Cunynghame -of Milncraig, Ayr
( Cunyghame, Cunynham Cunygham, Cunningham)        

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Milncraig Ayr is the actual location noted below.                                                              CUNYNGHAMES!
David (CUNYNGHAME) CUNNINGHAM  b Milncraig, Ayrshire, Scot d Dec 1659   
Margaret MASOUN  b Rosebank, Ayrshire, SCOT daugh of John MASOUN
  Sir Barone David (Cunynghame) CUNNINGHAM, MP, 1st BT  b abt 1657 Milncraig, Ayrshire, SCOT, d 28 Jan 1708  Ref: Title of Source: Foster 1 [= Short title] Members of Parliament, SCOT : including the minor barons, the commissioners for the shires, and the commissioners for the burghs, 1357-1882 / Foster, Joseph. -2nd ed. - London; Aylesbury. - 1882  Title of Source: Grant F.J [= Short title] The faculty of advocates in SCOT 1532-1943 with genealogical notes / Grant, Sir Francis James. -Edinburgh. - 1944  Mentioned in:  Boyer, Abel. The history of the reign of Queen Anne, digested into annals. Year the first. ... London, 1703. 723pp. Vol. 5 of 11 p 364. and Lauder (Scotland). Instructions by the magistrates and town council of the burgh of Lauder, to their commissioner in Parliament, ... [Edinburgh?], [1706]. 1pp and The history of England from the beginning of the reign of Queen Anne, to the conclusion of the glorious treaty of union between England and ... London, 1707. 578pp pages 474-5. 
1 Elizabeth BAIRD dau of Robert BAIRD and Elizabeth FLEMING  16 Mar 1698 
2 Isabella DALRYMPLE dau of James DALRYMPLE and Margaret (Witch of Endor) ROSS [that's right folks].
. Sir Barone James (Cunynghame) CUNNINGHAM 2nd BT (Mother: ISABELLA) b 1690 Milncraig, Ayrshire, SCOT d 1 Feb 1747 unmarried), Midlothian, SCOT bu 5 Feb 1747 Midlothian, SCOT Wrote a number of publications- brief on current religious issues/ church politics of the time:   "Additional information for Major-General Sir David Cuningham of Livingston, BT, pursuer, in a decelerator of the right of patronage of the ..."  [Edinburgh], [1761]. 12pp. There is an interesting notation on the last one printed: died in little more than two Years after this Disposition was granted, and was succeeded by his eldest Son Sir James, who was abs  18 Years of age. Sir James, having gone abroad, where he continued for several Years, and being  otherwise extremely remiss and dilatory, in the Management of his Affairs, no action was intented on  this Disposition  . . ." Sir David Cuningham                  "Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the petition of Major-General Sir David Cuningham of Livingston, BT, ..." [Edinburgh], [1762]. 10pp
. Robert CUNYNGHAM (Mother: Elizabeth) b 22 Dec 1702 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, SCOT, d 1761 St Kitts (per Gentleman's Magazine, January, 1762). 
  Lieutenant General Sir Barone David (Cunynghame) CUNNINGHAM 3rd BT 57th Regiment of Infantry, Mother is Elizabeth BAIRD-  b 1 Aug 1700 Milncraig, Ayrshire, SCOT, d 10 Oct 1767. Livingstone, West Lothian, SCOT, Colonel of the 57th Regiment of Foot, Replaced on 17th November  on his demise  Gentleman's Magazine, November, died "suddenly of gout- attack to his stomache." m in May 1731. A lawsuit against the estate of the Lord of Lauderdale.
  Mary MONTGOMERIE dau of Alexander Earl Of Eglinton MONTGOMERIE (Ancient family) and Anne GORDON    Mary was a celebrated beauty, "whose charms were sung by Hamilton of Bangour."(National Dictionary of Biography 748).
  William Augustus CUNNINGHAM, MP 4th BT  b 8 Apr 1747  Milncraig, Ayrshire, SCOT, Baptized: 10 Apr 1747, d 17 Jan 1828  Occupations: M.P.  Groups: Delegates, Representatives Archive: British Biographical Archive Fiche: II 1418,301-302 Title of Source: Foster 1 [= Short title] Members of Parliament, Scot: including the minor barons, the commissioners for the shires, and the commissioners for the burghs, 1357-1882 / Foster, Joseph. - 2nd ed. - London;  Aylesbury. - 1882  d 17 Jan 1828, Savile Row,  Piccadilly.  See him mentioned often for this and that in Times, such as promotions or his private war against poachers on his estate(s).   
2 Mary UDNEY m 27 Jun 1785 St Marylebone, of Udney, Aberdeenshire, Scot 27 Jun 1785 Saint Mary-St. Marylebone Rd, St. Marylebone, London, Daughter of Robert UDNEY and Mary HOUGHHAM 
  William Augustus CUNYNGHAME b 23 Feb 1788 Livingston W Loth Mother Mary Udney d 1827
  Catherine SPENS b 23 Jan. 1780 Cameron, Fife, Scotland.m 3 Jun 1816, Linlithgow; .Her father and mother were George Spens and Janet Taylor.
  Isabella Dryburgh CUNYNGHAME b 1822 Linithgow, W Lothian, Scotland,
  James Cook Laing   b 1820 Forres, Morayshire, Scotland, m 21 Feb 1847 Linithgow, W Lothian
  Mary Laing  b 1860 Glasgow, Scotland
  James Cunynghame Laing  b 13 Apr 1849 Linithgow, W Lothian, Scotland,
  Margaret L. BURLEY  b  15 Apr 1854, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
  james Laing  b 1879 Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
  catherine McKay Laing  b 1881 Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
  Marion R. Laing  b 1883 Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
  Ann Isabella F. Laing  b 1878 Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
  Margaret Cunynghame Laing  b 1873 Glasgow, Scotland
  Thomas McEWAN  b 1873 Ireland, m 11 Apr 1896 Blythswood Glasgow, Scotland
  james McEWAN  b 1897 1153 Dumbarton Rd Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
  Margaret McEWAN  b 4 Jan 1901 1153 Dumbarton Rd Partick, Glasgow, Scotland;
  Robert B. POLLOCK  b 1896 m 11 Feb 1921, St. Bride's Church Partick, Glasgow, Scotland;
  Albert POLLOCK  b
  Alec POLLOCK  b
  Thomas POLLOCK  b
  Margaret POLLOCK  b
  Samuel POLLOCK  b
  Caroline McEWAN  b 13 Apr 1905 1153 Dumbarton Rd Partick, Glasgow, Scotland; d 1973 170 Newport Rd., Aldershot, Hampshire, ENG
  Ernest Richard ALLEN  b 13 Apr 1904 Dover, Kent, ENG d 12 May 1943 Cairo Military Hosp, Egypt
  Ernest (Terry) ALLEN  b 15 Aug 1934 Hammersmith, London, ENG
  Sandra Jane LACKERSTEEN b 9 Nov 1941 Bedfont, Middlesex, ENG; m 19 May 1961 W Ealing London ENG
  William Arthur ALLEN  b 19 Mar 1940 Prestatyn, N. Wales
  Judith - -
  Frederick Alexander CUNYNGHAME b 17 Aug 1792  St Mary Magdalen Richmond Surrey ENG
  Anne EARL m 12 Aug 1823 Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT
James Stuart Wortley CUNNINGHAM b Abt. 1794  Milncraig Ayr baptized: 30 May 1795 Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
  Caroline Sterling CUNYNGHAME b 28 Feb 1815  Tarbolton, Ayr or Milncraig, Ayr Bap 18 May 1815, m  9 Dec 1833  Milncraig, Ayr Recorded in: Hove, Sussex, ENG
  Mary Montgomerie CUNYNGHAM b 3 Feb 1819 Kirkmichael, Ayr, SCOT or  Milncraig, Ayr   d ab  1884, m   JUL 1844 Milncraig,  Ayr,  
Alexander Woodford 
  Francis Jane Myrton CUNNINGHAM b 1823 Milncraig  d ab 1880 m  19 JUL 1844 Milncraig  Ayr
Adolphe Le Crox
. Francis CUNYNGHAME b 28 Feb 1814  Christening 24 May 1814 Recorded: Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, 
  Augustus Myrton CUNYNGHAM b 08 Jan 1829  d ab  1900 son of David & Gertrude K.m  27 APR 1864 Milncraig,  Ayr, Scot
Anna Eliza DE  MALLET (daugh of Moleaworth De Mallet and Indiana SIKES [!] )
Anna Bertha De Mallet CUNYNGHAME b 11 Feb 1874 Edinburgh  
Gertrude Marie CUNYNGHAME b 25 Sep 1870 Edinburgh
Edward Thurlow CUNNINGHAM b 23 Sep 1802 Milncraig,  Ayr, SCOT d 16 May 1825 at Devonport, aged 23 years, 24th Regiment  
Julia Myrton CUNNINGHAM b 1821 and d  Aug 1844 at 30 Milton Street, Dorset Square, St  Marylebone; buried Brompton Cemetery (596 1152 Section ad) on 31 Aug 1844, with her daughter Mary who d at the same time aged 4 days. Married to her cousin: Frederick William KIRBY  Info from Kirby Site @   Also, there is a Times notice: 05 Jan 1844; pg. 7 .
  Frederick William KIRBY  second son of R.C. Kirby 
1 Frances MYRTON  m 26 Oct 1768 Milncraig, Ayrb ab  1740 Gogar, Fifeshire, Scot d  14 Oct 1771 Livingstone, West Lothian Scot, Dau of  Sir BT Robert MYRTON and Mary  CAMPBELL  OR more likely: Dau of George Myrton and Christian Stirling 
Francis CUNYNGHAME b 19 Nov 1771 Livingston, W Lothian, SCOT Mother is Frances Myrton   d 19 SEP 1816 
  Robert CUNYNGHAME  bap 29 JUL 1770 Livingston, West Loth m 30 Mar 1813    Edinburgh 
Maria DUNDAS Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Dau of George Dundas
  Lempster John  Henry  BULKELEY
  Colonel David CUNNINGHAM (CUNYNGHAM) 5th BT Second Batt of the Royals. Christening Date: 2 Jul 1769,  Milncraig, Ayrshire, SCOT, d 19 May 1854 St Helier, Jersey,  m twice: Archive: British Biographical Archive Fiche: I 294,63 Title of Source: Boase [= Short title] Modern English biography / Boase, F.. - A facsimile of the Truro, 1892-1921 ed (6 vols) )  Mother Frances Myrton         
2 Gertrude Henrietta KIMPTON, m  31 Mar 1817 St Anne, Soho Children: 
Carolina Anne Thurlow CUNYNGHAM - b  Abt. 1816  Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT  d 1830
  Henry Sydney Myrton CUNYNGHAM b 6 Aug 1819  Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT  (son of Gertrude) d 1900  m  1852 Milncraig, Ayr
Mary Ann Bostock
Louisa Anna MYRTON CUNYNGHAM (dau of  Kimpton)  b Abt. 1834 Milncraig Ayr d ab 1900
. James Joseph Myrton CUNNINGHAM  b 21 Apr 1832 of Horseheath, Cambridge or Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT (son of Gertrude) d 20 JUL 1885 Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT  m  02 APR 1871Milncraig, Ayr. 
