"To be Irish either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above "

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  William HORE
  William LE HORE
  Richard Le HORE B 1255  d 1349 in Teighnbridge, Maidencombe, England  
  Alice PLANTAGENET b 1255 Birth: 12 Mar 1278 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England Christening: Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England Death: 1291 in Chagford, Devonshire, England Burial: Chagford, Devonshire, England  Father: Edward I PLANTAGENET b: 17 Jun 1239 in Westminster, Middlesex, England Mother: Eleanor DE BOURGOGNE b:1244 in Burgos, Spain
  Thomas Le HORE b 1277
  William Le HORE b 1280
  Robert Hore b 1275 in Rushford, Chagford, Devon, England  d 1380 in Rushford, Chagford, Devon, England)
  Heiress FFORDE b 1275 m 13 Oct 1349 in Chagford, Devon,
  Robert HORE b 1331 of Chagford, Devon, England 
  Alicia DE RIFFORD b abt 1338 of Chagford, Devon, England  dau of Roland DE RIFFORD and Gracia
  William HORE b 1345 of Chagford, Devon, England    
  Robert HORE b1360  Chagford, Devon, England d 1413 England
  Estbroke b1360  Chagford, Devon, England
  Alice HORE  b 1383 Rushford, Chagford, Devon, England "dau of Gracia"
  William HORE  b 1380 Rushford, Chagford, Devon, England d 1458
  Robert HORE 1398 Chagford, Devon, England
  William HORE of Chagford, Devon, England
  William HORE of Chagford, Devon, England
  Augustine HORE  of Chagford, Devon, England  Sp
  Barnaby HORE  of Chagford, Devon, England
  UNKNOWN of Chagford, Devon, England
  David HORE  of Chagford, Devon, England
  William HORE b 1511  Risford, Devon, England 
  Maria PERIMAN 1513 Risford, Devon, England
  Johes HORE B: Abt 1537 m Abt 1567 Bu 1644 Chagford Church, Chagford, Devon, England
  Elizabeth KELLEY B 1539 Risford, Devon, England
  Maria HORE B: Abt 1568 Of Risford, Devon, Eng
  Johi GORSEN b Abt 1566 Of Risford Devon
  Jones HORE B: Abt 1570  Of Risford, Devon, Eng Christened: Risford, Devon, England d  29 Jun 1628  I.p.m Schas
  Susan WHIDDON m 31 Aug 1600  dau of Francisci WHIDDON 
  Radus HORE B:(8-1620) 1612 Of Risford, Devon  
  Henry HORE B:(12-1620) 1608 Of Risford, Devon, Eng  
  Robert HORE B:(14-1620) 1606 Of Risford, Devon, Eng  
  Thomas HORE B:(16-1620) 1604 Of Risford, De  
  John HORE B:17-1620) 1603 Of Risford, Devon, Eng d 21 Mar 1644-5  
  Willmus HORE B: 18-1620) 1602 Place: Of Risford, Devon, Eng D Aft 1628 m abt 1632      
  William HORE B: Bef 1578 50-1628) (Over Of Risford, Devon, Eng d  Abt 1638 m  Abt 1601    
  Catherina NOTT B: Abt 1580 Lapford, , Devonshire, England
  Margaret HOARE b 1616 Risford
  Willmus HORE b 1592 Risford, Devon
  John HORE b 1603 Risford, Devonshire
  Thomas HORE b 1604 Risford, Devonshire
  Robert HORE b  1606 Risford, Devonshire
  Henry HORE b 1608 Risford, Devonshire d 18 Mar 1654/1655
  Mrs Olive HOARE  
  Henry HOARE b Abt 1627  Walton, , Buckshire, England d 1668 Place: London
  Cecily Mrs HOARE
  William HOARE b 1629 Walton, , Buckshire, England
  Elizabeth HOARE b 1662 Walton, , Buckshire, England
  John HOARE b 1632 Walton, , Buckshire, England
  Catherine HOARE b 1634 Walton, , Buckshire, England 
  Samuel SYMPSON
  Olive HOARE b 1636 Walton, , Buckshire, England
  Thomas HOARE b 1631 bap 24 Jul 1631 Walton, , Buckshire, England
  Rad'Us HOARE b 1612  Risford, Devonshire
  Radulphus HOARE b 1614 Risford, Devonshire
  Willelmus HOARE b 1602 Risford, Devonshire  son of William  and Catherina NOTT
  Elizabeth GILPIN  b Abt 1604 Edmonton, , Middlesex, England, bu 30 Dec 1681 Church St Peter, London, England, dau Rev. John Gilpin b 1578 Edmonton, Middlesex
  Catherine Elizabeth HOARE b Abt 1639 London
  Edward WIGHT
  William HOARE b abt 1637 London, England d 9 Feb 1687/1688 bu St Savior Church, Southwark, London,
  Charles HORE b Abt 1635 London,
  Elizabeth HINSON
  Thomas HORE b Abt 1633 London,
  Abraham HORE b Abt 1631 London, England d 1670 Cork, Ireland
  James HORE b Abt 1620 Surveyor, London, d 30 Nov 1696 Edmonton, Middlesex, England, bu 5 Dec 1696 St. Peter, London,
1 Mrs. HOARE
  Dorcas HOARE b Abt 1645 Middle Temple, London
  Anne HOARE b Abt 1647 Middle Temple, London
  James HOARE b Abt 1642 Middle Temple, London bu 25 Aug 1679 St. Peter, London
  Sara Hannah WAKEFIELD m 23 Nov 1668
  James Charles HOARE b 1672 bapt 23 Jan 1672/1673 St. Peter, London
  John HORE b Abt 1623 London, England  d 30 Nov 1696   
  Edward HOARE  b Abt 1626 London, England, d 3 Jul 1690 Cork, Ireland
  Mary WOODCOCK  b Abt 1630 Kilcogane, Kilkenny, Ireland D 27 Aug 1690 Cork, Ireland  m abt 1650;  dau of John Woodcock b Abt. 1604 Kilrogane, Kilkenny, Ireland
Joseph HOARE  b Abt 1666 Woodhill, Cork, Ireland  d 14 Oct 1729  bu Evergreen, , Cork, Ireland
Rachell ROGERS M 3 Mar 1692
  Mary HOARE b 22 Mar 1698 Cork, Ireland d 10 Apr 1698 Cork,
  Jane HOARE b 2 Jun 1699 Cork
  Caleb BEALE
  Caleb BEALE  b Abt. 1721, Cork, Ireland
  Child HOARE b 2 Jul 1700  Cork, Ireland d 5 Jul 1700
  Francis HOARE b 5 Nov 1694 Cork, Ireland d 3 Jan 1695/1696 Cork, Ireland
  Edward HOARE b1 3 Nov 1692  Cork, Ireland d 2 Feb 1693/1694 Cork
  Joseph HOARE b 17 Dec 1695 Woodhill, Cork, Ireland d 4 Oct 1740 Cork
  Sarah ABELL
  Rachael HOARE b 1721 Cork
  Margaret PIKE m 1720 Cork
  Edward HOARE b 19 Dec 1696 Cork, Ireland d 15 Sep 1698 Cork
Margaret SATTERTHWAITE m 23 Apr 1713
  Samuel HOARE  b 20 Sep 1716  Cork, Ireland d 30 Aug 1796 Winchmore Hill, Middlesex, England bu  6 Sep 1796
  Grizell GURNELL m 19 Feb 1744
  Sarah HOARE  b Abt 1753 Cateaton St., London, England d  21 Jan 1819 bu 28 Jan 1819 Winchmore Hill, , Middlesex, England
  Thomas BRADSHAW m 26 Nov 1777
  Mary HOARE  b Abt 1760 Cateaton St., , London, England d 1 Feb 1783
  Margaret HOARE  b 1748 Cateaton St., London, , England d 5 Jul 1824 Winchmore Hill, , Middlesex, England 
  Joseph WOODS m 5 Jul 1769
  Joseph HOARE  b 1750 Cateaton St., London, England  d 1775
  Grizell HOARE  b 1758 Cateaton St., London, , England d 1837
  William ALLEN m 14 Mar 1828
  Wilson BIRBECK m 16 Dec 1801
  Samuel HOARE  b 29 May 1751 Cateaton St., London, , England d 13 Jul 1825 bu Winchmore Hill, , Middlesex, England
  Sarah GURNEY m 15 May 1776
  Sarah HOARE  b 1777 London
  Hannah HOARE  b 1779 London d 30 Apr 1850
  Thomas Marlborough PRYOR m 25 Nov 1802
  Samuel HOARE  b 16 Jan 1783 Hampstead, Heath House, Middlesex, England d 26 Dec 1847 bu Hendon, Middlesex
  Louisa GURNEY    
  Elizabeth HOARE  b 18118 Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England
  John PATTESON m 23 Jun 1846 Hampstead, England  Five children res England
  Catherine Louisa HOARE  b 17 Jan 1823 Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England d 1 Dec 1844
  Edward Francis Edwards HANKINSON m 27 Jan 1842  1 child res England
  Joseph HOARE  b 21 Mar 1814 Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England
  Rachel Juliana BARCLAY m 20 Apr 1847
  Anne Amelia BUXTON m 13 Jul 1836
  John Gurney HOARE  b 7 May 1810  Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England d 16 Feb 1875 Biarritz France bu Biarritz France
  Caroline BARCLAY m 18 Mar 1837 Clapham, Surrey, England   Seven children res England
  Edward HOARE  b 5 Jun 1812  Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England d 7 Jul 1894
  Maria Eliza BRODIE  m 10 Jul 1839 Betchworth, , Surrey, England Ten children res England
  Richard HOARE  b 13 Jun 1824 Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England
  Susan TOMKINSON m 30 Oct 1861 Tarvin, , Cheshire, England   Five children res England
  Francis HOARE  b 13 Jun 1828 Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England
