Airey Family 

Connected by Marriage to the LAYE Family at New Castle Upon Tyne         -Originally Gateshead , Durham & sometimes London

Updated 14  mA 2009

London: St. Dunstan in the East - Parish Registers, 1692-1766
   Book 3
County: London
Country: England
10 Dec 1740 George, illegitimate s. of George Airey & Mary Gooden, b. 08 Nov 1740 Ult.









Possible spellings/misspellings of Airey: AERY, AIRY, AYRES, AIRES, ARRE, ARE, AIREE, AERE, ARY, AREY, ARAYE, AIRREY, AVERY, AIR, AYRE, ARRAYE, ERREY, EREY, EREE, ERE, Aeray, Auray, Aurrey, Eirey, Hiray, Ariey, Arreye, ARIE, ARI, ARAY, Avie, 

The family claims to be of  Norwegian origin, Ari or Ara being a personal name among the Scandinavian nations, and probably settled in Westmorland between the years 945 and 1000 AD, when a body of northmen who had taken possession of the Isle of Man made a descent upon the opposite coast and colonized Cumberland and Westmorland.  The Ayrayes had very early possession of lands in Kentmore, of which place in 1350, Thomas Ayraye was bailiff. His daughter married William Gilpin of Kentmore Hall, and there were several subsequent intermarriages between the two families. Henry Ayrey, of Kentmore, who d 1654, m Ellinore, daughter of Edwin Gilpin and sister of the distinguished Bernard Gilpin, rector of Houghton-le-Spring.  One of their sons, Henry Airay, was Provost of Queen's College, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, and Prebedary of Canterbury. He d unm 1616 and was buried in the chapel of Queen's College.   

To place:

Thomas AYRAYE   1350 bailiff of Kentmore.  
  Daughter AYRAYE
  William GILPIN of Kentmore Hall

intermarriages of Ayrare and Gilpins

Henry AYREY of Kentmore  d 1654
  Ellinore GILPIN, daughter of Edwin Gilpin, and sister of Bernard Gilpin. Rector 
Henry AIRAY,  dsp 1616 unm,  bu in the chapel of Queen's College. Provost of Queen's College, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, and Prebedary of Canterbury

Charles and Alexander must have been men of some means when they left England. Shortly after his arrival Charles, in partnership with a James Darnell acquired a property near Mt Gellibrand west of Melbourne. Alexander with a partner Henry Nicoll owned "Warranooke" in the Wimmera district north west of Melbourne. Neither Alexander nor Henry married and this property passed to the younger Charles on their deaths. "Warranooke" was, in the second half of the 1800's, considered to be one of the leading wool producers and Merino studs in Australia.

Dear Patrick:
My name is Pablo Federico Cullinan. I´m 39 and I live in Argentina.
My grandfather was William Cullinan as you show in your website.
I ´m really glad about to know about my roots.
If you want to know I can give you information about my brother and me.
We are both argentinians as our father.
Jorge´s information is right. He died in 1988.
He married to Lydia Luengo in 1962.
Gustavo my elder brother born in 1964.
I was born in 1969.
Gustavo´s children are Lucía (1997) y Facundo (1999) Cullinan.
My little son is Emiliano (2008).

Gustavo and I have collected information about our Cullinan family.
Now we want to know about our dwyer line.
All ours relatives are welcome in Argentina.

Best regards

Pablo Cullinan

George AIREY b ab  1566 Gateshead, DUR, ENG  d MAY 1688
  Richard AYRAIE of Kentmore d 1577  
Margaret - - - - -
  Ewan AYREY  b ab 1540 Trimdon, DUR, ENG,  m 1565 when the family moved to Trimdon, Durham, and in 1613, was settled at Bensham and Killingworth, NBD
  Ellinor GILPIN
  Ewen Airey
                                  NEED TO FIX SOMETHING HERE
  Ruth (AYRY) AREY   Gateshead, DUR, ENG
  Hauxley STEVENSON m 08 JUL 1686 Gateshead, Durham, Eng
  Margarett AIREY
  William (LIGHTON) Leighton  merchant m 04 JUN 1702 Saint Nicholas Parish Reg And Nonconf, Newcastle Upon Tyne,
  Joseph AIREY (Josephe ARRYE)  b ab  1628     d 1677
  Alice BEDFORDE Christening: 06 JUN 1619 Bishop Middleham, Durham, England  m: 12 MAY 1646 Bishop Middleham, Durham, England 
  Mary AIREY
  George AIREY (ARRYE)  b unknown ab  1630 
  Mary BEDFORD (BEDFORDE) Christening: 03 APR 1631 Bishop Middleham, Durham, England  m: 19 JAN 1650 Bishop Middleham, Durham, England
  George AIREY   b  1663 Gateshead  merchant  b St Mary's, Gateshead  Documented- w/ Coat of Arms -St. Mary's Church Gateshead, DUR, ENG, Burials, 1750-1886.   Merchant. Failed in business, and wife became "peevish."
  Ann BARNES  b ab 1667   m 19 JUL 1688, Saint John's,  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Have Marriage Certificate (Link here)         BARNES FAMILY CONT'D 
 . Anne AIREY              b ab  1689 Gateshead, DUR, ENG  d  1774
 . George AIREY          b ab  1697 Gateshead, DUR, ENG
  Mary GOODYERE   b  dau of Major Goodyere, killed at the seige of Pondicherry
 . George AIREY          b 1 JUN 1693 Gateshead, DUR, ENG  d 1 Jun 1693   dsp
 . Joseph AIREY           b 1695 Gateshead, DUR   d 06 FEB 1748 dsp
. Ruth HUTCHINGSON  m  09 MAY 1728 Saint Nicholas Parish Reg And Nonconf, Newcastle Upon Tyne; cousin  dau of Jonathan HUTCHINGSON, MP for Berwick upon Tweed,
 . Thomas AIREY (AIRY)    b  c 1699, Killingworth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne   d 01 FEB 1771
 . Mary MULCASTER,  b 1703  m  12 NOV 1724, All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  Link to marriage registration. Likely had a brother named Henry  d 1 Feb 1771 Dau of - - - - -Mulcaster
  Ambrose AIREY   b 1725 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Cumberland  d young
  George AIREY  d young
Joseph AIREY   b ab  1729 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Cumberland, ENG d 15 Nov 1770,   
  Frances HENDRY b c  1736,   m 28 May 1757 All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL d 21 Dec 1819    Dau of Captain Milford HENDRY, Governor of Balearic Island,
 . Joseph AIREY  b 12 DEC 1759  ENG  d 30 JAN 1794  dsp
  Julia Fawcett m 2 Mar 1792 St Andws, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Dau of Christopher Fawcett, barrister and recorder of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  d 29 Sep 1792 aged 30 years 
  Henry AIREY b ab  1764  ENG  d 15 SEP 1766
 . Jonathan AIREY    b ab  1766  ENG d unm
 . Frances AIREY  b ab  1762  ENG   
. Rev. William HAIGH  m 16 Jun 1788 Vicar of Wooler, NBL,
  Frances Susanna HAIGH B 25 JUL 1798 Christening: 25 SEP 1798 St Andrew Par Reg And Nonconf, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG
  William Preston HAIGH B 20 NOV 1790   Christening: 14 MAR 1791 St Andrew Par Reg And Nonconf, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG
Sir Lt-General George AIREY, C.B1761-18 FEB 1833 Paris;  In 1820, living at 14 Merrion Square, North Town, Dublin IRE  In 1827, lived in Lon
Catherine Baroness Talbot de Malahide  (Lady Airey) b Malahide Castle, Dublin, IRE and m 1802 ENG .Her parents:  Richard Talbot  (1731  of Malahide Cast, Malahide, Dublin, IRE d  24 Oct 1788) and Margaret O'Reilly  (b 1745 of Ballinlough,,Westmeath, IRE d 27 Sep  
.  Margaret AIREY First b dau. Granddaughter of Baroness Talbot de Malahide  Edward III Decedents  d  7 Feb 1880 Onslow Gardens, Middlesex, ENG  1861 Census: East Peckham, Kent.
. Hon. Rev. Sir Francis Harvis STAPLETON m 17 May 1830 Florence Italy to 16TH in direct descent from Edward III. Rector of Mereworth.  b AUG 1807 Hanover Square Essex, ENG, d 11 FEB 1874 Mereworth Rectory Kent, ENG son of Lord Thomas STAPLETON, 6th Bar. and Elizabeth Eliot   1861 Census: East Peckham, Kent.
Captain Sir Francis George Barone STAPLETON 8th Bt. Sheriff b 19 MAR 1831   d 30 October 1899  Greys Court,Oxfordshire, ENG See below, Eldest   Heir 
Mary Catherine [ Caroline?] GLADSTONE, dau of Adam Steuert GLADSTONE in of, Hazelwood, Hampshire, and m 5 Sep 1878 Shortlands, Kent.  She remarried in 1902 to William Dalziel MACKENZIE   2nd Dau  d 1904 
Clare Florence Mary STAPLETON b 2 Oct 1879  
Capt Geoffrey Charles BUXTON m 9 Apr 1902  
. Lt. Colonel Richard Talbot Plantagenet STAPLETON,  19th Hussars b 21 Apr 1834 Of Greys Court Oxford, ENG,   Christening: 15 JUN 1834 Mereworth, Kent, ENG  d 28 APR 1899   2nd son   1861 Census: East Peckham, Kent.
. Emma Duncombe SHAFTO m 21 June 1877 dau of Rev. John Duncombe SHAFTO 
  Captain Sir Barone Miles Talbot STAPLETON, 9th Bt. b 26 May 1893 Grey's Court.  d 1977
  Marguerite Cecil Catherine STAPLETON b 13 Dec 1878 
Capt. Arthur DUNCOMBE-SHAFTO, D.S.O. m 6 Apr 1904 to 
  Olive Francis STAPLETON b 22 June 1880
  Hilda Alice STAPLETON b 24 Feb 1884 
Eliot Henry STAPLETON Christening: 25 DEC 1835 Mereworth, Kent, ENG  3rd son, d 28 Sept 1892,  In 1851 Census, at Rugby School at 2 Watergate St, Rugby Warwickshire.  In 1881 Census, Rector Of Mereworth . The Street Rectory, Mereworth, Kent, ENG
Frances Mary STIRLING m 29 Dec 1860 to  b 1837, d 13 June 1891, dau of Sir Walter Stirling of Faskine, 2nd Bt. (G.B.).  
  Lt. Hugh Le Despencer STAPLETON, R.N. b 30 Mar 1863 
Bertha Gwendoline COOK m 29 Apr 1891 to dau of Major Edwin Adolphus COOK
Mary Augusta Blanche STAPLETON
  Eleanor Mary Caroline STAPLETON b 1862 Groombridge, Kent, ENG
  Evelyn [Ellen?]  STAPLETON b 1871 Buckhorn Weston, Dorset, ENG
  Alistair Hugh FORBES-GORDON  m 9 June 1903 to
  Florence M. Blanche STAPLETON b 1874 Buckhorn Weston, Dorset d 1961  Member of charitable committees; 1861 Census: East Peckham, Kent.
  Major Alexander Collingwood Fownes LUTTRELL M 4 Oct1898 to   b 1870  Butleigh, Somerset (In 1881, was Lt in Grenr Guards living at Dunster Castle Dunster, Somerset  d 15 JAN 1957
  Alexander Henry LUTTRELL b 6 Dec 1902  d 19 DEC 1950
  Romala Margaret LUTTRELL b 23 Oxt 1899
  Capt Francis Harry STAPLETON Oxfordshire L.I. b 13 Oct 1876 
George Airey Talbot STAPLETON, late I.C.S. b 26 MAR (or Feb)  1838 Mereworth, Kent, ENG  4th son George in 1881 Census- tea merchant   d 1908  Later Civil servant
Elizabeth Anne SOMERSET m 1 Jan 1873 to , dau of Rev George Somerset
Mabyn Angela Rose STAPLETON
Maria C. STAPLETON b 1827 Mereworth, Kent, ENG, Not Married  In 1881, Her occ: annuitant, Living with sister-in-law: Augustus T. HOTHAM, [prob: TOTTENHAM] 17 Calverley Park, Tonbridge, Kent, ENG
Florence- Maria STAPLETON (twin of Catherine Elizabeth) Christening: 05 NOV 1832 Mereworth, Kent, ENG  d Grays Court , IRE
m 27 JAN 1866 Of, Grey's Court, Oxford, ENG
Margaret Mary STAPLETON B: 22 June 1840, Christening: 21 JUL 1840,  Mereworth, Kent, ENG
Catherine Elizabeth STAPLETON  (twin of Florence-Maria) Christening: 05 NOV 1832 Mereworth, Kent, ENG   d 18 MAR 1905 Grays Court , IRE;1861 Census: East Peckham, Kent.
Colonel Charles George Tottenham, J.P., J.L. High Sheriff Wexford and m.p.  m 9 JAN 1859 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE   Note: spouse is son of  Isabella Catherine Airey and Charles Tottenham b 11 APR 1835 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE d 23 APR 1918 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE 1861 Census: East Peckham, Kent.
  FLORENCE MARGARET TOTTENHAM b 09 APR 1866 Ballcurry Wicklow, IRE d Nov 1902
  Frederick SEYMOUR, m 27 Jan 1866 to  Governor of British Columbia, d 10 June, 1869
  Mary Talbot Augusta Tottenham b 27 FEB 1871 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 18 NOV 1944 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
  Catherine Isabella Tottenham b 24 AUG 1864 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 26 SEP 1943 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
  Roger Casement  m 30 AUG 1898 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
  Margaret Mary STAPLETON  after Countess DE STACPOOLE d 20 Jan 1876 
Count Hubert de Stacpoole, m 18 Aug 1866 to  -d in France 26 July 1868
  Cecile de Stacpoole
Galfrid Aloysius Cathcart DE TRAFFORD  m 20 Aug 1887 
Lillian Emma Tottenham b 05 NOV 1867 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE d 14 FEB 1950 Ballycurry, Wicklow, IRE
Major Charles Boswell Tottenham, D.S.O., 14TH hussars b 09 OCT 1869 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 11 FEB 1911 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
Lt. George-Sherbrook James AIREY, R.N. Esq b 10 OCT 1801 bapt- 26 DEC 1801 Saint John, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL,
Anne ROBERTSON Dau of Robert ROBERTSON, Esq of Prenderguest, Brownsbank, and Gunsgreen, Berwick and Anee GLASGOW of Ayrshire and Dumbarton.  
Isabella Catherine AIREY b ab  1812 Of Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 05 APR 1863 Wicklow, IRE  Youngest Daughter
Colonel Charles George Tottenham, J.P., J.L. High Sheriff Wexford and m.p. For New Ross, b 14 of Nov 1807  m 14 JAN 1833 British Embassy Chapel, Paris, Seine, France   d 1886 
Loftus Richard TOTTENHAM, H.E.I.C.C.S. b 31 AUG 1836 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE d 1919 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
Georgina Emily Littledale m 20 MAY 1860 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
  Henry Crowford TOTTENHAM b 27 SEP 1867 Calcuta , India  d 20 DEC 1934 Calcuta , India
Maud Anne Pitt  m 27 DEC 1901 Calcuta , India
Charles Frederick TOTTENHAM b 20 JUN 1865 Calcuta , India  d SEP 1940 Calcuta , India? m 06 DEC 1919 Calcuta , India
Evelynn Christina Charlotte TOTTENHAM 13 SEP 1874 Bengal  India  d 29 DEC 1955 Calcuta ? m 29 JAN 1908 Calcuta , India
George Bertie TOTTENHAM b 01 JUL 1872 Calcuta , India d 13 JUN 1893 Calcuta , India
Isabella Eliza TOTTENHAM b 01 JUN 1844 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE d 07 APR 1894 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
George Cowley Brown  m 22 APR 1868 Ballycurry,  Wicklow, IRE
Julius Airey TOTTENHAM B 5 OCT 1839 Ballycurry Wicklow, Ire d 19 OCT 1891 Queensland Aust
Eleanor GIBSON   m 03 FEB 1877   
Catherine Isabel TOTTENHAM b 05 NOV 1877 Queensland, d 14 JUL 1956 Queensland, Aust
Isabella-Eliza TOTTENHAM
Julia Eleanor TOTTENHAM b 31 MAY 1879 , Queensland, d 14 JUL 1956 Queensland, AUST
Charles Loftus TOTTENHAM b 26 Sep 1883 Queensland d Nov 1918 Queensland AUSTNHAM
  Catherine TOTTENHAM after  Lady HORNBY b 1842 Ballycurry, Wicklow, IRE  d 28 JUN 1926 Ballycurry, Wicklow, IRE
Harry Maxwell Howard  m 25 NOV 1871 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE after remarried -became Lady HORNBY
Captain Charles George TOTTENHAM R.A.  b 11 APR 1835 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE   d 23 APR 1918 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE   Served in Crimean War
Catherine Elizabeth STAPLETON  m 09 JAN 1859 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE (SEE  ALSO SAME ABOVE UNDER STAPLETON)  
  Catherine Isabella Tottenham b 24 AUG 1864 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 26 SEP 1943 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