Annie Constance Lane of Moundsley Hall, (dau of Thomas Lane)
  William Augustus Charles Myrton CUNYNGHAM b 6 Jan 1824  Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT, (mother: Gertrude H. KIMPTON)
1 Maria THURLOW  b 1780 Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT,  d 21 Feb 1816, "illegit"  Daughter of Edward THURLOW of Bracon Ash, Norfolk, ENG not married to "Hervey"
  Robert South Thurlow CUNNINGHAM b 27 Mar 1807 Milncraig Ayr or Milncraig Ayr or Oakley, Hampshire,  d at Bruges Apr 13, 1829. -Officer of the Bengal army  Second son 
Sir Major-General  Augustus Arthur Thurlow CUNYNGHAME b 9 Aug 1812 Oakley, Hampshire, Eng, d March 10, 1884 A number of published works, such as: Cunynghame, Sir Arthur Augustus Thurlow, An aide-de-camp's recollections of service in China, a residence in Hong-Kong. London: 1844. Title no: 7.1.427 (8 mf) Geography 
 - - - -, GENERAL SIR ARTHUR THURLOW. My Command in South Africa 1874-1878. Comprising Experiences of Travel in the Colonies of South Africa and the Independent States. Second ed. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd,  1879. 376pp.  Author was the then Lieutenant Governor and the Commander of the Forces in South Africa.   Obit of: General Sir Arthur CUNYNGHAME, in his seventy-third year, who distinguished himself in the China War of 1841 and in the Crimean War, and as the Major-General commanding the Dublin districts in the Fenian rising of 1867, afterwards preceding Lord CHELMSFORD in the command of the forces at the Cape;   The Graphic, dated March 22, 1884 (p274).  
Dame Frances Elizabeth HARDINGE  dau. of  Field-Marshal Viscount HARDINGE.d July 9, 1894 Hotel Victoria. Was invested with the Imperial Order of the Crown of India in 1879 by Queen Victoria. Prince Leoplold and Princess Beatrice also present. Husband, Sir Arthur received Order of Bath same day- Times 28 June 1879 article doesn't say if C.B. or K.B. prob latter.
Lieut Gen Henry Hardinge Samuel CUNYNGHAME, B.A., M.A.,C.B., K.C.B.,  Cambridge, b July 8, 1848, m Emily Heneretta Prescott on 21 JUN 1893 Milncraig,  Ayr, SCOT Called to the Bar, 1875. Special Commissioner for British Guiana, 1880. Assistant Charity Commissioner, City of London, 1884. Instrumental (with Mr James Anstie) in establishing the London Polytechnics. Secretary to the Parnell Special Commission, 1888. Secretary to the Bering Sea Arbitration, 1892, and to the Featherstone Riots Commission, 1894. Legal Assistant Under-Secretary to the Home Office, 1894-1913. C.B., 1900. Chairman of the Royal Commission on Mines, 1906. K.C.B., 1908. Retired, 1913. During the Great War served as chairman of various Royal Commissions. Resided latterly at Nice. A man of remarkable personality and varied interests. Sometime Vice- President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, also a competent draughtsman, an enameller, and authority on clocks. Author, Art enameling upon Metals; European Enamels; Etching by Electricity; Time and Clocks; Geometrical Political Economy; Short Talks on Philosophy, etc. D s.p. May 3, 1935, aged 86, at Upperton Road, Eastbourne.     He was also a neighbor of William Holman Hunt   -the Pre Raphaelite painter, and corresponded with him: "The Hunts left Greece in early February 1892, and on 9 February Hunt wrote from Egypt to his Fulham neighbour, the distinguished civil servant Henry Hardinge Cunynghame: 'We . . . were delighted with Athens and Corinth, and scarcely less so with Olympia' (MS. Getty Archives)" 
. Sir Captain David Thurlow CUNYNGHAME, 6th BT b16 Dec 1803, Bramdean, Hampshire (or Milncraig, Ayr, Scot), m  15 Jul 1833  d 
12 NOV 1869 Canada;
  Mary Louise CUNYNGHAME b 1842 London d Oct 1913  m 25  Aug 1859 N. Tuddenham, Norfolk, 
  Thomas Henry EVANS
  Augusta Theodosia Mary CUNYNGHAME b 1844-5, Lon, d 25 NOV 1872 Of Milncraig, Ayr, m  11 Sep 1866 London
  Edouard Henri Auguste Lamoral DE LIGUE       ******** Edouard Henri Auguste Lamoral b  Brussels 7 Feb 1839-La-Neuville-sous-Huy d 17 Oct 1911); m.1st London 11 Sep 1866 Augusta Cunynghame (1836-London 27 Oct 1872); m.2d Baden-Baden 12 Mar 1874 Eulalie Pss zu Solms-Braunfels (Kleinheubach 2 Feb 1851-Amay, Belgium 16 Aug 1922)     ********
Sir Captain Edward Augustus Thurlow CUNYNGHAME 7th Bt 1839-1877 Occupations: captain Groups: Military: Others Archive: British Biographical Archive Fiche: I 294,65  Title of Source: Boase [= Short title] Modern English biography / Boase, F.. - A facsimile of the Truro, 1892-1921 ed (6 vols)  born 1839  Filed bankruptcy it appears, in 1874 b Jan 1839 London, Bap 20 Feb 1839, Wellesbourne, Warwick; d 24 JAN 1877
  Francis ("Frank")Thurlow Sir Barone Cunningham 6th BT (CUNYNGHAME)  b 11 Aug 1808 "Milncraig," Ayr or Oakley, Hampshire, or Woodcote, Hampshire  d 27 Oct 1877, Culver cottage, Ryde m 3 Aug 1830 Milncraig, Ayr, Aug 1830 Moorehead, Canada  In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.   In 1871 Census Portsea  - Looks like in 1871, that Francis had divorced hsi wife and remarried a Harriett
  (Hannah) Carolina EYRN, (Hannah Caroline EYM), (Hannah Caroline EYRE),  (Hannah) Carolina ROBERTSON b 1814 Kindrocket, Perthshire, SCOT, d 25 Jun 1902 Glencairn, Eng, Bu: Ryde. Dau of William Robertson EYRN (EYRE) of Perthshire, Scot Photo ID is an 'educated' guess In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec. Census says she is b in Canada. In 1881 In 1891 Census w/ dau Beatrice Census Portsea w/ dau Elizabeth .  In 1901 Census Glouchestershire  w/ dau Elizabeth ; According to Jonanthan Gentry:  Caroline b 1807-9 Eldest of six daughters of  Dr. William Robertson of Montreal (1784-1844), formerly of Kindrochet,
  James Robertson Thurlow CUNYNGHAME b 24 Dec 1840 Canada  m 1878,  Ayr; d 21 JAN 1890;  In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec. LDS IGI. .   
  Alice CARTER      B About 1844 Milucraig, , Ayr, Scotland M 1878; Three Children
  William Augustus Charles Myrton CUNYNGHAME b 1 Jun  1833 Canada  d 27 FEB 1876 Milncraig, Ayr, In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.   
  David Thurlow CUNYNGHAME b abt Jan 1832    d 12 June 1832, bu 13 June 1832  Canada   Have copoy of burial registry
. Louise Annie THURLOW CUNYNGHAME 1855 Milncraig  Ayr, d 15  APR 1860
. Beatrice Geraldine Thurlow CUNYNGHAME b Abt. 1850 Canada  In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.   In 1891 Census = Mother Carolina there m cousin,  (Stated that she wast he grand daughter of Dr. William Robertson of Montreal (1784-1844), formerly of Kindrochet, who was previously married to her sister.   Was a sister of Mercy of St. Mary's Wantage, having converted to Catholicism. c 
Dr. George ROBERTSON MD, RN, Fleet Surgeon  B Glasgow 9 Dec 1840, d London 1915 MD University of Glasgow, SEE BELOW- REMARRIED AFTER DEATH OF AUGUSTA TO HER SISTER
  Harold ROBERTSON  b
Augusta Zuhehe Thurlow CUNYNGHAME b abt 1836/48 Canada m 5 Sep 1867  Milncraig, Ayr,   Milncraig, Ayr  d 21 Feb 1882.   In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.  (Stated that she wast he grand daughter of Dr. William Robertson of Montreal (1784-1844), formerly of Kindrochet. In 1881 Census at  33 Scotland Street,  Edinburgh St Marys, Edinburgh, Scotland;
  Dr. George ROBERTSON MD, RN, Fleet Surgeon  B Glasgow 9 Dec 1840, d London 1915 MD University of Glasgow, m 5 Sep 1867 his cousin
  Duncan H. ROBERTSON  b 1874 London   In 1891 Census; In 1881 Census with mother
  Graham ROBERTSON b 1877 Isle of Ryde In 1891 Census;  In 1881 Census with mother
  William S. ROBERTSON b 1879 Isle of Ryde In 1891 Census; In 1881 Census with mother
  John Cunynghame ROBERTSON b 1869; In 1881 Census with mother
  George Donald Cunynghame ROBERTSON b
  Francis James Cunynghame ROBERTSON b
  Struan ROBERTSON b 1875; In 1881 Census with mother
. Arthur Edward CUNYNGHAM  b 8 Jan 1844  Canada, In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.   