  Eugenia HANKINSON m 26 Jul 1854 Halesworth, , Suffolk      Seven children res England
  Samuel HOARE  b 1 Dec 1807 Hampstead House, , Middlesex, England d 27 Oct 1833 Hampstead House, , Middlesex,
  Catherine Edwards HANKINSON m 8 Sep 1831  Two children res England
  Grizell HOARE  b 1 Sep 1781  London, England d 21 Feb 1852
  David POWELL
  Hannah STERRY m 17 Jun 1788
  Jonathan HOARE  b 4 Nov 1752 Cateaton St., London, , England d 15 Aug 1819 bu Winchmore Hill, , Middlesex, England
  Sarah BESWICK m 19 Jun 1783
  Sarah HOARE  b 1778 Cateaton St., London,
  Edward HOARE  b 16 Dec 1714, Cork, Ireland  d 18 Feb 1718/1719  Cork     out of place
  Deborah WEILY m 19 Aug 1708          out of place
  Female HOARE  b 5 Jan 1709/1710 Clonmell, , Tipperary, Ireland  d12 Jan 1709/1710
Mary BEALE    
Elizabeth HOARE B Abt 1653
Enoch HOARE B Abt 1655 Dunkettle, , Cork
Mrs Enoch HOARE
  Edward HOARE B Abt 1679 Cork
  Joseph HOARE B Abt 1681 Cork
Esther HOARE  B Abt 1659 Woodhill Cork   
Samuel TERRY m Abt 1682 Cork, Ireland
  Mary TERRY b 1887 Dublin Ireland
  Sarah TERRY b 1683 Dublin, Ireland
  Richard TERRY b 1683 Dublin, Ireland      
.  Edward HOARE Sheriff then Mayor of Cork, b ab 1651/5 Dunkittle Cork, Ire, d 3 Nov 1709 Edmonton, Middlesex, bu 7 Nov 1709  St Mary's, Shandon, Cork   
. Sarah BURNELL (b  1655 Dublin)  Married on 25 Mar 1676  dau of Richard Burnell of Dublin    
. Edward HOARE  b 1677 Dunkittle, Cork 20 Jul 1765. Bu St Mary's, Shandon, Cork,  Sheriff then Mayor of Cork 
1 Grace Burton   m 1703 dau of Benjamin Burton, Lord Mayor of Dublin             
. Edward HOARE b 1704, bap 31 Aug 1704 Dunkittle Cork, d 16 Dec 1740, bu 19 Dec 1740 St Mary's Shandon, Cork 
. Sarah WORTH  b 1704 Dunkittle Cork, Ire bap 24 Nov 1704, d 26 Nov 1741 Dublin, bu St Patrick, Dublin, Ire,  Father: Edward or William WORTH 
. Catherine HOARE b 1708 Annabella, Mallow, Cork
. Thomas SPAIGHT b ab. 1704 Bunratty Castle Clare, Ire
. Francis Conyngham HOARE b 4 Jan 1706 Dunkettle Cork, Ire  d 1733  unm
Sir Joseph HOARE  b 25 Dec 1707 Annabella, Mallow, Cork, Ire d 24 Dec 1801at 93, bu St Mary's Shandon, Cork,  
Catherine SOMERVILLE b 1716  bap 3 Jul 1716 Cockstown Dublin Father James SOMERVILLE 1st Bart Cookstown
. Grace HOARE  b ab 1736, Annabella Cork, Ire
Thomas Spaight of Bunratty  b 26.Sep 1725
. Catherine HOARE  b ab 1738, Annabella Cork, Ire 
. William HUME b ab. 1734 Humewood Wicklow, Ire
. Anne HOARE  b ab 1740, Annabella Cork, Ire
. John PEYTON b ab 1736 Rosecommon, Ire
. Elizabeth HOARE  b ab 1748, Annabella Cork, Ire. d  prob before 1854   dsp
. Burton HOARE  (male) b ab 1750, Annabella Cork, Ire
. Elizabeth HOARE  b ab 1754, Annabella Cork, Ire
1 Dominick BLAKE b 1750 Galway
Colonel James BULKELEY b ab. 1750 Bulkeley Hall Stafford, Ire, d 1769
  Captain Sir Edward HOARE, Bt., M.P., b 14 Mar 1745 Annabella Cork, Ire d 30 Apr 1814 Clifton Bristol, bu Clifton Church, Clifton, Bristol, 
  Clotilda WALLIS b ab 1750  Carrigrohane Cork, d 3 Sep 1816, bu Clifton Church, Clifton, Bristol, m 14 Sep 1771, Father: William WALLIS
. Clotilda HOARE, b ab 1772 Cork
. John BOLTON, b ab 1768 YoughalCork, Ire
. Clotilda BOLTON b ab. 1794 Youghal Cork
. William HOARE b ab 1776  Cork, Ire
. Catherine HOARE b ab 1781 Garryduff Waterford, Ire
.1 Henry Prendergast GARDE b ab 1776  Garryduff Waterford
. Thomas GARDE b ab 1803  Cork, Ire
. Edward Hoare GARDE b ab 1805  Cork, Ire
. Clotilda Letitia GARDE b ab 1808 Cork, Ire d 1843 Florence Court, Cork, Ire
. Francis ROWLAND  b ab 1805  Kilboy, Cork, Ire
. Francis ROWLAND b ab 1830, Cork
. Ann Elizabeth ROWLAND b  ab 1835  Cork, Ire  d 1843 London
2 Rev. James White (RN)
  Sir Joseph Wallis HOARE, 3rd Bt., b 9 Mar 1775 Cork, Ire, d 26 Nov 1852 Brussels
  Lady Harriet O'BRYEN b ab 1780 Rostellan Castle, Cork,d 1 May 1851 m 17 Mar 1800  Sister of James O'Bryen, 3rd Marquess of Thomond
. Sarah Maria HOARE b ab 1803 Cork, Ire,d  5 Apr 1881 London, 
1 Robert Carrick BUCHANAN b 31 Oct 1797  Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, North Britain d  7 Feb 1841 m 16 Jul 1824
 . David Carrick Robert BUCHANAN b 16 Sep 1825 Coatbridge  Lanark,
 . Wallis O'Bryen Hastings BUCHANAN b17 Nov 1826 Coatbridge, Lanark, Scotland d 18 Mar 1855
 . George BUCHANAN b 19 Nov 1827 CoatbridgeLanark, Scotland d Nov 1863
2 Charles RAPER  b ab 1800 
. Harriet HOARE b ab 1805 Cork, Ire,d  8 Oct 1827
. Francis Hurt SITWELL b ab 1801 Cork  
. William Willoughby Hurt SITWELL b 12 Oct 1827, Cheltenham, d 20 Feb 1909
. Mary HOARE b ab 1809 Cork, Ire,d  11 Dec 1836 
. Matthew Charles FORSTER b ab 1805 Cork 
. Catherine Diana HOARE b ab 1813 Cork, Ire, d 16 Oct 1869 Sunbury
  Elizabeth HOARE b ab 1817 Cork, Ire, d  Tavistock,  Devonshire 
  James Payne HORSFORD b ab 1800 Rath, Killaloe, Clare, d 21 Sep 1872, m 1838
. Emily Jane O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1845 Rath Killaloe, Clare, 
. Gertrude Harriet O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1846 Rath Killaloe Clare,
. Grace Elizabeth O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1848 Rath, Killaloe, Clare,
. Valentine James O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1839, Rath, Killaloe, Clare, d 2 Jun 1879 Abergavenny, Wales
. Edwin Clarence O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1841 Rath, Killaloe, Clare, Ire
. Frederick Walter O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1843 Rath, Killaloe, Clare, d 10 Apr 1880 : Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester, 
. Paul Ottley O'Bryen HORSFORD b ab 1847, Rath, Killaloe Ire
. Sophia HOARE b ab 1819 Cork, Ire, 
. Fanny Rosalie HOARE b ab 1821 Cork, Ire 
. John Lyman Parish HOARE b ab 1815 Cork,   ??  d 22 Mar 1811 Brownlow, Bitterne, Southampton, 
. Jane Ellis PAYNE b ab 1819 , m  4 May 1840
. Joseph HOARE b ab 1841 
. John J. S. HOARE b 1855 , Jan 1881
 . Joseph James Parish HOARE b 22 Mar 1811 (Bath) Brownlow Bitterne Southampton  second son d 17-Dec-1889 In 1881 catagorized as an "inbecile"
  Helen Moritz Dillon HARDMAN  b ab 1812 Mt. Hardman, Grenada, West Indies d 10 Jul 1879 Brownlow, Southampton, m 17 Apr 1834 Father: Henry N. HARDMAN
.. Marian Maria Dorothea HOARE b ab 1836 Brownlow, Southampton, 
. Oliver William Simpson HOARE b 3 Oct 1843 Brownlow, Southampton,  d 1901 In 1861 Census
1 Catherine Annie JAMES  b ab 1842 Melbourne, Australia d 1 June 1881, m 27 October 1864, dau George James and Emma.
2 Charlotte Smyrna PEASLEY  m  1892 London
  Gerald Robin O'Bryen HOARE b abt 1879 Bishopstoke, Hampshire 1891 Census:  boarding school Eastfield House, Ditchling
  Annie F. J. HOARE b Woolston, Hampshire abt 1867
  Oliver G St Clair HOARE b ab 1866 Woolston, Hampshire
  Walter James HOARE b 4 Oct. 1871 South Stoneham, d 9 November 1943, London
  Basil O'Bryen HOARE b 1870 Woolston, Hampshire
  Constance Helen HOARE b 1868 Woolston, Hampshire 1891 Census visitor w/ g/parents George and Emma James, Cuckfield; 1901 Census visitor w/ May family  
  Phililp Leake Stevenson m 1901 Maidenhead
  Geraldine Erin HOARE b 1869 Woolston, Hampshire
  (Edmund) Beverley Blair MCKEAN m 1893 Birkenhead b Scotland 1875 Whisky/wine merchant
  Geraldine B MCKEAN  b ab 1895 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
  John Beverley Blair MCKEAN  b ab 1898 Aston Abbots, Buckinghamshire
  Thelnia MCKEAN  b ab 1896 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
. Rev. James O'Bryen Dott Richard HOARE, M.A., b 12 Mar 1835  Brownlow, Southampton eldest child (of eight), Obtained his MA degree at Canterbury NZ, former Vicar of C of E Papanui. First wife daughter of Rev. Thomas Henderson, vicar of Messing Essex. d 18 Aug 1914 Lower Riccarton Christchurch In 1881 Census
  Vera Mary Martell d 1950
