This Page Focused on William Lambert Blennerhassett DWYER-

Son of William S.B.B. DWYER and Emily LAYE

This page is but a fraction of material I have on my great uncle, a Detroit Police Inspector. The weight of his material dictates he should have his own page. I will add to later.


Obits of William Lambert Laye DWYER  (Killed Himself- My understanding is that he had a terrible motorcycle accident as a young cop, and that this somehow later effected his vision. Afraid of being blind, he shot himself. (Perhaps the close head injury effected later thinking is also a question. -Pat P.Not included here is a letter. written confidentially, to his grieving son Duncan, from Dora Dwyer BLACK, poignantly describing what a wonderful person he was.  


Below -Various Accounts of heroics by William Lambert Laye DWYER


Below: ALLEGED 'FIRST TRAFFIC TICKET' issued by William Lambert Laye DWYER

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