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Would you call yourself a 'realist'? ( or would you want to?  )

Really, it's a fantastic World. There is a 'state of being' for each of us to find. One of our big questions when we started to write these Tenets was ... "who defines reality?" The more we talked about it with friends (before the First Evolvement in 1996) , the more we found that :

                a)  "OTHERS" would happily define 'reality' for us if we let them!
                b)  It caused a lot of strongly emotional debate.
                c)  Even those that thought of themselves as 'realists' seemed to be
                     'accepting things' only because it was easier than changing things.

When we incorporated our findings into our writings and cartoons, we tried to create totally "open ended" Tenets. This was difficult at first but became easier when we just left one end open ~ facing the future!

Loads of historical "realities" looked like real fantasies to us. We could not get to first base when trying to understand some of the weird things that people supported as "real" in times gone by. We also concluded that there must be a lot of things we all think are "real" nowadays, that will be laughed at or condemned in the future. It would be useful to know what those things are, now!

So, with all of these floating thoughts trying to find earth in zero gravity, we took a long time to do any art works at all until .....! Until we realised that "realities" are time-defined, "of the moment" things and that our Tenets should "pick the papillae of other's realities and guide their evolvements - just with our sidelights on!".

Looking through the nine core tenets and their branch tenets, you will find many comments upon 'reality'. However, for us, reality is a concoction of convenience, a settled thought-concrete that holds the weight of temporary structures. Each of these structures, like turtle-back stepping stones, can hold weight for a while of progress but should not be counted upon in retrospect.

We say 'Prosit' to a surrealist's Reality and we dream of a momentary glimpse of reality through the 'eyes' of just one organism within the primaeval ooze.(Or, are Humans STILL, "just one organism within the primaeval ooze" as this site goes to publication)

  Paper Tigers burning Bright just supersede their yester light.

I was there! I bought a sticker. It's all faded but it once read "I've been to Paris in the Spring".

I was right in it! I've lost the scars; they healed and took away my proof.

I was in the swim, socially, as this great looking princess kissed me and told me I was just a toad.

I was a realist, but I kept plugging into the reality of others and now I am better thank you.

Where are you now, savant?


(Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

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