  Frances Eleanor HENDERSON d 15-Feb-1911  m 23 Feb 1865 In 1881 Census
  Denys HOARE  b 1876 Weston, Hampshire d 1958 In 1881 Census
  Frances YORK m 1906
  Kathleen Hannah HOARE  b 1911
  Norah Frances O'Bryen HOARE  b 1907 m
   John Edward BUXTON m 1940
  Annabel Mary BUXTON   b 23-May-1948
  Frances Jane BUXTON   b 13-Nov-1944
  John Edward Holford  m 1 Apr 1967
  Rebecca Jane Holford  b 25-Dec-1968
  Joanna Elizabeth BUXTON   b 31-Oct-1941
  Major Christopher Timothy Rawdon LEEFE m 1964
  Mark Rawdon LEEFE   b 25-Oct-1966
  Thomas Rawdon LEEFE   b 20-Jun-1968
Janet HOARE  b ab 1869 Christchurch, New Zealand   In 1881 Census
Geoffrey John PHILLIPS m 1900
. John HOARE  b  27-Dec-1874 Surrey, England  In 1881 Census
  Margaret Jane Leversedge b 19-May-1876 d 26-Apr-1959  m 1904
  John Leslie HOARE  b 29-Apr-1919 d 1992
    Maxime Heaslip born 22 May 1921
  Jane Victoria HOARE  b 1950
  Marion Lester WOOD  m 1977
  Clare Marcello WOOD  b 1980
  Caroline Elizabeth WOOD  b 1983
  Hannah Victoria WOOD  b 1987
  Susan Elizabeth HOARE  b 1946
  Michael Clifford Quinnell m 1970
  Mark Alexander Quinnell b 1976
  Molly Gertrude HOARE  b 1913 d 1998
  Patrick SHINE  d 1985 m 1942
  John SHINE  b 1946
  Kathleen Mary Morgan m 1969
  Rebecca Kathleen SHINE  b 1970
  Michael Patrick SHINE  b 1972
  Judith Mary SHINE  b 1948
  Joseph OHANA  m 1971
  Yael Simma OHANA  b 1973
  David Patrick Yaniv OHANA  b 1978
  Richard SHINE  b 1950
  Terri Sue Griffith m 1978
  James Macquarie SHINE  b 1982
  Benjamin Griffith SHINE  b 1984
   Margaret Alice HOARE  b 1912 D 28-Nov-1994
  John Steane COMPORT  m 1943
  Stephen COMPORT  b 1944
  Mary Boyd THOMPSON  m 1966
  Gillian Elizabeth Sinton  m 1973
  David John COMPORT  b 1980
  Michael Douglas COMPORT  b 1982
  James O'Bryen HOARE  b 1910 d 5-Feb-1967
  Helen Dorey Hardie  d 1991  m  Jan 1941
  Janet O'Bryen HOARE  b Nov-1941
  William Frank RICHARDSON m 16 JAN 1965
  Diana Helen RICHARDSON b 1967
  Michael George RICHARDSON b 1970
  Richard James O'Bryen HOARE b 1947
  Sally Ann CORNWELL m 1971
  David O'Bryen HOARE b 1974
  Matthew James HOARE b 1976
  Rosemary Jane HOARE b 1978
  Stewart John HOARE b 1949
  Marcelle Bitoun  m 1976
  Andrew James HOARE b 1982
  Frances Mary Joan HOARE b 9-Nov-1905 d 6-Jan-1998
  Harry Albert Cameron  b 2-Sep-1897 d 13-Mar-1983   m 6 Apr 1931
  Diana Molly Cameron  b 23-Sep-1943
  Jules Matthew LeLievre b 17-Aug-1933 m 1 Oct 1982
  Kevin Patrick SHONE b
  Robert Andrew SHONE b 28-Dec-1970
  Jonathan James SHONE b 21-Jun-1976
  Michael Christopher SHONE b 20-Jan-1973
   Leah Victoria BELL
  Emma Louise SHONE b 14-Jan-1998
  John Bruce Cameron  b 6-Jun-1933
  Jennifer Dines MACKAY b 19-Jul-1935  m 6 Apr 1961
  Belinda Anne Cameron  b 12-Oct-1965
1 Mario Ricardo Crismani  b 23-Oct-1967
  Suzanna Jane Crismani  b 6-Oct-1996
2 Shane Leslie FINLAY  m 27 Mar 1999
  Benjamin John  FINLAY  b 15-Jul-2000
  Fiona Judith Cameron  b 24-Sep-1963
  David Hubert FINNEY  b 9-Jan-1959 m 20 Jun 1992
  Kate Elizabeth FINNEY  b 8-Jan-1994
  Sarah Louise FINNEY  b 27-Apr-1996
  Christine Louise Cameron  b 6-Feb-1962
  Geoffery Douglas Crozier b 8-Sep-1960 m 12 Dec 1987
  Louise Jane Crozier b 6-Aug-1990
  James Allen Crozier b 21-Mar-1992
  Margaret Anne Cameron  b 13-Feb-1932
  Grahame Iliff BARRY b 3-Oct-1929  m 3 Dec 1954
  Richard John BARRY b 26-Sep-1961
  Julie MAGUIRE b 1968 m 4 Oct 1992
  Ethan Richard BARRY b. 20.Dec 1999
  Grace Margaret BARRY b 13 Aug 2003
  Hannah Elizabeth Noreen BARRY b 25-Oct-1995
  Helen Margaret BARRY b 15-Jan-1957
  Matthew GOODEN m
  Alexander Matthew GOODEN b 3-May-1981
  Daniel Benedict GOODEN b 28-Jun-1981
  Cecily Rita GOODEN b 4-Mar-1986
  Dominic Thomas GOODEN b 12-Dec-1988
  Jeremy Patrick GOODEN b 25-Sep-1990
  Prudence Jane GOODEN b 24-Aug-1992
  David Bruce BARRY b 19-Sep-1955
  Gillian C. HOWIE m 1985
  Dean Cameron BARRY b 11-Feb-1987
  Lisa Danielle BARRY b 24-Sep-1988
Helen HOARE b abt 1878 Woolstone, Hampshire  In 1881 Census
. Arthur HOARE 
. Mary  HOARE   b ab 1868 Christchurch, New Zealand In 1881 Census
  Alfred LONG   m 1917 d 1918
  Philip O'Bryen HOARE b 1871 Sholing, Hampshire In 1881 Census
  Florence EVANS
  Donovan OBryen, b 1899  d 1917  (NZ Navy)
. Arthur Calvert HOARE b 24 Mar 1840 Brownlow, Southampton, d 1898 In 1861 Census  Customs clerk   1891 Hemp and Jute merchant
Charlotte Rosina Robinson
  Arthur Carrick Dickson HOARE b 1872
  Ursula Audrey Mary PACY m 1921
  Jacqueline Fitzmaurice HOARE b 1922
. Edward Senior HOARE b 15 Jul 1851 Brownlow, Southampton, 
  Sophia Elizabeth HIRD  m 1870  In 1891 Census as head of house, living with Cyril, on her own means Condition is "M" so perhaps seperated or divorced.
  Cyril Bertie Edward HOARE b 29-Sep-1882 d 16-Jan-1940
   Isabel Mary Fielder m 24 Mar 1907
  Hermione Sophia O'Bryen HOARE b 1910
  Baron Colwyn d 1966 m 1952 
  Bertie Rex O'Bryen HOARE b 6-Jun-1912 d 26-Mar-1947
  Lucy WATSON m 22 Dec 1945
  Rosemary Verity HOARE b 1947
  Nicholas Russell
  Samantha O'Bryen Russell b 1980
  (Charles) Campbell Williams HOARE b 31-Dec-1841 d 1921   In 1871 census with wife and dau Mary visiting in laws. Used Campbell as his given name here.  Customs clerk. In 1881, uses Charles as given name occ- inspector of fabrics. 
  Blanche Phavre m 1867 b 1841 Plymouth   Parents from Ireland
  Mary A. HOARE b 1869 Bitterne
  Carl F. HOARE b abt 1870 Southampton South Stoneham  1901 census boarder East Stockwith Lincolnshire
  Blanche Evelyn HOARE b abt 1877 Broughton, Lancashire
  Ernest St.George Anson d 1946 m 1915
. Joseph George Wallace HOARE b 26 Jul 1838 Brownlow, Southampton, d before 1891
Susan Mary PAUL d 1874
Mary Martha ENGLAND 1891 census- "widow"
  Olivia B. HOARE b 1882 Kensington 1891 Census
  Marie Violet HOARE b 1879 Kensington  1891 Census
  Helen Susan Kathleen HOARE b 1867 d 1935
  John MEEK d 1907 m 1894
  Francis Forward O'Bryen MEEK b 1905
  Carolina Perez m 1935
  Wallace O'Bryen MEEK b 1936
  Carmen Kathleen MEEK b 1938
  John Wallace MEEK b 1902
  Marjorie Evans Cheney m 1934
. Henry Douglas Martin HOARE b 26 Sep 1849 Brownlow, Southampton, 
. Charles Campbell Williams HOARE b 31 Dec 1841 Brownlow, Southampton, 
. Commander William O'Bryen HOARE, R.N. b 23 Mar 1807 Cork, Ire, d 26 Mar 1886  2nd son  Enlisted at age of 13. Commander in 1846. 
2 Caroline HORNBY b 1812 Southampton d 9 Jan 1891 m 2 May 1834
. Harriet Jane HOARE b  ab 1835 Cork, Ire  single dsp
. Elizabeth Clotilda HOARE b ab 1838 , Cork, Ire  married
. Mary Louisa HOARE b ab 1840 , Cork, Ire married 
Clothilda HOARE  married 
. Sir Edward HOARE, B.A., 4th Bt.,  b 1779 Cork, Ire,d  15 Nov 1882 Brighton, Trinity College
. Harriet BARRITT b ab 1805 EwellSurrey, d 25 Jan 1880 Brighton, bu :Brighton
. Annie HOARE b ab 1835 , Cork, Ire d 24 Feb1910
  Thomas LESLIE
. Edward Barritt HOARE b 1825 Cork, Ire d 1843 East Indies
Major Sir Joseph Wallis O'Bryen HOARE, D.L. J.P., 5th Bt.,  b 11 Nov 1828 Annabella,  Cork, Ire d 30 Apr 1904 Sydney, Bitterne, Hamp.  Royal Engineers, 
. Cecilia Selina Eleanor EDE, Ridgeway Castle m 1857 4th dau of Janes EDE d 7 Jan 1888
Norah Cecile Helen HOARE
Kathleen Henriett  HOARE
  Lt. Sir Sydney James O'Bryen HOARE, b 1860
  Miss O'Bryen TAYLOR  m 16 Jun 1896 dau of Major O'Brien TAYLOR, Standard Bearer of His Majesty's Body Guard of Gentlemen at Arms
  Edward HOARE b 29 Apr 1898  hier
  Terence O'Bryen HOARE b Jan 1904
  Violet O'Bryen HOARE b 4 May 1897 d 1900
  Thomas HOARE b 20 Apr 1779  Ballycroane Cork, Ire d 15 Dec 1835 bu Castletown, Roche, Cork, Ire
  Mary Anne LLOYD b ab 1784 Castle Iney, Tipperary, Ire, d 17 Apr 1865, bu Castletown, Roche, Cork, Ire. m 20 Dec 1806, Father: Henry Jesse LLOYD
