5:00 p.m. Oaks Park is located at the east end of the Sellwood Bridge.

    Troop Talk

    Daisy Doings

    This section is for you, the Daisy Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Brownie Bits

    This section is for you, the Brownie Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Troop # 224 (Sue F / Gail B / Laurie H) -- The girls took a trip to Camp Homestead at the end of March with their Moms and Junior Troop # 195. The Moms joined the girls for the first night, which was highlighted by a dance party where music from all decades was welcomed. (The girls were totally amazed that they could have that much fun dancing with their Moms!) The next morning the girls finished the Sounds of Music Try-It (making a kazoo) and the Puppets, Dolls & Plays Try-It (creating either a sock or mitten puppet). The girls from Junior Troop # 195 joined us for lunch, and the Brownie Moms went home after a special badge ceremony with their daughters. The Juniors prepared a hike for the Brownies using trail signs to get them to a special snack, and joined them in a service project of making bagel feeders for the birds (spreading peanut butter on stale bagels, rolling them in bird seed, and hanging them from trees around Camp Homestead). The second night featured a fashion show covering a wide variety of themes. Despite several cases of flu before, during, and after the weekend, the Moms and girls had ate well, enjoyed the sunshine, and had a memorable time! At our first meeting in April we worked on the Safety Try-It. We learned first aid for choking, worked on preparing a family safety telephone list, did some role playing for fire safety, and reviewed the reasons for the variety of Suzy Safety pictures in the Brownie handbook.

    Troop #669 (Sabrina M / Janet T / Kim S) - We've had a busy winter, but we're certainly looking forward to Spring and Summer Camp at Camp Namanu. We've been busy attending several "great guide" activities. The "Flip for Gymnastics" at GoldStar Gym in March was really popular with our 2nd and 3rd Grade Brownies. We also recently attended the "OMSI almost overnight" program and the Girls really enjoyed the Robotics area with the basketball shooting robot. We also stayed after the regular program time and took in the Dolphin movie in the OMNIMAX theatre. A great time was had by all. In our meetings, we've been working on the "Senses and Manners" Try-its. Our next couple of meetings will focus on completing the "Outdoor Fun" try-it and the "Colors and Shapes" try-it.

    We're planning a special "pre-camp Namanu" meeting during the last week of May. At this meeting we will have a "Pack Check" to check what each of the girls have packed for the neighborhood campout in June, and we'll practice our skit for the campout.

    We're having a great year, and we hope all other troops are doing the same.

    Troop #1108 (Diane K / Nichole J) - We have had yet another fun filled month. Our troop attended the Girl Scout celebration. The girls came up with an egg container for the egg drop contest and won. There little egg lasted though the highest drop. WHOOOO HOOO! We were very excited.

    We have also finished the food fun try-it. We made a fruit salad with something from the fruit, veggie and protein parts of the food pyramid. We also had the girls plan a dinner with their family on spring break. Then our final two things were some creative papers and a story.

    We are preparing for a fashion show with Deb Wallace's troop. The girls are looking forward to strutting around in there sleep over attire for their family and friends.

    Junior Journal

    This section is for you, the Junior Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    TROOP #721 (Lynn K / Patricia C) - Troop 721 has planned and practiced a talent extravaganza to be held in a local care center this month and we are all looking forward to showcasing our talents. Thanks to Carol Holden who is graciously directing our show. We made “Kiss” rosebuds at Valentine’s Day and shared them with a Retirement Home. Cookie sales went very well and we are saving much of our proceeds for a trip to Seattle next year and will enjoy the rest at the Neighborhood campout in June.

    Troop #811 (Maggie C-M) - The troop began working on the Books Badge. They are learning the different literary awards and are collecting used or "outgrown" children's books for a service project to give to Share House.

    At our last meeting the girls began planning for a Mother/Daughter sleep over at LaCamas Conference Center in May. They made Easter bunny pins out of clothes pins and enjoyed and Easter egg hunt at the playground of the school where we have our meetings.

    Most of the girls will be attending the Basic Outdoors Skill Day on Sat. the 15th at Camp Currie. We are looking forward to learning how to pitch a tent, tie knots and identify plants.

    Troop #7311 (Kathy G / Glorian T / Rita L-M) - We had a great time at the Audubon Society of Portland with Troop 854. We learned about bats and many different birds. We went on a number of hikes, looked at animals made s’mores, and the counselors even told stories.. All in all a great time was had by both troops, while earning the Wildlife Badge. I would recommend it to everyone! Finally, cookie sales are over and we can do some of the things we planned with the money. Camp Namanu is first on the list and we are looking forward to another fun time. We are trying to finish up our junior aide badge by the end of the year. Hopefully, this will happen. Talk to you next month.

    Cadette & Senior Sentinel

    This section is for you, the Cadette or Senior Troop Leader or Cadette or Senior Girl, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Dates to Remember

    April 17 ……………..…..Lottery Registration for Day Camp
    …………………………….…..Neighborhood Meeting
    April 20 ……………...…….*Registration deadline for Play Day
    April 22 ……………………………….Girl Scout Leader’s Day
    April 24 …………………….Neighborhood Bridging Meeting #3
    May 5-7 ……...………*TAMBU for Jr.s and Cadettes @ Currie
    May 6 ………………..#Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon
    ………………….…*Daisy – Brownie Play Day @ Currie
    May 7 ……………………………….#Oaks Park Girl Scout Day
    May 8 ……………..……….Neighborhood Bridging Meeting #4
    May 30 ………………….….Neighborhood Bridging Rehearsal
    June 1 ……..#Troop Camp Reservations for 2000-2001 Open
    June 2-4 ………Neighborhood Campout at Camp Namanu
    June 10 ………...Camp Segonku Day Camp LeadersTraining
    June 6 ………………..…Neighborhood Bridging Ceremony
    July 31 – August 4 ………………Camp Segonku Day Camp

    # = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.
    * = Sponsored by another Neighborhood

    Service Team

    1999-2000 Service Team

    Neighborhood Chair………… Roxanne G
    Organizer………………………Judy C
    Membership Team ………….. Lynn K / Virginia S
    Registrar .……………………...Suzanne B
    Leader Support Team …(Brownie) Natalie L / (Daisy) Nichole J / (Brownie) Sue F / (Cadette) Roxanne G
    Cookie Chair ………...………...Linda S
    Treasurer……….……………….Jan A
    Awards & Recognitions ………LeAnn C
    Events Team ………………....Carol J / Diana A
    Community Resources ………Mary Beth J
    Family Giving …………………Deb W

    Mirror Contributors

    Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
    Neighborhood News................Service Team
    Council Quotes…………………..…….Delivery Team Dispatch
    Program Ideas……………………………………....Gail B
    Troop News……………………………………………Our Troops

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