The Nine Tenets of Tomlinson and Jesse

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"... need turning like a burger or pancake, digesting like a nut roast or
french fries and defecating like every other ..."        
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"Though all previous methods of communication have at sometime been
controlled to impede understanding, the Internet maybe on-line to expose
dis- information through cross-referencing ..."          
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"Telephones are fun - cameras are great - but chopsticks are truly
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"Elevating a penny black postage stamp, a pyramid or a Picasso, links
several functions well teased from the world of politics, religion and
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What is the Root of a Tenet   ...? ...  What are the 4 Aspects of Tenets
Where do Tenets come from?

There are Nine Core Tenets :

1 of  9      Your Turn On                      

2 of  9    

3 of  9     

4 of  9     
Human Processing              

5 of  9     
Assumption Mathematics 

6 of  9     
Growth Evolvements          

7 of  9     
The Forests of Equilibrium

8 of  9     
Peeling & Layers                 

9 of  9     
Power Balancing                 

Each Tenet is a stand alone thought
with linear links)      
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