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 A Lady Rivers was arrested for not paying her bills- during reign of George II (?)  mentioned in passing in Daily News 8 Feb 1856  Pat P 11-26-03

See personal letters by Jane Austin, the author- seems to know and socialized with Lady Rivers and the "Miss Deanes"    Pat P 3-4-04   -- But not so fast - This has been disproven  by the scholarship of Allison Parry 18 Jun 2008.

George PITT  b Abt 1690 Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England d 19 Oct 1745 bu 26 Oct 1745  son of George Pitt and Lucy Pile  Pitt family can be traced to Medieval times.
Mary Louisa Bernier or Barnier   Father: John BERNIER  m 4 Jan 1745, Oxford Chapel, London d Death: 7 Feb 1781
James PITT b abt 1724 Stratfield Saye
Thomas PITT  b abt 1726 Stratfield Saye
Lt. General Sir William Augustus PITT, K.B., b 1728/30 d 29 Dec 1809 fourth son, 
Lady Mary HOWE  d Jun 1819 at Highfield House, near Stratfield Saye park, youngest dau of Viscount Emanuel Scrope HOWE, (2nd) and Mary Sophia Charlotte Kilmansegge, 
Lucy PITT  b abt 1725 Stratfield Saye
James KER  m 1746
  George KER  b
Mary Louisa PITT  b abt 1732 Heckfield, Hampshire d Aug 1744
George Pitt, M.P., M.A., 1st Lord Rivers   b 1720 Stratfield Saye, (Or 1721 at Geneva, Switzerland) d 7 May 1803 Stratfield Saye,  grad 13 Mar 1739 Magdalen College, Oxford, His 1803 obit ref to him as "John Lord Rivers" ref Times 10 May 1803.  Written that Rivers was a handsome man, and was a favorite of beauty and writer Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. 
04 Mar 1786 Rivers Attended a Levee at St James, King present.  Daily Universal Register 
14 Aug 1787 Attends Prince of Wales birthday party  Universal Register 
24 Feb 1788  Lord Rivers is mewed up in his room with gout, and had been there for some length of time. 
     King unwell too. Rivers sent his son to sea- to Botany Bay. London Times:  **See below
09 May 1788 Lord Rivers at Levee at Kew, St. James  London Times:
17 Oct 1788 Lord Rivers at some affair Kew Palace -some ceremony, promotions given.London Times:
14 Nov 1788 Lord Rivers arrives at Bath- looks like everyone else did too. London Times:
20 Nov 1788 King near death. Lord Rivers indisposed at Bath with the gout. London Times:
15 Dec 1788 From Kew House " His majesty has passed a very unquiet night, and is much indisposed this 
      morning."  Also: " Yesterday Lord Rivers came into waited at St. James, as King of the Bedcamber 
      to the King."  London Times:
19 Nov 1789 Rivers at Buckingham Palace at a "Levee." Also, "Yesterday Mr. Lang Foxe was presented to 
     his majesty at the Levee by his father-in-law, Lord Rivers for the first time since his marriage." [Seems to 
     be the "James Fox Lane" who m Marcia Lucy Pitt below] pp. London Times:
24 Sep 1792 Rivers at card party at Gloucester Lodge with Lords and Ladies, such as Palulet, Chesterfield, 
     Digby, Earl of Dorchester etc.  See Below- News article 1828 Fire at mansion  London Times
12 Jan 1802 "Lord Rivers has taken ginger in large doses for more than thirty years; he is now more than eighty, a hale,  
     upright, and healthy man." Edinburgh Advertiser  [Note- he died the following year- ginger probably did him in- PP].
16 Mar 1802 King grants barony to Lord Rivers and his heirs. Title- Baron Rivers of Sudeley Castle. Edinburgh Advertiser 

Information from Allison Parry May 2008: Remember I emailed you about the comment on your website about Lord Rivers sending his son to botany bay.  Insert quote from your webpage…  24 Feb 1788 Lord Rivers is mewed up in his room with gout, and had been there for some length of time. King unwell too. Rivers sent his son to sea- to Botany Bay. London Times:    It seems perhaps the paper was referring to a Thomas Pitt see below…. I am reading Tom Keneally “the commonwealth of thieves” The Sydney Experiment  Found a passage will quote to you…(page 241)  “…a naval frigate of 879 tons, the HMS Guardian, and it left Britain in September 1789 richly burdened with the supplies for which Phillip had asked, and with 25 ‘artificers’, convicts with trades, for whom Phillip had also pleaded. In the crew was fourteen-year-old Thomas Pitt, a cousin of the prime minister. “   The above passage must have resulted in the quote used by Pat P in his website – I believe.  Also out of interest only another passage re a claim regarding an illegitimate daughter but this time said to be fathered by William Pitt  Page 232…. ‘ We had on board [sic the Lady Juliana] a pretty girl well behaved, who was called by her acquaintance “a daughter of Pitt’s”,’ that is, what gentlemen called a ‘a by-blow’ of William Pitt, the prime minister of Great Britain. She much resembled him, said Nicol, but he did not name her.”  [Nicol was a steward employed on the ship the Lady Juliana]   

  Penelope ATKINS, Baroness. d 1 Jan 1795 Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Burial: Place: Protestant Cem, Leghorn, Tuscany, Italy.  (Note Penelope Atkins has 3 portraits, one of which is:  "Penelope (Atkins), Lady Rivers when Mrs Pitt" by Charles Spooner, after Penelope Carwardine. National Portrait Gallery.  Penelope's parents: Penelope STONEHOUSE (Parents: John Stonhouse and Penelope Dashwood) and Henry ATKINS, Bart. (Parents: Henry Atkins and Rebecca Maria Dixie).
  George Pitt, Lord Rivers, M.P., 2nd Lord Rivers of Strathfield-Saye and Sudeley Castle, b 19 Sep 1751 Strathfieldsaye, Hampshire (or Angers, France), d 20 Jul 1828   Note- family estate-at S/Saye sold 1817- Bought by Crown for the Duke of Wellington.  UNMARRIED
  Miss DEAN  dau of John and Susannah Dean of Swallowfield
Susannah DEAN or RIVERS b Swallowfield ENG d 12 Sep 1860 Green Ponds, Tasmania, Australia Immigrated as "free settlers" to Hobart in Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) on the "Elizabeth" in 1823 with their family. One more was born on the way and the youngest was born in New Norfolk in Tasmania. They endeavoured to clear bush and establish a farm but were robbed twice by bushrangers. However they received  grants of land from the Lt Governor and the family acquired a farming property and  were later involved a number of business ventures and became a well known Tasmania family.
John VINCENT b 1779  St Dominick, Cornwall, Eng d 27 Oct 1857 Brighton, Tasmania, m 1803 London, 
Mary Ann VINCENT   b 1804 England, d 29 August 1877 in Oatlands, Tasmania
  Thomas Nichols b 1801 m 10 November 1823 .St David’s Church, Hobart, Tasmania,  d 10 NOV 1823 in Hobart, Tasmania
Thomas Lewis NICHOLS   b 6 March 1825 Clarence Plains, Tasmania, d 19 June 1839 in Hobart, Tasmania, at 14 years of age. Bu 22 June 1839 in St Davids Churchyard, Hobart, Tasmania.  
John Nichols   b 3 October 1826 d 1900 in Woomargama, NSW, Australia christened in Hobart, Tasmania, 30 October 1826
Matilda Martha BROOKER   m Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 29 November 1852
  Mary Ann Nichols   b 1852  d 1896 christened in Church of England, Murrumbidgee District, NSW, 1852
  Matilda Martha Nichols   b 1853  d 1908
  Alfred George SAMPHIER m 1873
George NICHOLS   b 29 June 1828 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia . d 1861 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. christened in Hobart, Tasmania, 29 June 1828
William Henry NICHOLS   b 29 January 1831 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia . christened in Hobart, Tasmania, 3 November 1832.
1 Louisa FOSTER m in Brighton, Tasmania, 26 April 1854.
2 Elizabeth BOGALL m in Launceston, Tasmania, 13 June 1866.
Mary Ann NICHOLS   b 1832 Hobart christened in Hobart, Tasmania, 3 November 1832
Andrew BARWICK m Oatlands, Tasmania, 31 July 1852
  Mary Ann BARWICK b Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia 15 Oct 1854,
  Arthur Frederick BARWICK m 1876
Harriet NICHOLS     unmarried
Henry Rivers NICHOLS   b 26 February 1845
Susannah NICHOLS  b Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia 1839
Matilda NICHOLS  b 1834
Robert  NICHOLS  to Albury
Mary Anne NICHOLS  b
Clara NICHOLS b: 8 DEC 1848 in Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia
John SALMON b: 1846  m  6 JUL 1871 in Oatlands, Tasmania
  Leslie Vincent SALMON b: 26 JUN 1874 in Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia
  Cecil Hedley SALMON b: 24 JUN 1876 in Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia
  Irene Mary SALMON b: 25 AUG 1879 in Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia
  Ralph Winter SALMON b: 25 MAY 1883 in Launceston, Tasmania,
  Colin Gordon SALMON b: 22 JUN 1889 in Launceston, Tasmania,
Eliza NICHOLS b Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 1837. d 1920 in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. She was christened in Hobart, Tasmania, 10 July 1837.
  George Wade WATSON m 14 January 1862.
Alfred NICHOLS b: 4 DEC 1850 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia  d 1921
John Jubilee VINCENT b c 1808 d 09 OCT 1862 Mountain Creek, Victoria, Australia
Mary Ann JONES m 08 JUL 1835 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
William VINCENT  b 12 Mar 1812 Stepney, England d 31 Oct 1889 Mukleford, Victoria, 
1 Mary Susan GARTH m 5 May 1845 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
2 Maria HAYES   m 28 Nov 1848
  Francis Gorshaw VINCENT b 1861 Muckelford, Victoria, Australia
  Myra VINCENT b 1869 Loddon, , Victoria
Harriet VINCENT  b Birth: 22 Apr 1814 Lambeth, Surry, England christening: 19 Mar 1815 Place: Lambeth, England d 7 Apr 1891 Place: Greenponds, Tasmania
William Henry Ellis b Abt 1797 Devon, Christd 3 Sep 1797 Kingsbridge Devon, d 13 Mar 1860 Green Ponds Tasmania bu 17 Mar 1860 Green Ponds Tasmania m 21 Aug 1832 Hobart Tasmania
Susan ELLIS b 1839 Green Ponds, Tasmania, chrsed 1839 Cof E Gareen Ponds Tasmania, 
Alfred ELLIS b 1843 Brighton, Tasmania, Australia
Sarah ELLIS b 1849 Hobart, Tasmania
William Henry ELLIS b 20 Oct 1842  Brighton, Tasmania, Australia
George ELLIS b 18 Feb 1844 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Arthur Rivers ELLIS b 13 May 1849 Kempton, Tasmania, d Ulverstone, Tasmania
Henry W. ELLIS b Jun 1833 christd: 1833  Cof E, Green Ponds, Tasmania,
Charles ELLIS b13 Jun 1846 Hobart, Tasmania
Vincent ELLIS b 22 Aug 1839 Cof E, Pontville, Tasmania 
  Edward ELLIS b 21 Sep 1847 Hobart Tasmania christened 23 Mar 1848 Green Ponds, Tasmania, d 13 Dec 1907 Ulverstone, Tasmania, bu 16 Dec 1907 Ulverstone, Tasmania
  Elizabeth Sophia JOHNSTON m 5 Jan 1880 Christchurch, N Adelaide, S Australia
Wilfred Rivers ELLIS b 18 Feb 1885 Hobart Tasmania d 10 Nov 1952 Ulverstone, Tasmania bu 12 Nov 1952 Ulverstone
Ann Penman GUY m 26 Mar 1921 Launceston, Tasmania, 
Ida Myrtle ELLIS b 31 May 1882 Adelaide, S Australia d 12 Jun 1966 Ulverstone bu 15 Jun 1966 Ulverstone
  Edgar Clyde ELLIS b 1 Jun 1883 Adelaide, S Austr d 6 Aug 1883 bu Kempton, Tasmania
Clara Harriet ELLIS b 16 Nov 1880 Carlton, Victoria d 19 Oct 1963 Ulverstone, Tasmania bu 21 Oct 1963  Ulverstone, Tasmania
Elizabeth ELLIS b 19 Dec 1834 Hobart, Tasmania, Chr: 1834  Cof E Hobart, Tasmania 
Eliza VINCENT b 4 Oct 1816 Stepney, London, Eng Christg: 14 Jul 1822 Stepney, London, Eng d 20 Jun 1864 New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia
Henry Mylam Cockerill   b 1806 d 1873 in Hobart, Tasmania
John Vincent COCKERILL b 18 Jan 1851 Bothwell, Tasmania d 4 Sep 1889 Palmerston Sth, New Zealand
Mary Jane Margaret DEMPSTER m 22 Sep 1885 Palmerston Sth, New Zealand
  Ernest Augustus COCKERILL b 1885 Palmerston Sth, New Zealand
  Mary Jane COCKERILL b 1887 Palmerston Sth, New Zealand d 1946 
  Alice Ellen COCKERILL b 1888 Palmerston Sth, New Zealand d 1960
  Jack COCKERILL b 1889 Palmerston Sth, New Zealand
  Henry William COCKERILL b 28 Jan 1834 Bothwell, Tasmania, Australia Christening: 2 Apr 1834 St Mary's, Green Ponds, Tasmania, Australia d 29 Nov 1925 Diamond Hill, Cygnet, Tasmania, Australia bu St Lukes, Richmond, Tasmania
  Elizabeth JARVIS m 22 Aug 1857 New Norfolk, Tasmania
  Sydney Claude COCKERILL b 6 Jan 1881New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 15 Mar 1925 bu St Marks Anglica, Cygnet, Tasmania
  Mildred Eliza COCKERILL  b 31 Mar 1872 New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 14 Aug 1958 bu St Marks Anglica, Cygnet, Tasmania
  Elizabeth Henrietta COCKERILL b 8 Apr 1865 Sweetbanks, New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 7 Apr 1939 bu St Marks Anglica, Cygnet, Tasmania
  Norman Ellis COCKERILL b 2 Jul 1877 New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 14 Oct 1962 bu St Marks Anglica, Cygnet, Tasmania
  Winnefred COCKERILL b 2 Aug 1874 New Norfolk, Tasmania
  Tasman Winfred COCKERILL b 20 Aug 1874 New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia d 1950
  Arthur Henry COCKERILL b 24 Aug 1858 Brighton, Tasmania, Australia Christening: Richmond, Tasmania, d 24 Nov 1934
  Roland George Albert COCKERILL b 12 Sep 1867 New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia d 12 Sep 1954 bu :
St Marks Anglica, Cygnet, Tasmania
  Herbert Wellington COCKERILL b 15 Sep 1861New Norfolk, Tasmania, Christening: 11 Dec 1861 New Norfolk, Tasmania, d  21 Mar 1940 bu 24 Mar 1940 St Marks Anglica, Cygnet, Tasmania
1 Frances HARRISON m 20 Mar 1895 Pt Cygnet, Tasmania, Australia
Bertram Douglas COCKERILL b 1 Jan 1898 Pt Cygnet, Tasmania
Ivy Ismay Frances COCKERILL b 26 Aug 1899 Pt Cygnet, Tasmania
Eunice Violetta May COCKERILL b 25 Dec 1895 Pt Cygnet, Tasmania
  Percy COCKERILL b 28 Apr 1890 Pt Cygnet, Tasmania
  Ernest Augustus Sear COCKERILL b 23 Sep 1862 New Norfolk, Tasmania
  COCKERILL b 23 Nov 1869 New Norfolk, Tasmania
  Vincent Rivers COCKERILL b 23 Nov 1869 New Norfolk, Tasmania
Caroline Susannah COCKERILL b 4 Oct 1852 Or 4 Nov 1852, New Norfolk, Tasmania Christening: 20 Mar 1852
St Matthews, New Norfolk, Tasmania d 12 Aug 1855 New Norfolk, Tasmania
  Martha Anne COCKERILL b 14 Oct 1841Bothwell, Tasmania, Australia d 18 Dec 1925 Wattle Grove,Tasmania, bu St Marks C Of E, Cygnet, Tasmania
  John Henry CAWTHORN m 21 Feb 1870 St Marys, Gretna, Tasmania
Alfred Gower CAWTHORN b 11 Feb 1883 Port Cygnet,Tasmania, Australia d 4 Jan 1915 Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia
Charles Frederick Rivers CAWTHORN b 22 Feb 1875 "Arundel", Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia
d 1966 224 Derwent Ave, Lindisfarne, Tasmania, bu Cornelian Bay, Tasmania
Jean MCRAE m 13 Aug 1910 Scots Church, Hobart, Tasmania
   7 children, 6 living
Claude Edwin CAWTHORN b 3 Mar 1888 Port Cygnet, Tasmania d 10 May 1975 Wattle Grove, Tasmania, bu Ashes To, High Arundel, Tasmania, Australia 
Jean Doris (Schedlich) SHEDLEY m 4 Jun 1924 Congreg Ch Melvi, Hobart, Tasmania,
  3 living children,
George Francis Mylam CAWTHORN b 23 Mar 1873 Arundel, Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia
Christening: 1 Jun 1878 St Marys, Gretna, Tasmania bu Carr Villa Cemet, Launceston, Tasmania
Elena Ellen BATGE m 12 Dec 1912 Port Cygnet, Tasmania
  1living child
Alice Isabella CAWTHORN b 22 Apr 1886Port Cygnet, , Tasmania, Australia d 4 Aug 1966 bu Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania
Thomas BURNABY m 1909
  2 living children
Hilda Macquarie CAWTHORN b 30 Jul 1878 Arundel, Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia d 3 Feb 1882
High Arundel, Wattle Grove, Tasmania, Australia bu C Of E Cemetery, Cygnet, Tasmania,
John Henry Arundel CAWTHORN b 1 Dec 1870 Arundel, Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia Christening: 1 Jan 1871 St Marys, Gretna, Tasmania
Elizabeth Maria CAWTHORN b 30 Jul 1878 Arundel, Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia Christening: 15 Sep 1878  Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia d 1878
Annie Louise CAWTHORN b 22 Aug 1880 Port Cygnet, Tasmania d Aug 1968 Hobart, Tasmania
Harold Albert MORGAN m 1923
William Saxby Vincent CAWTHORN b Dec 1871 Arundel, Macquarie Plains, Tasmania, Australia Christening: 11 Feb 1872 St Marys, Gretna, Tasmania d 31 Oct 1925 bu Cornelian Bay, Tasmania
Alicia HALTON m 17 Feb 1897 St Marys Cathedr, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Frederick COCKERILL b 28 Feb 1840 Bothwell, Tasmania Christening: 1840 Cof E, Pontville, Tasmania, Australia
d 23 Sep 1911 Dunedin, New Zealand
Mary Latham TAYLOR m 21 Oct 1871Waikouaiti, New Zealand
  Frederick Taylor COCKERILL b 3 Dec 1879 West Hawksbury, Waikouaiti, New Zealand d 17 Jan 1931 New Zealand bu 1931 Masterton, New Zealand
  William Henry Taylor COCKERILL b 31 Dec 1881Hawksbury, Waikouaiti, New Zealand
Emma Louise COCKERILL b Mar 1856 Back River, New Norfolk, Tasmania Christening: 7 Dec 1856 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania d 19 Jun 1924 West Plains, New Zealand
William COCHRANE m 2 Oct 1880 Shag Valley, New Zealand
Matilda COCKERILL b 15 Mar 1849 Enfield, Bothwell, Tasmania d 9 Jul 1938 New Zealand
Thomas SCREEN m 30 Aug 1877 Waikouati, New Zealand
  Alice Louisa SCREEN b 1880 Waikouati, New Zealand d 1900
  Matilda Georgina Vincent SCREEN b 1878 Waikouati, New Zealand
  Charles Robert SCREEN b 1881Waikouati, New Zealand 
  Harold James SCREEN b 1889 Waikouati, New Zealand d 1972
  Thomas Oliver Mylam SCREEN b 1893 Waikouati, New Zealand d 1951
Alice Ellen COCKERILL b 11 Apr 1861Sunningdale New Norfolk Tasmania Christening 24 Aug 1861 Sunningdale New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 5 Nov 1931 New Town Infirma, Hobart, Tasmania, bu Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania 
Edward James COCKERILL b 16 Apr 1847 Bothwell, Tasmania Christened: 20 Mar 1852 St Matthew, New Norfolk, Tasmania d 5 Dec 1940 Masterton, New Zealand
Sarah Elizabeth CAWTHORN m 20 Aug 1875 Waikouaiti, New Zealand
  Emily Mona Annie COCKERILL b 16 Oct 1880 Palmerston, New Zealand d 1969
  Clara Laura Isabella COCKERILL b 25 Jun 1883 Palmerston, New Zealand d 25 Oct 1960  New Zealand
bu Taita, New Zealand
  Louisa Alice COCKERILL b 20 Aug 1878 Palmerston, New Zealand d 20 Jan 1968 Kandahar Eventid, Masterton,  New Zealand bu  Masterton, New Zealand
  Ruth Vincent COCKERILL b 20 Dec 1876 Palmerston, New Zealand d 23 Sep 1925 bu Dunedin, New Zealand
Charles COCKERILL b 28 May 1835 Bothwell, , Tasmania christened: 25 Dec 1837 St Michael & All, Bothwell, Tasmania d 12 Oct 1920 "Fernshaw", Back River, Tasmania
Matilda FISHER m 17 May 1858 "Blair", Bothwell, Tasmania
  Walter James COCKERILL b 19 May 1858 New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia d 1945
  Edith Eliza COCKERILL b 24 May 1862 "Grange Farm", New Norfolk, Tasmania Christened: 8 Aug 1862 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania d 24 Nov 1950 St Johns Park, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia bu Cornelian Bay, Hobart, Tasmania 
  Charles Frederick COCKERILL b 21 Jun 1864 New Norfolk, Tasmania  Christened: 12 Aug 1864 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania d 14 Nov
Jane Maria COCKERILL b 1 Aug 1843 Bothwell, Tasmania d 17 Nov 1853 New Norfok, Tasmania
Francis George COCKERILL b 2 Aug 1854 Hobart, Tasmania, d 18 Sep 1935 Palmerston, New Zealand
Janet KITCHEN m 24 May 1879 Palmerston South, Wellington, New Zealand
  Francis James Mylam COCKERILL b 25 Jan 1883 Palmerston South, Otago, New Zealand
  Marion Jane COCKERILL b8 Oct 1887 Palmerston, Otago, New Zealand d 1961 New Zealand
  John William Hebert COCKERILL b 16 May 1885 Palmerston South, Otago, New Zealand
  Charles Alfred COCKERILL b 17 May 1890 Palmerston South, Otago
  Alice Louisa COCKERILL b 3 Aug 1879 Palmerston South, Otago, New Zealand
Alfred Gower COCKERILL b 27 Sep 1858 Back River, New Norfolk, Tasmania
Jane FERRY   m Dunedin, New Zealand
Eliza COCKERILL  B 11 Dec 1837 New Norfolk, Tasmania Christened: 25 Dec 1837 St Michael & All, Bothwell, Tasmania d  31 Jul 1920 :
Thomas Allen SHONE m  25 Sep 1855 St Davids, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
ELIZA Susannah SHONE b 1856 St Davids, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia> d 1920
Laura Lavina SHONE b 1860 Back River, Tasmania
George Westlake SHONE  b 1862 Back River, Tasmania, Australia> d 1937
Alfred Edward SHONE b 1864 Back River, Tasmania, Australia> d 1960
Amelia Matilda SHONE b1867 Back River, Tasmania 
Amy Letitia SHONE b 1870  Back River, Tasmania, Australia d 1956
Lelias SHONE b1871Back River, Tasmania, Australia d 1962
Albert Charles SHONE b 1878 Back River, Tasmania, d Jul 1881Stanton Farm, Back River, Tasmania, 
Stanton Henric SHONE b 14 Jan 1874 Back River, Tasmania, Christened: 6 Jul 1876 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania, d Mar 1956
Walter Allen SHONE b 7 Apr 1866 Back River, Tasmania, Christened: 6 May 1866 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 20 Aug 1941
Minna Estelle SHONE  b 13 May 1876 Back River, Tasmania, Christened: 6 Jul 1876 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania, d England
Thomas Henry SHONE b 9 Sep 1858 Back River, Tasmania, christened: 22 Oct 1858 St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania, d 9 Aug 1891 New Norfolk, Tasmania, 
  Dennis Jones COCKERILL  B: 1 Aug 1845 , Bothwell, Tasmania D: 9 Sep 1941 Balclutha, Kaitangata, , New Zealand M: 28 Dec 1871 Waikouaiti, , New Zealand
  Amy Matilda "Maude" CHAPMAN B:  1850 Waikouaiti, , New Zealand
Elizabeth Robinson Chapman Cockerill b 1869  Waikouaiti,  New Zealand
Henry Mylam Cockerill b 1872 Waikouaiti, New Zealand
Albert Edward Cockerill B 1874 Waikouaiti, New Zealand d 1969
William Rupert Cockerill  b 1878 Waikouaiti, New Zealand 
Denis Percy Cockerill  b 1876 Waikouaiti, New Zealand
Edith Maud COCKERILL b 1890 Waikouaiti, New Zealand
Herbert William COCKERILL b 1884 Waikouaiti, , New Zealand>
Mabel Florence Cockerill  b 1887 Waikouaiti, New Zealand d 1985
Evelyn Joyce Chapman
Amy Ethel Chapman B 1880 Waikouaiti New Zealand
Lucy VINCENT  b 27 MAY 1819 christening 14 JUL 1822 Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London d 27 MAR 1857 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, at 37 years of age
William FISHER  m 1835 Hobart, Tasmania on of Edward FISHER and Elizabeth GREGORY
Alica Eliza FISHER  b Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 19 August 1854.
Edwin Augustus FISHER  b Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 19 January 1850.
Emily Helen Anne FISHER  b Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia about 1836.
Louisa Susannah  FISHER  b Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 16 July 1847. Baptized New Norfolk, Tasmania, 13 January 1856
Alfred William FISHER  b 7 January 1845 Tasmania, Australia .
Vincent FISHER  b 7 NOV 1835, Tasmania
Edward Vincent FISHER  b 19 JUN 1852 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Caroline VINCENT  b 1821 England, Christening: 14 Jul 1822 Stepney, London, Eng, d 18 Sep 1896 Footscray, Vic, Astl
James Hollis M 5 Jul 1837 Oatlands, Tasmania, 
George Rivers VINCENT  b 16 APR 1823 Aboard Ship Elizabeth Between Eng To Astl, Atlantic Ocean, At Sea  d 29 SEP 1881
Mary ROSEVEAR b 1831 m 17 JUN 1848 Launceston, Tasmania, 
  George VINCENT  b 27 Mar 1851 Launceston, Tasmania, d 29 Dec 1851 Oatlands, 
  George Rivers VINCENT  b 1854 Muckelford,Victoria,  d 1856 same dsp
  George Rivers VINCENT  b 1866
  Louisa Jane GOWER b: 25 FEB 1866 in Port Sorell, Tasmania
Olive Mary Charlotte VINCENT b: 1897
Arthur Wesley VINCENT b: 1891
James Alfred VINCENT b: 1889
Daisy Emma VINCENT
  Caroline Rosevear VINCENT 17 Jun 1862, Smeaton, Tasmania, Australia
  Edward Lennox BAILEY M 21 Sep 1889 Place: Launceston, Tasmania
Matilda VINCENT  b 1825 Australia
Henry PRIMMER  m 29 Apr 1843 Hobart, Tasmania,
Henry Vincent Rivers RIMMER b 1844  Oatlands, Tasmania
  Arthur Clement RIMMER b 1846 Oatlands Tasmania d 2 Jan 1854 Brighton Tasmania
George Rivers RIMMER b 1853 Green Ponds, Tasmania
Amy Matilda RIMMER b 1853  Green Ponds, Tasmania
Mildred Rivers RIMMER b 1867  Springhurst, Victoria, 
Female RIMMER  b 8 Feb 1848  Hobart, Tasmania
Florence Ada RIMMER b 9 May 1855 Brighton, Tasmania, d 1875 Victoria
Female RIMMER b19 May 1850  Tasmania
Major-General George Dean-Pitt,  K.H. b 1781 Ireland (b in Hampshire per better source) d 8 Jan 1851 Bu: 11 Jan 1851 at Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland. First commission in 42nd Regiment in 1805. Peninsula Medal Roll,  Commander of the Forces in NZ and Lt. Governor of New Ulster, part of North Island. Sworn in early in 1848. Reported to the governor, George Edward Grey (1812-1898), who was 31 years his junior. . His time of service in NZ was brief but effective in bringing to a close the First Maori War. He died in office .  LINK HERE TO HIS OBITS Illegitimate son of George Pitt, Lord Rivers  
Susan Baillie, b 1797/8 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, m 20 or 21 May 1818 Bristol St. James, d 18 March 1875 at 11 Burlington Road, Westbourne  Park, Middlesex, administration granted April 1875 & 30 January 1888.  in 1871 Census, lived in Paddington, with three daughters -Georgina, Susan and Charlotte.   
S Dean Pitt b 1828  Malta  C. Dean Pitt b 1839 Clevedon  to place  also in 1901 Census Louisa G. Dean-Pitt b 1800 Auckland NZ
. George Dean-PITT d infant 1 Jun 1822, Floriana, George Pitt, 3 mos 13 days.
. William Augustus Dean PITT Youngest son, 60th Rifles d 8 Nov 1890 NZ
 . Georgina Emma Susan Dean-Pitt  b 1822 Clifton, Eldest dau d 23 May 1877 131 Blenheim Crescent, Kensington age 59  Lived with mother in 1871 dsp
 . Marcia Dean-Pitt
  Emilia Dean-Pitt   b 20 June 1820, baptized at Edinburgh, m 23 May 1848 St. Paul, Auckland] d 5 April 1891 Camington House, Osburne Road, Southsea aged 70 years Caused of death: pleurisy (right) m Maj General Laye below:  Marriage Announcement: "LAYE - PITT On Tuesday, 23rd May 1848, at St Paul's, by Rev J F Churton, J H Laye Esq, Captain of H M 58th Regt, second son of the late Lt Gen Laye, RA, to Emelia Marie Dean, second daughter of His Excellency Major General Dean Pitt, KH, commanding the Forces in NZ.  [NZ'er 24 May 1848]   Witnesses, Maj General PITT and the Governor George Edward GREY."
  Major General Joseph Henry LAYE, C.B., son of Lt. General Francis LAYE, Maj General Laye, husband, present at her death ) M on 23 May 1848 St Paul's, Auckland  
 ". . .Laye took over the Commercial Hotel for his troops, and, assisted by the technical expertise of Lieutenant T. B. Collinson, Royal Engineers, began construction of a fort overlooking the settlement . . . The site chosen by Laye and Collinson was a sandy hill, standing some seventy feet above the Wanganui River, at the north end of the settlement . . ..Laye named it "The Rutland Stockade". . .On 16 April, a midshipman named Crozier from the gunboat was joking with a Maori, when he accidentally discharged his firearm, wounding the Maori in the cheek. The man belonged to a group which was friendly to the Europeans, and although he spread the word that it had only been an accident, others decided that this spilling of blood by a white man demanded utu. Two days later, an outlying farm belonging to a settler, J.A. Gilfillan, was attacked by five Maoris. Gilfillan and his sixteen-year old daughter escaped but his wife and three others children were murdered. It was believed that this attack had been carried out, not by the relatives of the wounded Maori, but by others who hoped to incriminate those who were friendly with the Europeans. However the plan miscarried, for the five murderers were caught and delivered up to Laye by the very Maoris whom it was hoped to incriminate. Laye decided to waste no time and promptly set up a court-martial . . . They found the accused men guilty and sentenced four of them to be hanged and the fifth, on account of his youth, to be transported for life. On the 26th the sentence was carried out . . . .  The Maoris pressed forward, forcing the mounted settlers to retire, and, covered by fire from the hills, seized some outlying houses and opened fire on the fort. . . . The Maoris came on with great gallantry, but . . . the defender's, fire was too effective . . . Laye and Hardy kept their men to their work, and down on the river Lieutenant Holmes' gunboat provided effective flanking fire. . . ." The Maoris gave up, and Laye reported in his letter, according to Bartrop, that two chiefs were killed on their side, but he suffered no losses." Above from Michael Bartrop's To Face the Daring Maoris. Copyright.  
Major General Joseph Henry LAYE, C.B.  b 1849 NZAuckland   See Laye Family 


George Sinclair LAYE, b 1853, Royal Navy in 1881 at Portsmouth,.m  Portsea  1882,  d 1884 at   Pontaferry, Down, Ireland Bu: Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG Son of Gen. J.H. LAYE and Emelia Dean-Pitt   


Amy Selina Nugent m June 1882 at Portsea to:  b 10 JAN 1854, Auckland, NZ, daughter of Captain Charles Lavallin NUGENT HM 58th Regt and  to Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt, fifth daughter of his Excellency Major General George Dean-Pitt, KH, whom Francis' father served under in NZ. Francis d 1884 at  Pontaferry, Down, Ireland, home of the Nugents.   Note: Amy appears to have d at the age 30 in 1895, Isle of Wight - Previously, in 1891, she was living with her father-in-law, General Laye). 

  VIOLET SELINA LAYE b Dec 1894 Henley, Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxfordshire, Bu near F.G.S. LAYE, her father, Highland Rd Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, Eng
  EDWARD LAYE b Dec 1894 Henley, Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxfordshire  d  Dec 1895
Lieutenant-General George Dean-Pitt, C.B., A.D.C. b ab 1822       " Eldest surviving son- Ensign in 48th Regiment in 1839, In 1863 proceeded to with others to raise volunteers for the Waikato War. The first Waikato Regiment was known as "Pitt's Four-hundred." Keeper of the Crown Jewels. He had six children. Played an important role in the Second Maori War.    "In 1858 the yeomanry cavalry corps was bestowed the title of "Royal". They then became the "1st or Royal Victorian Volunteer Calvary", the corps also received there own standard, which also gave the corps considerable prestige. Captain George Dean Pitt was appointed colonel of the inf regt in 1859. The Victorian volunteer rifles consisted of ten coys in the melbourne district, The Geelong corps three coys, other corps were raised in Portland, Belfast, and Warrnambool districts this totaled to three battalions. In 1862 the north Melbourne district battalion consisted of Pentridge, North Melbourne, West Melbourne, Fitzroy, Williamstown, East Collingwood and Carlton. The southern districts Battalion consisted of Brighton, 1st and 2nd St Kilda, Melbourne city, Hawthorn, Kew, Richmond, Emerald hill, Prahran and south Yarra coys. The country battalion consisted of Geelong, Portland, Belfast, Warrnambool, Ballarat, Castlemaine, Sandhurst,and Maryborough coys. The combined total of the three battalions was 2420 men. (entusiasm no doubt because of the Maori war in NZ) Each unit fuctioned under its own rules and therefore approved its own uniform design to be distictive of the other coys." 
The First Significant Overseas War: Australians leave for the Waikato War in NZ (1863). By Scott Davidson:    "the man responsible for recruiting in the Australian Colonies, Lieutenant Colonel George Dean Pitt. If the recruits lost their land, Pitt assured, then so did he and that there would be no doubt of the outcome of this war.  Pitt was in the colonies not just to recruit but to instill confidence in the land for service offer and by doing so, justify the Waikato War. The men wanted assurances, and received them, that the land would be there in three years time but the press and local governments of the Australian colonies had other concerns."
  Hon. Louisa ST. PAUL dau of Sir Horace St. Paul, Bt.  b London abt 1816 m 22 Nov 1842 Kew
Louisa Grey Dean PITT 2nd dau  dsp unmarried d 21 Nov 1934  1881 in Paddington with family, In 1891 Census, listed as "traveller" and staying with sister Augusta and her husband.   Single.
Augusta S. Dean PITT, d 3 Jan 1915 Monaco  Kensington in 1891. 1881 visiting cousin b abt 1848  Meerut, India
Augustus ARTHUR, M.A.  1891 Census: Kensington, 1901 as a Boarder in Kensignton 
. Captain Stanley Talbot Dean PITT, C.B., R.N. Navy  1853 d 24 Sep 1936 Devon,  m 1884, Lived in Devonshire.Christng 12 DEC 1853 Holy Trinity, Clifton, Derby, Youngest son, Zulu War 1879, Egyptian War 1884, WW I Anti-submarine force, (Ref Times obit 26 Sep 1936). 
2 Leila Helen Moriarity m 9 Jul 1906 widow to E.O. Moriarity dau Commander W.H. Geary R.N.  
1 Augusta Mary WILLIAMS  d 1904
. Stanely Dean PITT, m 1909 d 1912  only son
. Violet CARNEGIE ANSTEY  b March 1887 - Paddington, London,
. Eve Mary Dean PITT, alive as of 1966  only dau
Captain Charles Parker DEEDS, D.S.O., son of General Deeds, Mil  Sec to Sec of State of War
. Susie Grant Dean PITT b abt 1858 youngest dau  m 26 Sep 1891 d 11 Aug 1939 (Times 14 Aug).
. Rev William Marsden MERCER Missionary in Zululand, Vicar of Flockton m 1893 Kensignton
. George Francis Dean PITT  Eldest son m 27 Jul 1880 Was Lt in 1st Regt Waikato Militia 04 Sep 1863 
. Charlotte Catherine WAINWRIGHT  3rd dau of Capt John Wainwright, R.N. d 4 May 1929 New Brunswick
 . Lt. William Augustus DEAN PITT  Second son. b 1833, d 8 Nov 1890.Bu: Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland.  m to a daughter of the Hon. J.T. Gellibrand.Annie Isabella Lloyd Gellibrand (d 3 April 1908 Alexandra Road, Remuera, NZ).Was ensign in the 60th Rifles in 1852, transferred to the 55th as a lieutenant in 1856. Sold out in 1857 to settle in Australia. Pitt then in 1684 came back to NZ. In 1866 he moved to Auckland.
Clara Eliza DEAN PITT b 5 Sep 1838 Christng 2 Oct 1838  Recorded in: Bristol, Gloucestershire, ENG Collection: St James Father George DEAN PITT  Mother: Susan  Source: FHL Film 1596535 Dates 1830- 1844,  1901 Census, living with sister Susan with brother-in-law General George Hyde Page.   dsp
Susan Augusta DEAN PITT  b 14 JUL 1847 Meerut, West Bengal, India Living in ENG in 1881 as  Augusta S. D. PITT, as a visitor of Elizabeth COURTAULD.  Augusta's occupation: "Funded Proprietress."  In 1891 Census, single, under name Susan Dean Pitt, boarding with sister Clara at Eastbourne. [but that Clara was b 1859  c out] 1901 Census, living with sister Susan with brother-in -law General George Hyde Page.   dsp
Louisa Dean-PITT  b abt 1818 1827, Malta,  British Subject   Marriage Announcement:  PAGE - PITT: "On 18th November 1848 at St Paul's Church, by Right Rev the Lord Bishop of  NZ  George Hyde Page Esq., Lieutenant 58th Regt, to Louisa, third daughter of His Excellency Major  General George Dean Pitt, KH,  Commanding the Forces in NZ'er."  [NZ'er 22 Nov 1848]   Witnesses, Governor Grey and R.W. Wynyard. d 17 May 1896 (Times 20 May 1896).
LT. GENERAL GEORGE HYDE Page  b 03 FEB 1823 Charlton Mackrell, Somerset/ Holbrook, Somerset, Royal Lincolnshire Regiment. 1841 58th Foot - Ensign; New Zealand- medal; 1843: as a Lt- arrested -a silly incident of a prank with a door knocker that was damaged- Page settled out of court (Times 16 Nov 1843); - In 1881 Census (no children living at home) at No 3 Tavistock Road, London, Middlesex, ENG  In 1891 Census at Hove Sussex. with wife Louisa  d 1896. 1901 Census:  Living with servants and his two sister-in-laws, Susan and Clara DEAN-PITT. Dep Quartermaster General Australian Colonies, then Cape Good Hope, the 1st W Middlesex Brigade  d 1908   Parents:Robert Page and Elizabeth Bowles, Siblings: William 1828-1865, John Francis 1831-1852, Robert 1821, Thomas Douglas 1825, Mary Albinia d 1868, Eliza Anne d 1871, Julia Jane Anne, Blanche, Blance (2), b  
Henry HYDE Page b 21 OCT 1851 christening: 9 NOV 1851 St Thomas Chartrhouse, Finsbury, London, 
George Thomas HYDE Page b 22 SEP 1849 Trevallyn, Tasmania, christening: 9 NOV 1851 St Thomas Chartrhouse, Finsbury, London, 
Mary Anne - - - - m 1874 , Tasmania
Captain Robert Hyde PAGE Eldest son d before 1890
Matilda MORTIMER m 1854 Youngest dau Chas, Mortimer, Bath. (A Mrs. Hyde Page introdiced at court to Queen by Lady Love- 1859)
Miss Hyde PAGE
Miss Hyde PAGE
Marjorie Hyde PAGE
Richard STONE  m 1908
  Julia Jane Anne Hyde PAGE d 8 Dec 1890 16 yrs, 4th dau
Charlotte MARCIA Dean-Pitt b 6 Mar 1830, bapt at Corfu d 7 Apr 1873, Marriage Announcement: NUGENT - PITT  18 Nov 1848 at St Paul's Church by Right Rev the Lord Bishop of NZ, Charles Lavallin Nugent Esq, Captain in HM 58th Regt, to Charlotte Marcia, fifth daughter of His Excellency Major  General George Dean Pitt, KH, Commanding the Forces in NZ'er.  [NZ'er 22 Nov 1848] 

Major General Charles Lavallin William (Savage) NUGENT  Son of Lt. Colonel Andrew Savage Nugent and the Hon. Selina VESEY of Portaferry, 58th Regiment was b 4 Dec 1815 Portaferry, Down, Ireland, and d 3 Nov 1884 Southsea. Note: Charles later became a general and also a judge. There was a Field Marshall Nugent, Lavall count Nugent (1777-1862). He is described as being "adroit and discreet, with a competent knowledge of the Maori language"Later became Native Secretary to the colony. LDS IGI claims Charlotte b   1845 Portaferry, Down, Ireland..  .  Served in New Zealand War 1845-6, commanded the advanced guard which pentrated the forest at Ruapekapeka, present at the capture of that pah.

  Lieutenant Charles NUGENT - 7th Company -b 1850,  killed by a mine at Kabul - 23 Dec 1879--- Eldest son of General C. Nugent and Charlotte Pitt. B 19th February 1850 in Auckland, NZ. After studying in Scotland and Ireland he went to Sandhurst and in 1871 was commissioned to the Royal Engineers. In 1874 he was posted to the Bengal Sappers and Miners. In 1879 and was killed (with Captain Dundas, VC) near Sherpur when setting mines to blow up an enemy fort, when the mine exploded prematurely. Below Credit to this site: 
Comm. Raymond Andrew NUGENT, R.N., b 25 Feb 1870
Mabel Louisa NUGENT m 1890 
  Arthur George M'ROBERT b 30 Aug 1891
  Charles Nugent M'ROBERT b 26 Jan 1897
  Edith Margaret M'ROBERT b 21 May 1893
  Norman Murie M'ROBERT b 30 May 1899
Edith Charlotte NUGENT b 1860 Pembroke
Comm. Rowland NUGENT, R.N.,  b Dec 1862  m 1888
Maud RUTHERFORD  dau of H. Rutherford
William Lavallin NUGENT b 5 Apr 1858  m 1896
Ethel SELLERS dau of Rev. Sellers
. Major Arthur NUGENT b 3 APR 1856 Tauraroa, Auckland, NZ  M: 4 Apr 1893 54th Regt & 7th Fuseliers,  Harts Army List 1888-Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
. Elizabeth Douglas Father Capt Waddell Cunningham Douglas, 17th Lancers,  b 6 Oct 1809  Mother: Louisa Turner  
  Arthur Charles NUGENT b 12 Apr 1894
  Raymond Lavallin NUGENT b 30 Jul 1903
  Aileen Louisa NUGENT b 27 Nov 1895
  Edith Elizabeth NUGENT b 1 Aug 1897
. Mabel Amy NUGENT b 10 Nov 1899
. Captain George NUGENT, R.A., b 1852 Portaferry, Down, Ireland  d 1898 


Amy Selina NUGENT, M Jun 1882 at Portsea to:  (b 10 JAN 1854, Auckland, NZ, daughter of Captain Charles Lavallin NUGENT HM 58th Regt and  to Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt, fifth daughter of his  Excellency Major General George Dean-Pitt, KH, whom Francis' father served under in NZ. Francis d 1884 at Portaferry, Down, Ireland, home of the Nugents.   Note: Amy appears to have d at the age 30 in 1895, Isle of Wight - Previously, in 1891, she was living with her father-in-law, General Laye). 


