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Ordachoy Farm, Aberdeenshire, ScotlandOrdachoy (Ord-a-hoy) is a small farm located in Corgarff, Aberdeenshire, in the North East of Scotland. One McHardy family, descendants of James of Ordachoy and Ann of Auchallater (married 1803), held tenure there from the late 1700s to 1987. This web site brings together the genealogical research of a number of family historians of different branches of this particular family tree, now spread all over the globe. It traces the McHardys, and MacHardys (the name is spelt both ways within the family), back to James on the Ordachoy side, then past Ann for three more generations on the Auchallater side. It would be possible to trace the links sideways to include a whole raft of relations with Auchallater links, but that would make the web site enormous and unwieldy, and beyond my time limits to maintain. Therefore, the scope of the web site is limited to the Ordachoyers.

Web author, designer, and coordinator

Sandra DeMartino (nee McHardy), born in Aberdeenshire but now living in the USA. Though I am the person responsible for putting this web site together, I have to make it plain that I can't take all the credit for the material presented here; the site would never have got off the ground without the many family, friends, and online genealogists who have most generously donated their time and research to making it as extensive and as worthwhile a resource as it is. The site would most certainly be less than half its size without them. I am forever in the debt of every one of the contributors listed below and I cannot thank them enough for taking the time to take part in what is a very large collaboration.

Contributing Genealogists, Family, and Friends

Below is listed everyone who made a contribution to the web site, together with what I owe them for, and their email addresses if they've gone above and beyond and agreed to act as contact for various parts of the family tree.

Roy Brown, Scotland
Information on the descendants of William McHardy and Helen Munro (m. 1831) and help on the William puzzle (WIlliam son of Charles and Janet or son of William and Helen Munro??).

John Duff, Scotland
Author of “The McHardy Boys,” an article originally published in The Scots Magazine and reprinted here with his kind permission. Also got me fired up to start collecting family stories and recollections.

Alistair Duncan, Canada.
Photos of Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman (m. 1836), Margaret McHardy (b. 1842), Anne McHardy (b. 1839) and William Cowan, Elizabeth McHardy, and Bowman and Brown.

Peter Gordon, Scotland
A wealth of Gordon genealogy, including the Bovaglie Manuscript of 1872 that corroborates pieces of the 1866 McHardy family tree.

Elizabeth Graham, Scotland
Information on the descendants of John McHardy and Helen Sinclair.

Ruby Grant and Ruby Cruickshank, Australia.
The recorded memories of Grannie McHardy and her family.

Sandra Gurney, originally of South Africa now living in Scotland.
A plethora of information relating to the Ordachoy McHardys and their Deeside origins. I've used her transcripts of the St. Nathalans, Ballater, RC records on the page with the other RC Register transcriptions.

Leslie Ann Hendra, England
Information on the Bowman side of the family and contact information for the Windsor Castle Archives.

Fenton MacHardy and Carolyn MacHardy, Canada.
Research and family tree for descendants of David MacHardy (b. 1820) and Katherine Fenton (b. 1818), family tree for descendants of William McHardy (b. 1890) and Ann, and family tree for descendants of William McHardy (b. 1807) and Helen Munro. For direct questions or feedback on these branches, please contact Carolyn at