Going Green, How to Fight Global Warming
to fight global Warming by going green
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Fighting Global Warming by 'Going Green'

     Gardening is one way to have a positive impact on the environment.   Unfortunately, Many folks think of gardening and lawn care require the use of many pounds of  chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.  The net affect is an artificial environment where nature is straight-jacketed in an effort to create a perfect landscape.
     Some key issues:
  •          Lawns are environmentally unnatural and take considerable energy to maintain. Reduce and replace lawns with trees, shrubs, groundcovers, or gardens.  Trees that are native to the area require little care or energy use once they are established. Some watering during prolonged droughts, occasional pruning, and removal of leaves may be all  that is required.  Many of them have beautiful fall colors, and some have abundant spring flowers.
  •           Trees provide homes for birds and other wildlife, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, remove air pollutants, and the shade they provide lower the need for summer cooling.  A well-located screen of evergreens can even reduce winter winds. Beautiful trees increase the value of a home.
Think globally: act in your own back yard.
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