Francis George Sinclair LAYE, b 1853, Royal Navy in 1881 at Portsmouth,.m  Portsea  1882,  d 1884 at   Portaferry, Down, Ireland Bu: Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG Son of Gen. J.H. LAYE and Emelia Dean-Pitt   

. VIOLET SELINA LAYE  b Dec 1894 Henley, Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxfordshire, Buried with or near F.G.S. LAYE, her father Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea, Hampshire, ENG  1901 
. EDWARD LAYE b Dec 1894 Henley Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxfordshire  d Dec 1895
Lt Col Douglas Charles Dean-Pitt  B 24 Mar 1851 Christg: 04 Apr 1851 Holy Trinity, Clifton, Derby, ENG, 1901 Census -visiting at Portsmouth 
Alice Antoinette Birdwood, dau of General Christopher Birdwood b 1861 Belgorm, India 
. Elsie Dean-Pitt b 1883 Marbleswaur, India
. Dorothy Dean-Pitt b 1889 Cheltenham
 . Major Douglas Charles Dean-Pitt ??
 . Gladys Douglas Dean-Pitt, b Bombay in  1883,  1901 Boarding 
 . m A Captain  in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces
Alice Louisa Grant Dean Pitt  b 29 DEC 1880, bap: 12 FEB 1881 Kirkee, Maharashtra, India 
Catherine Eleanor Preston b.6-29-1922 m. on 6-15-1946 to Peter Birdwood Small b.3-22-1919. He was the son of Alfred MacKenzie Small of Scone, Perthshire, Scotland and Alice Louise Dean-Pitt of Bombay, India. They had 3 children:
·        Peter MacKenzie Small b.1-27-1948.
·        Catherine Elizabeth Small b.11-13-1949.
Robert Douglas Small b.5-17-1952     NEED TO SORT THIS OUT!
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Pitt, William Tutepuaki (Captain), 1877-1937 (Items)
Served in South African War, and with Maori Pioneer Battalion in World War I. An associate of Sir Apirana Ngata. Listed in NZ Gazette as licensed interpreter, 1907-1933. Son of Major C Dean Pitt, grandson of Major-General George Dean Pitt. 
Pitt, William Augustus Dean, fl 1850 (Items)
Pitt, Augustus, fl 1800s (as the contributor)
Pitt, Henry D, fl 1868-1874 (as the contributor)

Pitt, Matthew, fl 1868 (as the contributor)
  Louisa PITT b: 1756 Stratfield-Say, Southampton, Hampshire, ENG D: 30 Apr 1791, Florence, Italy
  Peter BECKFORD b 1740, m 22 Mar 1773 Ofstratfield-Say, Southampton. (His parents: Julines BECKFORD and Elizabeth ASHLEY. d 1811  Photo credit:   Wonderful web page link here on Peter Beckford -Detailed & interesting    Avid hunter wrote "Thoughts on Hunting."    Nice feature story on him -ref Times, Wednesday, Feb 27, 1935; pg. 17. 
  Marcia Lucy BECKFORD b Abt 1781 Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire
Harriet BECKFORD b 2 Jan 1779  ""    ""  m 
Henry SEYMOUR m 1807.
  Son BECKFORD 9 Jun 1776
  William Horace Beckford PITT-RIVERS -The 3rd Lord Rivers b 2 Dec 1777 Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire d 23 Jan 1831 Hyde Park, London, Middlesex,
Frances RIGBY  Dau of Lt. Col. Rigby of Mistley Hall, m 9Feb 1808 Mistley Hall, Essex  
 . Harriet -Elizabeth PITT-RIVERS 17 Jan 1816   Sudeley Castle. m
Fanny (Frances) PITT-RIVERS  b 19 Mar 1809   Sudeley Castle  d 1 Feb 1836
Fredrick  William  COX 24 Jul 1834 
Horace PITT-RIVERS,  6th and Last Baron Rivers b 12 Apr 1814 Lond d Wed 31 Mar 1880 m twice:   sp
1 Eleanor SUTER 10 Apr 1845
2 Emmeline LAURE 26 Jun 1873. dau of Captain John Pownal, Bastard of Sharpham, Devon.
  George PITT-RIVERS, The 4th Lord Rivers b 16 Jul 1810 Sudeley Castle 28 Apr 1866 Ofportman Square, London. Buried: 5 May 1866. m
  Lady Susan Georgiana LEVESON-GOWER 2 Feb 1833 (her parents: George LEVESON-GOWER and Harriet Elizabeth CAVENDISH.
. Hon. Alice Charlotte PITT-RIVERS b Abt 1842 Torquay, Devonshire, Christened: 28 Feb 1842, d 21 Jun 1865  m
William ARBUTHNOT b 27 Sep 1838, m 26 Apr 1865 d 12 Sep1893, has surname BAILLIE in his pedigree son of son of Archibald Francis Arbuthnot and Hon. Gertrude Sophia Gough
. Hon. Blanche Caroline PITT-RIVERS b 20 June 1840 Stepleton, d 28 August 1914
. Hon. Mary Emma PITT-RIVERS b 7 Oct 1843 d 13 Oct 1900 m 2 Aug 1883
. Very Rev. Phillip Frank ELIOT, D.D. Dean of Windsor 
 . Victor Alexander George ELIOT
. Hon. Margaret Grace PITT-RIVERS b 24 May 1847 d 21 Apr 1926 m 7 Nov 1878
. Rev. William PAGE-ROBERTS
 . George Rivers PAGE-ROBERTS b 1880
 . Mary Margaret PAGE-ROBERTS  b 1881
 . Constance Susan PAGE-ROBERTS  b 1882
 . Alice Marcia PAGE-ROBERTS b 1888 
Hon. Susan Harriett PITT-RIVERS b 28 May 1835 d  27 June 1920 m 30 July 1872. 
. Hon. Gertrude Emily PITT-RIVERS b 18 February 1852
  Hon. William Frederick PITT-RIVERS b  21 Oct 1845 Brighton, Sussex, d 8 Jul 1859 bu Steepleton  dsp
. Hon. George Horace PITT-RIVERS b 20 Mar 1834 British Emb, Paris, France d 20 Dec 1850 
. Hon. Grandville Beckford PITT-RIVERS b 25 Jul 1838 Brighton, Sussex, Chr: 24 Aug 1838 Chapel Royal, Brighton, Sussex, d 20 Aug 1855 -bu Steepleton
. Henry Peter PITT-RIVERS 5th Baron Rivers Born 7 April 1849 Died 17 March 1867 Torquay, Devon
. Hon. Marcia-Louisa PITT-RIVERS b 21 Aug 1850 d 18 Oct 1850
  Hon. Fanny Georgiana PITT-RIVERS, Marchioness of Caermarthen also Carmarthen b 26 Dec 1836 Sudeley Castle, Glcstr, d 23 Dec 1895 Hornby Castle or Westminister,  Yorkshire,  Bu Hornby Castle, Yrkshr
. George Godolphin OSBORNE, 9th Duke of Leeds m 16 Jan 1861 b 11 Aug 1828 Paris, Seine, d 1895
Alexandra Louisa OSBORNE b 20 Feb 1872 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Cecil Walter PAGET
Francis Granville OSBORNE b 11 Mar 1864 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Ruth GRIEVE  b Abt. 1866 Farnham Royal
Albert Edward OSBORNE b 10 Apr 1866 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Alice Susan OSBORNE b 17 May 1869 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Ada OSBORNE b 30 May 1870 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
William Hugh Spencer Wentworth FITZ WILLIAM
Constance Blanche OSBORNE b 8 Jun 1875 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Ernest Frederick George HATCH
Miss OSBORNE b 28 Jul 1867 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Henry Frederick Compton CAVENDISH
George Godolphin OSBORNE, 10th Duke of Leeds, b 18 Sep 1862 d  10 May 1927 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Lady Katherine Frances LAMBTON
Lady Gwendolen Fanny Godolphin Osborne b. 2 Mar 1885, d. 25 Feb 1933
Algernon CECIL
Lady Olga Katherine Godolphin Osbourne b. 3 Oct 1886, d. 9 Aug 1929
Lady Dorothy Beatrix Godolphin Osbourne  b. 3 Dec 1888, d. 18 Jun 1946
Lady Moira Godolphin Osbourne b. 20 May 1892
Sir John Francis Godophin Osbourne, 11th Duke of Leeds b. 12 Mar 1901, d. Jul 1963
  George Fredereck Godolphin OSBORNE b 4 Nov 1861 d  6 Nov 1861 Farnham Royal, Yorkshire
Penelope PITT, after Viscountess LIGONIER,  B 23 Feb 1749 Place: Strathfieldsaye, Hampshire, D  1827 M twice  Div from Ligonier
Viscount Edward LIGONIER  1767, Inherited the title 2nd Viscount Ligonier of Clonmell, Ireland following the death of his kinsman, John Ligonier, in 1770. Created Earl Ligonier of Clonmell, County Tipperary, Ireland, July 1776. m 16 Dec 1766 British Embassy, Paris, Ville de Paris, France Father: Francis Augustus Ligonier, Divorced from P. Pitt, remarried Mary Henley -Dau of the Earl of Northington., 
m2 Captain Smith of Strathfieldsaye, m 1784 
  Honourable Marcia Lucy PITT B 29 Mar 1756 Strathfield Saye, Hampshire, d 5 Aug 1822. First dau
James FOX-LANE of Strathfield Saye, 23 Jul 1789. 
. William Augustus LANE FOX b 1795    Death: 11 Feb 1832 in Torquay, Devon
. Caroline DOUGLAS m 31 Dec 1817 d 7 Nov 1873 Father: John DOUGLAS b 1 Jul 1756 Mother: Frances LASCELLES b 11 Jun 1762
William Edward LANE FOX b: 1818 d 1852
Augustus Henry Lane Fox PITT RIVERS b 14 Apr 1827 Hope Hall, Bramham Yorks, d 4 May 1900
Alice Margaret STANLEY b: 1828 m 3 Feb 1853 d  19 May 1910 Father: Edward John STANLEY b: 13 Nov 1802 Mother: Henrietta Maria DILLON b: 21 Dec 1807 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Unnamed PITT RIVERS b: 19 Nov 1853 d 19 Nov 1853
Alexander Edward Lane FOX PITT RIVERS b: 2 Nov 1855 Malta 
Alice Ruth Hermione THYNNE   M: 25 Apr 1889
  Capt. George Henry Lane FOX PITT RIVERS b: 22 May 1890 d 17 Jun 1966 ethnographer; anthropological writer
  (Emily) Rachel FORSTER  M: 22 Dec 1915
  Marcia Ruth Georgiana FOX PITT RIVERS b: 5 Nov 1891
  John Dugdale Pelham ASTLEY-CORBETT
St George William Lane FOX PITT b: 14 Sep 1856 d 6 Apr 1932 Some of his work aimed at producing a practical incandescent lamp and distribution system.
Edith Gertrude DOUGLAS M: 25 Mar 1899
  Lt. General William Augustus Lane FOX PITT b: 9 Jan 1858 in Brompton Crescent, London, d 17 Mar 1945   Father of modern archaeology
Lily Ethel PAYNE m 1893
  William Augustus Fitzgerald Lane FOX PITT b: 28 Jan 1896
  Mary Stewart SINCLAIR
  Thomas Stanley Lane FOX PITT b: 27 Nov 1897
  Marjory Florence Hope BARTON
  Alice Agnes FOX PITT b: 11 Dec 1899
  Charles William Sholto DOUGLAS
Ursula Katherine Lane FOX PITT RIVERS b: 1859 d 1942
William Charles SCOTT
  Katherine SCOTT
Lionel Charles Lane FOX PITT b: 5 Nov 1860
  Alice Augusta Laurentia Lane FOX PITT RIVERS Baroness Avebury  b 11 Jan 1861 CAN
John LUBBOCK, M.P.,  First Lord Avebury b: 30 Apr 1834 in 22 Eaton Place, London, ENG d 1913 
Lubbock was elected the first president of the Institute of Bankers in 1879; in 1881 he was president of the British Association, and from 1881 to 1886 president of the Linnean Society of London. In January 1884 he founded the Proportional Representation Society, later to become the Electoral Reform Society. In 1865 Lubbock published what was probably the most influential archaeological text book of the 19th Century, Pre-historic Times, as Illustrated by Ancient Remains, and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages, and was responsible for inventing the names Palaeolithic and Neolithic to denote the Old and New Stone Ages respectively.  His father was Sir John William Lubbock, 1803–65, an astronomer and mathematician. He made a special study of tides and of the lunar theory and developed a method for calculating the orbits of comets and planets. In mathematics he applied the theory of probability to life insurance problems   SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA.
. Hon. Ursula LUBBOCK b. 6 Feb 1885, d. 15 Jan 1959
Lt.-Col. Adrian Grant DUFF
. Hon. Irene LUBBOCK, after Lady Pelham, b: 30 Mar 1886, d 14 Feb 1961 33 Belgrave Square, London, 
Sir Edward Henry Pelham, K.C.B., d 18 December 1949  age 72, result of an accident.
. Hon. Captain Harold Fox Pitt LUBBOCK, M.A., b: 10 Jun 1888 d 4 Apr 1918 at age 29, killed in action. Graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge University. 
Hon. Dorothy Charlotte FORSTER
. Hon. Captain Eric Fox Pitt LUBBOCK b: 16 May 1893 d 11 Mar 1917 killed in action. Awarded decoration of Military Cross (M.C.)
Hon. Maurice Fox Pitt LUBBOCK b: 17 Oct 1900
Hon. Mary Katherine Adelaide Stanley,
  Lady Agnes Geraldine FOX PITT RIVERS b: Jan 1862
. Walter John GROVE b: 9 Sep 1852
. Honor GROVE b: 1883
. Gerald GROVE b: 1886
. Oenone GROVE b: 1889
. Terence GROVE b: 1893
. Walter Peel GROVE b: 1904
. Douglas Henry Lane FOX PITT b: 17 Dec 1864 d 1922  Occupation: Artist
. Arthur Algernon Lane FOX PITT RIVERS b: 11 Apr 1866 d 1895 
Sackville Walter Lane-Fox, MP  Death: 18 Aug 1874
Lady Charlotte Mary Ann Geogiana OSBORNE  M: 22 May 1826
Marcia Bridget Lane-Fox
Hon. Sir Edward Marmaduke Vavasour, Bart. 
George LANE FOX  b 1793   M: 20 Sep 1814  Death: 15 Nov 1848
Georgiana Henrietta BUCKLEY
  George LANE FOX b: 13 Nov 1816 


Others to place:
PITT Cholwell Dean Lieutenant 1st Regt Waikato Militia 05 Nov 1863      
PITT George Dean Lieutenant Colonel 1st Regt Waikato Militia 27 Jun 1863           
Captain Stanley Talbot Dean-Pitt, M Harriet ?? - Children: Stanely and Eve
son- 1871 Census"  .Stanley S Dean Pitt 17 Clifton, Derbyshire, ENG Midshipmen Vessels Royal Navy  d 1936

 Dean-Pitt, Susie Grant Year: 1893 Quarter: September Record Type: Marriages Volume: 1a
District: Kensington Page: 273
C. Dean Pitt m Emily Dunlop (birt: 18 JUN 1866 plac: Gisborne, NZ deat: 30  APR 1947
Lt. G.T. Dean Pitt, HMS Vernon, taking a Short course of torpedo and gunnery instruction, dated January 6th, 1882          
Douglas, Lady Edith Gertrude aft. Fox-Pitt ( Fox-Pitt, Lady Edith Gertrude; Pitt, Lady Edith Gertrude Fox) 1874-1963       
Lt Fox, Alexander Edward Lane- aft. Lane-Fox-Pitt; aft. Lane-Fox-Pitt-Rivers 1855-1927

  Named in the book "To Face The Maoris" by Michael Barthorp, about the first NZ war  1845-7:     
NUGENT Charles Lavallin. Capt 58th Foot
PAGE. George Hyde. Lieut.58th Foot M Charlotte PITT in NZ 1848  
PITT Charlotte
PITT Maj-General
PAULET Lord William. Crimean War
LAYE Joseph Henry. Capt

Following account of Lt Page, the husband of Lousia Dean Pitt - See website and full story at:    * Courtesy: James Cowan, "The NZ Wars"
A private's uniform in the 58th Regiment   
 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment Of Foot
Arrived In NZ: 1845 from Sydney, Australia.Departed NZ: 1858 Campaigns: Northern War, Wellington, Wanganui   Engagements: Okaihau (Northern War), Ohaeawai (Northern War), Ruapekapeka (Northern War), Boulcotts Farm, Horokiri, St. John's Wood

The most advanced post of the Regular troops in May 1846, was on Boulcott's Farm where fifty men of the 58th Regiment were stationed under Lieutenant G.H.Page. Some little distance higher up the valley, at the Taita, an outpost was established near Mr Mason's section, where a small detachment of the Hutt Militia was stationed.

Half the force of soldiers at Boulcott's were quartered in a large barn, around which a stockade of slabs and small logs had been erected and loopholed for musket-fire. The rest of the troops were accommodated in the small slab outhouses near the barn and in tents. Lieutenant Page and his soldier servant occupied Mr Boulcott's cottage; the owner of the place and his two men servants used a small house adjoining.

It was upon this post that the Maori, under Rangihaeata's orders, and led by Topine Te Mamaku (otherwise known as Te Karamu), of the Ngati-Haua-te-Rangi, Upper Wanganui, made a desperate assault at daybreak on the morning of the 16th May, 1846.The fog of early morning enveloped bush and clearing that dawn of Saturday, 16th May; a white band of denser vapour coiling down the valley above the treetops showed the course of the silent river. The sentry near the river-bank; in front of the inlying picket's tent, shivered with the chilly touch of the hour that precedes daybreak.  As he turned to pace his beat, with musket and fixed bayonet at the slope, his glance fell upon some low bushes seen obscurely through the curling mist a few yards to his front. They seemed nearer, he thought, than they had been a few moments before. The next instant he caught a glimpse of a shaggy head and a gun-barrel. The Maori were creeping up on the camp, with the bushes and branches of scrub held before them as screens. "Maori!" he yelled as he levelled his gun and fired, then snatched another cartridge from his pouch and ran to the picket tent, trying to reload as he ran, but was overtaken and tomahawked.

A volley was delivered from fifty Maori guns. The Maori fired low, to rake the floor of the tents. A second volley; another from a different flank; then on came the enemy with the tomahawk. Not a soldier of the picket escaped. Those who were not killed by the volley fell to the short-handled tomahawks. In and about the picket tent four soldiers lay dead.One of these was William Allen whose name will be remembered so long as the story of Boulcott's farm is told. Allen was a tall young soldier; he was bugler to his company. When the sentry's shot was heard he leapt up, seizing his bugle, and, running outside the tent, he put the bugle to his lips to blow the alarm. In the act of sounding the call he was attacked by a Maori, who tomahawked him to the ground.

Struggling to rise, the brave lad seized the bugle with his left hand and again attempted to warn his comrades, but a second blow with the tomahawk, this time in the head, killed him. The bugler's call was not needed, however, for the whole camp had been awakened by the sentry's shot and the answering volleys.The garrison of Boulcott, now reduced to forty-four or forty-five men, was confronted by quite two hundred warriors - Rangihaeata's band and Te Mamaku's musketeers from the Upper Wanganui. Lieutenant Page's house was surrounded by the Maori in a very few moments after the destruction of the picket.  Page, on the first alarm, had snatched up his sword and loaded pistol, and rushed out with two men, but was confronted by scores of the natives. Driven back into the cottage, the three sallied out again, and joined by several soldiers from one of the sheds, they fought their way to the barn, firing at close quarters at their foes, who attempted to charge in upon them with the tomahawk.  The party of men in the barn, three sections, each under a sergeant, fought their post well and successfully, taking turns in firing through the light stockade and in returning to the shelter of the building to reload.

The Maoris evidently had calculated on completely surprising the troops; but what they did not accurately estimate was the steadiness of the discipline of the Regular troops. Lieutenant Page, having hacked and shot his way to the stockade, assembled his men, and, leaving a small party to hold the fort, came out into the open again and boldly attacked his antagonists. Extending the men in skirmishing order, with fixed bayonets, he advanced.In the height of the engagement a party of seven of the Hutt Militia, who had been disbanded on the previous Monday, but who fortunately retained their arms, came gallantly to the assistance of the hard pressed troops, and fought side by side with the redcoats. Their arrival was the turning point in the fight. The rebels, seeing these Militia men dash into the battle, began to retire, and at last were driven across the Hutt, after an engagement lasting about an hour and a half. The Maoris formed up on the West Side and danced a war-dance. Page estimated their numbers at about two hundred. Meanwhile bodies of troops despatched by Major Last - who had been informed of the attack by messenger from the front - were on the march out from Thorndon barracks and the Hutt stockade to reinforce the camp. These troops reinforcing Page drove the Maoris into the bush and silenced them.

Six whites lay dead, and four were severely wounded. Two of the wounded, Sergeant E.Ingram and a civilian named Thomas Hoseman, an employee of Mr Boulcott, d some days later. The losses of the Maoris were not accurately known, for all who fell were carried off, but two were seen shot dead, and ten or more were wounded, some of them severely. Now the authorities, civil and military, were compelled by the pressure of public opinion to accept Te Puni's generous offer to arm his Awa men for the campaign. A hundred stand of arms were supplied to the hapu (subtribe) at Petone, and the men at the town pa were also given muskets. Mr David Scott, a colonist who understood the Maoris and their ways, was appointed to act as European staff officer of the native contingent, co-operating with the chiefs Te Puni, Wi Tako Ngatata, and other tribal heads.    * Courtesy: James Cowan, "The NZ Wars"    DEAN PITT On April 3, at her late residence, Alexandra Road, Remuera, Annie Isabella Lloyd, relict of the late Major William Augustus Dean Pitt, aged 80 years. Interred at Purewa on Sunday. 
NZ Herald Monday 6th April 1908.  

New Ulster  Lieutenant governors   14 Feb 1848 -  8 Jan 1851  George Dean Pitt

MINERVA Left Gravesend 1st July 1847 Arr Auckland 8th Oct 1847 55th Regt. Including 
Pitt  George Dean Major-general 96th Reg. Widower George Dean William Emelia Louisa Charlotte 


GEORGE PITT, baron Rivers of Stratfieldsay; one of the lords of his majesty's bedchamber, colonel of the militia of the county of Dorset, and doctor of laws


publications:   George Hyde PAGE (M: 1860 - 1923)  Verses [p|1925;   Lt-Gen, Augustus Henry LANE-FOX (M: 1827 - 1900)-

Captain Charles Lavallin Nugent Esq. served with General J.H. Laye, (then a captain). They become brothers-in-law each marrying a daughter of their commanding officer in NZ, Major-General George Dean-Pitt, K.H.  Laye m Emelia Marie Dean-Pitt and Nugent m Charlotte Dean-Pitt. 
General J.H. Laye's son, Francis George Sinclair Laye m his cousin, Amy Selina NUGENT in 1882 Pontaferry,Lind  Down, Ireland, daughter of Charles Lavallin Nugent, living apparently with the Nugents in Ireland.  (F lay joins army 1880, m 1882 dies 1884 at Pontaferry).
Earlier, General J.H. Laye's brother, Major Francis Fenwick LAYE, (my direct ancestor) was in Ireland and m Anne Maria Teresa WALSH, (b 1812 d 11 Sep 1848, Douglas, IOM). They had several children there:  Francis LAYE born Ireland 1839 and Henrietta LAYE born 1841 Ireland. 
Also of interest-   Lavallin name related to Nugent and Savage, Hall and DWYER!  .  
Walsh is a big name in those parts- Down. Also Nugent name in Ireland gets tied to Spread, Nash, Peard and Blennerhassetts. Surnames in Dwyer Laye family. 
Andrew Savage or Nugent b 1778 m Selina De Vesci Marriage: 13 JUN 1800 Portaferry, Down, Ireland
day   daughter:Selina Elizabeth Nugent  m Spouse: James Matthew Stronge Family Marriage: 17 JUN 1836 Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland d 1903 
daughter: Anne Margaret Nugent About 1804 Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland Christening: Death: 17 FEB 1873 m Samuel Madden Francis Hall Family Marriage: 24 SEP 1845

Thomas Viscount De Vesci  m Seline Brooke About 1730 Of, , Fermanagh, Ireland

PATRICK JOHN NUGENT  m  CATHERINE DE VESCI b ireland  Marriage: 29 APR 1833 Portaferry, Down, Ireland
Margaret Nugent of Westmeath m  Andrew Savage Marriage: MAY 1738 Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland
Arthur Roger Nugent b DEC 1810 Portaferry, Down, Ireland  m Charlotte Brooke d 20 JAN 1896
parents: Andrew Nugent   Selina de Vesci

Andrew Nugent Birth: 30 MAR 1834 Portaferry, Down, Ireland   Death: 10 JUL 1905 parents: Father: Patrick John Nugent Family Mother: Catherine de Vesie

TERESA COUNTESS NUGENT  1750 Dublin, Dublin, Ireland   m JAN VINCENC BARON JANOVSKY 1789 Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Anne Teresa Walsh
Birth: 13 AUG 1875 Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
Father: John Walsh Family
Mother: Teresa Irwine
George Nugent
Birth: 1852 Portaferry, Down, Ireland
Death: 1898
Father: Charles Lavallin Nugent 
Mother: Charlotte Marcia Put(PITT) 
 -813. Charles Lavallin OR Savage Nugent - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 1815 Portaferry, Down, Ireland m to  Marcia Pitt  
Ann Sarah SAVAGE (AFN: 15C9-Z25) Birth: Abt 1816
Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland:
Father: William Brownlow SAVAGE (AFN: 15C9-N1Dy
Mother: Elizabeth HALL (AFN: 15C9-XVX)
Spouse: John DAVIS (AFN: 15C9-XZK) Family
Marriage: Abt 1842 Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland
Spouse (2) : Mr DWYER (AFN: 15C9-Z1X) Marriage:Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland

NUGENT***March 16, Olivia, Countess NUGENT, relict of James County NUGENT, late of Bulnacor, county Westmeath. 
Patrick Nugent SAVAGE Abt 1772 Of, Portaferry, Down, Ireland

Below 01 Aug 1828 Londom Times 

NEED to sort through this PAGE info :

Louise PAGE  Wife  M Female 55 yrs Malta 12  April 1825. 
George Christened at: 03 FEB 1823  Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, D 1908.
Father: ROBERT PAGE  (b 1793, d 1870) Mother:  ELIZABETH BOWLES 
Robert's parents - (George's grandparents:Thomas Hyde Page (b c 1725) , and Mary Albina Woodward (b 1725 Of, Waldershare, Kent,  ENG.
  Mary's parents: John WOODWARD (b c 1699 Maresfield, Leicestershire) and  Catherine MONINS .(b c 1699 Waldershare, Kent,). John Woodward's parents: 
Richard WOODWARD and Mary HANCOCK, both of Leicestershire). 
SEE ACCOUNT OF PAGE IN ACTION, BELOW   New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors     George Hyde PAGE (M: 1860 - 1923) Verses [p:1925] -
WILLIAM RIVERS  Christening: 19 SEP 1802 Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, ENG
JESSE RIVERS -MALE Christening: 25 JAN 1801 Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, ENG
GEORGE RIVERS Christening: 24 JAN 1796 Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, ENG
LUCY RIVERS Christening: 29 JAN 1809 Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, ENG
ANN RIVERS Christening: 13 JAN 1805 Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, ENG





Contact:   Patrick Paskiewicz
Teach college USA.  BA  Philosophy, MA English Drama and Literature EMU.  Born 1950, before Al Gore invented Internet. Peddling ny completed book to publishers, Who Murdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore?, an investigation into the unsolved murder of English army nurse, Miss Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter and relative of Miss Florence Nightingale.  
Battled some renal cell carcinoma , but have good prognosis. Next project may look at another person on my tree, early feminist/ adventurer/explorer/writer Patricia Elizabeth Ramsay Laye. 




LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY Northumberland  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN Northumberland  Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   Durham, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, Ireland  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   London and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath Ireland    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE Northumberland    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki






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