. Clotilda HOARE b ab 1815 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork, Ire 
. Ellen HOARE b ab 1815 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork, Ire , d 10 May 1841
. John Rogerson COTTER
. Henerietta HOARE b ab 1820/23 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork, d 22 Apr 1878 Cork, bu Castletown, Roche, Cork,
. George Sackville COTTER
. Lucy HOARE b ab 1823 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork, Ire, d 23 Aug 1839 Glenamore Cork 
.. Eliza Anne Louisa HOARE b ab 1828 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork, Ire
. Thomas St. John GRANT
. William Jesse HOARE b 1826 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork, d 1881 bu Castletown, Roche, Cork
. Edward HOARE b 28 Mar 1809 Glenamore, Castletown, Cork,
. Cornelia SHAW
. Admiral Edward Wallis HOARE, R.N. Rear Admiral of the Blue, b 1 May 1778/9 Ballycroane Cork, Ire, d 6 Jun 1870 Upton  House Isle Of Wight, bu Castle Haven, Isle Of Wight, 
. Mary Aubrey FITZGERALD  m 1803 d 1868 dau of Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald
. Louisa Frances HOARE b ab 1810 Ballycroane Cork, Ire
. Lt. Thomas Burton MAYNARD
  Clotilda Henrietta HOARE b 12 Jul 1815, Ballycroane Cork, Ire d 21 Mar 1895, 
  Rear Admiral James Beckford Lewis HAY b 23 Nov 1796 Chelsea, London,  , m 14 Dec 1842, d 27 Jan 1892 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Eng. Son of John Baker Hay & Martha.
Edward Owen HAY  b 24 Oct  1846 Ryde, Isle of Wight, d 03 May 1846 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Eng, m 08 Nov 1870 Greenwich,
Helena Kate CAFFIN 
  Howard Fitzgerald HAY  b 16 May 1848 Ryde, Isle of Wight, d 01 Nov 1915  m 06 Dec 1877
  Mary Louisa HAY b 23 Jan 1850 Ryde, Isle of Wight, d 30 Nov 1883
  Albert Washington HAY b 27 Feb 1854 Ryde, Isle of Wight, d 05 Apr 1942, m 02 Dec 1884
  Helen Charlotte CHRISTIE
  Arthur Ernest HAY b 28 Apr 1856  Ryde, Isle of Wight, d 18 Nov 1843
  James Beckford HAY b 20 Sep 1851 d 14 Sep 1893
  Gertrude Clotilda HAY b 02 Oct 1860 Rugby Warkwickshire, d 09 Feb 1947,
2 Ann Grant   m 27 Aug 1715,  dau of Thomas Grant of Cork
. Benjamin HOARE  b 1718  bap .28 May 1719  DunkettleCork
. Samuel HOARE b 1719 bap 8 Jul 1719 Christ's Church Cork, Ire d  29 Sep 1791
. Jane SIMPSON b 1722 Cork, d 25 Jun 1802, bu St PeterCork  dau John Simpson
. Richard HOARE b 3 Jun 1716 Dunkettle Cork, Ire  d  15 Dec 1717
. Richard HOARE b 1679 Dublin, d 23 Jan 1724/1725  
1 Elizabeth BURTON m 1708 dsp 1709, dau of Benjamin Burton
2 Elizabeth PUREFOY b ab 1685 Kildare, Ire m 17 Jan 1711/1712  Dau of Gamaliel PUREFOY and Elizabeth ABELL
.. Mary HOARE b 7 Oct 1712 : Dublin,
  Edward HOARE  b 19 Jun 1723 Dublin Cork, Ire d 9 Oct 1788 : London, bu: 29 Oct 1788  Bath
  Elizabeth HATCH m 4 Aug 1744 , Dublin, Cork,
. Mary HOARE b : ab 1750 Dublin Cork, Ire
. Dorothy HOARE b 16 Jan 1747 Dublin Cork, Ire bap 25 Feb 1747  Dublin, Cork, Ire
. Elizabeth MEDLICOTT b 1769 Dublin
. Elizabeth HOARE b 17 Jul 1745 Dublin Cork, Ire bap 24 Jul 1745 Dublin Cork, Ire
. John SIMPSON b ab. 1768 , Cork, Ire
. Margery SIMPSON b ab. 1770
  Edward Henry HOARE b 1 Aug 1760 Dublin Cork d 22 Mar 1843 Barkby Liecester bu Barkby
1 Elizabeth DAVENPORT m: ab 1789
. Elizabeth HOARE b 1793 bap 20 Aug 1793 Newark Nottshire, Eng d 7 Jul 1862
. Joseph D'Arcy SIRR
. Elizabeth Lucinda SIRR b ab 1815 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Louisa Frances SIRR  b ab 1816 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Henry Charles SIRR b ab 1817 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Charlotte Henrietta SIRR b ab 1818 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Edward Hoare SIRR b ab 1819 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Alicia Catherine SIRR b ab 1820 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Rev. Joseph D'Arcy SIRR b ab 1821 Morestead Hampshire, 
  Edward Hoare SIRR, B.A.,  barrister
. Margaret Theodosia SIRR b ab 1822 Morestead Hampshire, d 1881 
. Isabella Anna SIRR b ab 1823 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Frederick Purefoy Augustus SIRR b ab 1824 Morestead Hampshire, 
. SIRR b ab 1825 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Henry Charles SIRR b ab 1826 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Sophia Priscilla SIRR b ab 1827 Morestead Hampshire,  d 7 Jan 1875
. Alfred John Orpen SIRR b ab 1828 Morestead Hampshire, 
. William Shepher SIRR b ab 1829 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Richard Theodore Howard SIRR b ab 1830 Morestead Hampshire, 
. Henry HOARE b 27 Apr 1792 Framfield Sussex, d 16 Apr 1866 Framfield, Sussex, bu Framfield Sussex
. Margaret BAINBRIDGE b ab 1794 Crimple House, Harrogate, Yorkshire,  d  20 Nov 1861 Franfield Sussex, bu Framfield Sussex, m 5 Oct 1820, Dau of Thomas BAINBRIDGE 
. Theodora Elizabeth HOARE b 1821 
. Margaret Bainbridge HOARE b ab 1823 Framfield Sussex, d 26 Aug 1860  Moore Street, Upper Chelsea, London, bu Framfield Church Sussex, 
. Lucinda Grace HOARE B ab 1827  Framfield Sussex,
. Thomas BARTLETT m 9 Dec 1864
. Annie Adelaide HOARE b ab 1830  Franfield Sussex, d : 22 Jul 1882 Brighton 
. Owen Emeric VIDAL m  28 Oct 1852
. Laura Charlotte HOARE b ab 1831 Franfield Sussex,  d 8 Jan 1832
. Mary Frances HOARE b ab 1833 Franfield Sussex, d 25 Oct 1872 Bu Rustall Church Tunbridge Wells, Kent
. Henry Rosehurst HOARE B 2 Mar 1825 Crimple HouseYorkshire
. Edward Thomas HOARE b 30 Jul 1832 Franfield Sussex
Frederick Purefoy HOARE b 21 May 1795 Trussington Leicestershire, d  Jan 1830
Margaret JONES b ab 1800 Tipperary, Ire, d Nov 1880
. Edward Henry HOARE b ab 1818 Dublin, Ire
. Stephen William HOARE b ab 1822 Dublin, Ire d 1832
. Lucinda Arabella Margaret HOARE b ab 1824 Dublin, d 1826
. Frederick Purefoy HOARE b Feb 1820 Dublin
Rev. Edward Hatch HOARE b 13 Jul 1790 Barkby Leicestershire, d 13 Feb 1873 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcestershire,  bu Barkby, Leicestershire, Religious writer. About 1842, re-ordered the church and put in box pews, still there.
Charlotte Rebecca STEWART b18 Apr 1784 Malvern Worcestershire, d 11 Oct 1868 Barkby Vicarage Leicestershire, bu Barkby Vicarage Leicestershire, m 7 Mar 1814
. William Frederick HOARE b 9 Oct 1822 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester, 
. Martha MURRAY m  Oct 1859
. Edward Henry HOARE b 21 Feb 1820 Dublin Cork, Ire d : Quebec,  Graduated from St. Mary Hall, Oxford 1844. 
. Eleanor Redman ORGER m 22 Jan 1846
. John Hatch HOARE b 6 Mar 1825 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester d 23 Nov 1880 Henllys N Wales  Grave is at St Catherine’s churchyard, Llanfaes, w/ inscription: In / memory of / John Hatch Hoare / who died at Henllys / Nov 23rd 1880 / aged 54 years / "Until the day dawns." Burials in the Parish of Llanfaes, Anglesey in the year 1880 – pg 60, No 475 – John Hatch Hoare of Henllys, buried November 26th 1880 age 56, Rector of Bromborough Reference: Anglesey Record Office, WPE/79/1 (Source: Bridget Geoghegan)
. Sophia Sarah ASTON
. Ellen Rebecca HOARE b 23 May 1817 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester,  d 13 Jun 1828, bu Barkby Liecester,  dsp
. Mary Stewart HOARE b Jul 1821 Western Villa Malvern Worcester, bu Rustall Church Tunbridge Kent 
. Ellen Dorothea HOARE b Jul 1828 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester, . d 8 Feb 1855
. Edward Quenby ASHBY m 4 Jan 1855
. Charles Alexander HOARE b 1 Aug 1826 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester, . d 5 Sep 1865 Wolvey Abbey Leicestershire, bu  Barkby Leicestershire, 