. Roger Casement  m 30 AUG 1898 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
. Charles Boswell Tottenham b 09 OCT 1869 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 11 FEB 1911 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
 . Lillian Emma Tottenham b 05 NOV 1867 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE d 14 FEB 1950 Ballycurry, Wicklow, IRE
 . Mary Talbot Augusta Tottenham b 27 FEB 1871 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE  d 18 NOV 1944 Ballycurry Wicklow, IRE
Frances Barbara AIREY  b 01 JUN 1799, bapt-19 JUL 1799 Saint John, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL
  captain Dionysius AIREY Born 1814. Capt. Royal Artillery Died 28 October 1845 at Officer's Quarters Fort St Elmo Malta age 31 years. Buried in Msida Bastion Cemetery.
Sir Lt-General James talbot aIREY, K.C.B. b 6 Sept 1812  d 1 Jan 1898  Unmarried 1841 Afghanistan as aide to Maj. General Elphinestone, Khoord-Kabul Pass, Kabul, Gwalior campaign- decorated, Ceylon as aide to governor, Crimea, (Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, Redan. Allowed himself to be a hostage to enemy  - was much decorated),  dsp Second in command of the Khuzzilibash Horse under Sir John M'Caski1l. . In Crimea as Asst. Quarter-Master General, Light Division, and to Sir George Browne. CB, Medal with 4 Clasps, Legion of Honour, 4th. Class Order of Medjidie, Turkish Medal Retired with rank of Colonel Coldstream Guards 26 December 1859
  General Lord RICHARD Joseph AIREY K.B.C.,  Baron b  4 May 1803 Saint John, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, Eldest Son   D at the house of Lord Wolseley, at Leatherhead, on the 1th of September 1881.    
Gibraltar   21 Sep 1865 - 25 Jul 1870  Sir Richard Airey  (b. 1803 - d. 1881)   
25 Jul 1870 - 23 Jun 1876  Sir William Fenwick  (b. 1800 - d. 1883)  (FOR MY OWN INF0)  AIREY, RICHARD AIREY, BARON (1803-1881), British general, was the son of Lieutenant-General Sir George Airey (1761-1833) and was b in 1803. He entered the army in 1821, became captain in 1825, and served on the staff of Sir Frederick Adam in the Ionian Islands (1827-1830) and on that of Lord Aylmer in North America (1830-1832). In 1838 Airey, then a lieutenant-colonel, went to the Horse Guards, where in 1852 he became military secretary to the commander-in-chief, Lord Hardinge. In 1854 he was given a brigade command in the army sent out to the East; from which, however, he was immediately transferred to the onerous and difficult post of quartermaster-general to Lord Raglan, in which capacity he served through the campaign in the Crimea. He was made a major-general in December 1854, and it was universally recognized in the army that he was the best soldier on Lord Raglan's staff. He was made a K.C.B., and was reported upon most favourably by his superiors, Lord Raglan and Sir J. Simpson. Airey was a quartermaster-general in the older sense of the word, i.e. a chief of the general staff, but a different view of the duties of the office was then becoming recognized. Public opinion held him and his department responsible for the failures and mismanagement of the commissariat. Airey demanded an inquiry on his return to ENG and cleared himself completely, but he never recovered from the effects of the unjust persecution of which he had been made the victim, though the popular view was not shared by his military superiors. He gave up his post at the front to become quartermaster-general to the forces at home. In 1862 he was promoted lieutenant-general, and from 1865 to 1870 he was governor of Gibraltar, receiving the G.C.B. in 1867. In 1870 he became adjutant-general at headquarters, and in 1871 .attained the full rank of general. In 1876, on his retirement, he was created a peer, and in 1879-1880 he presided over the celebrated Airey commission on army reform. He d at the house of Lord Wolseley, at Leatherhead, on the i4th of September 1881.  SOURCE:     Arrived Port of Boston with family 1847 - but also with a L.M. Airey -- ID=?
  Harriet Mary Everard TALBOT m JAN 1838   b 1813 Evercrutch, Somerset. In 1881 Census, living alone with servants at  7 Lowndes Sq Chelsea, Lon, Middlesex [Note- Talbots recycle this entire name - so there are a least a half dozen HME Talbots]   Arrived Port of Boston with family 1847. Died on 28 July 1881 at Lowndes Square, Belgravia, London, England..Buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.
  George Aylmer AIREY b BORN 27 AUG 1839 D 30 MAY 1853   Arrived Port of Boston with family 1847
  Louisa Anne AIREY ELDEST DAUGHTER b1841 D PORT TALBOT, CANADA WEST 1 JAN 1849 7½ YRS, INTERRED AT TYRCONNEL, CANADA WEST - 1849   Arrived Port of Boston with family 1847
  ---dy Frederic AIREY  YOUNGEST SON b 1848 d 8 AUGUST 1857  AGE 9 YEARS
LORD Richard John AIREY b MAR 1844  ENG,   LAST SURVING SON DIED 3 SEP 1865 21 YEARS  Arrived Port of Boston with family 1847
  Juliet Fanny AIREY b 1846 - 1863   Arrived Port of Boston with family 1847
Julius Everard Talbot AIREY b Dublin Ireland, JAN 1816, d  OCT 1895 Folkestone, Kent  Arrived NY Harbor 1833 with father "Richard" - born same year Sir Richard above prior wife-- would only be 16 -- poss nephew travelling with him instead?  1851 Census says he was born 1818 in Ireland - a "special pleader" living with other barrristers In 1881 Census: "Barrister & Master Of The Court Common Please Not In Practice"  The Dictionary of the Canadian Biography Online on the bio of Thomas Talbot, describes a visit by Julius Airey to Canada, stating that he brough his nephew, Julius, in 1833 to Point Talbot, and that his older brother, Captain Richard Airey, stationed in Upper Canada, was a frequent visitor there as well:  ". . . in the hope of keeping the farm within his family, he brought a nephew, Julius Airey, to Port Talbot in 1833. The youth stayed for almost eight years but could not take to the isolated existence. His elder brother, Captain Richard Airey, who was stationed in Upper Canada, was a frequent visitor to Port Talbot in the 1830s. In 1843 Talbot first invited him to live there and four years later promised to pass on his estate to him. Airey and his large family arrived in late 1847, displacing Talbot from his house. In May 1848, accompanied by George Macbeth* (at once his servant, companion, and estate manager), Talbot left for an extended visit to England, his first in 19 years. After 10 months they returned and in October 1849 Talbot attended as guest-of-honour the groundbreaking of the Great Western Rail-Road at London.
In early 1850 Talbot quarrelled with Airey, perhaps over differences in their styles of living, and on 16 March he conveyed to him only half of his estate (almost 29,000 acres). . . ."
  Charlotte Bromley-Davenport  b 1825 Baginton, Warwickshire, M St George Hanover Square 1855   In 1881 Census Dau of William Bromley-Davenport, Baginton Hall, Nr Coventry
 . Gertrude Charlotte Margaret AIREY b 1857 Lon. In 1881 lived at Kensworth House Kensworth, Hertford, ENG
. Sheffield Henry Morier NEAVE m 30 April 1878   b 13 Oct 1853 Lon, Middlesex, ENG  Bapt- 09 NOV 1853 Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, Lon, Eng -His occupation: West Indian Merchant 
Sheffield Airey NEAVE b 20 Apr 1879 Kensworth, Hertford   d 1961 
 . Lt. Richard NEAVE, Essex Regt b 9 July 1881
 . Violet NEAVE
 . Beatrix NEAVE b 1880 Kensworth, Hertford,
  Walter S. BRINDLE  m 22 Mar 1897 to 
Airey NEAVE DSO OBE MC MP Member of Parliament for Abingdon from 1953 until his death in March 1979." murdered by IRA" "He was principal Conservative spokesman on Northern Ireland and the closest adviser to Mrs Thatcher since her election as party leader, whose victory had been planned by him as patiently and resourcefully as he had planned escapes through occupied Europe and for the remnants of the Airborne Division trapped at Arnhem during the War. His career reached two quite different peaks. First, as a young soldier, and second as a distinguished barrister and politician. As a soldier, he was the first officer to make "the home run" from Colditz, and the intelligence from this experience brought about his appointment to M19, where he was code named "Saturday." His book "Saturday at MI9" deservedly repeated the publishing success of his story of the Colditz escape" (Airey Neave Trust).
Hon. Katherine Margaret AIREY 06 JAN 1843 Northampton, ENG  d 1900  In 1881, lived at 22 Belgrave Sqre, Lon, Middlesex
Sir Geers Henry Cotterell 3rd Bt b 22 August 1834.1 He was the son of John Henry Cotterell and Hon. Pyne Jesse Brand-Trevor.d 1900 succeeded to the title of 3rd Baronet Cotterell, of Garnons, Herefordshire [U.K., 1805] on 17 February 1847. Held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Hereford between 1857 and 1859.1 He held the office of High Sheriff of Herefordshire in 1863.He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Herefordshire.1 He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of Herefordshire.(The Peerage).
Alice Cotterell, b 1867 Lon BAPT- 18 AUG 1867 Mansel Gamage, Hereford  d 10 March 1924, unmarried.
Louisa Cotterell, b 1870 Lon 
Lord Lt Sir John Richard Geers Cotterell, 4th Bt, High Sheriff b 13 July 1866 Lon  d 13 Nov 1937  At age 14 in 1881, at Eton Coll Cotton Hall. Held the office of High Sheriff of Herefordshire. He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 1st Life Guards. He succeeded to the title of 4th Baronet Cotterell, of Garnons, Herefordshire [U.K., 1805] on 17 March 1900. He held the office of Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire in 1904 (The Peers).
  Lady Evelyn Amy Gordon-Lennox b 23 April 1872 Lon, m 4 Jan 1896,   d 17 February 1922 at age 49 Daughter of Charles Henry GORDON- LENNOX, Duke Richmond 7th
  Lt-Col Sir Richard Charles Geers Cotterell, 5th Bt CBE, TD, JP b 1907 d 1978    m 1930 
1 Lady Lettice LYGON, after Lady Lettice Cotterell (née Lygon) Daughter of 7th Earl Beauchamp Note- Lettice's brother- Hugh- is reported to have been a close friend of author Evelyn Waugh, and is the model for his Lord Marchmain in his epic Brideshead Revisited.           
  Rose Evelyn COTTERELL
Baron HAMBRO (Charles Eric Alexander HAMBRO) m 1st 4 July 1954 (divorce 1976) of Dixton and Dumbleton, merchant banker b  24 July 1930  d 7 Nov 2002  Before he was two years old, Charles's mother died after catching pneumonia while out riding, and his father remarried Marcus Wallenbergs widow. His stepmother's family connections to the Wallenberg family enabled him to be evacuated to Sweden during the Second World War. He spent the middle war years in the United States, staying with the great Morgan banking family, before returning to ENG in 1943 to complete his education - and consolidate an invaluable banker's network - at Eton. This classic City training continued with two years' national service in the Coldstream Guards. (Wik)
  Female HAMBRO
Female Nicholas
Male ST. CLAIR    three children
Female McMANUS
Hon. Molly Patricia BERRY 
  Cecily Violet COTTERELL b 16 Aug 1898     d 1974
1   William Adrian Vincent BETHELL m 29 JAN 1921
Capt. Richard Anthony BETHELL of Rise and Watton Abbey, Yorks, JP (1950) ER Yorks, served in WW II 1941-45, with Life Gds; b 22 March, 1922; educ Eton; D 1966
Lady Jane Pleydell-Bouverie dau of 7th Earl of Radnor, KG, K.CVO 1923   - A governor of The Royal Ballet- also production. at The Birmingham Royal Ballet
Female St.Aubyn
Female Madden
  Female BETHELL
  Male Gregory-Hood
  Female BETHELL
  Male Brotherton
 2  Roden Powlett Graves Orde m 1946
  Sylvia Evelyn COTTERELL b 14 Nov 1896 M 1916   d 4 Feb 1944 at 47.
1 Captain Christopher Digby LEYLAND b 1892 (1929 divorced)
  John Christopher Michael LEYLAND b 19 Oct 1922
  Pamela Cicely LEYLAND b 19 Dec 1917 m 17 FEB 1942?? also d. 11 Mar 1997
Captain Reginald Arthur Charles GORDON-LENNOX b 1910 d 1965 Occ: Farmer in  Zimbabwe.  Son of Lord Esme Charles Gordon- Lennox and Hon. Hermione Frances Caroline Fellowes  (Note Reginald's sister: Sara Carolyn Gordon- Lennox - married William Cunninghame, 11th Bt (tying back into Dwyer-Cunynghame line)
  James David Charles GORDON-LENNOX b  29 Oct 1944 m 1973  div 1979
 . Sally Brain daughter of John Roger Cooper Brain, in 1973. divorced in 1979.
Henry GORDON- LENNOX  b 1976
  Clair Evelyn GORDON-LENNOX b 19 Aug 1946 
.. Edmund Clive Lardner -Burke  m 1967
  Annie Marigold LEYLAND b 18 Jul 1919
 2 Roland Norris FAWCETT m 2 Nov 1929
  Sir John Henry Geers COTTERELL 6th Bt.  b 8 May 1935.  "[He] usually went by his middle name of Henry. He was educated at Eton College, Eton, Berkshire, England. He was educated at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Berkshire, England. He was commissioned in 1955, in the service of the Royal Horse Guards. He retired from the military in 1961. He held the office of Member of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire County Council between 1977 and 1981. He succeeded to the title of 6th Baronet Cotterell, of Garnons, Herefordshire [U.K., 1805] on 5 December 1978. He held the office of Vice-Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire in 1998. He lived in 2003 at Downshill House, Bishopstone, Herefordshire, England " (The Peerage).
  Lady Vanda (Al") Alexandra Clare Bridgewater, M.B. E. daughter of Major Philip Alexander Clement Bridgewater b 24 May 1940 d 5 Oct 2005.  In 1997 she was awarded the MBE for her services to charity.
  Henry Richard Geers COTTERELL b 22 Aug 1961
  Camilla Jane COTTERELL b 20 May 1963
  James Alexander Geers COTTERELL b 10 Aug 1964
  David George Geers COTTERELL b 2 Dec 1968
Lady Mildred Katharine COTTERELL b 24 Nov 1902 d 1989  
. Sir Terence Edmond Patrick Falkiner, 8th Bt. m  in 1925 b 1903 d 1987)  
  Sir Edmond Charles FALKINER, 9th Bt. b 29 June 1938 d 1997 car crash in Spain.
.  Living DARBY   two children
. Female Wolfe-Taylor
  Elizabeth Anne Theresa FALKINER b 1929 m 1956
. Major Sir Michael David HOGG, M.A. 8th Bt   b 1925 d 12 July 2001 Grad of Oxford, Christchurch, journalist
  Male HOGG
  Living HOLMAN
  Male HOGG
Female SELBY
  Male HOGG
. Male Taylor  five children
. Male BROWN 
. Male BROWN 
. Female SANDY
. Male BROWN 
Lt. Thomas AIREY b ab  1731 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Cumberland, ENG  d 1756  1st Lt of Capt Maddison's  Company of Mariners 
Jonathan AIREY b Abt. 1735 Newcastle-On-, Tyne, Cumberland  d 1796  m 7 Jan 1762 All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne dsp
William AIREY b 1740  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Cumberland   d 14 JAN 1807  May have m 25 May 1777 Saint Dunstan, Stepney, Lon
  Elizabeth - - - - -
  Gabriel AIREY  b 1744 "Newcastle-On-Tyne, Cumberland"  d 09 AUG 1751  dsp
Ruth AIREY        b ab  1737 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Cumberland, ENG
Nicholas WALTON  of Fairnachs, near Ravensworth,  m  17 MAY 1758 All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG  SEE ABOVE-MARY DOUBLE CEREMONY
Jane WALTON    b: 31 OCT 1762 bapt- 06 DEC 1762 Whickham, DUR
Jonathan WALTON 11 NOV 1774 Whickham, DUR  poss d 1843 New U-T
Thomas WALTON        09 FEB 1761 Whickham, DUR
William WALTON      20 JUL 1759 Whickham, DUR
Henry WALTON           b 14 JUL 1777 Whickham, DUR
Nicholas WALTON      05 JUN 1767 Whickham, DUR
  Jane AIREY b 14 Nov 1742, St Dustans, Stepney, Lon.  or b 1742 "Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Cumberland" Married on her birthday 14 Nov 1765 to , All  Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Richard PRIME
Richard Airey PRIME b 09 APR 1774 bap-05 MAY 1774 St Stephen Walbrook, Lon
  Mary Airey PRIME  d 1835 at home, Bedford-new-road, Clapham,  "after a severe and protracted illness. Deeply lamented" (Times)
  Cordelia Airey PRIME    Clapham, Surrey d ab April 1861    dsp unmarried 
  Mary Airey PRIME b 30 AUG 1767 bap-28 SEP 1767 St Stephen Walbrook, Lon
  Elizabeth  PRIME b 07 MAR 1770 bap-05 APR 1770 St Stephen Walbrook, Lon
  Jane Airey PRIME b 15 MAY 1771 bap-11 JUN 1771 St Stephen Walbrook, Lon
Richard JONES m 23 MAR 1809 Saint Andrew By The Wardrobe, Lon 
  Margaret AIREY  b ab  1746 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Cumberland, ENG
FRANCIS HURRY m 17 MAY 1758 All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL SEE BELOW-RUTH- DOUBLE CEREMONY   Did business w/ Thomas Airey: Lease for 18 years from Thomas Preston to Thomas Airey and Francis Hurry of a quay at South Shields
Francis HURRY b 06 NOV 1762  NBL   d 30 JUL 1845  NBL
Mary HURRY b 14 SEP 1761 Low Meeting Presb, North Shields,  NBL
Eliz HURRY b 17 JAN 1764 Low Meeting Presb, North Shields, NBL
Joseph HURRY bapt-20 JAN 1765 Low Meeting Presb, North Shields, NBL
Thomas HURRY b 06 FEB 1759 NBL  bapt 12 MAR 1759 Hanover Square Presb, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL  
Anna AIREY  b 1748  "Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Cumberland" d unm 18 OCT 1820 
  Mary Airey - Ab 1750 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Cumberland, ENG   d unm 30 Jan 1821
  Henry AIREY b 1733 Benwell & Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG  d 06 JUL 1807  Subscribed to Fourteen Sermons on various subjects, 1782, HOOD, Robert. Newcastle
 . Maria Henrietta COWPER b ab  1737 Penrith, Cumberland, ENG, d 10 JUN 1779,  m 30 MAY 1771 Saint Andrews, Penrith, Cumberland, ENG;dau of Rev Cowper, vicar on Penrith, 
  John AIREY   b ab  1776 Penrith, Cumberland, ENG d 1827 unm  sarjeant at law
  Henry AIREY   b ab  1777 Penrith, Cumberland, ENG d 1804 at sea  unm
Anna AIREY  b ab  1779 Penrith, Cumberland, ENG  
  Henry WATSON b   m cousin 29 Sep 1808
   Maria-Henrietta AIREY  ab  1778 Penrith, Cumberland, ENG  d 1833
  Rev. Jelinger  SYMONS, M.A. J.P.  m 01 JAN 1805 Witton Gilbert, DUR, ENG  Rector of Radnage, Bucks, and Vicar of Monkland, Hereford J.P.  Son of William SYMONS and Agnes JELINGER, the dau of Christopher JELINGER
  Henry-John SYMONS, L.L.D. Vicar of ALL Saints and St. Martin's, Chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge. 
  JELINGER COOKSON SYMONS  b 27 AUG 1809 bapt-21 OCT 1809 West Ilsley, Berkshire,  d 1860   JELINGER C. SYMONS, ESQ., an 'investigator' for government on the Employment of Children and Young Persons in the Mines of the Cumberland Coal-Field; and on the State, Condition, and Treatment of such Children and Young Persons. He was also a lawyer and a school inspector. There is some controversy of his recommendation of abolishing Welsh as a language. Not PC now, but typical thinking back then for an Englishman.  [Link to Cookson news accounts]
  Captain Thomas AIREY  b 10 MAR 1775 bapt-10 MAR 1775 Hanover Square Presb, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL d MAR 1826  9th E Norfolk Regt. ADC TO Gen Orde,
 . Julia ATKINSON m Of, Temple Sowerby, Westmorland, ENG 22 JUL 1806 Fourth Dau of Matthew Atkinson
  Henry AIREY  d infancy
  Matthew AIREY  b 1812 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG  D 29 JAN 1876 unm
George Symons AIREY b 1814 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG of Kingston, Jamaica,  d 14 Nov 1870 unm.
Thomas AIREY  b 1819 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NBL d 22 JAN 1859 unm.
  Mary AIREY ab  1809 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NBL 21 OCT 1831
John AIREY  b 1821 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL,  d 28 MAR 1880   
  Agnes REDPATH  b    m 9 Aug 1872
  George Matthew AIREY  b 1873
  Thomas Alexander AIREY  b 1875
  Julia Maria AIREY b ab  1816  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne,  NBL ENG Bapt- 15 JAN 1824 Saint James, Whitehaven, Cumberland   dsp
  Rev. Edwatd TAYLOR   m 14 Aug 1875  Vicar of Temple Sowerby
  Captain Henry Cookson AIREY 59th Native Bengal Infantry b 17 May 1811 Kingsthorpe House, Yorkshire, or Appleby, Westmorland ENG  d 10 MAY 1866
. Emily PARKE m 20 DEC 1838  ENG Daughter of William PARK, Sydney
  Lt. Thomas William Parke AIREY 21st R.N. Fusiliers e b 26 JAN 1841 Of Yorkshire, ENG  d 27 FEB 1863 Bath unm
. MARY PARKE AIREY b 25 JUN 1845 Pickering, Yorkshire, ENG. In 1881, lived at 14 Alfred St Walcot, Somerset, ENG, with sister, Jane Parke Airey, as single unmarried women and landowners.
. JANE PARKE AIREY  b 03 FEB 1840 Crossmichael, Kirkcudbright, SCOT. In 1881, lived at 14 Alfred St Walcot, Somerset, ENG, with sister, Mary Parke Airey, as single unmarried women and landowners.
. CHARLES PARKE AIREY b 28 SEP 1848 Pickering, Yorkshire, ENG  d 1849  dsp Pickering, North Riding Of Yorkshire
. (ISABELLA) TALBOT PARKE AIREY b 25 OCT 1846 Pickering, Yorkshire, ENG d 15 SEP 1863 dsp
. Colonel Henry Parke AIREY, D.S.O.  b 3 Aug 1843 Kingsthorpe-2nd son , House, Yorkshire, ENG d 1911 Educated at Marlborough College and the East India Co.'s Military College at Addiscombe, he went to India on graduating in 1859, and was commissioned ensign in the 101st Regiment (Royal Bengal Fusiliers) in 1861. Served in Egypt in 1885 as A.D.C. to General Freemantle, Coldstream Guards, (medal and clasp Khedive's Star)  Armorial Bearings Azure, on a chevron argent, between in chief three mullets of the last and in base of battlements of a tower or, three cinquefoil of the field. MANTLING : azure and argent. CREST: On the wreath of the colours, out of the battlements of a tower or, a dexter or a sinister embowed in armor proper, holding a cinqfoil azure. MOTTO: "Je le tiendrai"   
. Florence Ada MCCULLOCH m 06 FEB 1868 , NSW, AUST Dau of A. H. McCulloch of Sidney.
  Amy Louisa Beatrice AIREY b 1877
  Annie Mary AIREY b ab  1872 Sydney, NSW, AUST
  Lt. Charles Francis AIREY  2nd Regiment NSW Forces b 01 AUG 1870 Sydney, NSW, AUST
  Dorothea Bessie AIREY b ab  1878 Sydney, NSW, AUST
  Dulce AIREY b ab  1880 Sydney, NSW, AUST
  Gertrude Florence AIREY b ab  1876 Sydney, NSW, AUST
  Midshipman George Henry AIREY, Naval Brigade b 14 JAN 1874 Sydney, NSW, AUST
. EMILY PARKE AIREY b 18 FEB 1844 Pickering, Yorkshire, ENG d 24 JUN 1876
Captain George Parke AIREY  2nd Lt Denbigh Militia in 1881 b 25 Apr 1861 Kingsthorpe-, House, Yorkshire, ENG d 26 DEC 1891 Later Vicar of Ellacomb and Recor of St Leonards-On-Sea.
. Unknown m 1883        Issue
  George AIREY b c 1727, Cumberland Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  d Unknown
 . Mary GOODEN  Lon  May been b 1726 Bap here- parents Richard Goodin and Ann
  JANE AIREY Bapt- at 1 yr 14 NOV 1749 Saint Dunstan, Stepney, Lon, ENG
EDWARD STUART m 23 NOV 1743 Saint John, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL,  
  George AIREY George was b in Lon, Stepney, 8 Nov 1740 "illegitimate"  - Parents later married.  
 . Joseph AIREY B 4 April 1746 St Dustan's Stepney, Lon, d 3 Sep 1824 aged 76 years. Bu: St Andrews, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - Large flat stone- quite worn  Link to large size document. Christening of Joseph Airey- St Dustan's, Stepney, Lon, Middlesex from Parish Registers 1745\1770 Vol no P93 DUN 4   d unknown  Occupation: Master & Mariner  Noticed that Joseph Airey had a ship named "Ann" ref Times 23 Apr 1785. Also "Sheffield" Ref 27 April 1785.
 . Ann BARKAS,  b possibly: 14 Apr 1748,  St John's Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Father:  possibly William BARKAS.   m  10 July 1774, St John's Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.   Link to Register Doc
  George AIREY b 1 May 1780  Bap 16 April 1782   D 18 July 1842 aged 62 years Bu: St Andrews, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, near her father, Joseph's vault.  Listed in Death Index. in 1841 Census 
Jane ------ b 1786   in 1841 Census  with husband- a ten year old Elizabeth Airey and the Brown Family
  William AIREY,  eldest son  b 18 Sep 1778  Bap 16 April 1782 St. Andrew Par. Reg  Nonconf,  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. d 5 Apr 1834 Aged 55 Bu: St Andrews, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, near her father, Joseph's vault. 
  Susannah AIREY b  ABT 1785, St. Andrew Par. Reg. And Nonconf.,  Newcastle- Upon-Tyne.
Ann AIREY second daughter, b 16 March 1782  Bap 16 April 1782, Bu: St Andrews, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, near her father, Joseph's vault. Single. All children baptized with Ann). Information comes from the Family Bible of Joseph and Ann AIREY, as per the 1909 transcription of archive document:
  Joseph AIREY   b 10 April 1775 Bap 16 April 1782 St. Andrew  Par, Reg  Nonconf., Newcastle- Upon- Tyne,  d 29 SEP 1792
  Robert AIREY b 28 Aug 1787, St. Andrew Par. Reg. And Nonconf.,  Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, d 14 Oct 1861 
Jane Anne BURRELL m 22 FEB 1836  b 1805, Bishopwearmouth, DUR, D 2  APR 1857, Torquay, Devonshire parents  John BURRELL  Dorothy BURRELL.  
. Frances Anne AIREY Christening: 09 JUL 1838 Saint Andrew, Newcastle-Upon- Tyne, NBL,
. Thomas Waller BURRELL B 1825 m 19 JAN 1871 Saint James, Westminster, Lon  In 1881-a "gentleman"  
. Francis W. BURRELL b 1874 Torquay, Devon,  d 1936
. Cecil E. A. BURRELL b 1876 Torquay, Devon,  Owned a pub in a hotel
. Gertrude M. BURRELL b  1877 Torquay, Devon, 
. Susan Emma AIREY b 30 Jan 1837 Saint Andrew Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Possibly this Susan, or another, never married- and buried with Laye family at Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG  In 1891 Census, living with Georgina Airey, her sister-in-law In 1861, with sister Frances in Jesmond.
Emily Isabella Jane AIREY b 27 Sep 1839 Saint Andrew  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  Note in 1881 Census- has 16 servants living at Putteridge Park Offley, Hertford,
. Colonel George SOWERBY, J.P. of Dalston Hall, Cumberland- DUR Militia, b 17 Feb 1832 Offley, Hertford, d 2 Aug 1888 
. Francis Hubert AIREY SOWERBY b 1874 Putteridge, Hertford, Bapt- 19 OCT 1873 Lilley, Hertford, ENG,  d unmarried of dysentery at Kroonstad 21st April 1901. S Africa 
. Major & Hon. Lt. Col. Thomas George SOWERBY, J.P  Lord of the Manor of Lilley 3rd Batt DUR L.I.b 8 Apr 1866    Served in S. Africa 1900-01
. Ellen Ca      therine PRYOR m 8 July 1897 to , dau of Marlborough Robert PRYOR
 . Richard Thomas Reynolds SOWERBY b 5 May 1898 
 . Hubert Dennison SOWERBY b 21 Jan 1902 
. Lillian Mary SOWERBY b 1872 Putteridge, Hertford Bapt-07 JAN 1872 Lilley, Hertford, ENG,  In 1881 lived at Putteridge Park Offley, Hertford,
. Violet Florence SOWERBY b 1874 Putteridge, Hertford In 1881 lived at Putteridge Park Census Place Offley, Hertford,
. Lt. Colonel and Hon Colonel Commander Harry John SOWERBY, J.P. , D.S.O. 4th Batt DUR L.I. b 28 Nov 1867 Bapt- 29 MAR 1868 Lilley, Hertford,  Served in S. Africa 1900-01
. Emily Frances Annie SOWERBY
Frederick William FELLOWES m 12 June 1894 to  (Descended from George, Duke of Clarence, K.G., brother of EDWARD IV) 
  Reginald William Lyon FELLOWES b 6 Aug 1895 Herts Offley, Kingswalden, Hertford
. Major Robert Henry Burrell AIREY b 2 Jun 1841 Saint Andrew Newcastle- Upon- Tyne   9th Regiment. Living in Lon in 1901
. Margaret   b 1850
. [Mary] Augusta AIREY b 7 Mar 1843 Saint Andrew Newcastle Upon Tyne In 1861, visiting along with Georgina below, and father, Robert, McFarlane family.
  Georgina AIREY    b 5 Sep 1845 Saint Andrew Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. In 1881 living with rectors and teachers at Llanfair Fechan, Caernarvon, Wales. In 1901, still single, living at Warwickshire.  d 1902 Gateshead  Unmarried. in 1891, she was living with Susan Emma Airey.
  Mary AIREY  b 18 Aug 1777, Baptized at St Andrews 16 April 1782, d 9 Mar 1868 Clarence Paeade Southsea,  Bu Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG (Fact Disputed) [Entry listed in the Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, St.Andrew's Church, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, NBL]   Cause of d: "Decay of Nature" age 90 years, F.F. Laye present at her d.I have copies of letters from Mary AIREY-LAYE, seeking an Ensigncy for her son. Letters are also to and from the Marchioness Winchester, Lord FitzRoy Somerset (later Ragland), and Commander in Chief General Hill. (The Marchioness, stood up at Princess Caroline's wedding, so this gives a hint of her contacts and or social status. 
  Lt. General Francis LAYE, Royal Artillery  9 Dec 1805, Parish of Tynemouth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, St Andrews by Rev William B. Moises.Witnesses: Joseph AIREY and Ann AIREY. Certificate has Mary as the daughter of Joseph AIREY, Green Court  Appleton's Encyclopedia:
LAYE, Francis, British soldier, born about 1753; died in Newcastle, ENG, 29 [erratum- actual date is 20] January, 1828. He was ordered to New York as a lieutenant of artillery in 1773, wounded at Bunker Hill, took part in numerous battles, and accompanied General Alexander Leslie's expedition to Virginia. He was severely wounded at Camden, under Lord Rawdon, received the special thanks of that officer for his services, and then sent home. He commanded the artillery in the West Indies in 1800, aiding in the capture of the islands by the expeditions under Sir John Duckworth and General Trigge. 
NoteFor other children of Laye:  Link here   Married three times Sarah- - -, Margaret Brown and Mary Airey lastly, their children below:
    ELIZABETH M. LAYE, b 1819 Edinburgh, SCOT. 1851 Census with husband, Not in 1861or 71  Census, In 1891 Census, d 10 Jan 1892 Southsea, (Ref Times 23 Dec 1892).   Photo taken in Dublin. Lived in IRE (Meath) and Isle of Man (Douglas) with or near F.F. Laye family. Rev Patten baptized these Laye children: Frances Elizabeth, Henrietta Catherine, Francis William, Henry Airey,  Living in Co. Meath 1838-1843. -Later poss Dublin.
  Rev. Francis anderson S. Murray PATTEN, M.A., b SCOT 1814, d before 1892.  In 1851, Curate St Gregory's, Sudbury St Gregory, Suffolk,  Not in 1861 or 71 Census, He is listed a Rev. F. Patten on "Landowners of IRE 187? Survey List" County Meath  p 71.Baptized most of Maj. F.F. Laye's children in Meath 1838-1843.   Believe he had a brother named William Murray Patten who went to AUST. 
Francis anderson S. Murray PATTEN b abt 1838 IRE, Reg 1839 in Gloucestershire, In 1871 Census w/ wife - no children present at Alverstoke - a haunting place of the Layes. 
E. M. - - - ---- b abt 1821 SCOT
Mary Margaret M. PATTEN b 1841 Chattenden, Gloucestershire, 1851 With parents, (Only child)  m 1866 St Jude's Church, Southsea This info is per the Lon Times 12 Sep-1866. d summer 1867 Isle of Wight, - poss at sea with other members of Noott family.   
Dr. William Francis NOOTT, M.D. M.R.C.P., b Plymouth, Devon, ab 1824,  Member Roy College Physicians Lon Not Practising -surgeon. Remarried in 1878 Croydon to an Emily . 1881 Census has wife as Emily H. NOOTT, Living with him is the mother, Elizabeth Patten, widow, and a Clara NOOTT, oddly, as a servant.
  SON NOOTT b 16 Aug 1867 d 16 Aug 1867 Ventnor Isle of Wight.
SUSAN LAYE b 1821  Youngest and 4th daughter of  General Francis LAYE and Mary AIREY   Bu: Highland Road  Cemetery Southsea, Hampshire, ENG.  Was living in 1891, widow, aged 70, with sister Elizabeth Patten, at 323, No. 24, Portsea.  In 1861 with husband, mother-Mary Airey- and aunt, Susan Airey.
  DR. ALEXANDER SINCLAIR, M.D.,  Surgeon b 1797 IRE  m 8 Nov 1850 at Berwick , "Surgeon to the Forces"  Bu: Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG died before 1891.  In 1840 station at Cork IRE. Was hospital asst in 1815, asst surgeon 1816, "Regetel Surgeon" 1835, Staff Surgeon 1839.  In 1861, already retired  living w/ wife, mother-in-law, and aunt of wife.   
. ---- LAYE  b 16 May1816  Know nothing ab - this 3rd child 
. Frederick LAYE    1811 2nd b son,  (docs also say 3 yr 8 mos: mj 223), d 24 Nov 1816 aged 5 yrs.Ellison  (docs also say 3 yr 8 mos: mj 223)
LT General Joseph Henry LAYE, C.B.24th and 58th Regiment, Promoted to Full General (Colonel-General) -Hon 1887    b 19 June 1816 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NBL, res:  Paddington, Paddington, Lon  d: 90 Talbot Rd, 3 Mar, 1895, 79 yrs. - Influenza & Pneumonia,   Member of the Literary & St. Mary  Philosophical Society of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne In 1871 Census, in Judge Advocate, living in  Lon, Paddington, St. Luke, with wife and servants.   58th and 24th Regiments, NBL Fusiliers Turkey: Asst-military secretary to Lord William Paulet, Commander in Bosphorus. Major,- Deputy Judge Advocate at HQ,  1887- Royal Colonel of Royal NBL Fusiliers (Previously 5th Regiment of Foot).Was on the Committee for the Relief of Orphans and Widows of the Isandlana and Rourke's Drift Fund .  
Wangonui: There are some discrepancies/differences in the account. Bartrop has the above version, but some internet sources states heavy losses on both sides- The Maoris, were absolutely enraged upon hearing the news [of Laye's expeditious legal proceedings] and attacked his stockade. There was much loss on both sides, but Laye's men prevailed. Laye and his 170 men were threatened by a 700 member war party urged on by the chief.  
  No point on the globe could be more remote and obscure, yet somehow this little clash caught Queen Victoria's attention and her strong approval. Gov-Gen Grey echoed her praise:  "[Of] . . . firmness of decision of which Captain Laye acted on this occasion, had saved the country from serious protracted rebellion." The secretary added, " I have it especially in command to assure you of the sense which Her majesty entertained of the firmness with which Captain Laye, 58th Regiment noted on the occasion of the attack of the natives on the town of Wangonui and of the gallant conduct of himself and the detachment under his order on that occasion." Ironically, Laye was never decorated or received any immediate promotion, but this action, and the queen's favor, was never forgotten.Both Laye, and his son- who would on the queen's staff, both became Major-Generals.
2 Louisa Marie JUPP, m 10 Dec 1891 St George's Hanover Sq Lon, (Ref Times 12 Dec 1891).Youngest dau of James Jupp, Esq. Laye remarrying at age of 75, 9 mos after wife died.  Died in Plymouth at 87, left all her money to the Hospital for Sick Children, and Royal Hospital for Incurables  d 8 Dec 1935, Notice in Times 10 Dec 1935 at the residence of Mrs. A.D. Maclean 'Hilton'  Compton Park, Plymouth,  Funeral at Emmanuel Church.
Emelia Maria Dean PITT  1820 H.B. Edinburgh, d 5 April 1891 (Ref Times 8 April 1891) Camington House, Osburne Road, Southsea (or Portsea), aged 70 years Cause  of death: pleurisy (right) Maj General Laye, husband, present at her death ) M 23 May 1848, St Paul's, Auckland. New Zealand daughter of  Major-General George Dean-Pitt, K.H. and grand-daughter of George Pitt, Lord Rivers 
  Major Gen. Joseph Henry LAYE  b 4 Feb 1849 Auckland New Zealand,  d 26 June 1938 Dawlish East, Dawlish, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth, Devon ENG, UK  Myocardial degeneration -89 yrs old Mabel G. Martyn present at his death. Bu: Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG (See photo below) Last known address: 6 Pall Mall, Lon, S.W.   (1901 photo)   
 Anna Marie LEISHMAN, m 12 Sept 1889 St. Mary's Parish, Low Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK to daug of John LEISHMAN, W.S., Edinburgh b about 1842. (She died 16 Jan 1912, age 70 yrs, Dawlish Cause of death: "Chronic Bright's Disease [kidney disease] / Heart Failure". Husband present at her death), This was Anna's second marriage. Her first was to Dr.Offley Bohun Shore, on 17 OCT 1861 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh. He was a  relative of  Florence Nightingale. (See below)  Joseph in the 1901 Census was living in Lon, Kensington- no sign of Anna.
  Anna's first husband: Dr. Offley Bohun Shore, M.D., L.M., M.R.C.P. (b 21 Jan 1839, Norton, Sheffield, d 12 Apr 1911 Ealing), a relative for Florence Nightingale.  He may have remarried: An Offley Bohun Shore was married in 1887 at Westminister - her name may be Annie Wakefield.
  FRANCIS GEORGE SINCLAIR LAYE, b 1853, Royal Navy in 1881 at Portsmouth,.m  Portsea  1882,  d 1884 at Portaferry, Down, IRE Bu: Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG  I need to double check some dates here- since I show his having offspring 10 years after his death. 1884 is a correct death date- wife is listed as widow in childbirth
  AMY SELINA NUGENT, M Jun 1882 Portsea, b born 10 JAN 1854, Auckland, New Zealand, daughter of Captain Charles Lavallin NUGENT HM 58th Regt and  to Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt, fifth daughter of his Excellency General George Dean PITT, KH,, whom Francis' father served under in NZ. Francis died 1884 at  Portaferry, Down, IRE, home of the Nugents.  D age 30 1895, Isle of Wight - In 1891 living with her father-in-law, General Laye. 
  Rose LAYE   b 3 Jan 1851, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, d "At sea, on board the ship "Vimeira", on the 25th April 1852, age 15 months  Rose, the infant daughter of Captain Laye, 58th Regiment." per newspaper "Southern Cross", 12 November 1852  Dead Link
  Major Francis George Fenwick LAYE b3 July 1807 Leith Fort SCOT, bap 24 July 1807, English Chapel, Fort Leith SCOT, d before 1881. Eldest d before 1881 -ab  1875 More information on main Dwyer-Laye 
Elizabeth Patricia RAMSAY   
a feminist:   E. P. Ramsay-Laye wrote "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96 - 
On the possibility and desirability of married women having careers.
   E.P. Laye also mentioned: Jordan, Ellen, "'Making Good Wives and Mothers?'" : The Transformation of Middle Class Girls' Education in Nineteenth Century Britian"  History of Education Quarterly,  Vol. 31, No. 4, (Winter 1991), 439-462.   Died 1932, ENG. She must have married Francis when he was old and she quite young. While she probably inherited much, her family was already wealthy by way of  tea plantations in India. After his death she was a world traveler and adventurer, living  in India and AUST-and gold hunting. Elizabeth, wrote several books of notice,  Our Cousins in AUST 2061 (April  27,1867)    Social Life in Sydney   2009 (April 28,1866) and  ---- Her pen name was Isabel Massary. The first two were  reviewed in the 19th  century journal -"Athenaeum."See More on "Ramsay Page".   Ref also: Name: Massary, Isabel Dates: - mentioned: 1865 Occupations: writer     Groups: Authors, Book Editors Archive: British Biographical Archive Fiche: I 750,19 Title of Source: Kirk J.F [= Short title] Critical dictionary of English  literature and British and American authors / Kirk, J. F.. - Lon. - 1891 (2 vols         No issue    
Also wrote: 
"Hearts or Diamonds?: Or was it an Error?" A novel 3 vols. Lon, 1870, as Elizabeth P. Ramsay
"Tales of the Daybreak" A novel Lon: 1884. as Mrs. Ramsay Laye
 "Our Cousins in AUST"  (1867)
 "Social Life in Sydney" (1866)  :.Last two reviewed in the 19th century journal -"Athenaeum":
2 Anne ROBERTSON, 8 Jan 1852, Tweedmouth, Berwick. Anne' 4th daughter of father of the late John ROBERTSON, of  Tweedmouth, Berwick on Tweed. Robert Airey, witness.  No issue  1861 lived at Alverstoke with husband.
1 Anne Maria Teresa WALSH    (b 1811 IRE Died in giving birth to my ggg grandmother, Emily LAYE 11 Sep 1848, Douglas, Isle of Man.Bu: 14 Sep 1848, Braddan Church Cemetery  8 children. Had death bed conversion to Catholicism, Anglican re-baptised Catholic, by Francis, obeying his wife's last request). Married 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, IRE- but family Bible has ".1st July 1834 by Rev. Crawford" at same church.  
  Mary Ann LAYE b 1836 IRE   (Bible says: born 20 May 1835 at Farm Hill Co Meath at 1/2 past 7 AM,  Christened by Rev. J. Montgomery at Colpe Church Co. Meath on 2nd June 1835.  Hooping cough Sept 1838.  Scarlet fever March 1842. Measles April 1846.   In 1851 with father and  grandmother in census at Berwick, NBL.  Not married.  Died 1858, Berwick              
Susan Louisa Theresa LAYE   Bible: "born 8th Feb 1837 at Templemore Co Tipperary (?) At 3 PM.  Christened by Rev Faulkener at Templemore on 26 Feb 1837.  Hooping cough Sept 1838.  D 13th Mar 1862 of scarlet fever at Triton Lodge, Wm. Dropheder (?) at ½ past 10 PM. bu Juliantown (?) Co Meath"
Frances Elizabeth LAYE Bible"b 7 Sept 1838 at Farm Hill Co. Meath at 10 PM.  Christened by Rev F. J. Murray Patten (?) at Farm Hill on 6th Oct 1838.  Scarlet Fever March 1842.  Measles April 1846.   1861 22 years old- living with father, stepmother and siblings at Alverstroke.
Francis William LAYE  b IRE 1839 Bible: b 27 Feb 1842 at Triton Lodge Co Meath at 1/4 before 7 AM (?). Christened by Rev F. L. Murray Patten at Triton Lodge Co. Meath on 11 April 1842. Measles April 1846. "  In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, NBL. Not in 1861 Census 
  Henrietta Catherine Shepheard LAYE b 1841 IRE   Bible: "Laye b 2 Apr 1840 at Farm Hill Co. Meath at 1 PM. Christened by Rev F. J. Murray Patten (?) at Colpe Church, Co. Meath on the 20 May 1840.  Measles April 1846.  Died". Farm Hill is the Walsh estate.  In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, NBL.  Not married. Died 1856, Berwick.
Lt. Henry Joseph Airey LAYE, 4th Bombay Rifles,  b 1844 IOM, Bap #1 1843 St George's Anglican, Douglas, on Aug 2, 1843.Bap #2: Chapel Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic, Douglas (Later St Mary's) on Sep 23, 1843 (Dates of baptism all seem a year off).  Bible: "b 25 June 1843 Douglas, Isle of Man at 1/4 past ten PM. Christened by Rev F. J. Murray Patten at St. George’s Church Douglas on 2nd Aug 1843.  Measles April 1846.  Scarlet Fever ....1847.  Died. "   In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at  Berwick, NBL. In 1861 Census: 17 yrs old, at home with parents at Alverstoke.   Later a cadet:  1861:Bombay ,  d 28 Jan 1866 at Tanua. Times 1 Mar 1866,  Ref website:
  "The Cadet papers are under reference IOR/L/MIL/9/xxx at the O.I.O. Collection at the British Library in Lon and cover the period from c.1789 until towards the end of the 19th century. This index only covers the period 1789 to 1859. When you look-up a name you will find the OIOC ref number and LDS Family History Centre film number, you can then go to your nearest LDS Family History Centre and order this film for viewing in that centre. This is much more convenient than going all the way to Lon from say Alberta" 
Cadet Laye Henry Airey  IOR/L/MIL/9/252/820-28   1952295    Reference  In 1869- Ensign in infantry- Bombay Army
  Maria Josephine Louisa LAYE  b1844-5 Isle of Man   Bible: "Laye born 23 Jan 1845 Douglas, Isle of Man at 1/6th past 6 AM. Christened by Rev. P. Weagrath (?) at Douglas on the 3rd Feb 1845. Measles April 1846."  Baptized: Chapel Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic, Douglas (Later named  St Mary's) on Feb 13, 1845. d Prob in childbirth 1876  -Emily Laye visiting around that time. In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, NBL.  In 1861Census living with father, stepmother and siblings at Alverstroke.
William Lothian Hamilton, son of James Hamilton and Ann Nelson, on 29 August 1870, St. Andrew Sq. Edinburgh. Emily likely stayed with her while about to give birth to Hugh in 1875-  Father, Major FF Laye at wedding. Mr. Hamilton was a veterinary student. His father was James Hamilton, the minister of the congregation, and his mother was Ann Nelson. (Ann Laye witness & George Newton).  In 1881 Census, 3 generations living together- at Wellington St Park, Duddingston, Edinburgh, SCOT  James L.W. HAMILTON below- 9 years old with sister Theresa A.S. HAMILTON who is 5 yrs.  Their father .William L. HAMILTON 30 yrs,  is a veterinarian surgeon, and his parents: Ann HAMILTON mother 62 yrs, and his father James HAMILTON who is 65 yrs and the Chaplin Edinr Royal Infirmary. Where is  Maria Josephine Louisa LAYE?? Divorced? Likely instead died in childbirth after 2nd child 5 years prior. 
James Laye Walsh HAMILTON   b 8 April 1871, Leith Midlothian, SCOT 
  Theresa A.S. HAMILTON  b about 1876 Edinburgh, Edinburgh, SCOT 
  Frederick LAYE  b 1846 Isle of Man   Laye Family Bible: "Frederick Laye born 11th June 1846 at Ballanpatten (?) Near Douglas Isle of Man at ... past 9 PM. Christened by Rev Bro... vicar of .... Braddan... on the 17th June 1846.  In 1861Census living with father, stepmother and siblings at Alverstroke.
Emily Marie LAYE  b 11 September 1848, Douglas, IOM. bap   Lambert Dwyer and Emily Laye  had "Illegitimate child" married to his brother, William Dwyer. Appears to have been a long term affair- each chasing each other back and forth across Atlantic. Other children may be Lambert's - Only evidence for Hugh.  Her husband divorced her- changed his name in the 1880 census from William to Thomas. Hugh lists his father as "Lambert Dwyer" on his marriage certificate. Lambert visited America, and Emily staying with her sister in SCOT, not far from where Lambert was stationed- Hugh born there, in Edinburgh. Hugh used to receive money from a "Bertie Dwyer" at Christmas- a good amount. In 1861Census living with father, stepmother and siblings at Alverstroke. 
Emily Remarried: to John PRINCEJohn Prince (b about 1858,  d at age of 32 at 314 Porter Street, Detroit 7 Dec 1890. Accidental overdose of chloroform administered during surgery) He was the grandson of Hon. Col John PRINCE, alleged illegitimate son of William IV of ENG and an actress. (Most prob untrue - but he must have been an impressive person to have people think he could be). Emily is  my direct gg grandmother. She died 23 Aug 1896 in Detroit MI as "Mrs Emily Prince."
  Hon. Colonel John PRINCE (hated by the citizens of Detroit, who placed a price on his head), -Famous or infamous for his ruthlessness at the Battle of Windsor


