"Unthank Hall a substantial mansion of stone in this township, occupies the site of an ancient pele tower, supposed to have been the birthplace of Bishop Ridley, and was almost entirely rebuilt by the late Rev. Dixon Dixon-Brown M.A. of Unthank Hall died 1901. Ernest A, Webster esq. J.P. is lord of the manor and owner of Unthank Hall and estate, and the principal part of the land. There was formerly a heronry on this estate, and on the fell to the west of the hall are two lakes covering 4 and 7 acres respectively, and both well stocked with trout.  The area is 4,999 acres of land, which is nearly all in pasture, and 46 of water; rateable value, £2,446; thepopulation in 1901 was 136." Source: http://www.haltwhistleonline.fsnet.co.uk/thedistrict/toeast/plainmeller/plainmeller.htm       

 . William BROWN, b 1709 Willington d 1783 or 2, m 1739 m 18 FEB 1741 Morpeth, Northumberland (Willington near Newcastle , Wm "extensively concerned in collieries on the river Tyne", d after 1783.,  
 . Mary SMITH, b  ?,  Daughter of  Mr.Smith  b 1687 Morpeth..
 . Daughter BROWN b 1748 Willington
 . Daughter BROWN b 1746 Willington
 . Daughter BROWN  b 1744 Willington
 .. Son BROWN b 1742 Willington
  William BROWN b 1740 Willington, d 28 Aug 1812 eldest- heir, 
 . Margaret DIXON  b ab 1744 Willington,  m ab 1770   Father: William Dixon b ab 1718 Willington, Esq. of Hawkwell , in Northumberland
Jane BROWN b  Abt 1783 Willington, d 20 Aug 1825 Ref Times, 23 Aug 1825.
Ralph FENWICK b 1777 Of, Streatham, Surrey, m 28 APR 1807 Longbenton, Northumberland,  Esq. of Wood Lodge, Surrey; 1841 Census Croydon, Surrey.
Eleanor Mary FENWICK b 12 Feb 1808, bap 25 FEB 1808 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey  
Charles BROWN  m 30 JUN 1831 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey
. Charles Richard FENWICK  b 11 Mar 1822  bap 11 MAR 1823 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey,  In 1881 Census: Magist For Upper Vooting Cnty Of Herts & Liberty St Albans , (Had plenty of servants) 
. Wife   d between 1870 -1881
 . Mary G. FENWICK b 1858 London
 . Ethel Helen FENWICK  b 1860 London 
 . Gertrude H. FENWICK  b Melton Mowbray b 1870
Julia FENWICK b 31 Mar 1809, bap 31 MAR 1809 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey In 1881 Census widowed, 
  Elizabeth Dixon SIMPSON  b 1842 London 
William John FENWICK b 3 Dec 1816 bap 03 DEC 1816 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey. 1841 Census Croydon, Surrey.    Not in 1881 Census
Elizabeth    widowed in 1871 Census   (Educated guess these chiuldren below belong here)
 . Robert Dixon FENWICK b 1861
 . William FENWICK b 1852
. Isabella FENWICK b 1 DEC 1817 bap 29 JAN 1818 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey m 11 MAY 1837 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey
. John MARSTON  Wife nor him  in 1881 Census
. Mary FENWICK b 6 Oct 1812, bap 06 OCT 1812 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey, d 19 Jan 1813   dsp
. Henry FENWICK  b 28 NOV 1818 bap 9 JAN 1819 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey or Lambeth, Surrey,  Not in 1881 Census, In 1851 Census West Derby, Lanc. Occ: Solicitor.
. Jane Francis FENWICK b 12 June 1810,  bap: 12 JUN 1810 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey  1841 Census Croydon, Surrey.
Ralph FENWICK b 26 APR 1814, bap 28 JUN 1814 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey
Mary BROWN b Abt 1781 Willington, m ab 1804, Died: Abt 1814  
Lt.-Col. William CLARK, Commanding North Local Regiment of Militia, was deputy lt. and deputy vice-admiral, and high sheriff of Northumberland in 1820, l  b 1766 m ab 1804  Esq.of Belford Hall and Benton House, Son of William Clark, of Tynemouth, and Grandson of William Clerk, whose family settled near Alnick. d. 1837, First marriage: Anne Hutchingson, dau of James, of Tynemouth- 3 daughters- Anne Elizabeth; Mary Elizabeth (m in 1822 to Rev. W.C.King); and Elizabeth Sarah. Second Marriage- Mary Brown above, Third marriage: Margaret Selby, eldest dau of George, 
  William Brown CLARK, Esq., M.A. J.P., Of Belford Hall, Northumberland, b 12 NOV 1807  bapt:  10 MAR 1808 Wallsend, Northumberland, d 9 NOV 1840  Durham Northumberland.  Barrister, Some (LDS) refer to this person as the "III" - I believe that is an error. On an old document detailing the family, William belonged to point 3 (III).  m 11 JUN 1833 Sunderland, Durham, b  Pallion & Bishop-Wear, Durham. 
  Eleanor FENWICK  eldest daughter of Addisson Fenwick, Esquire of Pallion and Bishopwearmouth (d 1842), and Ann Robson   
 . William Fenwick CLARK bap  23 JAN 1836 Bishopwearmouth, Durham
 . Emily Anne CLARK  b 20 FEB 1834 Bishopwearmouth, (Of Belford Hall-Benton House), Northumberland Durham
. . Julia Mary CLARK  b 23 JAN 1838 Bishopwearmouth, (Of Belford Hall-Benton House), Northumberland Durham, bap Christening: 20 AUG 1863 Of, Shrivenham, Berkshire
 . Rev. John Dixon CLARK, M.A. J.P. D.L., Of Belford Hall, Northumberland, b 16 JAN 1812, bap 05 SEP 1812 Longbenton, Northumberland, m 08 JUN 1843 Medomsley, Durham, d 1870.
 . ANNE FENWICK   d 1847 second daughter of Addisson Fenwick, ( 25 AUG 1774 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland), Esquire of Pallion and Bishopwearmouth,(Son of George Fenwick)  and Ann Robson    
  ANNE ELIZABETH CLARK  b About 1844 Of Belford Hall, , Northumberland, d 10 SEP 1909
  John Vansittart Denvers Butler  m 21 JUN 1864
 . Jane Margaret CLARK b About 1814 Of Benton House, Northumberland, bap 22 APR 1807 Wallsend, Northumberland,   m 02 JUL 1833 Belford Hall, d 1878, in America?
  Rev. William Atkinson, M.A. b 12 JUN 1809 Of, Gateshead Fell, Durham,  d 30 DEC 1880 
.. Richard BROWN Born: Abt 1773 Willington
.. Juliana WILLIAMS  b ab 1777,  m ab 1803 Daughter of William Williams
Robert BROWN b Abt 1775 Willington,  
Isabella WALKER (GRACE)   m  Apr 1816
 . Julia Alice BROWN bap 30 OCT 1821 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey
  Rev F R KITE of Kenilworth m 1848,
. Robert BROWN b 23 FEB 1818, bap 15 APR 1818 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey
  Isabella Grace WALKER, dau of John Walker of North Shields
  Capt. Robert BROWN  of Little Houghton, Northumberland Light Infantry Militia,
  Fanny BELL m 1861, dau of Henry Bell.
  Dixon BROWN b  who s. his uncle
  Ralph BROWN b of Newcastle-on-Tyne,
  Emily Marion Forbes WESTMACOTT m 1858 dau of R Westmacott
. Jane BROWN b 10 NOV 1824, bap 1 DEC 1824 Saint Leonards, Streatham, Surrey
  Rev Charles DAVIS of Calcuttam. 1853,
. Rev. Dixon BROWN (after DIXON) J.P., D.L., M.A., b 17 AUG 1826, bap 16 SEP 1826 Saint Leonards, Streatham  Clergyman Without Care Of Souls; formerly Rector of Howick,  of Unthank Hall, Northumberland (which he sold in 1897),  (Had 18 servants); educ Rugby and Exeter Coll. Oxford, M.A.; assumed the name of DIXON in 1882; d. 20 June, 1901
Georgina Elizabeth LOFTUS b 1836 Yeovil, Dorset, M 5 JUL 1860 Howick, Northumberland, daughter of  COL FERRARS LOFTUS and LOUISA MARCIA - - - Grandaughter of the late General and Lady Elizabeth LOFTUS (Ref m Times 11 Jul 1860).
  Captain Dixon Loftus DIXON BROWN  b 13 May 1861 at 6 Dover St., bap 27 JUN 1861 Haltwhistle, Northumberland  3rd Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers (b Ref Times 16 May 1861) d. unm 10 Oct 1898  dsp
Alfred Dixon BROWN b 22 JUN 1867  St Leonards, Sussex, bap 11 AUG 1867 Haltwhistle, Northumberland, m May 1885 alive as of 1937; educ. Harrow
Isabel Laura BROWN b 1881 London, Middlesex,
  Grace Mercia Dixon BROWN b 1863 London Single 1901 alive as of 1937;
  Ven Charles Edward BLACKETT -Ord, Archdeacon of Northumberland (see BLACKETT-ORD of Whitfield.) m 2 Aug 1927 as his 2nd wife,  d 16 July 1931.
  Georgina Maud Dixon BROWN b 30 Apr 1862 at 19 Norfolk-cresent Hyde Park,   Single 1901 dsp  (b Ref Times 02 May 1862); alive as of 1937;
  Ethel BROWN b 1867 Whickham, Durham Single 1901, alive as of 1937 
  Lionel Dixon Dixon BROWN, J.P.,  b. 14 Feb 1865;  Newcastle Tyne  engineer, Alive in 1937, late of Unthank Hall, Northumberland, J.P. (1915); educ. Harrow;
  ISABELLA WINIFRED THOMPSON m 7 JUL 1898 Brampton, Cumberland; Alive in 1937, dau of Col T C Thompson, of Milton Hall, Brampton
  Robert Lionel BROWN, b. 9 July, 1901; educ Shrewsbury. alive as of 1937;
  Ralph BROWN, b.23 √®ept 1904; educ Harrow. alive as of 1937;
  Lionel Charles BROWN, b. 24 Aug 1913; educ Chilon Coll, Villeneuve, alive as of 1937;
  Marcia Gertrude BROWN, b 23 Sept 1899, alive as of 1937;
  Marcia Constance BROWN b 1870 St Leonards, Sussex,  alive as of 1937;
  Capt H S MOSLEY  m 19 Jan 1915
D Daughter DIXON BROWN b 20 July 1877 at 28 Queen's Gate (b Ref Times 24 Jul 1877)
  Mabel Laura Dixon BROWN b 1871 London  Single 1901  alive as of 1937;
  Brig-Gen d'Arcy Charles BROWNLOW, C.M.G., C.I.E, D.L., m 16 Aug 1894  (alive as of 1937),  Sussex (58, Wilbury Road, Hove, Sussex; United Service Club), late 21st Punjaub Infantry, son of the late Col Charles St George Brownlow, Bengal Staff Corps.
  Hilda P. Dixon BROWN b 1878 London   Single 1901  dsp alive as of 1937
William BROWN  Born: Abt 1777 Willington, d  8 Jan 1813:
Major Dixon BROWN (Dixon DIXON) J.P. and D.L,  Esq. Born: 19 July 1776, Willington, Succeeded father,William, in 1812, who in compliance with a proviso contained in the last will and testament of William Dixon , esq. late of Gower Street, Bedford Square, assumed the surname of Dixon upon the demise of Col. Dixon of the royal artillery, in 1825 , and came into possession of the estates of Benridge and Ingo , in Northumberland . He is the present Dixon Dixon , esq.Motto-Suivez Raison. Estates-Benton , Unthank , Willington , Benridge , and Ingo , in Northumberland . Seats-Unthank Hall and Benton. Dixon served the office of sheriff for Newcastle- Upon-Tyne in 1802 , and of high sheriff for Northumberland in 1827 , was deputy lieutenant for the county, and major of the Northumberland and Newcastle volunteer cavalry.  d.s.p. March 1852 and was s. in the estates by his nephew
Elizabeth SMITH  m 28 Nov 1816,  Eldest daughter William Smith , esq. of Togston 
  Daughter DIXON d in infancy    dsp
MARGARET BROWN  Born: Abt 1779 Willington, Eldest daughter, m 24 Nov 1803, Parish of Tynemouth, Longbetton, by Curate Allison. Witnesses: Mary Brown, William Brown and Dixon Brown.  (Margaret later Died 2 May 1804 at Bath) SEE WEDDING DOCUMENT    dsp 
Lt. General Francis LAYE Royal Artillery b 1752  d 20 Jan 1828, Ellison, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, aged 74,  Bu: 26 Jan 1828, St Andrews, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne  Margaret was his third marriage. Married Sarah  - and also Mary Airey (See Laye Family

General Francis Laye first marriage was to Margaret Brown. Margaret had a sister, Jane Brown who married Ralph Fenwick. Hence Francis and Ralph were brother-in-laws. There seems to be some bond- whether friendship or blood - based on the names- as in Francis' son, Francis Fenwick Laye, and Jane Francis Fenwick.   Ralph married Jane Brown in 1807 and their children were: Eleanor Mary Fenwick b 1808 m Charles Brown; Charles Richard Fenwick b 1822, Julia Fenwick b 1809 m John Simpson; William John Fenwick b 1816; Isabella Fenwick b 1817 m John Marston, Mary Fenwick b 1812, d 1813; Henry Fenwick b 1818; Jane Francis Fenwick b 1810; Ralph Fenwick b 1814. The Fenwicks lived in Streatham, Surrey.

There was a Dixon Brown in 1732 that raced his horse Molly-Mogg.  Ref: An historical list of all horse-matches run, and of all plates and prizes run for in England and Wales ... in 1732. . By John Cheny. London, 1732: p 31, 97.  Also at Morpeth, there was a lawsuit John Dixon v John Brown over a spaniel that cost 30 l. Ref  Term reports in the Court of Kingís Bench: from ... 26th George III. to ... 27th George III. ... By Charles Durnford and Edward Hyde East, ... The fourth edition corrected; with additional references. London, 1794-1802. 860pp. Vol. 1 of 8

Note: Margaret Brown belong to prominent family also with the Dixon family. See signature above of "Dixon Brown".
 Name: Dixon , Dixon , esq. of Unthank Hall , in Northumberland , succeeded his father in Aug 1812 , m. 28 Nov 1816 , Elizabeth , eldest daughter of William Smith , esq. of Togston , and had issue a daughter who died in infancy. Mr. Dixon , who served the office of sheriff for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1802 , and of high sheriff for Northumberland in 1827 , is a deputy lieutenant for the county, and major of the Northumberland and Newcastle volunteer cavalry. William Brown , esq. of Willington , near Newcastle , extensively concerned in collieries on the river Tyne , m. Miss Smith , of Morpeth , and died in 1782 , leaving two sons, and three daughters. Of the former, the elder son and heir, William Brown , esq. married in 1770 , Margaret , daughter of William Dixon , esq. of Hawkwell , in Northumberland , and had issue, I. Dixon , who succeeded him. II. Richard , married Juliana , daughter of William . Margaret , married in 1803 , Lieut. Gen. Laye , royal artillery, and died in May 1804 . II. Mary , married William Clark , esq. of Belford Hall , and Benton House , died in 1814 , leaving issue, two sons and one daughter. III. Jane , married Ralph Fenwick , esq. of Wood Lodge, Surrey, died in 1828 , Mr. Brown dying the 28 Aug 1812 , was succeeded by his eldest son Dixon Brown , esq. who in compliance with a proviso contained in the last will and testament of William Dixon , esq. late of Gower Street, Bedford Square, assumed the surname of Dixon upon the demise of Col. Dixon of the royal artillery, in 1825 , and came into possession of the estates of Benridge and Ingo , in Northumberland . He is the present Dixon Dixon , esq.Motto-Suivez Raison. Estates-Benton , Unthank , Willington , Benridge , and Ingo , in Northumberland . Seats-Unthank Hall and Benton .  

Pat P  hfcmrp@yahoo.com

Birth: 19 SEP 1809 Christening: 24 JUN 1810 Longbenton, Northumberland, England Parents: Father: CHRISTOPHER CLARK Family Mother: ANN DIXON

JAMES CLARK  Birth: 27 MAY 1800   Christening: 24 AUG 1800 Longbenton, Northumberland, England
above - same parents c & ann  


ANN CLARK   11 NOV 1805 Christening: 02 FEB 1806 Longbenton, Northumberland, England

ROBERT CLARK   18 SEP 1802 Christening: 06 MAR 1803 Longbenton, Northumberland, England

ELIZABETH CLARK  14 FEB 1798 Christening: 08 APR 1798 Longbenton, Northumberland




Birth: 03 MAY 1857

Christening: 27 JUN 1858 Saint Thomas, Dudley, Worcester, England


Father: JOHN CLARK Family

THOMAS CLARK BAP 13 DEC 1795 Longbenton, Northumberland

--Brown, Alice Dixon 1879 September Garstang Lancashire    


Contact:  mrpcollege@gmail.com   Patrick Paskiewicz
Teach college USA.  BA  Philosophy, MA English Drama and Literature EMU.  Born 1950, before Al Gore invented Internet. Peddling ny completed book to publishers, Who Murdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore?, an investigation into the unsolved murder of English army nurse, Miss Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter and relative of Miss Florence Nightingale.  
Battled some renal cell carcinoma , but have good prognosis. Next project may look at another person on my tree, early feminist/ adventurer/explorer/writer Patricia Elizabeth Ramsay Laye. 




LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY Northumberland  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN Northumberland  Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   Durham, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, Ireland  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   London and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath Ireland    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE Northumberland    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki





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