. Charlotte Frances HOARE b 7 Sep 1818 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester,  d 8 Nov 1842, bu Barkby Liecester, 
. Elizabeth Anna HOARE b 4 Dec 1815 Western Villa, Malvern, Worcester, 
.. Richard WATTS m 15 Jan 1846
2 Lucinda Rose HOARE ab 1781 Limerick,
. Richard HOARE, B 14 Jul 1714 Dublin  d 19 Aug 1714  DSP
. Purefoy HOARE  b 22 Dec 1718 DublinCork, Ire Death: 22 Mar 1719  DSP   
. Deane HOARE female b  1682 Cork, d 19 Oct 1720, bu: St Mary's, Shandon, Cork. dsp
. Robert HOARE b 1684 Bachelors Quay Cork d 23 Nov 1764 BU St. Peter Church Cork 
Jane NEWENHAM b ab 1699 Coolmore, Cork, Ire, m 1 Oct 1721, Father Thomas NEWENHAM
  Sarah HOARE b ab 1730 Factory Hill, Cork, Ire
  John NASH b ab 1728 Brimey HouseCork, Ire, m 28 Mar 1754
. John NASH b 1755, bap 19 Jan 1755 BrinnyCork,  see below- married 1st cousin 
  Jane HOARE b ab 1777  Brinny, Cork, Ire  Father: Deane HOARE, Mother: Susan INGRAM  see below- married 1st cousin  
  Rev. Deane HOARE (male) b 1724 Limerick, Ire, bap 1724 St Peter's ChurcCork, Ire, d 1800  Limerick, Ire "[A] gentleman of great benevolence and philanthropy, under whose superintendance the cathedral of Limerick was much improved and beautified in 1752 . Mr. Hoare was one of the original founders of the county hospital, and the house of industry" (Burke's Commoners of G.B.& I.).
  Susan INGRAM b Ab 1735 Limerick, Ire, d 1813 Limerick, Ire, eldest dau of John INGRAM of Limerick and Catheran SMYTHE  Also sister of the Rev. Jacob Ingram , chancellor of St. Mary's Catherine , grandaughter of Dr. Thomas Smyth , Bishop of Limerick , and niece of Dr. Arthur Smyth , Archbishop of Dublin .
Deane HOARE (male) b Cork   **Note Burke's Commoners notes that Rev Deane above, had two sons. William and John- both in Holy Orders  Need to revisit  parentage of this Dean, and siblings listed other than William and John. 
James HOARE b ab 1802-11 Cork,  d April 1873 Liverpool 
Alice THOMPSON   b1821-26 Wexford, Ire
(John) James HOARE b ab 1849 Dublin bap 28 APR 1861 Saint Bartholomew Naylor Street, Liverpool, Lancashire   d between 1895 and 1901  In 1871 Census-a James b 1849 - but not with family. 1861 Census- with parents  m Sep-Dec 1873 
Mary Chatterley b 1849 Liverpool
  George J. HOARE b 1875 Liverpool  1901: Census at home
  Joseph HOARE b 1877 Liverpool
  Alice  - - -  b 1878
  Alice HOARE b 1901
  Ethel HOARE b 1895 Liverpool 1901: Census at home
  Jessie HOARE b 1890 Liverpool 1901: Census at home
  Mary E. HOARE b 1888 Liverpool 1901: Census at home
  Alice HOARE b 1882 Liverpool 1901: Census at home
  Clara HOARE b 1885 Liverpool  1901 Census- servant for the White family in Toxteth Park 
  Nellie HOARE b 1888 Liverpool 1901: Census at home
  John James HOARE b ab 1882  d 1933  
  Rebecca Eleanor HOARE bap 31 DEC 1879 St Peter, Liverpool, 1901: Census at home
 . Charles Dodson HOARE b ab 1775 Limerick, Ire
... Edward HOARE b ab 1795 Limerick, Ire
. Susan HOARE b ab 1797 Limerick, Ire
. Godfrey MASSEY b ab. 1793 : BruffLimerick
. Jane HOARE b ab 1777 Brinny Cork, Ire   married 1st cousin  see above
. John NASH b 1755, bap 19 Jan 1755 : BrinnyCork,  see above married 1st cousin 
. Sarah HOARE b ab 1779 Limerick, Ire
. William SMYTH b 1775 Limerick
. Lucinda Rose HOARE b ab 1781 Limerick, Ire
. Edward Henry HOARE
. Susan HOARE b ab 1783 CoolmoreCork, Ire, d 9 Jan 1832, bu Brinny Church, Bandon, Cork, Ire
. Robert O'Callaghan NEWENHAM b ab 1779 Coolmore Cork, d Nov 1849 Blackrock Cork, bu Brinny Church, Bandon, Cork, 
. Eliza NEWENHAM  b ab 1803 : Dublin, Ire
. Thomas DEANE Marriage: 13 Jan 1827
. Deane Hoare NEWENHAM  b ab 1805 Dublin, Ire d Aug 1825 bu  St Peter's ChurcDublin, Ire
.. Charles Burton NEWENHAM b ab 1807  Dublin, Ire, d 1859  BlackrockCork, Ire, bu Brinny, Bandon, Cork 
. Elizabeth STEWART 
. Susan NEWENHAM  b 1809 Dublin, bu Cork
. Thomas BIGGS
. Emily NEWENHAM  b ab 1811 Dublin, d 1814   dsp 
  Rev. John HOARE b 1766 Limerick, Ire, d 9 Mar 1813 Factory HillCork, Ire, bu Rathcooney, Cork, Ire  Vicar general of the diocese of Limerick
  Rachel NEWENHAM b ab 1768 Dublin, Ire, d 6 Nov 1832 Brailsford, Derbyshire, bu 11 Nov 1832  BrailsfordDerbyshire, m 31 Aug 1795, Father: Sir Edward NEWENHAM, Bt.  
. Deane Wallace HOARE b ab 1796  Cork, Ire d Dec 1857
. Charles Henry HOARE b ab 1820 Cork, Ire
. William HOARE b ab 1822  Manchester, 
. Elizabeth R HOARE b ab 1824 Manchester,
  Rev. Edward Newenham HOARE, M.A., b 1842 bap 1843 Manchester vicar writer, Wrote at least 19 books
. Dr. Charles Burton HOARE b  ab 1797/8 Cork, Ire d 22 Mar 1833 Calcutta, India,  Army Surgeon 
. William Worth HOARE b ab 1803 Cork, Ire, d 1868 Staleybridge, Lancashire, 
. Anne Eliza SEWARD b1805 Cork, m 12 Dec 1839 Cork, Ire
. Sophia Frances HOARE b Jan 1804 Dublin, Ire d 24 Sep 1817  dsp
. Louisa Grace HOARE b ab 1805 Cork, Ire
. Hewitt O'BRYEN b 1801 Banret, Cork 
. Elizabeth HOARE b ab 1806 Cork, Ire
. Robert HOARE b ab 1807 Cork, Ire, d 1814
. Maria Henrietta HOARE b ab 1810 Dublin d 5 Feb 1831 Richmond Dublin bu St Peter's Church Dublin
. Walter HOARE b ab 1812 Dublin, Ire, d May 1820 bu St Peter's Church, Dublin, Ire
. Very Rev. Edward Newenham HOARE b 11 Apr 1802  Cork, Ire, d 1 Feb 1877 Luranah Villa, Surry, Ire. bu Norwood,  Surry, Ire  Dean; philologist; writer, - religion, Latin and misc. Six books.   "Dean Hoare's whole notion is to go through the Latin Dictionary and to mention the English words, which are, or which he supposed to be, derived from each successive Latin word . . .   We are tempted to doubt whether he has any notion whatever of the science of language." Sat Review, xvi. 227.
1 Louisa Maria O'DONOGHUE b ab 1804 Waterford, Ire, d 4 Mar 1858 Deanery, Waterford, Ire, bu Waterford, Ire
Elizabeth Rachel HOARE b ab 1834 Arofert, Kerry, Ire
. Louisa Sophia HOARE b ab 1840 Silgo, Ire
. Henry Wilson SHEPPARD m 6 Sep 1860 Waterford Norfolk, 
. Sophia Augusta HOARE b ab 1844 Silgo, Ire
. Rev. Edward Newenham HOARE. M.A., b 9 Feb 1842 Dublin, Ire m writer of misc. [?]
. Frances Kidd MILLER m  9 Nov 1870
. John William Deane HOARE b 31 May 1838 Limerick, Ire
. Annie LA BARTE m 12 Aug 1862
2 Harriet CRUMP b ab. 1806 Liecestershire, d 3 Sep 1881 Abbenhall, Gloucestershire,  m 23or 28  Jun 1859  Lea, Herefordshire, daughter of Colonel George Crump.
. John Shirley HOARE b 15 Apr 1799 Dublin, Ire, d 22 Jun 1871
. Sophia HICKLIN b ab 1803 Staffordshire, . m 22 Sep 1835
. Rev. William Deane HOARE b 31 Oct 1773 Limerick, Ire, d 23 Oct 1823 Limerick,  Ire, bu Limerick, Ire
m1 Olivia GUINNESS b ab 1775 Beaumont, Dublin, Ire, d 1809
. Olivia HOARE b ab 1797 Limerick, Ire
. Rev. Samuel DAY, of Bristol 
. Deane HOARE b ab 1798 Limerick, Ire
  Edward HOARE b ab 1800 Limerick, Ire
m2 Elizabeth DARLEY b 1777 Dublin   ??
m3 Louise DARLEY  name according to Landed Gentry of G.B & I.. 
. Anne HOARE  b 1689 Of Bachelors Quay  Coolfada Cork, 
. Sarah HOARE b 1691 Cork  
Berkeley TAYLOR 
. Edward Taylor 
  John HOARE   b 1687 bap 28 Mar 1687 Coolfada, Cork 
1 Anne BLENNERHASSETT  (b 1700 Coolfada, Cork. First husband: John BLENNERHASSETT) Quite possible that Norris HOARE below is biological son  of Anne and John BLENNERHASSETT. Also had marriage with a cousin late in life, no issue: John Moore Eagar, J.P.
  Norris HOARE b ab 1710 Droumcare, Kerry, Ire  Father: John BLENNERHASETT OR JOHN HOARE  Mother: Anne BLENNERHASSET (daughter of Samuel BLENNERHASSETT) Tralee 
  Frances KENNY  b Ab 1712 Cork, Ire-Daug of William Kenny b 1690 Cork  and Catherine Courthrope (Parents: Peter Courtrope 1660 and Miss Tent or (Browne) )  b 1690 Cork  (Frances' Parents were married 1711 Cork, Ire)  siblings- all from Cork: John Kenney 1714- m to Browne;  
  Catherine Frances HOARE ab 1732  Kerry, Ire
