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The spirit horse has come!!

spirit horse!

Young Guns II(1990)

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Young Guns!

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The movie begins with the aging Brushy Bill Roberts narrating his story to a young historian. His claim? He claims that he is the famous outlaw William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid, who was supposedly shot and killed by Patrick Floyd Garrett in 1881. The old man gives a very convincing story on how he and Garrett, along with Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh, Chavez y Chavez, Doc Skurlock, and a few others led the outlaw life and avoided the law, as they were wanted men. Garrett, a friend of Billy's, was paid by John Chisum, a cattle king, to eliminate Billy the Kid. So, Garrett and Ashmun Upson set out on a journey to find Billy the Kid.

Old billy the kid


Emilo Esteves--Billy the kid

Kiefer Sutherland--Doc Scurlock

Lou Diamond Philip--Chavez e Chavev

yoo hoo! i'll make ya famous

Christrian Slater--Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh

William L Petterson --Pat Garett

Alan Ruck--Willam Henry French

James Coburn--Mr.John Chisum

Rd Call--Da Rynerson


Scott Willison--Govenor Lew Wallace

Dircted by--Boris Sagal

Produced By--Walter Seltzer

Written By-- Richard Matheson (novel) John William Corrington & Joyce Hooper Corrington,



Sound Clips!


brushy.realaudio-48kb(brushy)i was promised a pardon 70 years and 3 months ago and you tell him that your bringing in brushy bill roberts alias william andrew also known as william h. bonney -etc,etc,!.

ygm.realaudio-136kbYoung Gun Music


fame.real audio-4kb(Billy)Yoo!Hoo!..i'll make ya famous!.

The Gov

pistol.real audio media-13kb(boy) I ride the trail with the kid....billy the kid prince of pis..!.prince of pistoleers.

the boy!


The Spirt Horse is Comming!

spirit.real audio-5kbWhen the spirit horse comes then its over!.


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