Colonel Lambert Francis Wilson DWYER b 27 April 1840, 7:30, Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, ENG -  d 2 Jan 1923 at 2 Clarence-Parade, Southsea. Parents:   Major General Thomas Peard DWYER and Mary Ann TOULMIN  Single as of 1891 -Was staying as a visitor for Caroline Cunynghame Dwyer, Bertie and Denys in 1891 in Portsea. Biological father of Hugh Dwyer- my grandfather. Committee member (founding) of the St Moritz Tobogganing Club, on 17 Nov 1877.   In 1901 Census: Boarding - with his sister-in-law- widowed -Caroline Cunynghame Dwyer-Newly discovered (2006) that Lambert was in The US, arriving in Boston of the Malta on 4 Jan 1873.
17th Regiment, 106th -Captain H.P., Bombay Light Infantry, 
  St Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin DWYER 
b 18 Dec 1875 10:45 am, Janefield Parish of Corsorphine,  Edinburgh, SCOT. Bap St John's Episc, Edinburgh, 18 Jan 1876 Hugh born while parents were on trip, revisiting the UK. Also there is a retroactive American version ofa Birth Certificate. d 27 Jun 1939, Detroit MI Harper Hospital;  Blue eyes   FOR HUGH'S OFFSPRING- LINK TO 
  Gertrude S LAPORTE, 1895 Hugh DWYER'S Marriage Certificate To Gertrude LAPORTE (aka KEENAN)  Note his mother listed as 'SAGE"  A common error with copyists here and in UK- The slightest sloppiness will make the name "LAYE" appear as ''SAGE" OR 'LAGE'. Note "Lambert" oddly recorded here instead of 'William". Also Hugh here affirms to Scottish birth, contradicting his "US birth." WHY DOES HUGH LIST HIS UNCLE AS HIS FATHER?
  James Lambert DWYER b 1906 Detroit
  Marilyn DWYER
George Robert DWYER b 9 Apr 1898 Detroit MI  d Feb.1,1988 in Livonia.
  Elinor MILLER
  Sally DWYER  d Sept., 2001 in Michigan
   Charles T. HILTZ
  Charles T. HILTZ Jr. b 1951 died Sept. 2002
   Sandy HILTZ b 1956
  Robert Miller DWYER b Jan 25, 1929 
  Noreen O' BRIEN b Jul 2, 1936 
Michael Robert DWYER
Mary Ann BARNWELL  b June 29, 1959
   Megan Elizabeth DWYER b Nov 3 1993 
   Sarah Marie DWYER  b Jan 1, 1996
Patrick Gerald DWYER b Mar 1, 1960
James Kevin DWYER   b Sep 15 1961
Mary Ellen LYSCIK     b Aug 18, 1958
. Brady Alan DWYER b Jul 14 1993
. Brendan Conor DWYER b  Nov 10 1996 
Daniel Brien DWYER  b Dec 31, 1962
Shon Ann PILARSKI    b Nov 12, 1965 
 . Emma Elizabeth Ann DWYER b Sep 13, 1996 
 . Dylan Noah DWYER b Nov 12, 1998 
Brian David DWYER b May 7, 1967 
Marianne BRAASCH   b May 3, 1967 
. Gordon Robert DWYER b Apr 13, 1996
. Colleen Rebecca DWYER b May 2, 1999 
  Patrick Ellen DWYER  d 2001 
  Richard BELL
. Suzy BELL
. Johna BELL
  Carrie BELL
  Hugh G. DWYER
  Timothy C. DWYER
  Janet M. DWYER
  Douglas G. DWYER
  Matthew R.  DWYER
  Walter Blennerhassett Ramsay DWYER b 30 Aug 1907 Detroit, MI  d 23 December 1937, Northville, MI
Mona R. JURY  b 1909 Canada, Daughter of Robert and Anna
  Walter DWYER Jr  believe d 1976 Michigan
Thelma Marie DWYER June 1899, Detroit  d Oct. 3, 1968 in Los Angeles Ca
Robert MILLER  with Lowell Thomas m2 Dudley PORTER
 . Richard Hughes MILLER  d San Diego- mid-late nineties-  asbestos
 . Evy -------  - five children  
Robert L. MILLER, Jr, Killed WW II Apr 5, 1945 San Diego, taking off for Hawaii. -plane was over- loaded and crashed.
  Virginia Leigh MILLER
  Wallace CHRISTINA,  Air Force and served for twenty years and retired as a Warrant officer in 1964. Stationed in Calif., Michigan, Minnesota, N Dakota, Washington State and Clark AFB in the Philippines.
. Wallace CHRISTINA, Jr. 
. Patrick Christina 
. Robert Dayton CHRISTINA  d at birth
. James Lambert CHRISTINA
. Margaret Marie CHRISTINA
. Bonnie Leigh CHRISTINA
  Dora Gertrude DWYER b 14 Feb 1911 Detroit d 11 Jul 1998  Saint Clair, MI  
Walter McMAHON 
  Linda Marie McMAHON b 1941
  Susan Ann McMAHON  b 1949
  Donald WILLIAMS  
  Christopher WILLIAMS 
  Sherry Kathleen McMAHON b 1953  (Encouraged me in genealogy)
  Laye Blennerhassett DWYER b 1896 Detroit, MI, d Jan 1950 Detroit, MI  Detroit Police Dept. Badge 99    Sgt- Dispatcher
  Angeline RENOX   b about 1898 Detroit d 20 Sep 1976  bu Mt Olivet Cemetery, Father John Renox- Mother Anna Haddas -(Prussian)
 Donald Murray Hugh DWYER b 7 May 1924  Living Ret'd Detroit Police Department Detective, WWII Germany U.S. Glider Group
Peggy    2ND wife
Kathleen McDONALD b Sep 23, 1924 d Apr 1, 1987   1st WIFE & mother of children 
 . Katherine DWYER  b 9 Feb 1947
 . Dennis Raymond DWYER b Jan 1956 Detroit,   res Brighton
.  Christine  - - - -      div?
 . Kimberly Erin DWYER  b 17 July 1981 Brighton
 .  .
  Deborah Gerada DWYER
Brian John DWYER     res Rochester m to Carlin?
. Gerald James DWYER 
. Donald Murray DWYER b 31 Dec 1948 Detroit, res. Romulus 
  Joan E. TURNER b 1951
. Maureen Marian DWYER b 24 June 1954 Res Canton   Div?
. Michael Thomas DWYER b 17 July 1951 res Livonia, MI
  Anne Marie  - - - - b 1952
  Jeffrey Michael DWYER b 1982
. Patricia Ann DWYER b 18 June 1959
  Noreen Laye DWYER b 27 Aug 1928 d 22 Sep 1978 
  Harold POTTS
  Harold POTTS (aka 'Mugsy')
Daniel POTTS  b 9 Oct 1951   d 25 Jun 1980   heart attack
  Lt Raymond Gerald DWYER, USAF   b 26 June 1922 Detroit, MI  d 14 August 1943 Saline, KS   Plane crash- Crew killed on routine training flight   Never Married  dsp
  Mildred Elaine Veronica DWYER  b  31 Jan 1931 living
  Gerald Taylor WILHELM  b 22 Feb 1929 d 11 Aug 1965
Gerald Taylor WILHELM         divorced
  Allison Marie WILHELM b 1980  
  Taylor WILHELM
  Michael WILHELM  b 17 Jan 1960  d 15 Jul 1987, bu Holy Sepulcher, Southfield 10 192 11L  dsp
  Jerome Francis DWYER b 30 Sep 1935 living
  Helen Marleen TEETER of Chatam, Ontario, Canada
  Kenneth Jerome DWYER
  Cynthia - - - - - -
  Karen Elaine DWYER
  David Michael HARVEY
  Julie Ann DWYER b 31 Dec 1970
  Sgt Alan Regis DWYER b 11 Aug 1933 living WWII US Army,  Detroit Police Detective, Ret.
  Mary Carolyn PROCTOR
  Richard DWYER
  Craig DWYER
  Nikki DWYER
  Colleen DWYER   b  married   died  1998?
  Karen DWYER
  Kelly DWYER
  Mr. O'GUIN
  Beverly Jean DWYER b 17 April 1926 Detroit, d Thanksgiving Day 2002, Howell, MI
  Vincent Alexander PASKIEWICZ  b 17 Jul 1924 Plymouth PA,  "PASCAVAGE" on Birth Certificate. Corp US Marines:  Iwo Jima, Siapan, Tinnian, etc  Machine gunner, Living   Enlisted underage, quit high school, Drove delivery truck for father at age 12.   Confirmed 28 Apr 1933 St Gregory's Church, Bishop Gallagher.  Died Aug 17, 2007 Howell, MI.  Later made a cook in Marines after being wounded, -following in his grandfather's footsteps, who was a cook in the Russian Army, which we know what happened in 1917.
  Dr. Paul PASKIEWICZ, PhD 1948-
Dr. Judith Kleinbrook  (Dr Judith Paskiewicz, Ph.D)
. Jessica Kate PASKIEWICZ, B.S., M.S.  Bio-med Engineer
  Ross ELLISON,  B.S.,  Science Teacher  CA,   Mountain Bike Competitions,
  Patrick Edward Paskiewicz, BA MA  b Detroit, MI 1950-
  Susan Marie BROWN b Royal Oak, MI 1953 
Reid Brian Paskiewicz b Southfield, MI 1978 Motorola Technician
. Jennifer BREEDER 
Renee Valerie Paskiewicz b Feb 14, 1976  Livonia, MI  
  Christopher JOHNS  Res Portland OR
  Timothy James PASKIEWICZ 1952-1973  Viet Nam, played the trumpet, but people liked him anyways.   Never Married  dsp
  Kevin Gerald PASKIEWICZ 1954-Divorced Twice  No Children
  Thomas Joseph PASKIEWICZ 1957-Divorced   No Children
  Lori LAIRD, R.N.  B Canada d  2006 Michigan. Memorial Fund in her name- she was active in promoting organ donoring.  dsp
    LT William Simpson Brown Blennerhassett DWYER  b 15 Aug 1846 Portsmouth, ENG  d 1918 Detroit, MI  3rd West Indian Regiment and 1st Batt 5th Foot Northumbrian Fusiliers. West Indies, Jamaica. Left service 1870 William maybe was only an Ensign, since ADM files show nothing beyond that. But it is to be noted that the regiment was disbanded in 1870. M 1st 4 Apr 1868 Portchester, ENG to Emily Laye. Divorced abt 1880. Remarried Cornelia Moran in 1881 d 1918 Detroit, MI  
. Mary Ann Sinclair DWYER Daughter of Emily Laye Dwyer- above! b 7 Sep 1869 at sea -Jamaica. d 20 Feb 1941, Windsor Ontario, Canada  She attended All Saints and later St John's Churches in Windsor. Called "Aunt Coo-Coo" by Dwyers- Her father used to call her "My little coo coo." Daughter of Emily Laye Dwyer- above. This would mean that her mother was married to her husband brother. Her brother-in-law would be her step-dad. Have an aspirin.  Came to USA 1875 1900 census states.
. Albert K. PRINCE b Aug 1863 Canada, m 31 Dec 1913 Lake County, Indiana, 1890 in Detroit- brakeman with sister Constance, 1920 Living in Chicago  clerk for railroad,   [????1930 in Detroit w/ wife and son  -Seems to move to LA in 1930 with wife/child????]  Came to USA 1880.
Colonel Alan PRINCE, V.D., A.D.C.  b 22 Aug 1888 Sandwich, Ontario Canada d Unknown, after 1945. Was living in Detroit, widow, in mid-late 60's   Resided at 4523 Riverside Drive, Windsor.  Headed Windsor's Essex Scottish Reserve, which he organized. Awarded Legion of Merit from President Truman, conferred by Michigan Govornor G. Mennen Williams.  In 1936, Alan took a trip with wife (and a lady's maid) to Nassau on the S.S.Carinthia.
. Florence Elizabeth Reaume,  b Windsor 1889  daughter of Windsor's mayor - Must be a niece or some other way related to "His Worship,"  Arthur J. Reaume mayor 1941 - 1954. 
  Catherine PRINCE d14 Mar 1928 of cebebral abscess at age 13, student, b 1915  bu 16 Mar 1928 St Alphonsus Cem.,
  Lt John Alan PRINCE b c 1915 1st Batallion Essex Scottish Regiment. Was in the Dieppe raid on the coast of occupied France. Was missing, then showed up a POW of the Germans Attended Royal Military College, Toronto   Graduated from University of Toronto 1934. President, United Forge Company
 . Helen Louise "Mickey" JOHNSTON b 1918 d 7 Sep 1999 Windsor, St. John's Anglican Church Cem
 . John PRINCE   Twin:  b 3 Jan 1941 living Unmarried  Receive response to my genealogy query in the early 1980's. Appeared to work at a bank or financial office in Toronto. Did not have much data. 
 . Constance PRINCE twin b 3 Jan 1941  3 Jan 1941 "Connie" quite alive, (her death was greatly exaggerated here once) residing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada  (Updated Aug 2003)
 . Patrick MCNULTY  d August 6, 2003 at the age of 77
 . Mary Constance PRINCE  Lived in Amestb
  Louisa DWYER  b about 1869  (died before 1880) d Poss ENG  dsp infant
  Dora Mary DWYER 08 JUN 1871 Detroit
2  Dr Walter BLACK, DDS  m 2
  Jacob Pfeiffer  divorced   Remarried 
  Beatrice Phyllis Pfeiffer (After: BLACK)b 06 June1899 Detroit d 13 May 1993 Detroit  
  Edwin CRAVES   Professional dancer, along with Beatrice
  Edwin (Rod) CRAVES
  Julie CRAVES
  Ramsay Reginald DWYER May 1874 ENG, lived in Michigan and Ohio, d St Clair County, MI late 1940's.
Hortense GAGNON    old Detroit French family      No children
  Inspector William Lambert Laye Blennerhassett DWYER b 19 June 1874 poss ENG, d 2 March 1943 Detroit,  Blue eyes
  m 1 Bessie McPHAIL and m2 Mildred Schmieding
Grace Macmillan DWYER   d 8 mos old
  Duncan Ramsey DWYER b 24 May 1906 Detroit Visited me one unexpectedly day I moved into a townhouse- An interesting and fun person  (Story he met some molls- or girls of the Purple Gang somehow - and driving with them, of all things, they let him out since he had to go to the bathroom.  I have a very touching letter from his Aunt Dora about the death of his father.  Died age 85, heart failure in Royal Oak, MI.17 January 1993
  Evelyn KRENZ  d at age 70, CoCoa Beach, FL 
William A. DWYER  b May 22, 1937, U.S. Air Force, Korean War, Retired graphic artist. Traveled all over the world in sail boats and diving, Spends every week- end on his 37 Ft Sail boat in Galveston Bay, TX
 . Unknown 
. Heather Ann DWYER Self-employed graphic artist, Santa FE, TX  Three children 
Bruce Duncan DWYER b 1940  Retired from Dept of Energy, Washington D.C.,  Res Alexandria VA
Linda Myra HOFFMAN  Retired hospital administrator, Alexandria VA
    Kristen Elizabeth DWYER  Human Resource DC Area Married to DC attorney, Two children.
  Jeffery William DWYER   Now a detective, Richmond, VA
. George James AIREY b 10 Oct 1801  Bap 26 Dec 1801  St John's Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
bapt 11 MAY 1825 Underbarrow, Westmorland, ENG Parents Father: THOMAS AIREY  Mother: AGNES  sister: ELIZABETH AIREY - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 26 JUL 1829 Underbarrow, Westmorland, ENG
   Looking at this data: Some related, some may be not 
George Aylmer AIREY - International Genealogical Index
George Almer Airey - Birth: 27 AUG 1839 Killingworth, NBL, ENG d 03 MAY 1853
 George AIREY - International Genealogical Index Gender: M Birth: Abt. 1663 Gateshead, DUR, ENG Father: George AIREY  Mother: Mary BEDFORD
George AIREY Sex: M Event(s): Birth: Abt. 1566 Gateshead, DUR, ENG
Parents: Father: Ewan AYREY Mother: Ellinor GILPIN
  Bapt-17 SEP 1786 St Andrew Par Reg And Nonconf, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NBL, ENG


Isabel AIREY b ab 1677 m 03 NOV 1697 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Oswald AYREY b 1672  Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  OSWALD AIERY  b circa 1696  Marriage 06 AUG 1715 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  ROBERT AIERY (AIREY) Christening 22 JUL 1716 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG  
  Alice COCKIN  m 25 DEC 1734 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  ANNE AYREY Christening 08 AUG 1735 Dent, Yorkshire, Eng D 11 NOV 1750 
  UZZIEL AYREY Christening 04 NOV 1737 Dent, Yorkshire, Eng
  JOHN AYREY Christening 16 NOV 1741 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  WILLIAM AYREY Christening 16 OCT 1739 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  George AIREY b 1698 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Charles AIREY b 1707 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
2 Mary HODGSON b 1722 m 20 OCT 1746 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Elizabeth AIREY Christening 28 NOV 1747 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  George AIREY   Christening 14 MAY 1749 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Margaret PARKINSON  b 1750 
  Mary AIREY b 1771 
  Richard AIREY Christening 17 FEB 1750 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Roger AIREY Christening 17 JUN 1753 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
1 Ann WILLAN b 1707 bap 27 Dec 1707, Dent, Yorkshire   dau of   John WILLAN and Cecily CONSFIELDE
Margaret AIREY b 1728 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
John AIREY b 1733 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
Rachel COWPER m 20 JAN 1777 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  William AIREY (AYREY) b 1735 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG d 1820 
1 Alice THISTLETHWAITE b 1735 d 1770
  Alice AIREY (AYREY) b 1765 Christening 31 MAR 1765 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  John BURROW  m 1782 
  Elizabeth AIREY ( AYREY) Christening 27 JUL 1766 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Robert AIREY Christening 18 SEP 1768 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG  d 1829
  Margaret EDMUNDSON m 03 MAR 1787 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
 . Ozwald AREY (Oswold AIREY)   Christening 30 MAR 1794 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG  Occ 1861 Census "Coal Greather [illeg]" 
. Alice   b 1798 Lancaster, Lancashire, ENG
  Grace AIREY b1842 Darlington, DUR, ENG
 . John AREY  Christening 19 JUN 1796 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
 . Anthony AREY Christening 09 SEP 1803 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG b 1801 
 . William AREY Christening 04 SEP 1789 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
2 Elizabeth LINDSEY,m 22 Feb 1773 in Dent, Yorkshire, ENG, b 1751, d 1817 dau of  Thomas LINDSEY and Margaret NELSON
  Isabel AIREY (AREY) Christening 03 MAR 1787 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG           
  Eleanor Elinor AIREY (AREY) Christening 01 AUG 1790 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
Edmund ADAMSON m 24 JUL 1824 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Isabel AIREY (AREY) Christening 04 DEC 1791 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Christopher COOPER m 02 MAR 1815 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Willaim AIREY (AREY) 30 MAR 1794 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
Margaret  b 1819  
  James AIREY (AREY) Christening 13 NOV 1796 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Agnes AIREY (AREY) Christening 03 NOV 1785 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG     
?Johnothan NIXON m 14 JUL 1809 Dufton, Westmorland, ENG
  John AIREY (AREY) Christening 29 FEB 1784 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG  
  Oswald AIREY (Ozwald AREY) Christening 23 JUN 1782 Dent, Yorkshire, 
  Margaret AIREY Christening 20 MAR 1774 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG d 1813
  Ann AIREY (AREY) Christening 23 APR 1775 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Richard EDMONDSON m 30 MAY 1796 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Mary AIREY Christening 21 JUL 1776 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
?Christopher COAT m 17 DEC 1798 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Isabella AIREY (AREY) Christening 02 MAY 1779 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Thomas AIREY (AREY) Christening 28 MAY 1779 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG d 1820
Betty (Elizabeth) OVERSBY m 23 JAN 1802 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
William AIREY  b 1802 ENG, d 1882 ENG
Betty BAYNE m 22 OCT 1832 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG  CORRECTION
Thomas AIREY Christening: 23 MAR 1806 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
Betty AIREY Christ: 28 OCT 1810 Dent, Yorkshire, Eng d 22 Mar 1812 dsp
George AIREY Christening 06 MAR 1816 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG  
John AIREY Christening 21 FEB 1813 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Agnes AIREY (AREY) Christening 05 APR 1778 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG d 08 JUL 1782  dsp
  Betty AIREY (AREY) 17 NOV 1780 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
3 Elizabeth ASHBURNER b 1727 m 26 NOV 1753 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Charles AIREY (AYREY) Christening 07 APR 1754 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Thomas AIREY (AYREY) Christening 04 MAY 1755 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG, d 26 JAN 1759  dsp
  Anne AIREY (AYREY) Christening 08 MAY 1757 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG d 03 FEB 1759 dsp 
  Oswald AIREY (AYRAH) B: 1731 Dent, Yorkshire, ENG
  Elizabeth HARPER b 1734 Garsdale, Yorkshire, m 1755 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Ann AIREY b 1755 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Mary AIREY b 1757 Garsdale, Yorkshire, d 1757   dsp
  Charles AIREY b 1758 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Mary AIREY 16 APR 1761 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Thomas AIREY b 1764 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  John AIREY b 1766 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  William AIREY b 1769 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG d 1769   dsp
  William AIREY b 1770 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG 
  Elizabeth AIREY b 1773 Garsdale, Yorkshire, ENG
  Isabella AIREY b 06 NOV 1780 , Christening: 27 DEC 1780 Garsdale, Yorkshire
ISLE OF Man Aireys
  Robert AIREY
b ab  1827 Of Belgrave, Lezayre, Isle Of Man, ENG
s JANE ELIZABETH TEARE m 10 SEP 1852 Lezayre, Isle Of Man, ENG 
17 FEB 1855 Lezayre, Isle Of Man
b 31 MAR 1857 Lezayre, Isle Of Man
10 SEP 1853 Lezayre, Isle Of Man
b 01 MAY 1860 Braddan, Isle Of Man
JOHN AIREY    m AGNESS REDPATH  Marriage: 09 AUG 1872 Lezayre, Isle Of Man,  child
 GEORGE MATTHEW AIREY b 14 JUN 1873 Lezayre, Isle Of Man and Thomas Alexander Airey
daughter: ANNIE GEORGINA BLANCHE AIREY bapt-24 JUL 1870 Saint Marks, Isle Of Man
daughter: EMMA ROSALIE MILDRED AIREY 21 APR 1867 Saint Marks, Isle Of Man
ROBERT'S (FATHER'S household in 1881:  
Robert AIREY Head M Male 62 ENG Vicar Of St Anne
Charlotta B. AIREY Wife M Female 47 ENG Vicars Wife
Katherine M. AIREY Daur U Female 15 Malew, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
Emily R.M. AIREY Daur U Female 14 Malew, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
Owen M.F. AIREY Son Male 12 Malew, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
Annie G.B. AIREY Daur Female 10 Malew, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
Robert C.D. AIREY Son Male 7 Malew, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
Michael E.F. AIREY Son Male 6 Michael, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
George F.L. AIREY Son Male 4 Michael, Isle of Man, ENG Scholar
  EDWARD TAYLOR m 14 AUG 1875 Lezayre, Isle Of Man, ENG
Sept.3rd.1768 Saturday was married at Penrith in Cumberland, Mr.Francis Hurry of Howdon Dock, near this town to MISS COOKSON, of Penrith.
The Registers of Kendal
AIREYS ORIGINALLY FROM KENDAL- WITHIN THIS LIST ARE PROBABLY ANCESTORS: (Originally transcribed by Henry Brierley, LL.D., and published by the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society 1921           CHRISTENINGS 1558 - 1587
AIREY A son of James Airey of ? christened 14Dec1558
Anne d of Thomas Airey of Kentmire christened 11Oct1558 
Ellizabeth d of Thomas Airey of Kendall christened 13Oct1558
John s of William Airey of Hutton christened 7Nov1558 
Marrian d of Thomas Airey of Staveley christened 16Jan1558
Robert s of James Airey of Kentmire christened 22June1558
Roger s ofThomas Airey of Kentmire christened 2July1559 
William s of George Airey of Kentmire christened 8May1558
William s of Myles Airey of Kentmire christened 30July1559
William s of Thomas Airey christened 13Nov1558 
AYREY Adam s of Ewan Ayrey of KentMar2Apr1583 
Adam s of Hewe Ayrey of Helsfeild christened 15Mar1584 
Adam s of James Ayrey of Markettplace christened 3Jan1584 
Agnes d of Christopher Ayrey of Sleddall christened 28Oct1584 
Agnes d of George Ayrey christened 29Nov1570 
Agnes d of John Ayrey christened 13Nov1573
Agnes d of Richard Ayrey of Grayrigge christened 6Mar1584 
Agnes d of Rowland Ayrey christened 27Feb1561
Allan s of Ewan Ayrey of Kentmer 22July1587
Allan s of John Ayrey of Staveley christened 5June1578 
Allan s of William Ayrey of Kentmer christened 7Mar1586
Allice d of George Ayrey of Stricklandgate christened 5Aug1582
Allice d of John Ayrey of Staveley christened 13May1578
Anne d of Arther Ayrey of Underharrow christened 5Sept1583
Anne d of Christopher Ayrey christened 2Jun1573
Anne d of Christopher Ayrey christened 2Nov1560 
Anne d of Edward Ayrey of Staveley christened 24Aug1585
Anne d of Ewan Ayrey of Kentmer christened 22Jan1575 
Anne d of John Ayrey of Kentmer christened 26July1586 
Anne d of John Ayrey of parish of Heversham 24Aug1587
Anne d of Rowland Ayrey of Kentmer christened 20Nov1576
Anne d of William Ayrey of Crooke christened 21Mar1584
Anthony s of Thomas Ayrey of Grayrigge christened 27Aug1580 
Barnard s of Brian Ayrey of Kentmer christened 4Mar1580 
Christopher s of Christopher Ayrey christened 17July1572
Christopher s of Edmond Ayrey of Whinfell christened 23June1577 
Christopher s of Thomas Ayrey christened 15Nov1560
Dorothy d of John Ayrey of Grayrigg christened 8Oct1582
Dorothy d of John Ayrey of Grayrigge christened 19June1587
Dorothy d of John Ayrey of Hutton christened 6Jan1584
Dorothy d of William Ayrey of Crooke christened 7Feb1587
Edward s of Henry Ayrey of Staveley christened 2Aug1579
Edward s of Thomas Ayrey christened 29Jan1560 
Elizabeth d of Anthony Ayrey of Kentmer christened 22Mar1559
Elizabeth d of Arther Ayrey of Under barrow christened 15June1581 
Elizabeth d of H'igh Ayrey christened 26Apr1573 
Elizabeth d of James Ayrey of Strickland christened 2Apr1560 
Elizabeth d of John Ayrey christened 1Dec1570
Elizabeth d of Myles Ayrey of Crooke christened 1May1578
Elizabeth d of Thomas Ayrey of Kentmer christened 21Sept1581 
Elizabeth d of William Ayrey of Kentmer christened 1Nov1582 
Ellin d of Christopher Ayrey christened 21Apr1575 
Ellin d of John Ayrey of Patton christened 12Apr1577 
Ellin d of Joseph Ayrey of Kentmer christened 25Mar1585 :
Ellin d of Uter Ayrey of Strickland roger christened 6Mar1585
Ewan s of Joseph Ayrey of Kentmer christened 19Feb1587
George s of Nicholas Ayrey of Felside christened 24Dec1576
Henry s of Edward Ayrey of Staveley christened 10Jan1581
Henry s of John Ayrey of Hutton christened 16July1581 
Hugh s of Robert Ayrey of Kentmer christened 1Nov1582 
Isabell d of Henry Ayrey of Staveley christened 4Feb1576
Isabell d of William Ayrey christened 9Feb1571
James s of James Ayrey christened 28Jan1561 
James s of James Ayrey christened 28Oct1560 
James s of James Ayrey of Markett place christened 1Mar1580
James s of Robert Ayrey of Kentmer christened 22Jan1575
Jane d of Ewan Ayrey of Kentmer christened 25Apr1585 
Jane d of Gawen Ayrey of Kentmer christened 8Aug1584 
Jane d of John Ayrey of Kentmer christened 7Nov1580
Jane d of Robert Ayrey of Kentmer christened 18Apr1578
Jenet d of Edmund Ayrey of Kentmer christened 23Jan1575
Jenett d of Henry Ayrey of Staveley christened 4Feb1576
Jenett d of James Ayrey of Kentmer christened 13Sept1581
Jenett d of John Ayrey of Holmescales christened 23MayMay1576 
Jennett d of Anthony Ayrey of Kendall christened 5Sept1560
Johanne alias Jenett d of Roger Ayrey of Kentmer christened 12July1581  John s of Christopher Ayrey of Sleddall Staynes christened 28March1577  John s of George Ayrey of Stramongate christened 21Oct1580 
john s of Henry Ayrey of Staveley christened 8Dec1583 
John s of Hugh Ayrey of Bradley Feild christened 22Mar1581
John s of John Ayrey christened 12Mar1570 
John s of John Ayrey christened 20Dec1559
John s of John Ayrey of Holm scales christened 16Dec1580
John s of John Ayrey of Hutton christened 5Sept1577
John s of Myles Ayrey christened 5Aug1571
 John s of Robert Ayrey of Kentmer christened 13Oct1580 
John s of Robert Ayrey of Staveley christened 2Apr1580 
Joseph s of Ewan Ayrey of Kentmer christened 10Aug1585
Katherine d of Henry Ayrey of Staveley christened 10Mar1580 
Katherine d of John Ayrey christened 29Apr1571 
Mabell d of Bevis Ayrey of Kentmer christened 12Aug1559 
Manan d of Ewan Ayrey of Kentmer christened 17Feb1582 
Margery d of Thomas Ayrey of Kentmer christened 4Oct1584 
Margrett d of Arther Ayrey of Strickland christened 13Jan1585 
Margrett d of Gawen Ayrey of Kentmer christened 23Mar1577 
Margrett d of James Ayrey christened 11Mar1571 
Margrett d of John Ayrey christened 20Feb1570
Margrett d of John Ayrey of Hutton christened 1Mar1579 
Margrett d of Leonerd Ayrey of Kentmer christened 18Mar1584 
Margrett d of Leonerd Ayrey of Stramongate christened 29Dec1585 
Margrett d of Peter Ayrey christened 21Feb1570
Margrett d of Roger Ayrey of Kentmer christened 19Feb1585 
Margrett d of Rowland Ayrey of Kentmer christened
20Nov1576 : Margrett d of William Ayrey christened 30Jan1574
Mary d of John Ayrey of Patton christened 21Sept1584 
Mary d of Joseph Ayrey of Kentmer christened 11Mar1581 
Nicholas s of James Ayrey christened 1Nov1570 
Ralph s of Henry Ayrey of Kentmer christened 6Jan1584 
Randall s of Roger Ayrey of Kentmer christened 19Apr1581
Regnald s of James Ayrey christ ened 7Oct1573 
Richard s of Ewan Ayrey of Kentmer christened 27Apr1578 
Richard s of Henry Ayrey christened 29June1571 
Richard s of James Ayrey of Hiegate christened 7Oct1579 
Richard s of John Ayrey christened 30July1560
Richard s of Robert Ayrey of Grayrigg christened 23June1581 
Richard son & Jenett daughter of Regnald Ayrey christened 30Apr1572 
Robert s of Henry Ayrey of Staveley christened 19Nov1585
 Rowland s of Edward Ayrey christened 21Apr1561 
Sisly d of James Ayrey christened  15Mar1571 
Sissell d of William Ayrey of Hutton christened 30Nov1584
Thomas s of Edward Ayrey christened 30Dec1561 
Thomas s of Hugh Ayrey of Bradley feild christened 4July1583
Thomas s of James Ayrey of Market place christened 3Jan1582 
Thomas s of John Ayrey of Staveley christened 8July1576 
Thomas s of Thomas Ayrey christened 17Dec1561 
Thomas s of Thomas Ayrey christened 24May1579 
Vrbane s of John Ayrey of Kentmer christened 9Nov1576 
William s of Christopher Ayrey christened 14Oct1571
William s of Edward Ayrey christened 7Oct1561 
William s of John Ayrey christened 23Feb1561
William s of John Ayrey of Patton christened 26Nov1585
William s of John Ayrey of Whinfell christened 5Oct1576 
William s of William Ayrey christened  26May1574
" . . .Tree has George as son of Thomas and Thomas' wife and this Thomas is son of Thomas then he has a dotted line to William Araye and Elinore Gilpin but none of this has been proved.  He has "The name of Airey was originally Ayraye and were from Kentmere in Cumberland a little East of Windermere, at that time an old respectable family.---     William Ayraye of Kentmere, married Elinore sister of Bernard Gilpin and had a large family. The Gipins were of Kentmore Hall an ancient and honorable house in the twelfth century. Bernard and Elinore's mother was the daughter of William Laton of de la Maine in Cumberland likewise an ancient family. After Bernard Gilpin settled at Houghton le Spring the family of Ayraye or rather a part of them left Kentmere and bought lands in the County of DUR and settled at Trimdon near Sedgefield. Soon after that the name was spelt Airey. They were a wealthy family after they came to Newcastle. The last of the Trindon Aireys were living there in 1778. William Araye married Elinore Gilpin ab  1548 and came from Kentmere . . . " 
"The great uncle who wrote that was Francis Waller Burrell, son of Frances Airey. He was b 1872, d 1936." 
Source- Rosemary Oram
  2 Miss AIREY 
    + William DE GYLPIN 
       3 Richard DE GYLPYN V 
        + Miss FLEMMING 
           4 William DE GYLPYN d: After 1472 
             + Elizabeth LANCASTER 
                5 Richard GILPIN 
                  + Dorothy THORNSBOROUGH 
                      6 Edwin GILPIN 
                        + Margaret LAYTON
                                 William GILPIN b: ab  1515 d: January 23, 1576/77 
                                    + Elizabeth WASHINGTON 
                                        2 Martin GILPIN b: Abt 1560 d: December 18, 1629 
                                         + Catharine NEWBY d: 1634 
                                           3 Bernard GILPIN b: Abt 1581 d: April 21, 1636 
                                               + Dorothy AYERY 
Sir, George (Biddell) AIRY (M: 1801 Jul 27 - 1892 Jan 2)...NBL Equatoreal And Dome...Cambridge Observatory [n:1844] Address To The Board Of Visitors By The Astronomer Royal [n:1855] ...The Great Equatoreal At The Royal Observatory Greenwich [n:1869] The Autobiography Of Sir George Airy (ed Wilfred AIRY) [a:1896]

Contact:     Patrick Paskiewicz
Teach college USA.  BA  Philosophy, MA English Drama and Literature EMU.  Born 1950, before Al Gore invented Internet. Peddling ny completed book to publishers, Who Murdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore?, an investigation into the unsolved murder of English army nurse, Miss Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter and relative of Miss Florence Nightingale.  
Battled  renal cell carcinoma , WHICH METS'D -CAUSING  SURGREY-  REMOVAL OF LEFT uPPER LUNG LOBE- LEFT KIDNEY AND BRAIN SURGREY OCT 14 2008 good prognosis. Next WRITINGproject may look at another person on my tree, early feminist/ adventurer/explorer/writer Patricia Elizabeth Ramsay Laye.  iNTERESTING Hving brain SET Back.      never let a personal hardship go to waste.




LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   NBL UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of NBL  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  NBL  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   NBL,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY NBL  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN NBL  NBL,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   DUR, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, IRE  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   Lon and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, Lon    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath IRE    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, IRE CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE NBL    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki





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