Cowboy Song Lyrics

-Sentimental Trails-

Words And Music By:Doc Denning

  1. Through the smoky haze in a campfire blaze i see a sentimental trail. Trail i ride in reverie to night as the embers glow they beckon me to go through my memrie's parting as my campfire dies and i close my eyes my memrie's fade and veil. Till' the scences of yesterday are clear and bright hide. Till' i ride those sentimental trails again. i see old time gals and saddle pals who have crossed my trail and then. with silvery hair and angel there and she smiles at me again. **Spoken**-1)ever gaze into a campfire and have its way with your mind? let it carry you gently from the world that surrounds you.on a journey along the trails that were nearly forgotton. warm in your heart the dancing flames like. **Spoken**-2)fiery paint brushes,would create scenes from the past. there will be faces,places,all different. waitin' for you....along those sentimental trails. Till" i ride those sentimental trails again.
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    -Call Of The Rollin'Plains-

    Words And Music By:Andy Parker


  3. Out on the blue horizon there's a glow of a day that is gone and a low wind wails o'er the prairie thru the night "till the light of the dawn it's the call of the rollin' plaines it's the voice of the templed hills and the cool of the winding lanes and the song of the rippling hills from a far distant star comes a light thats a beacon of hope in the night and the sigh of the wind remains it's the call of the rollin' plaines it's the plaines.
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    -Twilight On The Trail-

    Words And Music By:Sidney D.Mitchell and Louis Alter

  5. When it's twilight on the trail and i jog a long, the world is like a dream and the ripple of the stream is my song when it's twilight on the trail and i rest once more my ceiling is the sky and the grass on which i lie is my floor never ever have a nickel in my jeans never ever have a debt to pay still i understand what real contentment means guess i was born that way when it's twilight.

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