. John MCCARTHY b 1728 Kerry 
. John HOARE  b ab 1734 Cork, Ire      
. SHORTEN b ab 1738 Cork Ire 
. Agnes HOARE  b ab 1736 Kerry, Ire 
. Thomas SERJEANT  b : ab. 1732 Kerry, Ire
. Frances HOARE ab 1738 Kerry, Ire 
. Richard CUNNINGHAM b ab 1734
. William HOARE  ab 1740 Cork, Ire
. William HOARE  ab 1768 Cork 
. Ann HOARE ab. 1770 Bandon, Cork
. John HOARE   ab. 1766 Bandon, Cork
 . William HOARE
 . Ann HOARE   
. Norris HOARE  ab 1742 Glenberg, Kerry, Ire m 1767 Glenberg, Kerry
Elizabeth GILES  b 1746 Glenberg, Kerry
 . Frances HOARE  B 1768  Glenberg Kerry, Ire
. Henry HOARE  b ab 1746 Philadelphia, PA  
. Miss CONNOR b ab 1750 Philadelphia, PA  
Mary HOARE b ab 1744 Tralee Kerry, Ire
Robert DWYER  married 1791 Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ire
 . John DWYER b About 1800-05 Ire (?)
  Mary Ann  - - - - (Gentles?)
  AGNES ELEANOR DWYER Prob b  about 1827,
  JOHN KING  m 13 MAY 1846 Bengal India
 . AGNES ELEANOR KING b 22 JUN 1847 Fort William-Calcutta, West Bengal, India
 . JOHN KING b About 1856 , West Bengal, India  D: 11 SEP 1881
 . Sarah Charlotte Dwyer B: 08 AUG 1829 Bap 20 Sep 1829 Cooley Bazar,West Bengal, India
 . MARY ANN HARRIETT DWYER  B: 07 FEB 1837 Bengal India
  Mary Ann Harriet Dwyer   b 30 NOV 1838 Chunar, West Bengal, India,
  WILLIAM RICHARD NESTOR  b 21 JUN 1828 Sylhet, Bengal, India, m 17 JUN 1857 Bengal India  - Parents: Thomas Nestor and Hannah Nestor  Also had a brother: Thomas Charles Nestor
 . Mary Ann Jessie Nestor b 24 APR 1858 <Fort William,Bengal, India
 . Frederick John Nestor b 08 AUG 1873 Bengal, India
 . Beatrice Gonther Margaret Nestor  b 20 MAR 1876 <Naini TalWest Bengal, India>
 . Janet Gentles Nestor b 11 JUL 1872 Bengal, India
 . Agnes Isabella Nestor b 25 SEP 1864  Bengal, India
  Henrietta Gentles Dwyer  b 23 OCT 1841 Hazareebough, West Bengal, India    Mother: Frances
. ANNIE MARY JANE SHEELS b 03 OCT 1845 Bengal India m  22 FEB 1860 Bengal India,  (Had siblings, Catherine and James. Parents: James Sheels and Ophelia Phipps).
  ISABELLA FRANCES DWYER - b 19 SEP 1830 Cooley BazarWest Bengal, India
 . Isabella Maria TOOGOOD b 09 APR 1855 Fort William-Calcutta, West Bengal, India
 .  George Toogood b 16 MAY 1863 Fort William Calcutta, West Bengal, India
 . Francis DWYER About 1847 At Sea , Australia   d 617
. Ellen Trainor 1st Marriage: 20 APR 1872 Cooma, New South Wales, Australia  2nd- Marriage: 22 SEP 1897 Cooma, New South Wales, Australia 
  John Dwyer and Mary Ann
     General Thomas Peard DWYER   b Ire c1798 (Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ire ?) d 26 Apr 1863, Lennox Lodge Southsea. . Lennox Lodge at 62 Clarenence Parade to South Parade.
   Mary Anne TOULMIN b 29 Sep 1805 (St. Andrew By The Wardrobe, London ?) d 12 Dec 1882 Southsea.   Married on 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London,   Only daughter of Abraham Toulmin. 
 . Captain Robert Hoare DWYER   b 1843 Ascension Island      d  26 April 1881, Lennox Lodge Southsea. .   d  of heart disease 38 years- had "4-5 years"- 
. Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME ,b 1847, Milncrag, Ayr, Scotland,(but 1891 Census says she was b  in Canada!) daughter of Francis Thurlow Cunningham (CUNYNGHAME) and Hannah Carolina EYRN) d 21 December 1924   WEDDING: 8 June 1871, Milncrag, Ayr, Scotland. She was connected to royal lineage, related to Gen. Sir Arthur Cunnynghame,(uncle)  who handed over supreme command of the British forces in southern Africa to Lt. Gen. Sir Frederic Thesiger.
  Lt Colonel Bertie Cunynghame DWYER, D.S.O. (Later assuming surname of 'DWYER-HAMPTON '   B About Sept 1872 Gravesend   D June 9, 1967 at his home -Cartref, Beaumaris, Angelsey. Buried family grave, Southsea.
Beryl Maud GILLMAN m About 1907 - d  June 1910 Portsmouth  aged 29  Have very detailed newspaper account of wedding.  Note: Her sister was Evelyn Gillman, was a bridesmaid at Bertie's wedding. One of his groom men was a Lt. Burgess. The Lt and Evelyn were married- Their eldest was Guy Francis de Moncy BURGESS , yes the KGB double- spy. (Bertie's cousin)  History, or Hollywood has been kind to Burgess, since it seem that if one only avoids being boring, anything can be forgiven or overlooked.
See more on Bertie Dwyers Page.    
Mary Gwendolen HAMPTON-LEWIS eldest dau of Colonel Hampton-Lewis m Oct 3, 1914   (Bertie later adopted name- DWYER-HAMPTON) Had quiet wedding, "owing to the war."
     Lt/Captain ? Denys Angus Lambert DWYER     b 26 Dec 1907 Southsea   d May 1985  BerkshireLived at "Cartref"(sic), Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales - At a very large estate/mansion- have photos. 
Audrey GROVES dau of Maj. William Frederick Priaux Groves and Catherine Slack.
 . Paul Gillman DWYER b 1 May 1940  New Forest  Ran as Conserative candidate. m Romsey 1969   Convener of the Pro-Euro Conservative Party, who quit the Tories in protest at their "increasingly hostile European policy."
m 1  Aileen KEEL 
Alexander ("K.D.") Hugo KEEL- DWYER b 27 March, 1991 West London,  Studying fencing
m 2 Nina C. Barclay de Tolly  m 1969 dau Victor Barclay de Tolly, Jersey.    Seems very active in civic and cultural events, including involvement in archiving her famous ancestor's, life. 
. Alexander ("Ottie") Barclay de Tolly DWYER b 16 Dec. 1974 Westminister,  In reality
. Anna Barclay de Tolly DWYER b 23 May 1972 London
   Virginia Gwendolyn DWYER b 7 May 1943 Romsey England
 . Major George Toulmin Cunynghame DWYER  b 5 April 1874, Medway d 26 February 1928 dsp 
Denis Robert Cunynghame DWYER, R.N. b 13 Aug 1876 d 23 Dec 1892 Unmarried
 . Louisa Quarrier DWYER  b 15 July 1841, 5:00 A.M. Marine Barracks, Portsmouth, England  Unmaried d  Before 1913
Colonel Lambert Francis Wilson DWYER b 27 April 1840, 7:30, Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England -  d 2 Jan 1923 at 2 Clarence-Parade, Southsea. Parents:   Major General Thomas Peard DWYER and Mary Ann TOULMIN  Single as of 1891 -Was staying as a visitor for Caroline Cunynghame Dwyer, Bertie and Denys in 1891 in Portsea. Biologicalfather of Hugh Dwyer- my grandfather. Committee member (founding) of the St Moritz Tobogganing Club, on 17 Nov 1877.   In 1901 Census: Boarding - with his sister-in-law- widowed -Caroline Cunynghame Dwyer-Newly discovered (2006) that Lambert was in The US, arriving in Boston of the Malta on 4 Jan 1873.
Emily Marie LAYE  b 11 September 1848, Douglas, IOM. bap   Lambert Dwyer and Emily Laye - married to his brother, William Dwyer. Appears to have been a long term affair- each chasing each other back and forth across Atlantic. Other children may be Lambert's - Only evidence for Hugh.  Her husband divorced her- changed his name in the 1880 census from William to Thomas. Hugh lists his father as "Lambert Dwyer" on his marriage certificate. Lambert visited America, and Emily staying with her sister in Scotland, not far from where Lambert was stationed- Hugh born there, in Edinburgh. Hugh used to receive money from a "Bertie Dwyer" at Christmas- a good amount.
Emily Remarried: to John PRINCE,  (b about 1858,  d at age of 32 at 314 Porter Street, Detroit 7 Dec 1890. Accidental overdose of chloroform administered during surgery) He was the grandson of Hon. Col John PRINCE, alleged illegitimate son of William IV of ENGLAND and an actress. (Most prob untrue - but he must have been an impressive person to have people think he could be). Emily is  my direct gg grandmother. She died 23 Aug 1896 in Detroit MI as "Mrs Emily Prince."
  Hon. Colonel John PRINCE (hated by the citizens of Detroit, who placed a price on his head), -Famous or infamous for his ruthlessness at the Battle of Windsor


  Catherine HOARE b ab 1716 : Coolfada,  Cork
. Robert HARRIS b ab 1712 Kerry   m 1737 Kerry 
. Lucy HARRIS b : ab. 1738  Kerry, Ire
  Anne HOARE   b ab 1714 Coolfada, Cork
 . Captain REED
  William HOARE b ab 1712 : Coolfada, Cork, Ire or Kerry 
  Lucy LANDER   b c 1830 dau of Rev. Francis Lander
  Frances HOARE
John MURPHY b: ab 1757 Cahirciveen, Kerry
  David HOARE b ab 1753 Cahirciveen, Kerry,
  Thomazine BENSON b ab 1765 Tralee, Kerry, 
William HOARE b c 1798 Cahirciveen Kerry  d East Indies
Ellen HOARE b 1796 Cahirciveen Kerry, Ire
. David O'CONNELL b ab 1818 Rossleigh Kilkenny, Ire
. Michael O'CONNELL b ab 1820 : Cahir Kerry, Ire
. Thomazine O'CONNELL b ab 1822 Cahir Kerry, Ire
. Anna O'CONNELL b ab 1824  Cahir Kerry, Ire
  Denny HOARE b ab 1792 Cahirciveen, Kerry
  Denny HOARE b ab 1816 Cahir Kerry
  Thomas HOARE  b ab 1818 Chirciveen Kerry
  Thomazine HOARE b ab 1820 Chirciveen Kerry
  Bridget HOARE b ab 1822 Chirciveen, Kerry, Cork,
 . Morty O'SULLIVAN b ab 1818 KenmareKerry, Ire
 . Eugene O'SULLIVAN b c 1840 Kenmare Kerry, Ire
  Mary HOARE b ab 1824  Chirciveen Keery
  Edward HOARE   b ab 1794 Cahirciveen Kerry m 1824
 Bridget SEGERSON b ab 1798 Dungeagan,  Kerry
  Alice HOARE B: ab 1841Cahirciveen, Kerry,
  Denny HOARE 20 Jan 1829 Cahirciveen Kerry,
  Edward HOARE b 7 Oct 1830 Cahirciveen, Kerry
  John Pathric HOARE  b 18 Mar 1839 Cahirciveen Kerry
  David HOARE  b 13 May 1826 Cahir, Kerry
  Francis HOARE  b 13 Aug 1827 Cahirciveen Kerry  (d  N. America)
  Thomas Francis HOARE b 11 Nov 1837 Cahirciveen, 
. Nora Maria JERMYN 23 Oct 1866 to 
  Edward David HOARE b 2 Apr 1874 Kerry
  Bridget HOARE
. John BLENNERHASSETT b : ab 1751-1755 Cahirciveen,  Kerry
  John BLENNERHASSETT b ab. 1777 Killorglen, Kerry,

