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Jesus told a parable. A farmer scattered seeds and they land in various places: (1) footpath where birds eat it, (2) shallow rocky soil where there is growth but no deep roots, (3) soil with thorns where the thorns eventually outgrow the plants, and (4) fertile soil that yields a good crop.

            Perennials are plants that survive for three or more years, 
some die back to the ground after a killing 
frost but regrow in the next summer season.

 Sun Loving
 Shade Tolerant
Coreopsis Coreopsis: Golden presence Day lily Day lily: All around performer.
 growing sedum Sedum: Autumn joy  growing Hardy ageratum Hardy Ageratum: Butterfly
 growing shasta daisy Shasta Daisy: Old favorite  growing lily Lily: Bursts of color
 growing Coneflower Coneflower: The color 
 growing Iris Iris: goddess of color
 growing lavender
Lavender: many uses
 growing Mums Mums: Fall glory

Hosta Hosta: Shady Characters

Acquiring Perennials

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American and Australian Hardiness Zones for Perennials

Perennial Groundcovers

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