  Elizabeth Milicent THURLOW CUNYNGHAME b Montreal 22 Nov 1838. m 22 Aug 1865 In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.  In 1881 Census Portsea.   In 1891 Census  In 1901 Census
  Major General Charles James HUGHES  b Montreal   Indian Army In 1891 Census  In 1901 Census
  Milicent Georgina Cunynghame HUGHES  b 0 DEC 1867 Peshwur, , West Bengal, India, In 1881 Census at Boarding school at Park Hill Rise Croydon, Surrey   In 1891 Census  In 1871 Census Portsea
  Francis Cunynghame HUGHES  b 1867 India  In 1881 Census Portsea.  n 1871 Census Portsea
  Charles Morland Cunynghame HUGHES  b(b.29 Apr 1870-Fort William ,Ca,India; m. 25 Apr 1910; d.16 Oct 1948-)
  Elsie Louise GINN (b.5 May 1888-Sutton,, Surrey, England; d.27 Jun 1977-Dover, ,Kent, England) m 1910
  Richard Wethered Morland HUGHES  (b.25 Apr 1911-Upper Norwood, ,,En; d.19 Jun 1944-,, ,Italy)
  Mary Cunynghame Morland HUGHES  (b .25 Jun 1912-Upper Norwood,,,En;d.15 Jul 1992-Deal,,Kent,England)
  Kenneth H S EDWARDS     2 CHILDREN
  John Charles Morland HUGHES (b.26 Sep 1914 -Birmingham ,Warwick ,England
  Cicely Darnell
  Patrick Adderley Morland HUGHES (b.16 Feb 1918-Bognor Regis ,Suss ,England)
  Patricia Anne Rosalind Nicholson-(m.27 Jan 1951
  Richard James HUGHES (b.(b.27 Nov 1951-,,,Singapore)
  Philip St John HUGHES (b. 3 Dec 1957-Horsham, Suss ,England)
  Walter Robert J M  HUGHES  b.7 May 1923-Dover, Kent, England;d.7 Nov 1947-Dehra Dun, ,India
Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME  b 1845/7, Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT (but 1891 Census states "Canada"  d 21 December 1924 at Malvern Rd Southsea. m 8 June 1871, Milncraig, Ayr, SCOT. In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.  In 1871 Census Portsea, In 1891, she lived at Portsea as head of household, with Bertie, Denys, and Cap Lambert F. W. Dwyer  visiting. Major Lambert Francis Wilson DWYER, (my g g grandfather) Caroline's brother-in-law, was stationed nearby. He was retired to Half Pay on 8th December, 1877, served as a Captain in Royal Anglesey Engineers, Militia (Like the National Guard) from that date Headquarters at Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey, North Wales. -In 1901 Census: Boarding St George Hanover Square, London- with her brother-in-law, Lambert Dwyer (my g g g grandfather) . She was widowed. They were not necessarily cohabitating, but one gets the idea they were close.  
Captain Robert Hoare DWYER (b 1843  Ascension Island, d 1881 Lennox Lodge, Southsea, son of General  Thomas Peard DWYER and Mary Ann TOULMIN. (Caroline collected a pension along with her  mother-in- law- docs  See Dwyer   Robert was married but was not living with wife as of 1881 Census. She was alive ab  1900 at her son's wedding. Related to Lt Col Sir Percy Cunyghame who attended that wedding.      The Morman Church had her name baptized in 1938. One of my researchers thinks the she and her sister, Augusta, became Mormons. ??? NO WAY
Major George Toulmin Cunynghame DWYER  b 5 April 1874  d 26 February 1928 
  Denys Robert Cunynghame DWYER  R.N. (photo from  1892 Class at Naval Academy at Dartmouth) b 13 Aug 1876  d 23 Dec 1892   at 16 years old Scarlet Fever at sick quarters, Portland Class of 1892 Naval Class, Royal Navy College, Darthmouth, The HMS Brittania, Chatham Hdqrts
  Lt. Colonel Bertie Cunynghame DWYER (Later adopting last name of 'DWYER-HAMPTON ' or 'Hampton' b ab  Sept 1872 Gravesend, s d June 9, 1967 at his home -Cartref, Beaumaris, Angelsey - (Have very detailed newspaper account of his wedding)    Member of St Moritz Tobogganing Club.  Won the Grand National twice and the Ashbourbe Cup (subsequently the Curzon Cup) twice. Source:  Arlott, John "The Oxfdord Companion to Sports and Games"].to Notification in The London Gazette:
1 Beryl Maud GILLMAN dau of William GILLMAN  Married 1907. Beryl  d Mar 1910 Now think this photo may be a nurse and not Beryl. Note: Her sister was Evelyn Gillman, was a bridesmaid at Bertie's wedding. One of his groom-men was a Lt. Burgess. The Lt and Evelyn were married- Their eldest was Guy Francis de Moncy BURGESS , yes the KGB double- spy.
2 Mary Gwendolen HAMPTON-LEWIS eldest dau of Colonel Hampton- Lewis m 1914 (Bertie later adopted name DWYER- HAMPTON)
  Major Denys Angus Lambert DWYER   b 26 Dec 1907 Southsea  d 15 May 1985 the Bourne, Hollyport, Maidenhead. Lived at "Cartref"(sic), Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales - At a  large estate/mansion- have photos. 
Audrey GROVES dau of Maj. William Frederick Priaux Groves and Catherine Slack.
 . Paul Gillman DWYER b 1 May 1940  New Forest  Ran as Conservative candidate. m Romsey 1969   Convener of the Pro-Euro Conservative Party, who quit the Tories in protest at their "increasingly hostile European policy."
 1  Aileen KEEL 
Alexander ("K.D.") Hugo KEEL- DWYER b 27 March, 1991 West London,  Studying fencing
2 Nina Christina Barclay de Tolly  m 1969 dau Victor Barclay de Tolly, Jersey.    Seems very active in civic and cultural events, including involvement in archiving her famous ancestor's, life. 
. Alexander ("Ottie") Barclay de Tolly DWYER b 16 Dec. 1974 Westminster,  In reality
. Anna Barclay de Tolly DWYER b 23 May 1972 London
   Virginia Gwendolyn DWYER b 7 May 1943 Romsey England
  Unknown      Children
  Mary Francis Sophia Thurlow CUNYNGHAM   b 1835 Canada d 12 Sep 1851 m  20 JUL 1858 In 1851 Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec.     In 1881 Census in Portsea-
  Robert B. BAKER  In 1881 Census in Portsea
Sir Captain Francis ("Frank") George Thurlow CUNYNGHAM  9th BT Name: Cunynghame b 19 Apr 1835 Canada.  In 1851, Canadian Census-in what is now Quebec, Death/Burial: 12 Nov 1900 Kensington,.     Sir Francis George Thurlow 9th BT Dates: 1835-1900 Occupations: captain Groups: Military: Others Archive: British Biographical Archive Fiche: I 294,67; II 1418,287 Title of Source: Boase [= Short title] Modern English biography / Boase, F.. - A facsimile of the Truro, 1892-1921 ed (6 vols) Title of Source: WWW 1897 [= Short title] Who Was Who 1897-1916. - London. - 1920  , (Note: 1891 UK Census states he was born in  British North America & wife is "Elizabeth)    ENG  In 1891 Census shown as 55, living on Isle of Wight- Ryde St Helen's Wife "Elizabeth A." aged 32 Children Stuart 16 and Guy aged 9    FGT Cunyngahme- says Born British N America. 
1 Anne YEO  9 Mar 1886  dau of William YEO.   
3 Elizabeth - - - - -  b 1859 Appleton Devon
Guy De W. CUNYNGHAME b 1882 St George, London, In 1891 Census at St. Helen's, St John's, Hampshire, 1901 military school   Father- Francis G.T. and mother Elizabeth A.--
2 Jessica BLOXSOME of Stanton, Gloucestershire Eldest dau, b 30 Apr 1835 North Nibley, Gloucester married 15 Jan 1863 North Nibley, Gloucester, Death: 13 APR 1884,  dau of  Rev William Henry BLOXSOME, Rev, of Isle of Rea  In 1881, visiting with Sarah BLOSSOME at Isle Of Ree House, North Nibley, Gloucester, ENG In 1891, Visiting with sister Annie Beatrice Stuckey (Cunynghame). Wedding conducted by her father and her brother, -also a Rev.   So divorced??
  Annie Beatrice CUNYNGHAME  b 1865/6 Canada , d  Jun 1921  m 31 JUL 1888 at St. Paul's Upper Norwood, in Croydon  (dau of Jessica) In 1881, visiting with Sarah BLOSSOME at Isle Of Ree House, North Nibley, Gloucester, ENG  In 1891, Jessica Cunynghame (Bloxsome) visiting with them.  In 1901 Census: Willesden Middlesex, with husband and children. 1891 Census- Not seen
  William Innes STUCKEY  b ab 1865 Germany (British Subject) Occupation: Landscape gardener -on own means. Son of George Stuckey, and grandson of William Stuckey of Monpelier, near Bristol. Marriage notice in Times, 02 Aug 1888. Stuckey family possibly had interest in a large bank in Bristol, "Stuckey's Bank" (ref  Times, 12  Aug 1878).It merged in 1909 with Parr's Bank.
 . Beatrice STUCKEY  b ab 1900 Brondesbury, Middlesex  in 1901 Census
 . Edith F. STUCKEY  b ab 1891 Upper Norwood, Surrey  in 1901 Census
 . Frank F. STUCKEY b ab 1897 Brondesbury, Middlesex in 1901 Census
 . George Innes STUCKEY b ab 1892 Upper Norwood, Surrey  in 1901 Census
 . Jessica L. STUCKEY  b ab 1890 Upper Norwood, Surrey    in 1901 Census
 . William Innes STUCKEY b ab 1888 Croydon Not with family in 1901 census 
 .. Mabel STUCKEY b ab 1894  Upper Norwood, Surrey, Believe m 1909 to Ernest Walton  in 1901 Census
 . Frances STUCKEY  b 1891  Not with family in 1901 Census  d?
Stuart CUNYNGHAME  b 18 Aug 1874 in Cheltenham, [parish], Gloucestershire, England   m 1915 In 1881, aged 6, visiting with Sarah BLOSSOME at Isle Of Ree House, North Nibley, Gloucester, ENG  In 1891 Census, at St. Helen's, St John's, Hampshire, 
Helen Dorothy Taylor  B    d: 31 Jan 1944, m 2 Jun 1915
Jessie Mabel CUNYNGHAME  b 1870 Jersey, d 16 May 1893 d 16 May 1893 m 29 Sep1891
Rev. Harry Gilbert DICKINSON, Vicar of Long Houghton
Gertrude Marion CUNYNGHAME  b Mar 1877 in Cheltenham, d 17 Mar 1954
. Caroline Edith CUNYNGHAME B: 1872 in Jersey, C I Death: 11 MAR 1890  (dau of Jessica) In 1881 Census living at Jersey, Channel Islands 
Lt. Col., Sir Percy Francis Cunynghame, bt  O.B.E., D.L., J.P., 10th Bt (b 21 Feb 1867, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands  Married: 16 DEC 1903, d 7 Jan 1941, Son of  Jessica BLOXSOME and    Francis George Thurlow CUNYNGHAME.  Occupations: colonial resident   Was in WWI. (Wilfred Owen, the poet, was in his camp, mentions his name in a letter home.) Cunynghame, Lt-Col. Sir Percy Francis M.P  Name: Cunninghame  also: Cunynghame Members of Parliament, SCOT Sir Percy was at Bertie C. Dwyer and Beryl Gillman's wedding-  In 1881 Census: Census Place: Chapel Lane Headmaster Grammar School Residence  Stratford On Avon, Warwick, ENG. He was Resident, 1st Division, on the staff of Sir Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak, until his retirement in 1909. Cunynghame was Justice of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenant, Co. of London. He served in the First World War, and was mentioned twice in despatches
. Lady Maud Albania Margaret Selwyn-Payne dau John Selwyn-Payne
  (Henry) David St Leger Brooke Selwyn CUNYNGHAME, 11th Bt  b: 7 Feb 1905,  Death: 6 Aug 1978 M 7 Oct 1941 film production manager
  Hon. Pamela Margaret STANLEY b: 6 Sep 1909 dau of the 5th Lord Stanely of Alderley  Actress.- Played Queen Victoria
Sir Andrew David Francis CUNYNGHAME,Bt., F.C.A. 12th Bt.b 1942 Chairman Pattaya Orphanage Trust; 
1 Harriet DUPONT m 1972
2 Isabella WATTS m 1989
 . John Phillip Henry Michael Selwyn Cunynghame  b. 9 September 1944
 .  Marjatta  MARKUS m.1981
 . Arthur James Augustus Cunynghame  b 16 February 1951
 . Rachel-Claire BAINES m 16 Jul 1977
Ian Francis Rowland Selwyn Cunynghame, b 1910 Chairman, London Gardens Guild
1 Eugenie Beatrice Gwendolyn ALLPORT 
  Living CUNYNGHAME  f dau of Eugenie
2 Cecily Mary STARKEY m Dec 17, 1938 eldest dau of Francis Chaytor Starkey
  Living CUNYNGHAME  f  dau of Cecily
  Living LLOYD    f dau of Cecily
  Living CUNYNGHAME   male
  Margaret CUNYNGHAME [b1726 ??] bap 16 Dec 1745 Livingston, West Lothian, SCOT, m 8 Jun  
  Sir James Archibald STUART- WORTLEY Baron Stuart, took surname Stuart- Wortley -Mackenzie (19 Sep 1747-1 Mar 1818) b 19 Sep 1747 Of, Wortley Yorks, (His parents were: John STUART and Mary Montagu STUART-WORTLEY b 1717, Bossiney, Cornwall, ENG, d Jun 1794 
  John STUART-WORTLEY b Abt. 1774 Eng, d 14 Jan 1797
Colonel  Sir James Archibald STUART-WORTLEY -MACKENZIE, 1st BARON b  1 NOV 1776 ENG, Cr 1826 Baron  Wharncliffe of Wortley (6 Oct 1776-Wharncliffe House 19 Aug 1845) m 30 MAR 1799English statesman, was the son of Colonel Stuart, son of the 3rd earl of Bute and of his wife Mary Wortley-Montagu (Baroness Mountstuart in her own right) His attitude on various questions became gradually more Liberal, and his support of Catholic emancipation lost him his seat in 1826. He was then raised to the peerage as Baron Wharncliffe of Wortley, a recognition both of his previous parliamentary activity and of his high position among the country gentlemen. At first opposing the Reform Bill, he gradually came to see the undesirability of a popular conflict, and he separated himself from the Tories and took an important part in modifying the attitude of the peers and helping to pass the bill, though his attempts at amendment only resulted in his pleasing neither party. He became lord privy seal in Peel's short ministry at the end of 1834, and again joined him in 1841 as lord president of the council. In 1837 he brought out an edition of the writings of his ancestress, Lady Mary Wortley-Montagu (new ed. 1893). On his death in 1845 he was succeeded as and baron by his eldest son, John Stuart-Wortley (1801-1855), whose son Edward, 3rd baron (1827-1899) -Source 1911 Ed Ency Britannica 
