McHardy/MacHardy of Ordachoy Genealogy
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Photo Gallery

There are currently three pages of photograph collections. The first page contains photos of Ordachoy and Auchallater (found also on the map pages), the second is of the family of Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman, and the third is of the family of John McHardy and Violet Watt.

I'd be very happy to add photo collections of other branches of the Ordachoy tree. Please let me know if you'd be willing to send copies of your old photos to include on the site. It would be very interesting to build up a large family album in order to see what family traits have been handed down through the generations...and, being ever the Scot, a whole lot cheaper than submitting to DNA testing!

Photo Collection of Ordachoy and Auchallater
(courtesy of Rob McHardy)

Portraits of Charles McHardy and Janet Bowman, and Family
(courtesy of Alistair Duncan)

Photo Collection of John McHardy and Violet Watt, and Family
(courtesy of family of James McHardy and courtesy of Ruby Cruickshank)


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