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Most annuals bloom all summer
  Sun lovers
 Shade tolerant
celosia Celosia: Brilliant colors for the sunniest spots.
begonia Begonias: Soft colors.
marigold Marigold: Golden colors, an easy one.
coleus Coleus: Leaves of color.
pansy Pansy: Color for the cool months.
geranium Geranium: Classic garden plant for partial shade. 
petunia Petunia: Many uses for an old favorite.
impatiens Impatiens: Bright colors for a shade garden.
portulaca Portulaca: Beautiful colors for the morning.
snapdragon Snapdragon: Jewels of the garden.
salvia Salvia: Eye-catching
verbena Verbena: Carpets of color.
zinnia Zinnia many varieties and hues.
vinca Vinca: Cool colors for a hot season.

How to Use Annual Flowers

With their colorful flowers and long blooming season, annual flowers have many uses in the garden. They are used in flower beds both to create a mass effect of colorful blooms, and in mixed beds with perennials, roses, spring bulbs, and shrubs to fill in when other plants are no longer flowering.

 Annuals are frequently grown in pots and hanging baskets. Some can be taken indoors in the fall to continue the summer indoors. You can find your climate zone with your zip code, and the average first frost date.  One of the most inviting ways to use annuals is along walkways in colorful border beds leading to the front door. Long stem annuals are good for flower bouquets. Tall annuals, like sunflowers, can be used to screen unsightly areas. Others are vines that can cover a fence or provide temporary ground cover.
 Marigolds are used as companion plants to repel insects from other plants, and a few are even edible -- sunflowers, kale, and nasturtiums.

Most plants sold in containers are annuals...

Protecting Plants From the Cold

More Easy Annuals

Bacherlor Button
Gebera Daisy
Mexican Heather

Summer Bulbs Grown as Annuals

They can be stored through winter for replanting

Elephant Ears

Annual Vines

Moon Vine
Morning Glory
Sweet Pea

Winter Annuals

Johnny Jump Up
Ornamental Kale

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