Henry GILMAN  Sarah                          
                                                John  GILLMAN   Elizabeth Couzens
                                                          George or John  GILLMAN   ELLEN      Edward CASHER   Elizabeth                                                                                                                
                                                                           George GILLMAN  and Ann Priscilla CASHER
                                                                            b 1795                           b 1808
Colonel BURGESS                                William GILLMAN  m Maud GILLMAN        Robert Hoare DWYER Caroline G.T.Cunynghame 
                                                                    b  Portsmouth 1854    b 1860 Canada  
Lt Com Malcolm K BURGESS  m  Evelyn Mary GILLMAN   Beryl Maud GILLMAN  Bertie C. DWYER 
                                                                                             B Southsea, Hamp 1881
   Col John R. BASSETT step father
Guy Francis de Moncy BURGESS Nigel Kingsforth BURGESS


 William GILLMAN -(Banker and conpany director- Listed in Hampshire at the Opening of the Twentieth Century :
Contemporary biographies.- Brighton.- 1905).  b 29 Jul 1853 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 
     married Maud (Hooper?)  -born in 1860 Canada 
William's Parents:
   George GILLMAN  born 16 Jul 1795 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hamp and Ann Priscilla CASHER (see below)  m 15 Apr 1834 Saint Thomas,   
      His parents:
    George GILLMAN and Ellen  or John & Elizabeth 
Ann GILLMAN b 1835 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
  (Note in 1881, Ann, Alice and Caroline, all unmarried, lived together at Lennox Road Wentworth House, Portsea, close to Dwyer's residence at Lennox Lodge.  Their occupations were listed as "Bankers Daughter Annuitant."
Alice GILLMAN 11 Oct 1844 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hamp
Augusta GILLMAN 24 Oct 1838 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hamp m: Major Henry Bradley ROBERTS, RA  (Was at Bertie's wedding) m 23 Jun 1857 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, They had a child: HENRY BRADLEY ROBERTS borh 19 SEP 1860 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Caroline GILLMAN 12 Apr 1850 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Ellen GILLMAN 11 Nov 1840 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fanny GILLMAN - 12 Oct 1842 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
George Faber GILLMAN 28 Apr 1847 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Elizth. GILLMAN  Christening: 29 Jan 1775 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Parents: Father: Jno. GILLMAN Mother: Elizabeth
John GILLMAN Marriage(s):  Elizabeth COUZENS Marriage: 2 Apr 1774 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

John GILMAN Sex: M Event(s): Christening: 11 Mar 1753 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire,    Parents: Father: Henry GILMAN Mother: Sarah

     Wife of George GILLMAN (see Gillman above)
        Ann Priscilla CASHER 25 Apr 1808 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 
   Her parents: 
        Father: Edwd. CASHER b 4 May 1800 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire    
     Mother: Elizth.
    Siblings of Ann Priscilla CASHER:
        John Francis CASHER B 13 Apr 1810 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 
       Jane CASHER :   B 5 Sep 1806 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth,   Hampshire.   
         Married: Henry GRANT Marriage: 15 Feb 1831 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth,      
      Elizth. CASHER B 29 Jun 1803 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire,