a parish, in the barony of DULEEK, county of MEATH,

 and province of LEINSTER: Farm Hill, Meath, Ireland  

 COLPE, or COLPE-cum-MORNINGTON, a parish, in the barony of DULEEK, county of MEATH, and province of LEINSTER, 2 1/4 miles (E. by S.) from Drogheda; containing 1970 inhabitants, of which number, 71 are in the hamlet. This parish is situated on the eastern coast, at the mouth of the river Boyne . . . The principal seats are, Bettystown, the residence of R. Shepheard, Esq.; Eastham, of F. Anderson, Esq., Pilltown, of T. Brodigan, Esq.; Mornington House, of G. F. Blackburne, Esq.; Beabeg, of H. Smith, Esq.; Mornington, of Burton Tandy, Esq.; Beamore, of J. Cooper, Esq.; Farm Hill, of W. Walsh, Esq.; Triton Lodge, of C. Segrave, Esq.; and Cowslip Lodge, the property of G. H. Pentland, Esq. (A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis  http://www.booksulster.com/library/topog/c5.php ).

  W. WALSH    b   abt 1790
  Unknown poss SHEAPARD
m 1 Anne Maria Teresa WALSH    (b 1811 Ireland Died in giving birth to my ggg grandmother, Emily LAYE 11 Sep 1848, Douglas, Isle of Man.Bu: 14 Sep 1848, Braddan Church Cemetery  8 children. Had death bed conversion to Catholicism, Anglican re-baptised Catholic, by Francis, obeying his wife's last request). Married 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland- but family Bible has ".1st July 1834 by Rev. Crawford" at same church.  
  Research a James Walsh was b Meath Church England 1813 d 1890 Bruce Canada//James C Walsh b 1818 Balrath, Meath, Ireland, Surgeon RN, / Peter Walsh 1793 Meath,
MAJOR FRANCIS GEORGE FENWICK LAYE,  25th (the King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot Eldest child of  Lt General Francis LAYE and Mary AIREY  
b 3 July 1807 Leith Fort Scotland, bap 24 July 1807, English Chapel, Fort Leith Scotland  d 15 March 1881, age 73 
at "The Thickett", Southsea  Cause of death: Paralysis 3 days, brother J.H. Laye present at death. 
1801 Fort Leith, Scotland Born
1811-14 Fort Leith, Scotland With Parents
1817-     Probably this entire time with the 25th, stationed at Cork, but deployed in different area, 
      as this log of the 25th shows:
                      24 December 1818  march to Fermoy, marched on to new barracks at Cork
                      Dec 1819 help put out the Wise's Distillery fire
                 28 Feb 1820 Regt HQ marched to Templemore, arrives 5 March. .. parties detached [various] in  
                      consequence of the disturbed state of the country
                 5 Jan 1821 detachment to Roscommon until 13 June
                      15 April 1822 HQ to Belfastbut company and a half goes to Carrickfergus
1827   Purchases off ice of Lt.
1828   father Lt General Francis Laye dies  
1835   Colpe Church Meath, Ireland, 28 Oct , Marries Anne Maria Teresa  WALSH             
1836   Daughter Mary Ann born Farm Hill, County Meath Ireland -home of W. Walsh family
1837   Daughter Susan born Feb 1837 at Templemore Co Tipperary
1838   Dau Frances born Ireland Sept at Farm Hill Co. Meath home of W. Walsh family
1840   Daughter Henerietta born Ireland April 1at Farm Hill Co. Meath home of W. Walsh family
1842   Son Francis born Feb at Triton Lodge Co Meath
1843   Son Henry born Douglas (Braddan)  Isle of Man 
1844   Daughter Maria born Douglas (Braddan) Isle of Man 
1846   Son Frederick born Douglas,(Braddan)  Isle of Man 
1848   Daughter Emily born Douglas, (Braddan) Isle of Man. Wife Anne dies. Buried Braddan Church Cemetery
1851 Berwick Tweedmoth - Living with mother, Mary Airey Laye and his children
1852   Tweedmouth, Berwick  Captain, Barracks Master 25th (King's Own Borderers) 8 Jan Marries Anne ROBERTSON, , . 
1853-? Perhaps Australia for a while./ India?? Married Elizabeth Patricia RAMSAY
1856   Daughter Henerietta dies at Bewick
1858   Daughter Mary Ann dies at Bewick
1862   Daughter Susan dies in March scarlet fever at Triton Lodge.  Buried at Juliantown
1876   Daughter Maria probably dies in childbirth in Edinburgh. Sister Emily Laye there.
1881 Dies at "The Thickett", Southsea
Note: Colpe Church now Star of the Sea, the Parish of Mornington.  At the beginning of the 19th century the Parish of Colpe / Mornington was part of St. Mary’s Parish in Drogheda.
  Mary Ann LAYE         b 1836 Ireland   (Bible says: born 20 May 1835 at Farm Hill Co Meath at 1/2 past 7 AM,  Christened by Rev. J. Montgomery at Colpe Church Co. Meath on 2nd June 1835.  Hooping cough Sept 1838.  Scarlet fever March 1842. Measles April 1846. Died"  In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, Northumberland.  Not married.  Died 1858, Berwick              
Susan Louisa Theresa LAYE   Bible: "born 8th Feb 1837 at Templemore Co Tipperary (?) At 3 PM.  Christened by Rev Faulkener at Templemore on 26th Feb 1837.  Hooping cough Sept 1838.  Died 13th March 1862 of scarlet fever at Triton Lodge, Wm. Dropheder (?) at ˝ past 10 PM. buried at Juliantown (?) Co Meath"
Frances Elizabeth LAYE Bible"born 7th Sept 1838 at Farm Hill Co. Meath at 10 PM.  Christened by Rev F. J. Murray Patten (?) at Farm Hill on 6th Oct 1838.  Scarlet Fever March 1842.  Measles April 1846.  Died".
Francis William LAYE  b Ireland 1839 Bible: "born 27th Feb 1842 at Triton Lodge Co Meath at 1/4 before 7 AM (?). Christened by Rev F. S. Murray Patten at Triton Lodge Co. Meath on 11th April 1842. Measles April 1846. "  In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, Northumberland.
  Henrietta Catherine Shepheard LAYE b 1841 Ireland   Bible: "Laye born 2_th  April 1840 at Farm Hill Co. Meath at 1 PM. Christened by Rev F. S. Murray Patten at Colpe Church, Co. Meath on the 20th May 1840.  Measles April 1846.  Died". Farm Hill is the Walsh estate.  In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, Northumberland.  Not married. Died 1856, Berwick.
Lt. Henry Joseph Airey LAYE    b 1844 IOM, Bap #1 1843 St George's Anglican, Douglas, on Aug 2, 1843.Bap #2: Chapel Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic, Douglas (Later St Mary's) on Sep 23, 1843 (Dates of baptism all seem a year off).  Bible: "born 25th June 1843 at Douglas, Isle of Man at 1/4 past ten PM. Christened by Rev F. S. Murray Patten at St. George’s Church Douglas on 2nd Aug 1843.  Measles April 1846.  Scarlet Fever ....1847.  Died. "   In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at  Berwick, Northumberland. Later a cadet: Ref website:
  "The Cadet papers are under reference IOR/L/MIL/9/xxx at the O.I.O. Collection at the British Library in London and cover the period from c.1789 until towards the end of the 19th century. This index only covers the period 1789 to 1859. When you look-up a name you will find the OIOC ref number and LDS Family History Centre film number, you can then go to your nearest LDS Family History Centre and order this film for viewing in that centre. This is much more convenient than going all the way to London from say Alberta" 
Cadet Laye Henry Airey  IOR/L/MIL/9/252/820-28   1952295    Reference                                                                                            In 1869- Ensign in infantry- Bombay Army
Maria Josephine Louisa LAYE  b1844-5 Isle of Man   Bible: "Laye born 23rd Jan 1845 at Douglas, Isle of Man at 1/6th past 6 AM. Christened by Rev. P. Weagrath (?) at Douglas on the 3rd Feb 1845. Measles April 1846."  Baptized: Chapel Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic, Douglas (Later named  St Mary's) on Feb 13, 1845. d Prob in childbirth 1876  -Emily Laye visiting around that time. In 1851 with father and grandmother in census at Berwick, Northumberland. 
William Lothian Hamilton, son of James Hamilton and Ann Nelson, on 29 August 1870, St. Andrew Sq. Edinburgh. Emily likely stayed with her while about to give birth to Hugh in 1875-  Father, Major FF Laye at wedding. Mr. Hamilton was a veterinary student. His father was James Hamilton, the minister of the congregation, and his mother was Ann Nelson. (Ann Laye witness & George Newton).  In 1881 Census, 3 generations living together- at Wellington St Park, Duddingston, Edinburgh, Scotland  James L.W. HAMILTON below- 9 years old with sister Theresa A. S. HAMILTON who is 5 yrs.  Their father .William L. HAMILTON 30 yrs,  is a veterinarian surgeon, and his parents: Ann HAMILTON mother 62 yrs, and his father James HAMILTON who is 65 yrs and the Chaplin Edinr Royal Infirmary. Where is  Maria Josephine Louisa LAYE?? Divorced? Likely instead died in childbirth after 2nd child 5 years prior. 
James Laye Walsh HAMILTON   b 8 April 1871, Leith Midlothian, Scotland 
  Theresa A. S. HAMILTON  b about 1876 Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
  Frederick LAYE  b 1846 Isle of Man   Laye Family Bible: "Frederick Laye born 11th June 1846 at Ballanpatten (?) Near Douglas Isle of Man at ... past 9 PM. Christened by Rev Bro... vicar of .... Braddan... on the 17th June 1846.  Died in Texas."  Note- I found a Frederick Laye in the 1901 Census- with age almost correct- a dentist Kent, who was born in Chelsea London. -Poss error. 
  Emily Marie LAYE  b 11 September 1848, Douglas, IOM. bap Bible: "Laye born 17th June 1847 at Douglas Isle of Man at 2 o’clock AM. Christened by Rev. P. Weagrath (?) at Douglas on the 20th July 1847.   Died. "   Chapel Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, Douglas. Isle of  Man. Later St Mary's) on July 19 1847.  (Dates of baptism all seem a year off). d. 23 Aug 1896 in Detroit, Mi USA, as "Emily PRINCE," (wife of John Prince).Bu Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Mother dies in childbirth She was 36 yrs old- death bed conversion appears- to Catholicism.  "Anne LAYE" baptized Catholic September 11 1848- Emily's mother on deathbed. Emily is my 2G grandmother. In 1851 with father and grandmother in Berwick, Northumberland. Emily was born on IOM but later records show Wales. Her son, my g-grandfather was baptised in Edinburgh 1876.
LT William Simpson Brown Blennerhassett DWYER  son of Maj-Gen Thomas Peard DWYER and Mary Anne TOULMIN   b 15 Aug 1846 Portsmouth, England, married 1st   4 Apr 1868 Portchester, England to Emily Laye. Divorced about 1880. Remarried Cornelia Moran in 1881. d 1918 Detroit, MI 4 April 1868  Portchester. She was divorced from him by 1880.  MAY have been involved with Lambert DWYER. Hugh Dwyer Emily's son and my great grandfather, claimed on his marriage certificate-father was 
Colonel Lambert Dwyer 
Remarried:    She re-married John PRINCE, (b about 1858 d32 years old at 314 Porter Street, Detroit 7 Dec 1890. Accidental overdose of chloroform administered during surgery) grandson of Col John PRINCE, alleged illegitimate son of William IV of ENGLAND and an actress. (Most prob untrue - but he must have been an impressive person to have people think he could be). This is my direct gg grandmother. 
She died 23 Aug 1896 in Detroit MI as "Mrs Emily Prince."  Hon. Colonel John PRINCE (whom the citizens of Detroit had a price on his head), of Canada -Famous or infamous for the Battle of Windsor




William Shepheard  About 1695 Cope, , Meath, Ireland   Spouse: Elizabeth Bellew Family Marriage: 12 DEC 1721 Esker, Dublin, Ireland
Thomas Shepheard Birth: About 1642 Drogheda, Louth, Ireland Spouse: Frances Shenton Family Marriage: 13 SEP 1667 Dowth, Meath, Ireland

M. Walsh of Glen House    Farm Hill: Dr. Walker   1837

Segrave Triton Lodge 

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To be Irish either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above "


286. Francis Walsh -
Marriage: 1801 Athboy
294. Thomas Walsh -
Marriage: 1765 Athboy
295. Mrs Anne Walsh -
 1765 Athboy                      132. Thomas Walsh -
Birth: About 1740 Athboy
133. James Walsh -
Birth: 1829 Athboy              148. Thomas Walsh -
Birth: About 1740 Athboy
150. Francis Walsh -
Birth: 1781 Athboy              149. James Walsh -
Birth: 1829 Athboy                74. Francis Walsh -
Birth: 1781 Athboy
77. Mrs Anne Walsh -
Birth: 1743 Athboy                85. Mrs Anne Walsh -
Birth: 1743 Athboy                84. Thomas Walsh -
Birth: 1737 Athboy              165. Thomas Walsh -
Birth: 1737 Athboy
162. Patrick Walsh -
Birth: 1815 Dunboyne
163. William Walsh -
Birth: 1817 Dunboyne
164. James Walsh -
Birth: About 1819 Stonybatter Dunboyne                           175. Thomas Walsh -
Birth: 1778 Dunboyne
81. Margaret Walsh -
Birth: 1736 Dunboyne
83. Mrs Anne Walsh -
Birth: 1793 Dunboyne
86. Thomas Walsh -
Birth: 1778 Dunboyne           87. Mrs Anne Walsh -
Birth: 1793 Dunboyne
176. Margaret Walsh -
Birth: About 1783 Milestone Dunboyne
287. John Walsh -
Marriage: 1726 Dunboyne
288. Mrs John Walsh -
 About 1726 Dunboyne       296. Thomas Walsh -
Marriage: 1813 Dunboyne
297. Mrs Anne Walsh -
 About 1813 Dunboyne
308. Margaret Walsh -
 22 JUN 1704 Dunboyne
306. Richard Walsh -
Marriage: About 1793 Syddon 
307. Mrs Richard Walsh -
 About 1793 Syddon 
312. Charles Walsh -
Marriage: About 1741 Syddan
313. Mrs Charles Walsh -
 About 1741 Syddan                   314. Henry Walsh - Marriage: Ab 1791 Syddan 
315. Mrs Henry Walsh -
 About 1791 Syddan 
   320. Mrs Henry Walsh -
 About 1791 Syddan 
    321. Richard Walsh -
Marriage: About 1793 Syddon 
322. Mrs Richard Walsh -
 About 1793 Syddon 
   173. Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1765 Syddan 
174. Mrs Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1770 Syddan 
177. Eleanor Walsh -
Birth: About 1798 Syddan 
178. John Walsh -
Birth: About 1793 Syddan 
179. Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 179 5 Syddan                                                     
  140. Eleanor Walsh -
Birth: About 1798 Syddan 
141. Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1769 Syddan 
142. Mrs Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1772 Syddan 
144. Anne Walsh -
Birth: About 1797 Syddan 
145. Anne Walsh -
Birth: About 1797 Syddan            61. Edward Walsh -
Birth: About 1794 Syddan 
62. James Walsh -
Birth: About 1796 Syddan 
63. Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1800 Syddan 
64. Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1769                   Syddan                                         65. Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1795 Syddan            66. Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1765 Syddan            68. John Walsh -
Birth: About 1793 Syddan            70. Mrs Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1772 Syddan 
72. Mrs Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1770 Syddan 
54. Mrs Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1772 Syddan 
55. Mrs Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1770 Syddan 
58. Edward Walsh -
Birth: About 1794 Syddan            59. James Walsh -
Birth: About 1796 Syddan          159. Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1769 Syddan 
161. Henry Walsh -
Birth: About 1765 Syddan             57. Richard Walsh -
Birth: About 1800 Syddan        


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Teach college USA.  BA  Philosophy, MA English Drama and Literature EMU.  Born 1950, before Al Gore invented Internet. Peddling ny completed book to publishers, Who Murdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore?, an investigation into the unsolved murder of English army nurse, Miss Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter and relative of Miss Florence Nightingale.  
Battled some renal cell carcinoma , but have good prognosis. Next project may look at another person on my tree, early feminist/ adventurer/explorer/writer Patricia Elizabeth Ramsay Laye. 




LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY Northumberland  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN Northumberland  Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   Durham, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, Ireland  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   London and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath Ireland    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE Northumberland    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki