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  Tenet Survives Crash


Below is this rare bit of Pre-first Evolvement archive stuff (1995) which seemed appropriate for this 'wired' page. It's "rare" because the original versions were all 'lost' on a crashed 386 PC's hard drive .

In 1995, the Tomlinson and Jesse Tenet abbreviations were all formed by grouping the first letters of each line in a vertical drop. As you can see below, this idea created a set of irregular line lengths and made the abbreviations harder to read.

Do you find telephony conjures up the magic of ventriloquism,
Or does a piece of string taught between two baked bean cans still give you a buzz?
W as that ascending smoke a vestigial signal you understood and
Has the sight of aura's stayed with you?
And can you decipher a pheremone on the wind
To find out who's around, or have
Y ou lost the touch you
Owned or has it been
What is your
Addy? What is your
Tell me your Geno?
Do you feel Pain?
A re you a Bot, a
Re-Make of me, and is
Every minute of yours always free?
Trace or be traced
On a link
Born of man.
Enjoy every
W ild point as long as you can.
Inspire your kids as you
Read them your view
Endorse their hold as you teach them their

(Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

Some Tenets were re-written into bite-sized chunks:
"M.O.S.S."                      (the Abbreviation)
                                                      "Move or Suck Soil"        (the Tenet in Full)

Others like "The Blind Beggar from Valhalla" emerged in verse and in illustrated form.

Core Tenets e.g.
DI TI DI MO (Do It, Take It, Dump It, Move On) are accompanied by
the "Thoughts that surround the TENET"

Two or more of these 4 forms of explanations are used to take you through each of our Tenets:

   1. Letter Abbreviation

   3. Illustration of Tenet

   2. Tenet in Full

   4. Notes or Comments (if any)

  P.A.R.C. ( Pinching Anothers Relevant Critisism )

Lewis Carroll's writings can make sense and be understood on several levels, but a lot of the enjoyment comes from indulging the mind in the nonsense. Carroll subjected his character, Alice, to many thoughts and worlds, and in "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There" lurks the poem of the Jabberwocky.

Alice's comments are quoted below, and we'd like to think that she might say similar after looking at the Nine Tenets of Tomlinson and Jesse. As Alice put it ....

    "It seems very pretty," she said when she had finished it, "but it's rather hard to understand!" (You see she didn't like to confess even to herself, that she couldn't make it out at all.) "Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas--only I don't exactly know what they are!"

* We were doing a school project on Communications from 'drums and smoke signals' to 'carrier pigeons and the internet' at the time, so this Tenet ( P.A.R.C. ) was an overspill of sorts. (There were loads of illustrations for the School Project but we did not get around to illustrating this Tenet.)

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