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When we put on the First Evolvement in 1996 , some saw it as another "exhibition" of creative drawings and writings rather than a "moment published for reference".

It's the same when others see finished highlights or zeniths in our works; we see contributary stages ~ fine links that spawn the further stages of ourselves and others.

When works of music are unfinished, some think they should remain "unfinished" because the composers are dead, whereas we think they are creative statements caught in still water and begging for the spate of fresh different creative answers.

When we staged a "stage " in our journey of thought and said we were not Exhibitionists, some laughed and some looked dissappointed. We used a modern tenet and said, "what you see is what you get, at the moment".

"WySiWyG" ( 'What you See is What you Get' ) is a good example of the approach to putting twentieth century tenets into our human psyche. In the 1700's the idealist Immanuel Kant, when publishing some of his own personal beliefs, coined "T-I-I" (Thing-In-Itself) which slipped easily into the English dictionary in order to define something that was "P.a.P" (Previously a Philosophication).

Some tenets are stated and followed but after a while turn out to be wrong. Some good and bad laws operate for a while of time then get updated, repealed, overthrown or neglected. Most tenets go on 'exhibit'~ thrown to those that follow them and through a process of trial and trials, shake their way into the psyche of the moment to become supported or thrown back for re-concoction.

"Tenets on Exhibit" are too set in their ways. Once a "belief" or "work of Art" is published, once a thought goes dry on the page or a view hardens on a landscape canvas, doctrines grow.

We see many advertisers, politicians and religious groups in our World that treasure the static canvas and worship the dry ink but sadly, too few that see such past creativity as a simply 'best-done' contribution of its era.

Today, we are surrounded by tenets and each is written to be believed. For those of you who have bought dictation software recently that's termed "What You Say Is What You Get"
, you will know that the reality is at present, a bit different! lol! For those of you who vote for the words of others through trust, purchasing, ballot paper or actions, you know that things never turn out quite like you expect. The trick is ... "Don't expect > Just hope".

We can remember "hoping" that we would get the time to have the second evolvement of the Tenets, in Bristol or Oxford, never imagining the use of the global internet. We hope we have put together something better on these pages than an "exhibition" that might have been seen as "static". We also hope to interact with more views from more browsing individuals than if tucked away in some UK town gallery. This WEB setting suits our second evolvement ...... our third? our fourth ????

Any further stage in this Artworking of Images and Writings might well include the way that the Tenet-like works of others interplay with the Nine Core Tenets. For example :

           Combine "WySiWyG" with "iT WiTi"  (It's The Way I Tell it) and you
                           strike at the roots of Exhibitionism, for it is the 'manner' used
                           to portray beliefs, that stirs the support those beliefs receive.

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