1 Caroline Mary Elizabeth CRICHTON for 10 days then  married her sister - not due to her death, d  in 23 Apr 1856 -Married the wrong one, I suppose(!):30 Mar1799 
2 Lady Elizabeth Caroline Mary CRICHTON 
  James Archibald  Stuart-Wortley 1805-1881), recorder of London and solicitor general 3rd son
  C. B. Stuart-Wortley, K.C. (b. 1851), became well known in parliament as under-secretary of the home office 
  John (STUART-WORTLEY), 2d Lord Wharncliffe Egham, Surrey 23 Apr 1801- Wortley Hall 22  Oct 1855 m. Sandon 12 Dec 1825 
  Lady Georgiana Elizabeth Ryder (23 Apr 1804-London 22 Aug 1884) 
  Mary Caroline       (17 Oct 1826-Moore Abbey 3 Apr 1896  m London 25 Aug 1847
  Henry Francis Seymour  Moore, 3rd  Marquess of Drogheda (Bath 14 Aug 1825-London 29 Jun 1892)
  Edward Montagu Stuart Granville, cr 1876 Earl of Wharncliffe and Viscount Carlton (Sandon 15 Dec 1827 Wharncliffe House 13 May 1899) m London 4 Jul 1855
  Lady Susan Charlotte Lascelles (10 Apr 1834-Woodhill Send, Surrey 8 May 1927)
John Henry Montagu (London 8 Apr 1856- Harewood House,Yorks 19 Jan 1857)
  Francis Dudley, took surname Montagu-Stuart-Wortley (23 Jul 1829-21 Oct 1893); m.28 Aug 1855 
  Maria Elizabeth Martin    (d.26 Sep 1891) 
  Hon. Cecily Susan Stuart-Wortley b 14 October 1835 Wortley Hall, Yorkshire, d 2 May 1915 London
  Francis John, took surname Montagu- Stuart- Wortley- Mackenzie, 2d Earl of Wharncliffe (9 Jun 1856-Wortley 8  May 1926); m.17 Aug 1886 
  Ellen Gallwey (d.London 12 Mar 1922)
George STUART-WORTLEY-MACKENZIE b: 1783 Eng d 1813
  Mary STUART-WORTLEY-MACKENZIE  b  Abt. 1785 ENG  d 9 Mar 1855 m 1 JUN 1813 
  William DUNDAS b: in of, Edinburgh, d 9 MAR 1855.
  Louisa Harcourt STUART-WORTLEY b Oct 1781 Lon d 31 Jan 1848  m 22 Jun 1801 London,
  George PERCY 2d Earl of Beverley [later, 5th Duke of Northumberland] (22 Jun 1778- Alnwick Castle 21 Aug 1867).
Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy, MP, b Albury Park 2 Oct d 28 DEC 1933;  Acceded: Guy's Cliffe,Warwick;  m.London 3 Aug 1880  
Lady Victoria Edgcumbe (Brocket Hall 23 Sep 1859- 20 Feb 1920)
  Margaret William - Lady PERCY b 1726 m 23 SEP 1841
  Edward  RICHARD b: 31 DEC 1815, ENG
to locate
2  ?? Wilhelm VON MUNSTER (Her 2nd marriage} 
1 ?? Lt.Col. Augustus Frederick ELLIS, MP  15 JUN 1828. 
  Major Charles David Cunynghame ELLIS Birth: 25  JUL 1833 Death: 5 DEC 1906   m 17 NOV 1859 
  Emily CAMPBELL (1833-19 NOV 1924).
Augustus Frederick Guy ELLIS, M.L.C. b 10 DEC 1868
. Mary Pamela ELLIS    
. Helen Louisa Georgina ELLIS 
. Lucy Emily Madeline Genevive ELLIS 
  Maj Gen Sir Arthur Edward Augustus ELLIS b 13 DEC 1837 d 11 Jun 1907
  Mina Frances LABOUCHERE, (d 4 SEP1917 (Her father 1ST, Baron Taunton).
Colonel Sir Thomas Andrew Alexander Montgomery Cuninghame, 10th BT NOT     Dates: 1877-1945   Army
Children of 11th BT
      :   Ann Marie Albinia Cunynghame b: 1978  Tania Albinia Pamela Jean 
                         Cunynghame b: 1983
John Philip Henry Michael Selwyn Cunynghame b 1944 M 1 Marjatta Markus 1981
       Children:  Alexander David Martti Cunynghame b: 1985 Nina Karina Cunynghame 
                         b: 1983
Arthur James Augustus Cunynghame b: 1951  Marriage 1 Rachel-Claire Baines M 1977
     Children:  Richard George Arthur Selwyn Cunynghame b: 1980  Edward David 
                      Lyulph Cunynghame b: 1983
Robert Dwyer-Joyce d 1882 poet    ALICE DWYER-JOYCE 1913-
Dwyer-Joyce graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, in 1936; and went into general practice with her husband in the Cambridge area. During her career she has written over thirty novels, only a few of which are listed.
ID: I41732 Name: Patrick Dwyer-Joyce Sex: M _FA1: Prof., of Dublin.  Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Children Susan Dwyer-Joyce
James Joseph Myrton CUNYNGHAM - Gender: M Marriage: 2 Apr 1871 >, Mondsley Hal

Anne Helen Margaret Crawford- STIRLING-STUART B:  1854 Castlemilk, Rutherglen, Glasgow, SCOT
M: Abt 1893 ,  , ENG      

Elizabeth Cunningham STIRLING B: 7 Oct 1878 Bathgate, West Lothian, SCOT D: 31 Dec 1950
Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, SCOT M: 27 Dec 1901  Bathgate, West Lothian, SCOT