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nine tenets   ~   goals, aims, missions and intents

"New Media developers are altering the way that thinkers and doers communicate
  - completely and forever, with no immunity"

"Artists, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Dancers, and Animators, are angling
themselves, interactively, into using a greater multiple-digital palette as known
points of reference are replaced".

Many indulge in experimentation and the fun of it all, but few artists are prepared to stand apart from the crowd and forge a bridge over this confusion to fathom its implications.

Tomlinson and Jesse are two exceptions

"We're out there now effecting changes
and influencing opinion"

  Tomlinson and Jesse:

"We must all indulge deep and to the hilt of our skills,
 ever forcing ourselves beyond".
                                     (Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

Akin to a N.A.S.A. quest, the journey that is 'Tomlinson and Jesse' is an explorational one. It progresses to aid learning, promote teaching and to feed the mind-bellies of those who stop a moment to look and consider.

" The manner in which we digest the 'new' must only be
set down like dust on a mere moment's meniscus so that we
always allow the winds of change to stir us further".
    (Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

Within these changing winds of time and motion, Nine Tenets from two Artists have settled. They are 'framed' right here, right now, right in front of you in this year, 2001. Like an efficient courier of their own thoughts, Tomlinson and Jesse have travelled far and have delivered.

In reality, this artwork evolvement is as fixed as sculpt or any framed piece of fine art. It stays so long as it remains seen and whilst Nature's own thoughts on evolvement remain in the wings.

  Mission to the Third Evolvement:

The Artists are now packing, ready for the next punch.

Over the months that follow, Tomlinson and Jesse are looking at the way in which the 'Third Evolvement' should be expressed and thus far they are certain that it will include movement / animation, sound and form.

Both Artists need to add heaps to their personal experience piles.

They must compound their experiences and tackle new areas of communication.

If you wish to support their progress in any new area of your creative work, wire them live, now, on  iol@btinternet.com and tell them:

What your project is.

How you believe Tomlinson and Jesse can
help you to bring your project/ aims to fruition ...

and why your personal/ Co. project/s aims are
important to you and your community.

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