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1969-Starring...Charles Bronson...Henry Fonda Claudia Cardinale...James Robards.

Directed By Sergio Leone

Railroad boss Mr.Morton wants the land of jill Mcbain because he knows the railroad will go through there and has a hired gun named Frank (henry fonda)to rid anybody from claiming the land...but they are finally taken down by Harmonica (charles bronson) and Cheyenne (jason robards).



Mc bain

Mrs.Mc bain


apoint.real audio-7kb(Frank- henry fonda)So your the one who makes appointments!... (no name-charles bronson)and your the one who doesn't keep them!

Suspendres.real audio-7kb(Frank- henry fonda)how can you trust a man who wheres suspenders and a belt...!man dont even trust his own pants!

-shootout.real audio-Shootout!!!!

"The Stand Off"

"help your brother"

"the harmonica"


"Who..Are You"



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