 John Blenerhassett Death: about 1685 Ballysydy, County Kerry, Ireland. Esquire, will 1685. 

   John Blennerhassett Death: about 1677 Death Place: of Ballyshedie, County Kerry, Ireland Esquire, will 1677

Thomas Blennerhassett   Death: 1747 Death Place: Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland  SOG, London Source: Civil Registration 

John Anthony Blennerhassett Death: 1743 Death Place: Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland SOG, London Source: Civil Registration 12


    .These are the DWYERS found in the registry of the Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland

Given Married Sp Given Sp Sur
Patrick 1792 Catherine Sullivan
Robert 1791 Mary Hoare
Henry 1830 Dorothea Wilson
James 1793 Barbara Bush
James 1823 Mary Brunett
John 1791 Margaret Ahern
John 1794 Mary Barry
Joseph 1778 Jane Dwyer
Michael 1836 Helena Allen
Robert 1834 Catherine Sullivan  
Thomas 1810 Grace O'Connor
Thomas 1815 Mary Carrad
William 1763 Sarah Spring
William 1778 Elizabeth Condon
female married
not lst pouse
anne 1806
Mary 1788
Dorothea 1808
Elizabeth 1796
Dorothea 1784
Catherine 1794
Catherine 1780
Ellen 1798


Note Ann Sarah SAVAGE & Mr Dwyer(b 1812 there)- tied to Nugent, Hall, Lavillan, Savage in County Down- Portaferry - & Layes

Believe General Thomas Peard Dwyer b  c 1798, probably Cork area :

             Robert DWYER, b  1740 Tralee and Mary HOARE. b  1744 Tralee, Married 1791, Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland. 

            Robert's family, probably from that area (guess) . Mother's surname may be Peard.


Custom House with the name of the Collector.: [p.125]
Names of Passengers: Norris Hoare
Age.: 25
Sex.: male
Occupation.: Merchant
Country to which they belong.: U. States
Country of which they intend to become inhab's: U. States
Ship or Vessel, with the name of the Master or Commander.: Schooner Lewis, Jon. Sears.                                             

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Kenny   John Kenny, b 1714 work   IS the brother of Francis Kenny, marrried a woman named Browne.   Francis' father - William Kenny  mother Catherine Courthrop   Poss sibling, Catherin eKenny, who married in 1840, Cork.    William, the father, may had Hannah Kenny as sister.who married in 1721 Cork: John Driscoll  Catherine Kenney m 1704 William Supple.   

Dwyer, John (Male) Date: April, 1763 Gentleman's Magazine, April, 1763 d : March, 1763 Death : Ballinderry, Ireland (North)  Age: 115 (at time of source

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LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY Northumberland  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN Northumberland  Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   Durham, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, Ireland  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   London and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath Ireland    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE Northumberland    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki